Consolidated Theatres Kaahumanu
275 W Kaahumanu Ave Suite B29, Kahului, HI 96732, United States

Review №1

You choose your seats when you purchase your tickets. Your whole family is guaranteed to sit together if you are able to choose your seating together. If we cant sit together we just just purchase tickets for other days and time that have seating together. The employees are all so wonderful! Very pleasant and easy to talk to. The large seats in the theater are so roomy and comfortable. Too bad there are some movie watchers that maliciously and purposely destroy the seats. It is nice to see employees do a walk through while the movie is on. Just in case there are rude, noisy people watching the movie and causing a disturbance this gives us a feeling of caring on the part of the theater.

Review №2

Horrible theatre. So dirty. Seats are all torn up. What-a waste of a nice space. Why people have such disrespect for private property. I would never go to this theatre again. I will wait for it when it comes out on dvd before going back to that theatre!!

Review №3

Older theater. Seats a bit worn and dont recline but they are big and the theater was empty. Sound quality less than average.

Review №4

Dont look up at the ceiling tiles. One of the auditoriums had a bunch about to fall. I like the stadium seating and nice concessions, but thats about it.

Review №5

Very rundown looking theater. Could use an update. Maui malls theater is definitely nicer overall.

Review №6

Its a good sized theatre and large seats. The popcorn was better than other theatres on Maui. Watched Charleys Angels, entertaining

Review №7

When its raining, and cannot go to the Beach....Watching Movies is Best. Fresh Remodeled

Review №8

If you have neck or back problems i would avoid this theater cause of the seats. Everytime i try to watch a movie here i end up squirming around cause my neck and back ache constantly.

Review №9

This theater is in desperate need of repair... they should shut down and bring it up to current... the chairs are all ripped and the floor is sticky...and just awful

Review №10

Workers are always friendly, but its hard for me to judge a Movie Theater with Stars. The movie that I watched would definitely be a Big part of the judgement.

Review №11

Great place to see a good movie and go shopping after.

Review №12

The new reclining chairs are a treat and being able to choose my own seat gives the viewer total control. And to see the movies during less busy times when you can have the theater to yourself, is so cool.

Review №13

Maui mall megaplex and Kihei recency theaters are way nicer.

Review №14

Its okay. Its QKC Theater. So. Pretty basic. Its okay for its location at the mall and their screens. New leather seats are nice touch, recently upgraded. I still prefer Maui Mall Megaplex seats recliners compared to Consolidated.

Review №15

I had a really good experience when my husband and I went to see The Blair Witch! You get to pick your own seat and my husband got a senior discount. The kid taking our money was really helpful because we never been to that theatre before and didnt know what to do. The seats are large and very comfortable. The last two rows are not stadium seating so be sure if your short not to sit in the back for your view may be obstructed by the person in front of you. Enjoyed our movie night!

Review №16

Good facilities and theaters. Somewhat dated.

Review №17

We watched Rocket Man, the chairs were comfortable. Getting ready to leave and a mouse ran down the aisle. Eek!

Review №18

The staff is always great, but the theater itself needs work. Almost every theater has at least a couple broken seats. They cover them with ugly plastic bags, the seats are tearing and dont recline (which is pretty much standard for movie going in 2018) If they expect to charge the same amount as Maui Mall/Regal, they should offer the same product.

Review №19

Great theater. Reserved seats are definitely a plus. The line to buy popcorn and snacks was fast which is great since we were running about 5 minutes late.

Review №20

Great place for the family to enjoy a movie we just saw the lion King and it was great

Review №21

Great theater. Great big seats and spacious isles. Staff is so so. 4K protectors and great sound. Love the reserved seats. If youre going on a weekend night or to a brand new movie, I would recommend buying your tickets online or early!

Review №22

Came here for a movie while on vacation, maybe it was the theater we were in but the seats were so torn up our assigned seats had duck tape on them to patch up rips which was very uncomfortable to sit on. Needs some updating and then would be a great theater.

Review №23

Convenient ticketing. Comfortable seating. Good service.

Review №24

Great place. Nice & helpful workers. I do recommend more food options instead of the snacks. But aside from that, you guys are the Best!!!

Review №25

Staff was rude and when we already pre bought the tickets they made us get a refund but didn’t give the exact amount we paid for, and when we came back to watch a different movie they were all saying “ oh no there back “. “ get out we are on break”WORST EXPERIENCE EVER

Review №26

Loved the chairs and the screen.. comfortable and you can watch the movie like you do at home..not to mention its always nice to have the buttery popcorn, mocha crunch soda and cant forget those hotdogs..

Review №27

They spent a lot of money on their new seats… They should’ve use that money to build theater style seating with recliners. Now I dread that any good movie will be at consolidated… And hope that regal at Maui Mall has the good movies… Because they have way better seats.

Review №28

At $11.25 a seat to watch a movie that I did enjoy the least they could do on the island of Maui at such a nice Mall is have half decent upholstery on the seats my wife and I went on a Sunday night and the seats we were assigned we could not use because the upholstery was so bad we had to use other seats that had vinyl on them the foam was sticking clearly out of the seat

Review №29

Excellent customer service. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean facilities, well maintained with exceptional climate control.

Review №30

Surprisingly nice! The seats are big and clean, you can reserve spots, and the prices are totally reasonable. They have a good selection of snacks, and are usually playing the current movies.

Review №31

I went to see Lion King. I expected kids to be in the movie but some little kids keeps kicking my seat as well as my husbands throughout the movie. My husband asked for a refund or voucher. They gave him a vouchers but asked us to leave the movie. That was very embarrassing to be asked to leave. Very unprofessional.

Review №32

Enjoyed the movie, but because I hadnt been to the movies in a while, the seats were assigned to us??? When did this happen? What ever happened to just going in & picking our own seats? Its not the same anymore. So sad. And everything at the concession is so darn expensive. I dont think Ill be going to the movies again.

Review №33

The mall is not bad. Youve got like Starbucks and Jamba Juice, some jewelry stores, a food court, and a playground for your children!

Review №34

Seats are decently comfy.But they dont recline, no couples seating. Almost all of the seats are torn or have gunk on them, (not cleaned between movies) and when we sat down a bug crawled on us.

Review №35

In town you have 2 multiplex theaters to catch the latest movies. This is one, Maui Malls Regal Cinemas is the other. This one has great multilevel parking, a nearby foodcourt, along with great stores like Game Stop nearby.

Review №36

Good place to be and also were you can see what is coming up as well.

Review №37

Its entrance is really drabby, Waited outside at ticket booth only to find out later that tickets can be purchased inside. One person running concession stand and selling tickets. The electronic system to buy tickets was unavail. They should have them outside of theaters for early purchase. By the time I sat down in the theater, I missed 5min of the movie. Suggest you go 1hr early if you want to make it to see the entire movie.

Review №38

Excellent theater. Cushioned seats. Quieter than the other theaters on the island.

Review №39

Would have given them 5 stars. But the seats that we were assigned were so badly damaged that they re in need of seriou need fo Repair! Otherwise 7 fhgg

Review №40

Assigned seating is great! You dont need to get there early for what seat you preferred. Buy your tickets ahead of time online and you know exactly where you are going to be seated. Perfect!!!

Review №41

Love the movie and the soft seat

Review №42

Nice and clean but, the upholstery starting to tear on seats.

Review №43

Comfortable seating, first run movies and interesting snacks.

Review №44

Customer service is horrible, staff looked irritated to serve you, borderline rude, from the person getting your popcorn to the guy who checked our tickets!! If your not happy at your job dont take it out on paying customers

Review №45

Expensive food, seats are worn, lots of legroom.

Review №46

Great Mall close to the AirPort in Maui

Review №47

Average movie venue. I wish that it had recliner seats.

Review №48

Its absolutely astounding that the theaters at Kaahumanu have not received a major overhaul since the expansion of Kaahumanu Center back… oh gawd, that was a long time ago! The Consolidated Amusement theaters at the mall do not do much to make for an exhilarating movie experience. Not that the number of screens really does much for an individual movie experience, but this establishment is a remnant of the time before megaplexes. You will find an ordinary slope in the auditoriums meaning that if you are short, you may find your view of the screen obstructed by head of the person sitting in front of you. Long short for this theater is that its a mediocre viewing experience at best. Ordinary chairs and open seating. Limited selecting of concessions with no table service. And now I feel mean.

Review №49

Theres only two theaters on the town side (Kahului/Wailuku) of Maui and consolidated isnt the better of the two. The theater is pretty tired looking and it hasnt been renovated since the 80s from the look of the place. On my last visit the self-serve ticket machine was broken and the computer the staff use to sell tickets was experiencing technical difficulties. That gives you an idea of what buying a ticket there can entail. They dont run more than four movies at a time because its so slow as a staff member told me. Malls are dying everywhere it seems. There is one good thing about this theater and its that if you cannot get a seat at the Regal Cinemas in Maui Mall you can probably still get a ticket at Consolidated!

Review №50

Went to see the new Star Wars movie.

Review №51

Needs to be renovated.

Review №52

Love the reserved seating! But .... This theater needs an update concession area is in bad shape. Today a plastic bag was hanging from the ceiling, just old and dirty. Not up to nice theater standards, no stadium seating or great sound you would find a nice movie theater.

Review №53

Employees were terrific. otherwise...torn seats and filthy.

Review №54

The staff is great and thats why I gave it 4 stars... the theaters themselves are in desperate need of a remodel.

Review №55

Great place to watch new movies....

Review №56

Seats are torn but other than that good times.

Review №57

Spacious seating but chairs dont recline.

Review №58

Nice leather seats, but not good viewing angle to screen. Have to look up at screen, rather than looking straight ahead like a stadium theater design.

Review №59

They just redid the chairs which are nice. But its assigned seating, but the locals do not adhere to the seating chart. So its basically a free for all with angry people who didnt get their assigned seats. Im never going back there would rather wait for it to come to red box and fight with my own family and not everyone elses

Review №60

This is probably the second best theater on Maui, but that isnt saying much. This theater is dirty and needs to be renovated. I do love the intro that Consolidated Theaters does for their movies, but this theater still sucks.

Review №61

Assigned seating is horrible. Just after movie started 20 unsupervised kids sat a row in front of us so we moved to the back after they took facebook photos and started throwing popcorn. 40 minutes after it started we were told to return to our seats.There is a reason to not assign seats, you never know who you will get stuck sitting next to.Good theater, nice seats, assigned seats ruins the experience.

Review №62

The seats are comfortable and you get to pick it.. more convenient if you it on fadongo . Enjoy the movies

Review №63

Their assigned seating system is horrible. Kind of a useless idea. People flip out if one person is in the wrong seat like its a concert where people pay for the front seats. If the seating arrangement thing is a huge deal they should hire ushers to seat people so others dont get frustrated over a silly seat number.

Review №64

A lot better since the remodel. Friendly staff and short wait times

Review №65

Needs to be renovated

Review №66

I love the convenience of buying tickets on line and being able to reserve your seats;-)

Review №67

Lots of movies to choose from, big comfy seats.

Review №68

Aircon is always on the blink. Nice new big seats

Review №69

Nice Theater with comfy reclining chairs.

Review №70

Really small screen, no reclining seats, torn material. Nice lobby, but thats about it.

Review №71

Absolutely the most horrible theater Ive ever been to has one cashier and one worker to serve line took for ever. Went to sit in seats and seats had butter and Sprite or a drink all over it cup holders were dirty seats were ripped so idk who called them new seats or redid them cause they definitely were not nice seats bearly reclined absolutely terrible.

Review №72

Great movie selectionVery expensive

Review №73

Nice theatre. Just would like more screens.

Review №74

Awesome movies but prices are a bit high

Review №75

Nice joint with good comfortable seats.

Review №76

Lots of room to be comfortable and great food...

Review №77

Great theater. Love the seats and the facility is very nice.

Review №78

They updated their seats. But some were squeaky.

Review №79

Its all right repairs and maintenance on leaky roof and the care and maintenance of seats poor.

Review №80

I cant believe this theater only takes assigned seating! How stupid is that? This island wont settle for that. There are still seats open when the movie is sold out. What a waste. This theater wont make it on Maui if it continues this practice.

Review №81

The staff is very nice

Review №82

More theaters should be available with more selections of movies.

Review №83

The chairs are more comfy. Food and prices still spency

Review №84

Mens room was flooded, as was the part of the theater we were in. Seats were ripped and armrests too.

Review №85

Its ok...only ok

Review №86

Very poor customer service. Theater not so clean and seating arrangement horrible. Food expensive.

Review №87

Nice big chairs, clean n quiet

Review №88

Ok theater.

Review №89

Expensive and old

Review №90

Love it

Review №91

Great seats

Review №92

The reclining seats are great

Review №93

Big seats

Review №94

Friendly staff.

Review №95


Review №96

Great place!

Review №97

Old, but very nice

Review №98

The leather seats are nice... abs you can choose where to sit too!!!

Review №99

Loved it

Review №100

Nice little theater in the mall

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:275 W Kaahumanu Ave Suite B29, Kahului, HI 96732, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 808-873-3137
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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