5280 US-30 Ste 6, Greensburg, PA 15601, United States

Review №1

Love this store - so many neat crafting ideas but... many times everything is way overpriced and then the mark down price is still on the upper end of reasonable.If youre mostly looking for inspiration with a side of a chance for a good bargain, its perfect.

Review №2

Found what I was looking for my granddaughters had covered/crafted photo album

Review №3

Placed an online order for curbside pickup. It gave a link to indicate when you are on your way and when you get there. I used both indicators. We sat in the parking lot for 10 minutes, nothing. Even though it said they were on their way out. Called on the phone and they took our information and said someone would be out. 15 minutes later, someone finally came out with our order. I was told its best to call because they dont always follow the app. If you use curbside pickup, its best to call when you get there and be prepared to wait. Im my opinion a 25 minute wait for pickup is poor customer service.

Review №4

My daughter and I spent over an hour here looking mainly at Christmas stuff and planner/scrapbooking supplies. So many things were on sale. We dont get here much, because it is an hour away. There was so much eye candy. It was very therapeutic to just walk around the store looking at all of their items to decorate with. I also found their bargain bin and got Christmas stickers for my planner. I bought Christmas washi tape. My daughter got scrapbooking paper booklets buy 1 get 2 free in for the hot item selection and some stickers.

Review №5

Always helpful, can use joann coupond here! Baskets are on sale

Review №6

Wanderful. I went in to use a 20% off coupon. Found a better deal on fall sale. Personel were friendly and helpful.

Review №7

I dont know why I torture myself by going to this Michaels. This store lacks personality! You couldnt even tell what season it was in the store cause some fall stuff was out, some Christmas was out, a little bit of Halloween. What really got me was how they had artificial pumpkins on the highest shelves in the store! What purpose does that serve? Not to mention thats what I went there for. VERY DISSAPPOINTED!

Review №8

Lots of items picked over

Review №9

Ive really been wanting my own sewing machine for a very long time. This place had a 50% off coupon I was able to use to finally buy one. Michaels offers a lot of reasonably priced items as well as sales with coupons. I still recommend doing a price comparison on some items, especially things like sewing machines. The workers at Michaels try to help you and will even carry something for you if you ask. They dont have every craft in existence obviously, but they have a HUGE variety. Customer service is very good at this particular store. They do offer a military discount in real and online. You must show some form of military identification to receive said discount and the discount can ONLY be applied to you, not everyone around you or family members. The military discount is ONLY for the person who has served or is still serving. The military discount can be used in conjunction with the coupon at least on their online website. You have to validate you are military online to get the online military discount. Sign up for their email list; that is how you will get their coupons.

Review №10

My recent visit to Michaels was not good. My only assumption was they did an inventory swap during the whole Covid-19 quarantine. They swapped out almost all their prior merchandise and brands and replaced them with stuff very, very different. And I didnt like anything so Ive figured internet shopping is the way to go. I learned a lot in the past few months, like shopping online is my new favorite past time.

Review №11

Crowded, long lines, no shopping carts.

Review №12

I always find what I need :)

Review №13

Expensive. Must have coupon to make it worth while. Always wanting your information for promotions and obviously to sell.

Review №14

I love Michaels because they have the best Fine Art supplies. Just dont expect to get in and get out there. Every time Im there (Im there at least once a week) the line is decently long and there is one cashier. Last weekend a woman continued to stock the floor besides there being a line. Yesterday two employees walked through the door talking while the line was backed up and went straight to the back. One only came up to help when forced to grab something out of the cage. Never a quick trip.

Review №15

I love the email coupons i get that save me big time

Review №16

Couldnt fine what I was looking for

Review №17

They have an overwhelming amount of items. It is a paradise for craft enthusiasts. However they didnt have simple 3 ring binders that I needed for photo scrap books. Ill buy them at Walmart. Only one checkout person made getting check-out along time.

Review №18

Great hobby store

Review №19

They got anything you need to keep busy or test your skills or learn new ones. Its fun just walking around looking for something fun to do. So many crafts to try yourself or buy as a gift. Dont be bored on rainy days or in the winter.

Review №20

This is a really nice store,

Review №21

Wishing ac Moore wasnt closing. Deals were better there.

Review №22

Lots of good craft materials, friendly staff...!

Review №23

Cause its my brothers

Review №24

No lines or sidewalk waiting but they are NOT taking returns at this time or exchanges and have no answers as to when they will again

Review №25

Always find what we need... just need to keep looking! Its here somewhere!

Review №26

It’s a good place to get things for your craft

Review №27

Close at 7 pm on a Saturday. .... really ?? Lame

Review №28

Good selection of items, especially for fake flowers, decorations, and stationery and art books. They also have a decent selection of items for creating your own jewelry. Every time Ive gone, the cashiers and floor folks have helpful and friendly. Only thing I was disappointed by was I couldnt find items specifically meant for hair other than a small clearance section. Otherwise, it has a lot of items and supplies for different crafting needs.

Review №29

Customer service was great. Unfortunately they did not carry the specific item I was looking for, but the sales rep went out of her way to look throughout the store.

Review №30

Love my craft stores! But the day I was there they had multiple call off so I couldn’t find what I wanted .

Review №31

Actually it was TJMax I visited but they have a veriety of things there from cloths to shoes Jewelry dog supplies cat toys organic oils food honey and maple syrup and pasta and sauce and herbs

Review №32

Decent selection of items and customer service was pretty good. A lot of the shelves seemed empty.

Review №33

They had some neat things

Review №34

Whats not to love about Michaels? I am very crafty & this is a great place to get supplies.

Review №35

The different kinds of craft things are great

Review №36

Good products

Review №37

Hardly any staff available to assist customers with questions. A lot of selection, but overpriced.

Review №38

I love this Michaels. I just wish that it were a little less expensive.

Review №39

Great selection

Review №40

What an incredible staff! Framing project was handled beautifully! Highly recommended!!!

Review №41

Pretty standard Michaels store. Not great, not the worst. They seem to always have a good selection of items and the employees typically are helpful.

Review №42

Was looking for a specific frame mat and they had it. Plus I saves 50% with my coupon. I love Michaels.

Review №43

Michaels has a great selection for any type of crafter.

Review №44

Found alot of nice things and with phone coupons, its a decent price. I had a good experience.

Review №45

Very organized found all my products in less then 30 minutes. A little on the pricey side though.

Review №46

Always find what I am looking for as well as some little treasures I didnt realize I wanted until I laid eyes on them. However coupons are not as readily available as they once were.

Review №47

If u are any type of crafty person or even if your not there is something for you in this store

Review №48

A great place to go for all your arts and crafts needs.

Review №49

I like Michaels! Beautiful pictures and decorations. I buy a lot of my baking supplies here. I also had a picture framed here and it was beautifully done.

Review №50

Love it! Yvonne was so very helpful!! Thank you so much!

Review №51

Check out is usually slow. But, they have alot of good stuff!

Review №52

I was impressed by the way the staff handled the rush. Had someone with a scanner, scanned your purchases and they went on a card that you were given. Very expedient

Review №53

Location great, easy in and out, plenty parking. The staff are very helpful and they have everything in stock seems like every time I go. They are helpful with using coupons on phone, pleasant.

Review №54

Prices are way too expensive. Ill stick to amazon... Keep overcharging and see where youre at in 10yrs Michaels! U have to at least TRY compete with online prices!

Review №55

I was in and out here not my type of store nice and well kept from what I saw. Would reccomend or stop back if needed

Review №56

We got some great deals! Ill be going back to look for Easter decor in a few weeks.

Review №57

Of course they always have everything you will need for your project!

Review №58

Too much to think about just enjoy sensation flood

Review №59

They had what I was looking for!

Review №60

They have close to everything needed for crafting and more. If Michaels doesnt have it, it doesnt exist.

Review №61

This place is pretty expensive( example: a big box with decoration is $16) ... However, some of the items I got are pretty good. The cashiers have never been mean to me.I went to get some items for Mothers Day and left the stuff behind a sign because I was out of money and would be back in 2 days. The box didnt move at all!Their chameleon pens are lower priced than Hobby Lobby when HL used to carry them.

Review №62

I love Michaels, its just a little pricey for me. I still go there. They have great selections of just about anything you could want.

Review №63

The employees in Greensburg made the store have a very disappointing atmosphere. They had no idea what they were talking about when I asked them a basic question about soft and chalk pastels. I wish they had more training in the art world. Being an art student I was expecting more of a knowledgeable staff.

Review №64

Love Michaels - always have! Download the app and sign up for emailed coupons. You should never had to pay full price for items here if you are patient and proactive.

Review №65

Always has what I need. People are very nice.

Review №66

I really enjoy this store and the variety of merchandise they sell! Ive bought tons of flowers, decorations and treat bag stuffers for my youngest for his classroom parties(now that food treats are no longer welcomed--due to allergies). Staff are friendly and try to get you in and out quickly, but satisfied with your Michaels shopping experience! Large store with tons of corners to explore. Every time I go in I swear I see something NEW that I never knew they carried! LOVE all the trinkets and treasures we find here!

Review №67

In my experience the cashiers at this location are terribly slow. I really wish they didnt harp so much about their rewards program. NO DARN IT, I DONT WANT TO JOIN. The store is pretty well organized and has just about everything youd need from a craft store. Remember, theres no reason to pay full price because there are ALWAYS coupons on their website.

Review №68

Staff was rude, came in to exchange an item purchased the day before. Asked cashier if I just do exchanges with her as I walked in the door. She asked if I had the new item with me I said no. She insisted on returning my current item instead of even exchanging. Then told me that the merchandise I was exchanging was from last year, when my receipt clearly showed 7/22/19.

Review №69

Dont order any custom job from here unless you want to waste your time. Before a scholarly conference, I requested a custom matting job. I made it expedited. I didnt like the price but placed the order because it was urgent. They said it would take a week. So I called them a week later to check on the job status. They had no idea what I was talking about! They told me to show them the order sheet in person. When I did, they denied that I ever placed the order, because it was an estimate! Instead of apologizing, they told me I shouldve known it was an estimate and that I was hesitant about the price. They didnt even compensate me or try to give me a better deal in the future! I refuse to give them my business again. They dont care about customer service at all, just themselves!

Review №70

The sign directing you for store pick up is on an inside door that when opened isnt visible. The sign needs to be hang inside the store just past the double doors from the ceiling. This was my first experience. I stood in line to be told I was in the wrong place and when I mentioned they needed a sign, the associate said there was one. Poor customer service! Did you ever think the position of the sign isnt helpful? Especially when the doors were already open.

Review №71

Well stocked easy to find everything good customer service

Review №72

Always a great selection and great deals, usually coupons to use, which you have to find yourself (which is the reason it is 4 stars and not 5) but overall it is a great place to shop for crafting items and more.

Review №73

Sometimes hard to find things in store. But buy online, pick up in store service is great.

Review №74

Of you love crafts and ary then there is no better place to shop. And managment was fair and very accommodating

Review №75

They meet all my needs. Staff very helpful.

Review №76

I always buy more than I go there for.

Review №77

Love this place, always buy more than intended too.

Review №78

Great store, lots of crafting ideas & love the great 70-75% sales.

Review №79

Nice sale going on when I visited

Review №80

Couldnt find anything, the the lanes were out or didnt have the right things in them

Review №81

Some Michaels stores are not the same.

Review №82

Its a great place to go for craft stuff they have everything you need and great sales.

Review №83

Great selection of crafts. One of my favorite places to visit

Review №84

One of my favorite stores. They have so much!

Review №85

Helpful had what I needed and to top all and all off the item was on sale .

Review №86

My name is lorraine.....I love your has ever thing to make my craft & flower arrangements.... associates are polite and well informed on what is in the store and very helpful with me.

Review №87

Always love going to Michaels, you cant beat their prices, and their coupons are always AMAZING

Review №88

Very nice service but just average food. And salty!

Review №89

A wonderful place to find all you need to complete you craft project.

Review №90

The associated are noce here.

Review №91

Love Michaels! A crafters dream. So much and more!

Review №92

Great craft place

Review №93

This is where I go to get inspired. Never disappoints.

Review №94

We love Michaels! Always look for a coupon first.

Review №95

Wonderful place full of craft supplies, floral arrangements, etc.

Review №96

Prices suck... but the view is kind of nice

Review №97

Great craft store, full of odds an ends love going there. Some time price is a little high.

Review №98

Crafters dream staff is kind and helpful. Always coupons available

Review №99

Love this place, it’s always well stocked with everything I could need and the staff is very friendly!

Review №100

This place is great, I love yoga pants

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  • Phone:+1 724-837-4540
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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
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