CineMagic Century 9 Theatre
766 Century Ave SW, Hutchinson, MN 55350, United States

Review №1

I bought a ticket for the 7:15 showing of the movie Broken Hearts Gallery, the movie didnt start until about 7:20 or 7:25.I came out of the theater at 7:50 because the movie was very disgusting and not at all what I thought it was going to be.Please be advised that this is just my personal opinion and if other people found the movie great Im happy about that. I however didnt care for it.I asked very nicely but firmly if I could have my ticket refunded because the movie just wasnt what I wanted. the girl behind the counter was very nice and professional but she said she had to call the manager to see if they could do anything for me.After talking on the phone with him for a couple of minutes she hung up and informed me that since I had already gone and seen the movie (not really I only seen about 10-20 minutes of it) they could not refund me the ticket.I would like to update this, I spoke to the manager at the theater Paul and he was very understanding very polite and very professional and he offered to refund me my ticket price at first he was just going to give me a pass to see one of our movies or go to one of their other movie theaters another time but I informed him that I will be moving soon so unfortunately I will not be able to see another movie in one of their theaters. we work something out and he is going to take care of me. I appreciate Pauls time and his help in this matter.I ended up getting my refund and afterwards Paul and I talked for quite a bit.that may not be a big deal but I guess what I want to take away from this is remember that the people who are working behind a counter with a name badge are human beings too theyre trying to do their job theyre trying to get through the day and really they want to help you out and theyre not trying to give you a hard time period it was nice to have a conversation with someone and just be normal. I really appreciated his time thank you paul.

Review №2

This theater is a fantastic place for watching movies. The staff is very nice, friendly, and helpful. The concessions are reasonably priced for a theater and taste great. They keep it clean for someplace with constant popcorn spills. They have various special events that are often no where else. And it generally isnt too crowded except for premiers/opening weekends

Review №3

Geat place to go see a movie,great movie price specials as well as food specials.

Review №4

I love this place but really expensive

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Review №6

It was our first visit there and the manager was very nice and polite with us. I bought our tickets early and he was so attentive that when we were back for our movie time, about and hour later, he remembered me and called my attention to let us know that our theater was already open for seating. That is great customer service right from the get go. Thank you if you get to read this and for sure we will be seen you soon.

Review №7

Great time nice to get out.

Review №8

They over charge,The employees were very rude and the volume was to loud.

Review №9

Good but need to step up its game on cleaning are re doing the place

Review №10

Nice place. Brought our granddaughter to see Frozen 2 and had a wonderful time.

Review №11

The theater is normally alway very clean and the seats are very comfortable. They also have great deals and coupons you can use when going with a friend or just by yourself!

Review №12

Great time. Good movies. Good service.

Review №13

Hutchinson’s own two story Ice Igloo Theatre.Not going again as why should I pay for a ticket when the theatre can’t provide the comfort of heat? Who wants to watch a movie when its freezing indoors? The restrooms are falling apart and rusty.Disgusting!!!

Review №14

The seating is good. Each row is high enough to have have a clear view of the screen.

Review №15

Clean good sound quality decent screen size .... could use more concessions otherwise excellent

Review №16

Its a good theater cheaper than most. Candy a little spendy. For a box of candy u can get for less tha. $2.00 at a gas station its $4.00. I recommend eating before you go that way its less expensive

Review №17

It was a nice place just a little much for food. 15 dollars for 2 drinks and popcorn but same price at other places. Overall good time spent with my family the kids loved it.

Review №18

Waconia theater is more comfortable but this one still gets 5stars because they dim the lights all the way. Almost got 4 stars because they have a railing in the way of where I wanted to sit... Im short so the railing was in view of the movie but we just moved a row back and it was fine.

Review №19

Cant add photos as I was accompanied, but, friendly staff and mgmt in a very clean and cozy venue.

Review №20

The Cinema was clean. The staff seemed nice. However the seating is horrible and uncomfortable. There should be wider seating with more padding or the ability to raise the cup holders. The popcorn seemed a bit stale as well.

Review №21

Love the atmosphere in this theater. I havent been into all of the screening rooms for shows, so I, myself do not recall all of the available styles of seating. Seating at a theater is not the only factor that gets me in to see a show; it truly is the atmosphere, as I stated earlier.

Review №22

Was a great place for girls date nite...clean theater

Review №23

Really nice place, and great food but the seats arent that great.

Review №24

Nice place, clean! Courteous staff!

Review №25

Pretty good theater. We will go back. I like their free Christmas movie option. Hopefully they will do that again so we can get there next time.

Review №26

Clean, good snack bar, good sound system. A good place to see a movie.

Review №27

Prices keep going up but they make up for it with there deals. Seating is nice. Their popcorn is decent. Nice staff and good movies play there.

Review №28

They make you stand in a line at the concessions to buy a ticket to see the movie? Yes they do. I have never heard of such a thing, ever. So, we waited in a long line behind people getting food before we could even get our tickets and choose a seat in the theater. One person was working the ticketing /concessions register and the other was literally standing there behind him just watching the line get bigger. When we finally made it to the front we had decided we did not want to wait in the ridiculous line again to get concessions so, went ahead and ordered. The candy choice is severely limited in the first place and after naming off three of the kinds they had on display but not in stock we finally hit on one that was supposedly available. The salt for the popcorn was at the register where we ordered and paid but the line was getting longer so, to be polite we moved out of the way so the next people could get their process started. We figured we could use the salt at one of the other unused registers, wrong. There were zero other salt shakers. The soda was warm, so warm, our ice was melted by the time we got seated. I was shocked the seats did not recline or move at all. As we got situated we realized they had not given us our candy so, one of use went back up and came back with...a candy that was not the one we ordered because they were out of it as well. Then we tried the popcorn and it was chewy, not crunchy or crispy but actually chewy. The theatre we were in was also damp musty and in serious need of a big dehumidifier as well as a thorough deep steam clean. Everything was sticky, the floor, the seat arm rests, etc. it was gross. We paid the exact same amount for a first run movie as we would have at any normal clean and customer friendly theater (we will be going to those in the future). The mind boggles at how this place stays in business or why in the heck anyone would choose to spend their hard earned money there.

Review №29

A pretty regular movie theater. It could use a deep clean though.

Review №30

This is a great theatre. Popcorn is the best

Review №31

One of the best movie theaters around. The audio and video quality are great, the staff is nice and reasonably priced concession that I just cant stop eating. Normally isnt too busy and its always been clean when Ive gone.

Review №32

Movie was good, Sound was great! Seating not so much..... Needs some updating and a good cleaningKind of felt like I was was at theater from 1991... At least the heat was on I guess

Review №33

I like Century 9... its not too terribly expensive, great customer service, great selection of movies, the only drawback is the seating. If youre a bigger person, like myself, its a little cramped. I went with my mom tonight and being a smaller theater, they only have 6 seats on each side.... well, my mom and I took up 4 seats in one row. One for us and one for our purses and food/snacks. Other than that, I cant complain, its one of the best things to do on a Friday night when you dont want to stay in or spend a fortune and have a good time!

Review №34

The movie was great. The theater could use an update to the nicer seats. Especially since they are charging the same rates as theaters with reclining seats.

Review №35

No long lines and wait time for tickets or food.

Review №36

Its a small town theature without all the new theature plusses but thats just perfect to take the nease and nephew to see toy story 4. I would travel to some larger towns to watch the big blockbluster movies for the better sound, nice seats that you can reserve online and just the experience you expect from todays movie theatures.

Review №37

Fun experience handycap accessible

Review №38

Nice quality theaters and sound, but prepare to pay more for tickets and refreshments. I enjoy going here for bigger action movies to get the full movie-going experience. However, if youre okay with an older theater and waiting longer for movies to come out, its much cheaper to go to the State Theater downtown.

Review №39

Prices should be cheaper during the week. Service is slow, as amount of movie goers is low. They need to learn priorities to quicker service. Daily deals is step toward much better place. They have so many possibilities they could do. They say theres plans to fix run down parts, but they should be doing things more than seats.

Review №40

On of the best movie theaters around, and the staff are always friendly and helpful

Review №41

Up to date movies and a great screen to watch them on, relatively dirty floors but what theater has clean floors lets be honest.

Review №42

Like the movie they take good care of their customers there we like it

Review №43

Small and Cozy Theater. Great popcorn and friendly service. Great for a small town movie theater experience.

Review №44

Saw toy Story 4. Im 83 yrs. Great!

Review №45

Where else would someone deliver A pretzel on pretzel thursday? I bought a soda and saw pretzels were a dollar. The attendant said it would be about five minutes. I jokingly asked if he would bring it to me and he surprisingly said yes. Excellent service, not overcrowded. Comfortable seats, and clean.

Review №46

Came in with friend in wheelchair they were very accommodating

Review №47

The movie and popcorn were great like usual.

Review №48

Typical movie thearte. Good pricing, good popcorn, wish they had giant pickles! They need to upgrade to recliners though, I hadnt been to a thearte without recliners for quite some time and had forgotten how bad it is! Only went because we were in town.

Review №49

Nice movie theater and snacks are a little pricey.

Review №50

Pretty fun I guess

Review №51

The price of movie was good, popcorn and pop I thought was kinda expensive, the seats could be a little bigger. Over all, good

Review №52

[Update 4/29/18: they no longer sell Junior Mints. Theyre a must-have snack, in my opinion (my wifes, too). We wont be back unless the Junior Mints return.]The theater is clean. They offer 3D viewings on multiple screens.During one summer showing, it was pretty clear that the air conditioning unit was failing (or had failed). A manager met us as we left the theater and gave us complimentary passes to our next show--thats service.I only have one request for the management: get hooked up with an online ticketing system--either Fandango or Atom. Soon!When I do go to movies now, its often leveraging discounts or special offers through those two services. Ive checked each of them to see if I can buy tickets for your location, but have not been able to do so. As such, Ive been doing more of my first run movie watching at other theaters in other cities.

Review №53

The digital projectors are a great enhancement to this theater. The stadium seating is nice.

Review №54

Its a nice theater. It doesnt have the super recliners that are starting to show up in the really big theaters but the seats are nice. The theaters are clean and feel inviting. The lobby is a nice size and keeps the customers flowing nicely. The best part about this theater is the staff. I once had some kids changing seats in the front row and messing around with each other, it was very distracting but I let the staff know and they addressed it imediatly. They also kept an eye on the kids for the rest of the movie but didnt distract the rest of us doing so. The kids calmed down after being talked to and I was so great full.

Review №55

Nice, not real crowded after opening week

Review №56

Ive been going there over 15 years. It is the best movie theater Ive ever gone to as far as price and experience.The food and drink is expensive (something you should expect anyways when going to a movie theater) but Ive seen food and drink more expensive at other movie theaters. As far as the ticket prices, I would say that the price of tickets are pretty reasonable.The staff are always kind and respectful even when the customers are not. The staff also do a great job with the upkeep of the place.Overall this is a fantastic movie theater and I recommend that everyone use this theater to fulfill their movie going needs.

Review №57

Seen a awesome movie break through

Review №58

Made my daughters allergies really bad had to leave after half an hour.You can smell the mold mildew smell when you walk into the screening rooms.

Review №59

Great movie theater, it can be spendy at times but there is a huge screen with great surround sound. The employees are also very helpful and will answer your questions for you. They have a book with all the ratings and information about the movies too.

Review №60

Great job!!! The place was packed with customers and we still got our tickets, food, and seats before show started!!! Happy employees, no food order mistakes, and plenty of comfortable seats!!! Nice job!!! We will be back!!!

Review №61

Great parking, arcade games while you wait, birthday party rooms for movie birthdays are well priced, seats are comfy and new. Sound is very good, and big screens make for a pleasing experience. The Mounts give this a thumbs up.

Review №62

Havent had any issues yet have seen dozens of movies here. Always a great time

Review №63

Gotta love the movies! Decent theater, comfortable enough, generally clean. Bathrooms are smaller but normally clean. The reason I gave 3 instead of 4 stars (If I give 5 its the best ever) is because the slushie machine always seems to have one flavor charging, which hurts me on a personal level. I understand that need to recharge but... slushie reasons.

Review №64

Tuesday 5 dollar movie night is great but the concessions are ridiculously expensive. Almost 15 dollars for a medium popcorn and large drink

Review №65

Nice theater with a good selection of movies. I have only one tiny complaint and that is its a bit chilly in there.

Review №66

The cost of admission keeps going up but they make up for it with their $5 Tuesday deal. Although Id suggest getting there right as the previews start as the advertisements that come before are insufferable.

Review №67

Expensive snacks but clean and comfortable! Screen is clear and sound is great!

Review №68

Nice theatre, convenient, smaller theatre seats are not as comfortable as the others.

Review №69

Good place to watch movies ( great popcorn )

Review №70

I will go here.But I will park as far away from the door as possible.And bring my own candy & beverage.In my purse.And Im a guy.

Review №71

This theater is in GREAT need of a major makeover. Although the staff is great, and prices are reasonable, the atmosphere and comfort is lacking. Please consider stadium seating in EVERY theater and reserved recliners with sanctioned walls as the majority of other theaters are upgrading too. It creates a more private, relaxing, enjoyable environment that I guarantee will be a huge crowd pleaser!

Review №72

Very friendly staff

Review №73

Place was nice and clean and had great and friendly staff

Review №74

$5.00 on Tuesdays. Saw Jurassic World tonight with my mother and daughter. Nice clean theater.

Review №75

After driving an hour to see a movie while waiting for the movie to start a very rude manager came and accused us of jumping over from a different movie. It was their fault the employee did not punch it in correctly. There was no apology made. They should have been grateful because the theater was empty except one other person. Great customer service sure brings customers in! The popcorn was stale and the pop was flat and over priced snacks 3-11-16.

Review №76

Always a great place to watch a movie.

Review №77

Great place to watch a movie cheap prices

Review №78

Ive had mixed experiences here. Today was great, and the employee we interacted with was very nice and helpful. The place was clean (except the womens bathroom, says my wife) and the movie actually started much earlier than usual. Normally the film starts 20 minutes after the listed show time, but today it was only 5 minutes of previews. So, todays experience was a 5/5, but Ive had too many issues with the sound being WAY too quiet and thats dropping the score down. If they keep up the experiences like the one I had today, Id gladly raise my score.

Review №79

Great place and staff. It is just a little expensive, except on Tuesday when movies are 5 dollars. Tuesdays are great there! :)

Review №80

Pleasant staff; clean facility; able to take off my coat this winter! Yummy popcorn that isnt too salty; even without butter!

Review №81

I love going here. Great experience all the way around.

Review №82

I have been going here for many years. I think its expensive but continue to go until a recent bad experience. Me and some friends went to go see a movie. we walked in and they said that there machines were down for debit cards but said that if we wanted to go get cash out and come back there doors dont close till 10 p.m.. we decided not to but came back the next night me and my sister were in watching the movie and my cousin and her boyfriend were going to meet us there but when they got there they were about 10 minutes late for the movie and they wouldnt let them buy tickets even tho it wasnt 10pm yet. This caused me and my sister to walk out as it was supposed to be a gathering/hangout. Not sure if staff arent on the same page but both were managers/assistant managers.

Review №83

Friendly and helpful staff. Theater is clean.

Review №84


Review №85

Went and saw Coco with the family and Alan and the crew made it very memorable. THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!

Review №86

Very good movie theater. Bit on the pricey side. But good quality

Review №87

They need bigger seats.

Review №88

Place is great with stadium seating. However, the seats dont move and are not giving for comfort wise. It would be perfect with updated seats.

Review №89

Pleasantly surprised to find Tuesday night movies for $5:007

Review №90

The seats are very comfortable. They always have the latest movies and a variety of showtines. They have tasty snacks including popcorn, skittles, trolli gummies, icees, pop and much more. Its a very great place to go see a movie.

Review №91

Good overall

Review №92

I have always loved this theater since the day it opened.

Review №93

It is so dirty, mold and water stains all over the ceiling. We were the only ones in the showing and it froze during previews. I think next time we will go somewhere else.

Review №94

This is hands down the best movie theater around. The help is very nice and helpful

Review №95

Good movies and the popcorn is great

Review №96

Comfortable seating, good snacks, a bit pricey tickets but okay if you dont go often.

Review №97

The mgr and employees are excellent very clean place.

Review №98

We were interested in going to a movie last weekend in Hutchinson, but noticed that out of 11 movies showing, 7 of them were rated R! We and others would like to see a better selection of movies rated at the theaters like PG and PG-13, please.

Review №99

Pretty nice theater like the big seats

Review №100

Love going to movies here. Love the small town movie theatre. Staff is very friendly.

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  • Address:766 Century Ave SW, Hutchinson, MN 55350, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 320-849-3051
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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