Horizon Cinemas Marley Station Movies
7900 Ritchie Hwy suite e-127, Glen Burnie, MD 21061, United States

Review №1

Sodas are flat and popcorn is stale and taste old. Went to go see a movie at 12:35pm. It should be fresh

Review №2

It was good. The seats recline but mines was sord of on a lean. The only refreshments they have right now is popcorn, candy, nachos and drinks. They will be getting hot foods soon.

Review №3

While the revamp of the theater is great, Im giving the customer service a 1 star. Myself and 3 other family members visited on 02/22/2020 to see Brahms The Boy 11 at the 5:00 pm showing. Marley Station Movie Theater has always been my family go to .This was our 1st time visiting since the renovation. I must say the customer service needs immediate attention, from the lack of greeting and having little to no eye contact when asking for assistance with ticket purchasing. Before noticing the self service kiosk there was an employee sitting directly next to the kiosk on her cellular device in which she never lifted her head to greet or offer help even after my asking.While heading towards the the ticket attendants, their were two gentleman present, one was on his cellular device, while the other gentleman greeted and was very pleasant. This review is for the sole purpose of my customer service experience in hopes their will be some improvement in the near future.

Review №4

Those recliner seats are it! Most enjoyable movie experience Ive had with my family in a long time. We did go on New years day so the crowd was low. Id get ticket ahead of time online if you can. You can pick your seats too when you place your order. Highly recommend this theater.

Review №5

They have upgraded the seating, very comfy. Friendly staff. Great experience.

Review №6

I the last time I was here we paid for the reclining seats and they did not work. The theater smelled of mold and the seats were dirty. This is not the first time I have been disappointed with cinema.

Review №7

This place is struggling to survive as is the mall itself. The theaters are small and the seats are on the small side. The snack counter is understaffed and a good portion is self-serve. I go here only as a last resort.

Review №8

We had a birthday party for my 5 year old daughter at the movie theater in Marley Station Mall to see Frozen 2. It was such a wonderful experience! It was so easy to reserve via email. We were given a room that was attached to a small theater. The party room had 2 picnic-like benches and a table. We chose the 9:30-noon timeslot and had a breakfast (donuts, OJ & coffee) birthday party before the movie. The party room, bathrooms & theater were very clean. The management and staff were incredibly courteous and helpful. The price included 40 tickets and 20 snack packs (small bag of popcorn, an Airhead or Butterfinger and a small fountain drink.) The best part is you get the entire theater to yourselves so the kids can run up and down the aisles, be loud... The theater had very comfortable leather recliner seats with cup holders. The other parents were raving about the idea of having a birthday party at the movie theater & are consider doing it in the future for their older children! It was truly an awesome experience! Thanks Horizon Cinemas!!

Review №9

This place is my best kept secret! I used to drive to Crofton to see movies & had no idea this theatre was in Marley Station! I found this place a year ago & only go to Waugh Chapel if Marley Station is not showing a movie I want to see. There is NEVER a long wait AND they have reclining chairs! Concessions are limited to the basic movie fare...popcorn, drinks, candy, etc..they may have nachos or hot dogs, I am not sure. But, this place is great!

Review №10

Great movie theater. Very impressed. Reclining seats, very clean, even great bathrooms. Don’t judge this movie theater from the outside of the mall. I’ll be a repeat customer. Also the price is more than reasonable.

Review №11

Really friendly service. We left a cell phone and the cleaning people got down on their hands and knees and search d under the disgusting seats for us. Oh and the prices are quite reasonable too.

Review №12

My daughter and I treat ourselves to a movie every few months or so for a mother and daughter evening out. We love this theatre and always look forward to coming. The big comfortable recliners aee awesome. We always get a large popcorn and large soda to share and we relax and enjoy the movie together. A perfect evening every time!

Review №13

Leon and I were treated to The Lion King by son Steve Pereira. What a wonderful movie, Disney outdid themselves on this one. The original was excellent, but this one actually made you feel like you were there with the real to life animals. So many evoked emotions. Would love to see again and again. Thank you sweet son of ours.

Review №14

I watched the Avengers End Game at this place for 10 bucks. Yes 10 bucks and the people were not loud or crazy. The room was not huge like other places but I had an nice time here. I would recommend this place for everyone and would come back. This is a nice place to bring friends family members classmates and dates up here.

Review №15

Great seating. Great staff. Had a fun time. Will go again.

Review №16

I went to watch the new Avengers movie this evening at this theater. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. I immediately was greeted with a warm atmosphere by the employees. I spoke with the manager on duty, Adam and he was friendly and accommodating. He made sure we had everything we wanted and was a wonderful example of prime customer service. Will definitely be coming back!

Review №17

Able to butter own popcorn as much as ya want seating isnt bad at all, not a formal movie theater but okay.Edit: lost something in one of the theaters, and in better lighting looking for said object...I saw cockroaches in the theaters. Pretty disgusting.

Review №18

I feel like this little theatre is underestimated. The biggest crowd was for EndGame for obvious reasons. But, usually, it’s kind of like a cute little hole in the wall. Prices are decent and they have really nice recliners that have actual trays for your concessions. They’re not small ones either :). Not much else to say. The best time to go is during a work day because you can get any seat you want. The staff is always so nice too.

Review №19

This place is now the gem of Marley Station Mall. The theatre after having closed for a time has been completely remodeled. Their high end theatres have reclining leather seats. This is perfect for date night as they have no armrest between you and your significant other. The sound quality is amazing. The best part is you fill up your own soda from the fountain. No more large only cups for free refills!

Review №20

This place has come a long way. It used to be...not the best place to see a movie. Now that they have declined and reserved seating I don’t even flinch when wanting to see a movie here. Prices are typical of any movie theatre in the area. People working there are helpful and it’s never really that crowded.

Review №21

Better seats now

Review №22

I am going to this movies for for the last 6 years. My daughter is 9 now and it is our favorite place to go. We saw every single kids movie there. It’s so cheap ! Recliners are so comfy and snacks are yummy. We just came back from watching ToyStory 4 and can’t wait to see something new again.

Review №23

My low key go to for new releases its not over crowded for a mall theater.

Review №24

Paid for the upgraded seats. They are great! Super comfy leather (or something like it) chairs with power recline and footrest. Definitely worth it. The theater itself was clean enough, though the seat trays and cupholders didnt seem to have been cleaned out for a couple showings, and the mens bathroom could have used a good mopping.

Review №25

Comfortable reclining seats with plenty of space but screen was not large and no stadium seating

Review №26

A movie theater that doesnt try to deafen you!! Thank you Horizon for a proper film volume. And they have reclining seats!! Who doesnt love that?

Review №27

Great movies n price. Clean. Nice seats

Review №28

Its changed since the last time I saw a movie there. Recliner seats with the chance of them being loveseats, to which couples can cuddle with each other while they watch a movie, is a plus in my book. I hate being sectioned off from my husband.The price for everything is still crazy... $9 for 2 med drinks? No thank you! $10 for 2 large!The atmosphere was nice and respectful. The theater was being cleaned while we walked up to look inside the room. We couldnt do early sitting, which is a bummer, but I understand why. The staff was making sure it was cleaned for the next showing. Everyone was kind and considerate to our time there.My thing is that the females bathroom needs major work. 2 stalls out of order, 1 sink out of order, and 1 sink to which the cold lever doesnt work (thus only producing hot water) leaves 2-3 sinks available to use. Last time I came to the theater, I feel like the same 2 stalls were broken and the same 2 sinks hadnt been fixed... and that was months ago.

Review №29

Saw a matinee with a friend, I had not been to Marley Movies in years. I love the new renovations. We were comfortable in a dual recliner and not surrounded by other patrons. I also enjoyed the movie. One of the reasons I stopped going to the movies were the crush or disturbances of the other patrons.

Review №30

I dont plan on going back.Reclining seats are ok, with a food tray.My seat was missing an armrest. Exposed wood, had I not noticed I would have ended up with an elbow full of splinters or dropping into oblivion.The screen in theater six has a hole in it or maybe that projector is broken.The lights from the hallway are protruding into the theater.And as usual people are on their phone.

Review №31

Good theater overall. Comfortable seating, reasonable pricing. The mall around it is not doing the best so that is the only knock against it in my opinion.

Review №32

My husband and I live 3 minutes away from the mall. We love coming to this theater. Seats are nice and theater always clean bathrooms as well. I plan on breaking the grandkids this summer for the experience.

Review №33

The theater was nicely remodeled. The recliners and table combo was great. Snacks were affordable. Up to date movies. We had an awesome time and we will return.

Review №34

Nice staff, which is hard to find now. TOTALLY COOL SEATING! Not to pricey either. Enjoy your movie with the cool recliners, worth the trip!

Review №35

First time here, we were here for the heritage movie event to see break through. The place is nice and clean and the staff are very friendly. I wanted to send a huge thank you to the manager on duty today for assisting my grandmother to the parking lot. Shes a slow, and fragile walker. He took us to the parking lot through a back exit that led straight to it so my grandma did not have to walk all the way around to get to there. It was very appreciated, and we will be coming back.

Review №36

Had to update, great recliner seats and nice remodel of the theater. The mall is the only reason I couldnt give 5 stars, it hurts the movie theater by being in that location. Nice theater .

Review №37

Saw a few movies here, the recliners are awesome. Some little punk kids took my spot that I had on my ticket but im chill, so I just say behind them and made aqward noises during the previews.

Review №38

Nice crowd and not expensive! My husband and I enjoyed ourselves

Review №39

The theater is well kept. You have to pick seats before you go into the theater, before you see the screen. You can be stuck with seats right next to someone if the theater is not full, behind a tall hairdo, or near a boisterous group.

Review №40

The theater did a great job with open captioning requests. Adam, the manager, made sure my requests were met and was willing to work with me. Even he was willing to change showtimes with open captioning at the last minute and Im grateful to him. The theater and Adam helped me to enjoy the movies fully with my family. I did not have that experience for a long time until the Horizon Cinemas helped to change that. The renovation looked great and much better than before! I definitely will go more often.

Review №41

It wasnt too bad. Seats are a little worn and the arm rest / seat divider was missing. Also they dont put butter on the popcorn for you, instead them make you do it at the self service bar.

Review №42

The only jewel in this dump of a mall. Theater seating is always plentiful. Its not an uncommon experience to be the only one inside a movie showing on a Sunday at 12:15 pm.

Review №43

I was surprised to enjoy this theater, given that the mall is kind of creepy. The concessions were pretty standard and the seats in the theater looked new and were comfortable. Ill be going back here soon!

Review №44

I love them new reclining chairs in a movie theater people for real ! For $2 more I get to recline back and chill through the whole movie. Cant wait to my next visit for my new movies.

Review №45

Easy checkin. Very nice staff. The theater was clean and comfortable.

Review №46

Super comfortable reclining electric seats. Fast friendly service as well as self service counters if you prefer. Reasonable prices. pretty hard not to recommend this movie theater. And its one of the smaller ones in the area so its rarely ever super crowded

Review №47

Very nice compared to what this place use to be. Had a great visit and the seating is great with the couches. Good job!

Review №48

Clean, leather recliner seats and decent ticket prices if you ask me.

Review №49

Usually go to Hoyts but had to go here instead. So glad we did. Very nice reclining chairs with trays. Very roomy and spacious. Will go again.

Review №50

We purchased tickets in advance. The recliners are so comfortable. Good customer service.

Review №51

I really like this theater since the renovation. It is always clean and the seats are very nice, there are love seats that recline with foot rests and snack tables

Review №52

I enjoy Everytime I go to this theatre. Its not too expensive for tickets, only thing I dont like is when im not allowed to bring my own bottle of water inside. Snacks n stuff are too expensive for me, I have 5 kids man, and I dont drink soda so I just wish I was able to bring my own bottle of water. Its not that big of a deal though, just a thought lol. Great theatre tho, kids really enjoy it!!

Review №53

I have not been to this theater since my kids were little. My youngest is now 23 if that tells you anything. Today my husband, myself, and son went to see The Meg. I was incredibly impressed at the difference. Nice big comfy recliner‘s with swing out trays. Very accommodating. The theater was clean and smelled good. The only thing people would probably complain about is the fact that the snack shop only sells nachos and cheese, popcorn, a few ice cream‘s, and candy. And, of course soft drinks. I will go back. No crowds, no lines. So, no fuss, no muss!

Review №54

New renovations have made this theater comfortable and modern. It is wonderful knowing that there is an amazing theater within the greater Glen Burnie/Pasadena area.

Review №55

Food os always fresh but not the fanciest place

Review №56

Excellent experience! Clean and seats were comfy. Theaters are so nice since they remodeled. Its our new favorite go to movies! Highly recommend!

Review №57

Wheelchair and power scooter accessable. Great theater. Clean handicapped restrooms.Thank you.

Review №58

Comfortable seats. The prices are the same as others. The food & drinks are limited & as high as the others.

Review №59

Great place to go see a movie. Fast service for a theater, really good sound quality, aaaand the seats! They recline with a foot rest and are very comfortable, almost fell asleep

Review №60

Just like everything else in this area, the reviews here for Horizon at Marley Station are very generous. They are not deserving of such a high rating but are given wonderful reviews because its a small town where people support the local attractions no matter how bad they are. I think the Horizon cinema here takes advantage of the generosity of the locals, knowing regardless they will be well reviewed, and provides a terrible experience for all.I saw a movie twice this weekend. Firstly at Horizon Cinemas at Marley Station and again the next day at another cinema. Both were early in the day and both days it was 90 degrees outside.At Horizon, my ticket was $10 and my large popcorn was $7. There is only one bathroom as far I could tell and it was by the concessions. This means if you have to go during the movie then you have to basically exit, go to the bathroom, line up to show your ticket and run back to the theatre.The screen is small, the air is warm and stagnant and on a warm day there is a waft of body odor floating in the air. Every 3-5 minutes the air conditioner would turn on, but only for a minute, and the odors of the room would dissipate for a moment. The room immediately heats up when it switches off and there is no air flow.The seats are ok, they recline very far back but there is no privacy screen behind the chairs, so you can see the row behind you out the corner of your eye. The stench in the cinema could have been from unclean chairs. A hot, sweaty room with sticky vinyl chairs that I doubt the staff are wiping down between viewings. Yuck.The small screen has rather visible imperfections, a small tear here and a mark there. The worst part is they dont even FOCUS the picture. So many things were out of focus that were not when I saw the movie elsewhere. The coloring and contrast are terrible, it is much darker than it should be.The sound is horrific. There is no surround sound. I was surprised to find a movie with so many silent bits. During the silent bits you can clearly hear the neighboring theatre playing. Well when I re-watched the movie there were no silent bits. Horizon cinemas lack of surround sound completely cut off the ambient noises of the movie. Where faint noises should have been it was complete silence.They turned the lights on the instant the credits started and then turned the movie off mid credits.My $7 popcorn was without a doubt the previous days batch of popcorn IF NOT even older than that. It was so stale and full of unpopped kernels. By the end of the movie I had a pile almost as big as my hands of inedible bits.Now, I think the cheap prices add to the inflated reviews here but the cinema I saw the same movie at the next day, my ticket was $7.50 and my huge fresh perfectly popped popcorn was $7.50. There was a restroom right outside the theatre. I had a lovely CLEAN reclining chair and the air was fresh, almost sanitized smelling, with constantly running air conditioning. The screen was literally twice the size, zero imperfections, the picture was focused and adjusted perfectly. They had true dolby surround sound to really take you away for the experience. And it was CHEAPER than this horrific cinema at Marley Station.0/10 rating. Do not recommend.

Review №61

Power reclining seats with armrests were really nice for watching 3 hour avengers movie. Which cost $11 instead of $9. Theater was not crowded though I went on an off night after work.

Review №62

Nice for a close by,no frills movie. ReclinersPrices are good, Tue discount med soda and popcorn for under 20

Review №63

Very nice place to relax, watch a movie an shop an eat.

Review №64

Great service, clean theaters. Had a great experience. Loved the comfy recliners. Bathroom was clean. Couldnt ask for more!

Review №65

The movie theater is nice the seats recline like most theaters these days. That said the mall is dying. It smells like week old garbage as Im standing here. And there is almost no service. Ill be surprised if this posts.

Review №66

Absolutely love the new seating, very clean, quick service and super friendly staff.

Review №67

What a pleasant surprise! Awesome job with the renovations, leather reclining seats are AMAZING. THE BEST! Second only to the great and super friendly customer service! Will definitely be coming back, for sure!

Review №68

Kool just needs a makeover. Quiet too quiet

Review №69

They have awesome leather reclining seats! Love it!

Review №70

Not the greatest theater ever or even locally but they are usually slow so you dont need to worry about a packed or noisy theater. They are also working on improvements like each theater having these nice new chairs.

Review №71

Very nice,good seating,clean. Plus popcorn taste great.

Review №72

The theater was extremely clean. We loved the reclining seats! They were not expensive. There were groups in the back being extremely loud throughout the movie. We called to the front but they continued afterward. We talked to manager at the end and he apologized several times and offered us tickets to a future showing.

Review №73

The seats are very uncomfortable, the theater is cold, and the building does not keep exterior noises out of your movie watching experience. I also did not like the exaggerated price of all the concessions before you enter your movie. You are better off spending gas money to go somewhere that is more comfortable and enjoyable.

Review №74

Great places to take the family to see a movie. Was to happy the fact that there was a long line to get food and drinks when there is at least 5 people probably even more working and most of them standing around like they dont have to do anything and not help the ones that are actually working and trying to help customer get there orders so they can go watch their movie.

Review №75

Best movie theater in Anne Arundel County. Lines are short, popcorn is always fresh and the recliners are awesome.

Review №76

Just took my kids here to see the incredibles (really good movie!) and wow has this place changed! Is this theater under new management? The whole thing is updated and it looks really good. (The best looking place in that whole mall). The cost for recliner seating is very cheap compared to other theaters i have been too. And the staff was very nice and approachable, they actually looked like they didnt mind being there which is rare because before the theater upgraded not only was the place drab, but you could tell the staff could care less about being there. One of the staff even asked my kids if they were excited to see the incredibles! I only came here today because the movie was sold-out elsewhere, but if this is how this theater is going to be i will definitely bring my family back. I only have 2 issues, the theater was a little muggy and sitting on the reclining chairs makes you stick to them. And the food selection was little to none, hopefully they add more food options soon so we can have a one-stop shop for lunch and a movie! Thank you for bringing this nice theater to the area, it was needed. Cant wait to come back!

Review №77

Nice theater in the mall. They have the updated leather reclined seating.

Review №78

Went on a Tuesday night, their bargain night. There wasnt a picture on the screen and the volume was very loud. It took them 20 mins to get it up and running. One positive was that the new recliner seats are very comfortable.Update: Management took the time to contact me and I feel that they took my concerns seriously, and have done the right thing in my book! Thank you

Review №79

They have the reserve reclining seats, plenty of room for less $ than some of the other movies theaters around. Its close to my house and never seems to be overly packed. Cant complain!

Review №80

Love the recliner love seats! Wish the bathroom was a bit better maintained. Have had multiple minor issues with the ticketing computers but usually easily dealt with.

Review №81

Are y’all guys open ?

Review №82

Great place to watch a movie and dinner and shopping

Review №83

Seeing a star is born, havent been to this theater in ages but now I have no reason to go to hoyts or Arundle Mills ever again. Adam and Dee were fantastic, very welcoming from the second I came in. They offered to bring my nachos to me because the cheese was not hot yet. Here I am enjoying my nachos in this comfy reclining seat. Cant wait to come back.

Review №84

Highly recommend this newly renovated theatre. The seats are very spacious and comfortable! The sound quality is also top notch.

Review №85

Loving the new upgrade! The seats recline with pull around tables. Very comfortable and much nicer. I wish they had more food on their menu, but thats no big deal.

Review №86

This is a great place to go see movies and my favorite part is definitely the recliner chairs they have make the experience way better too

Review №87

Movie theater was redone and now has some seats as recliners that you can reserve. Very good job of turning this theater around.

Review №88

Such a great place to see a movie.. They have definitely stepped up their game!!!

Review №89

New chairs were comfortable and air conditioning and sound were great. The lady that takes the tickets was very accommodating about my problems.

Review №90

Super friendly staff very attentive and professional, loving the new look! Upgraded the seats to recliner seats and bathrooms are newly renovated as well! Super cute little theater.

Review №91

Nice and quiet not usually over crowded average pricing. Its my go to movie place...

Review №92

Where i live if your parents let you go in a rated r movie and gave there permission you can go in to see it. we bought are tickets with are dad and after we bought the tickets they didn’t let us in.

Review №93

Awesome upgrade to the theaters! Comfy seating, the air conditioning was a little loud during the movie, but otherwise, great experience! BTW, if you get there early enough, theres fun games during the previews!

Review №94

Love the new reclining seats. And not overpriced like other places.

Review №95

We really like this theater. It’s very nice and clean, but it is soo warm. Uncomfortably warm.Edit: I was contacted by a very nice manager that will be making this better. Customer service: A++

Review №96

Great movie theaters but could have done better on service at the popcorn stand and Candy counter young kids are more worried about their selves and personal life than customers other than that great experience for the kids nice lounge chairs

Review №97

I love this theater because its never crowded and no matter where you never miss out on the action :) Not to mention the affordable ticket prices.

Review №98

Sound and picture quality was great. My seat however was not bolted down to the ground properly

Review №99

Love this place went here to see incredibles 2 at night & my boyfriend and I had the whole theater to ourselves. I loved it. So clean & the most comfortable seats!

Review №100

Wonderful experience. Cant wait to come again!

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