Cinemark Bridge Street and XD
370 The Bridge St, Huntsville, AL 35806, United States

Review №1

Love Tuesday discount night:) Me and my guy treat ourselves! Also...the reclining seats are the best! The food selections are pretty good. I really enjoy the pretzel bites. The option to drink (wine & beer) is also appreciated.

Review №2

Loved the 21+ theater.. will be back.. bartender upstairs was awesome

Review №3

Super clean! The seats are almost damp from sanitizer when you get into the theater.

Review №4

I felt very safe attending the movie but there were only 7 if us. They limit the size in each theater and am not sure how they get spacing if the max moviegoers show up.

Review №5

Monaco Pictures is definitely my favorite movie theatre. I am from Gadsden but I take my girlfriend here to watch big movies. It is worth the two hour drive due to the great quality picture and sound that you get from this place. It also has a beautiful atmosphere outside with great scenery and fountain in front. There is also a convenient Westin Hotel right beside it for people out of town. Not to mention all of the shops you pass on the way there. The theatre also features an “XD” theatre. It is large like an IMAX theatre, but has much better sound. My favorite part is the comfortable reclining leather chairs featured in all of their theaters. It makes you feel like you are at home with your own personal theatre. Wonderful place and I suggest it to everyone!

Review №6

Clean and appears safe but nothing is completely safe anymore. But I think it is a safe as can possibly be.

Review №7

The theater was very clean. My family and I enjoyed the $5 movie special that was going on at the time.

Review №8

I thought that during the current environment they would have no issue with providing good popcorn. They failed miserably. at least it was less than$5.

Review №9

I was kinda skeptical about going back out to the movies since Covid-19 but surprisingly I wasnt overwhelmed with anxiety. The seats were spaced out there was hand sanitizer everywhere and it wasnt crowded. We enjoyed our first experience back out to the movies in 6 months.

Review №10

High backed leather seats that have a foot rest. Very clean and comfortable. Only $5.50 for the afternoon showing.

Review №11

We were able to rent an entire auditorium for up to 20 people for a Private Watch Party for a birthday party and it was fantastic.

Review №12

Over priced. Got food poisoning. Manager didn’t even pretend to listen to me. Maybe it was a bad night but I personally won’t go back. I feel like it was because I was wearing a maga hat and an American flag T shirt

Review №13

This is my familys favorite cinema in the area. The atmosphere is pleasant, the seats are comfortable and are the reclining lounger type. The refreshments are good. The team is always friendly. There are several theaters, offering many choices of movie, with some offering special enhancements. The lobby and theaters are kept clean. There is an option of fine dining in one of the theaters. Also since it is located in Bridgestreet Town Center, there are many alternate dining options, as well as shopping or even just a pleasant place to take a walk

Review №14

First time to the movies since Covid19, they did a great job of social distancing and making us feel as though they took enough precaution and overall cleaning!! Plus touch free hand sanitizer everywhere! Movies are back!!!

Review №15

Love the seating very comfy and clean.

Review №16

Well...they had a problem getting the movie LOVE STORY going. This is not usually a problem, and although the movie started a half hour late we got to see it in its entirety. I try to attend all Fathom events, and Cinemark does a great job with them. Also, to make it up to us for the technical difficulties they gave each of us a free movie pass. That showed sensitivity and appreciation to their patrons. The theater is always clean and well maintained.Good show Cinemark!

Review №17

We dont do a ton of movies, but we do like Bridgestreet (though the others are similar now too). Tickets are easy to get with the kiosks, the area is very nice, seats are comfy, sound and sight is great. Saw one on 3D, and it was a ton of fun. My family remembers not liking 3D, but it must be better now because they had as much fun as I did.

Review №18

Nice. I never give 5s because always room for improvement. Love that they have complimentary women products in the bathroom. Nice comfy chairs.

Review №19

We enjoyed a family movie night at Monico Poctures in Huntsvill, Alabama. This was our first visit and we were impressed. We purchased our tickets and selected our seats in advance. We were also able to get a great parking spot. I like that there is so much room and the seats recline for complete comfort. We will return soon.

Review №20

Always a great experience. Bar was great. Movie everything

Review №21

Very clean and comfortable.

Review №22

Stunning Setup! Awesome That You Can Drink While You Enjoy Your Movie!

Review №23

Nicest movie theater Ive ever been to.Outstandingly comfortable seating. Wide variety of dining options, both inside the theater, and nearby.Convenient parking, as well.

Review №24

The theater is very nice. Theyve renovated the regular ticket seating since the last time Id been there and its much improved with electric reclining seats with foot rests. The attached restaurant, on the other hand has gone down in quality since my last visit (some 2 years ago). The food was bland and not very inspired, but it wasnt bad.

Review №25

The Scene is really nice, and the food was good. The “VIP” area of Monaco however is trash! The bathrooms are NASSSTY, the trash cans were overflowing, and the trays attached to the loungers were loose. I think if your going to charge someone $18 for a movie, at the very least the amenities such as the bathrooms and sitting areas should look the part!

Review №26

Awesome movie for the family. Playing with Fire is a very enjoyable experience. The concession area never has hot dogs or food ready when we go. If its not boxed candy you are screwed. I dont want to wait until the middle of the movie to eat something. Management here stinks. With a capital S.

Review №27

I love the fully reclining seating!! Its very comfortable. My husband actually fell asleep during one of the last movies we went to see.

Review №28

Went to see a movie. The movie was fine. Seating was comfortable. Someone forgot to close the door, which isnt a big deal. 4 starts is a good rating. It just wasnt such an impressive experience that it was worth 5 stars. None the less, I had a good time.

Review №29

Did the premiere balcony thing. Surprisingly decent food, really comfy recliners. First time Ive really enjoyed a movie experience for a long time.

Review №30

The staff was very helpful and pleasant. The ticket purchase was easy and quick. The seats were comfortable and worked smoothly. The theatre temperature was comfortable and the lights on the floor made it easy to find the seats. I recommend them for a date night.

Review №31

Pretty cool seats and the soud its loud.

Review №32

My favorite theater in town. Its clean and comfy, and the staff are friendly. The projection and sounds are consistently excellent.

Review №33

Nice place to see a movie. It is located at Bridge Street and the parking can be a little hard to find a place at times, but theatre is nice, clean, good concession stand, bathrooms might be occasionally crowded but usually clean and kept up ( thats a big plus to me) . After the movie, there are places at Bridge find a bite to eat, shopping, or window shopping! Lol.

Review №34

Great place to watch a movie. As 2 drinks and a popcorn was higher than the movie. I fun with the wife though.

Review №35

Just wow. Great theater and great seating but the location is like visiting the ritz! Food and fun and the movies you want to see.

Review №36

The best theater to serve great food at a awesome price. Jairia the chef is one the best I have ever experienced. The theater was clean and rest rooms. Have quality movies to enjoy for entertaining family and friends. The managers are always willing to help if you need them. Making sure you are comfortable and secure during your visit. The General Manager Harrison makes sure his team is knowledgeable. I like the diversity in his staff.

Review №37

Been here more than our own in Florence,AL.Its pretty and pretty big inside.Very clean which they clean up often.Restrooms and clean. We went for the theater. It was very comfortable and worry free. You know where you are sitting and dont worry about a good spot. Less people round lunch. Hit the dinner hour and hardly anybody there. Love this place.

Review №38

Better than it was. Reclining seats are comfortable. Prices are still a bit steep compared to Cineplanet

Review №39

Love this movie theater. I am a rewards member we love it so much but sadly was disappointed about the speakers not being loud enough. I could hear every noise of people opening items to the person next to me snoring.

Review №40

Overall is a great place to watch a movie, there couple of places to eat around and if you want to do some shopping if you watch a movie early as there. The movie seats are decent and other things are pretty good

Review №41

Not enough help. Tickets & concessions SHOULD be separate. Had tickets but had to wait in a long time because people needed hot dogs & drinks only to let them know which movie I wanted to see.

Review №42

Great movie experience. This was my first time going to Cinemark. The lobby is full of nice decor and lights. The seats were super comfortable and all reclined, which is something Ive never seen before. Movie started after exactly 20 min of previews.

Review №43

Theater is nice. The 30 minutes of previews and commercials was not good. Wanted to see a movie, not half hour of commercials. Thats the only thing that might keep me from going back

Review №44

Great movie and fun atmosphere. Extremely pricey. Prive tickets, food and drinks!! Whew!!

Review №45

Very elegant when you walk in, like youre entering a museum. Much smaller than our local Cinemark. The 3D theater only had 4 or 5 rows total. Some hillbilly talked almost the whole movie, but Ive come to expect that now, people are so rude. The staff was adequate ( not super unfriendly but acted like theyd rather be anywhere else but work, which is understandable for teenagers). The pizza was good, typical theater prices.

Review №46

Good food. Wide variety of drinks .but most importantly, good cinema seating that it comfortable. Worth the money.

Review №47

Preferred Theater. Good online site through the Chain or Fandango, never has an issue with the ticketing. The prices are good for Military, Senior, Students or matinee. Multiple rooms for popular movies, seats are great, amenities (drinks and food) are good based on which movie session (experience) you have picked. The location is great for family or date night walk.

Review №48

Very cool atmosphere prior to going to a movie. Dinner and drinks, that can be taken into each theater.

Review №49

Our place to go for movies. Seating is great. Service is fine, mostly teenagers so reasonable. Food is normal movie food. Price are a little high but we are willing to trade for the seating. Recommend.

Review №50

Love the seats, except not a lot to choose from other then extremely close to the screen. The chairs being able to lean back helps a lot though. There was extra seats in the VIP for which we had tickets but for some reason they could not get our discount to work properly...The customer service otherwise was really good. The only complaint I really have was just the price, extremely high especially if you want to get any popcorn or drinks.

Review №51

Nice theater. The reclining chairs are great. Popcorn delicious.

Review №52

Continues to impress everytime I go, love the ticketing staff, very professional!

Review №53

Good experience, but for what it costs to take my family here I feel like I get better value in other entertainment venues.

Review №54

Very Nice Theater and food was Good..But theater was Too Cold...#8

Review №55

Very nice place. Upscale diner and a theater in the same place! Perfect place to take a date!

Review №56

Nice theater with recliners and great concession choices. Restaurant and bar inside

Review №57

Very disability friendly both qith patrons and their staff. Great deals through the app and they have the most comfortable theater Ive ever been to, we drive over an hour just to go here.

Review №58

Theater is clean without any weird smells. Staff is nice.

Review №59

Always had a great experience with this theater but went to the movies recently and there were two kids without parents who were loud, I mean LOUD! Constantly running around the theater. I reported it to the manager but nothing was done. I missed most of the movie because of them and nothing was done.

Review №60

Took my family here to watch a movie we had a great time and the seats are amazing I would recommend Cinemark Bridge Street.

Review №61

Very nice and clean. Next time will try the premium level.

Review №62

Awesome if you dont plan on concessions late night. Youll wait behind 10 people to find out they just decided to stop serving from that register without letting you know. The upstairs 21+ service and restaurant save this review from a 2-star

Review №63

Great place and very nice seating. Good senior price for those over 62. Lots of parking lighting if you go after dark.

Review №64

Ah, it was still called Monaco/Privé when I turned 21 but Im sure it remains pretty cool. A grand sweeping staircase & a little bamboo-walled restaurant area make a posh statement when you walk in, & upstairs used to be a kind of club. I sure hope they still serve alcoholic beverages & dinner to you while you watch movies. They were the ones who taught me that blue cheese is dynamite with sweet potato fries. This place will always have a place in my heart.

Review №65

Best smoked old fashioned I’ve had at their bar, clean theatre super nice bar staff

Review №66

Great value at matine, customer service was extra kind!

Review №67

OMG the chairs are recliners and made of soft leather. So nice!

Review №68

Great theater in a great location

Review №69

Very nice, clean, and comfortable movie theatre. Everything you would want when you go out to see a movie. The reclining seats are why I always choose this theatre over others.

Review №70

Ticket prices arent bad, its not usually over- crowded, and the seats are very comfy. The food can be a bit pricey, though, so eat before you go.

Review №71

Very roomy and comfortable. Loved this theater and they have veteran and student discounts.

Review №72

We paid extra for the upstairs seating, honestly we’re new here and didn’t realize it was supposed to be something special, won’t do it again and may never return to this theater. The seats in front of you block the screen if they’re not reclined. And my seats reclining function didn’t hold. The manager wasn’t very kind when I told her. We signed up for the Cinemark monthly deal but I think this means we’ll be cancelling.

Review №73

Don’t go there. If you go out to eat at bridegtreet they will not let you take your bag that has leftovers in it. Like we’re going to eat leftovers at the movie. Not good business. Yeah put meat in your car in the heat and eat it the next day. Crazy.

Review №74

Great theater, clean, lots of amenities and options. Recommend leaving an extra 15 minutes if you want snacks, concessions line can be long.

Review №75

Great theater. Nice seats, nice building. Upscale feel without the upscale price

Review №76

One of the better movie theaters Ive been too. Comfortable seating and very clean. The staff was extremely nice and efficient. All around enjoyable experience.

Review №77

Good theater, just wish they would clean a bit better, I found a sticky cup holder. Aw well

Review №78

Great prices comfy seats loved the adams family will be back soon. The bathroom gifts are very helpful if you have a emergency ladies

Review №79

Just wanted to enjoy the movie and this place allows me to do that.

Review №80

Always clean and comfortable. The cocktails are reasonably priced for the prive movies.

Review №81

Stopped coming here a couple of years ago after several bad experiences. Now that bought out and remodelled, i am glad we came back. Much nicer now.

Review №82

Comfy seating,drinks tasted slightly weird, but good prices for concession and tickets.Definitely suggest coming here

Review №83

My wife and I had a wonderful time at the movies last night at Cinemark. It has recently been renovated and is very elegant. It is like walking into a grand ballroom.The popcorn was hot and fresh. They recently changed to Oreville Redinbaucher Popcorn, which is definitely an upgrade. The young lady who served us refreshments was friendly and enthusiastic.The seating was very comfortable and it was like kicking back in your favorite leather Lazy Boy Recliner. The sound system was outstanding. This is by far the nicest theatre around. I highly recommend this place to anyone.

Review №84

The staff here is amazing! I work in customer service and I really appreciate how the staff here went out of there way to help me with an issue. Cameron is awesome and made what could have been an awful night into an amazing one. This was my first time here and because of the friendly staff, I will be back!

Review №85

This is my favorite theater with the most comfortable seating. However the concession service was incredibly slow. Waited 25 mins with 2 people ahead.

Review №86

I was made to walk all the way back to the parking deck by Barnes and Noble as my movie was starting to take my bag back to my car because it was from the candy store. I pulled out the contents and showed them there was no candy in it, just a novelty toy but they wouldnt let me in the movie until I took it back. Nit pickey. Madison 12 is much nicer anyway

Review №87

Fantastic as always. Awesome seating!

Review №88

Employees are polite and reclining seats. What more could I ask for?

Review №89

Good theater with recliners. Pretty much where we go for movies. beIN a bridge Street, is great too

Review №90

Favorite theater in Huntsville! So nice and such a peaceful area in town! Will definitely keep coming here with my family!

Review №91

OMG. Super affordable. They have reclining seats. We chilled out after walking in the hot sun shopping. We reclined our seats back and watched Toy Story 4. The theater is clean and nice!!!

Review №92

Chris at the ticket counter was very polite and professional. Our group had many questions and he was so patient and helpful. This theatre has always provided a pleasant experience. Highly recommend!

Review №93

Love this place Kayla is the server in the Building, when you go in ask for her. She the sweetest ever

Review №94

The chairs recline. The aisles are spacious so you dont trip over people when you have to get up during the movie. I like picking out my own seats before get there!

Review №95

Great sound quality!! My grandson loved the reclining chairs!!

Review №96

This movie theater is m favorite place to go it is very nice and it is easy to get tickets

Review №97

Loved the entire experience especially the premier level. This is how going to the movies should be.

Review №98

My favorite movie theater in town. I love the XD experience watching movies. I hate that when you order online they don’t always allow you to skip a seat. They want you to purchase tickets right next to others.

Review №99

Always courteous employees clean theatre love it.

Review №100

Great place to relax and watch the latest flix!

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  • Address:370 The Bridge St, Huntsville, AL 35806, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 256-327-8340
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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