AMC Roosevelt Field 8
630 Old Country Rd, Garden City, NY 11530, United States

Review №1

I was initially hesitant to go to the movies during a pandemic however, my friends talked me into it and Im glad i went. I was impressed and put at ease by the multiple covid-19 protocols that were put in place to ensure our safety. On top of that the theatre itself was immaculately clean from top to bottom. At the concession stands the staff were personable and polite.Unfortunately, one of my colleagues lost his keys in the theatre minutes before close and the Theatre manager Ken went out of his way to help us find the keys. Customer service like that is rare and should be appreciated. 2020 has been a dumpster fire garbage kind of year and moments like these have been few and far between. Its very nice to walk into an establishment and be treated as a person and not just a dollar sign. So, I just wanted to thank Ken and all of the staff at AMC Roosevelt field 8. This is now my default theatre of choice and I will be bringing everyone I know here from now till the end of time.

Review №2

Huge place, they have an elevator & escalator, plenty of parking available, limited snacks(hot dog, popcorn, nachos & candy, no refills on drinks) but u will be satisfied clean bathrooms.

Review №3

Really Great, enjoyed returning to the movies. Very good safety procedures. Someone serves your drinks due to the pandemic. Hand Sanitizer everywhere.

Review №4

Clean and upbeat environment, staff was very friendly and helpful. It was great to go back to the movies since Covid. The screen and sound was incredible, it made my seat shake, there is absolutely no replacement for watching a new movie in a theater!

Review №5

The theater is new, clean, comfortable and in a very convenient location. What I loved best is the comfy sofa seats with lots of leg room. Always a great experience here.

Review №6

Located inside the Roosevelt Field Shopping Center servicing Garden City and the adjoining areas of Nassau County. Plenty of parking and a wheelchair accessible entrance. Moderately clean facilities. Reasonably priced. Credit cards accepted. Staff is nice. We will most likely be going back.

Review №7

So happy to be able to see a movie. The staff was excellent, and all of the COVID-19 public safety precautions were followed, which was great. The only complaint was the young adults sneaking in from theater to theater, not wearing masks.

Review №8

So this place isn’t bad at all. The staff is helpful and friendly. Prices are ok. It’s just that this one is older and in need of an upgrade. Dine in would be nice. With so many choices you would think that they would appeal to people more or maybe it’s the lack of places on Long Island to see movies that keeps them from really trying. So while this place isn’t too far from me I don’t come here that often.

Review №9

Great makeover! Unfortunately due to the pandemic you have to book your tix (including snacks) online...butter isnt self served (u get a lil container of butter for even 1 big bucket) & drinks are filled by the staff as well. The theatre was pretty much empty & the awesome part is the reclining seats! Unless u know the mall its hard to locate (its near Grand luxe café & this new fancy grille restaurant) & parking is super hard! So u have the option of eating afterwards

Review №10

Best theatre, best seats,best location. Convenient to get to. Love the recliners it creates a totally awesome movie experience. Worth the extra few bucks in my opinion.

Review №11

So while this doesnt have dine in options, it has been the theater most people in the area will go to. It is clean, had great screens and decent enough seats available. It can get busy, so take that into consideration though there is ample parking, and there are restaurants around where you can get food if anything for a dinner and movie type outing. Not a bad option and it is well accessible by highways

Review №12

Amazeing love this place the seats go back

Review №13

Seats are so comfortable you may fall asleep! Theaters are very nice with stadium style seating. We ordered our tickets on the kiosk and it was super fast and easy. Would come here again!!

Review №14

The multiplex at Roosevelt Field Mall is an upgrade from the previous theater here. Now you can reserve your luxury stadium-style seat and know ahead of time you are good to go. Easily located off the Meadowbrook Parkway, the theater is located in Garden City.

Review №15

This theater has been remodeled and is exquisite! The customer service was excellent, everyone was friendly and courteous. I absolutely love the stadium seating. The food selection is also on point. Excellent AMC theater!

Review №16

I like the remodeling of the theater. I know its been awhile since they remodeled but Im saying it now. Parking is not the greatest since the mall & restaurants are there but I guess it also depends when you go or how far youre willing to park. It is prime location next to a mall. The concession stand had good service. The snacks are pretty good. Ive eaten the chicken tacos, the tenders and the mac n cheese balls, all delicious. And the recliner seats are so comfortable.

Review №17

One of my all time favorite theaters to go to. Its modern clean theaters are a nice size. lots of beverage stands and condiment space. Lots of food choices. No games for kids just line food and theater. Straight to the point. If I had to reccomend a theater on the island it would be this one and before I forget, the staff are very nice and helpful. There is another one down the road but the theaters are out dated and seating sucks. So yes again.. go here!

Review №18

I loved it. It has nice reclining seats. You get to pick your seats at the register. The hot dogs were great and everything was spotless even the bathrooms. Parking not so great the lot is always pretty full.

Review №19

The staff were very accommodating, the theatre was clean and the prices were reasonable. Overall, it was a good visit.

Review №20

Super comfortable. One of the best movie theater experiences I have had. Bring a blanket if you get cold easily, especially in the summer.

Review №21

My favorite movie theather, I love their app, the membership AND all the Savings! I love the cameo coupons! Great place.

Review №22

All my life ive been going here. The seats are now reclined, tickets are getting pricier, matinee is now 7 bucks and films go out very quickly. The theater is always clean and workers are friendly. Definitely a great place to see a movie!

Review №23

Beware! The projector brightness at this theater is way too dark. you are NOT getting the proper experience. Ive been here twice in the same auditorium (auditorium 1) directly next to the concessions. The screen has ugly gray bars around the picture like its cropped and its very low light. I went in july 2019 then feb 2020 and it still has not changed. They have to replace or upgrade the bulb. Movies are very expensive theres no excuse for this at all. I cant speak on other auditoriums but if the primary one is neglected like that i would assume they all are the same.

Review №24

Come here all the time. Small but clean and very comfy. Would recommend to a friend.

Review №25

The place is very nice and clean. The seats are amazing too. Its expensive compared to other places. The parking is tough, specially in the weekends, be prepared to walk a bit. The sound and picture quality are great. If you can sneak some candy, because the prices are insane.

Review №26

No excuses for Lack of Staff or Slow day. Took forever to purchase Tickets Same person was Selling tickets, and checking tickets for those entering with pre purchased tickets. 1 person at Consession Stand, they were out of the over priced popcorn. When we got our seats, it was filthy. Theatre never cleaned from earlier show. Only good thing was theater was relatively empty, and was able to move to a cleaner section. Is this what MOVIE THEATER has come to. HORRIBLE!!!

Review №27

Nice and clean and also safe

Review №28

Nice and clean. And super comfy in the recliner Next time ill bring a blanket because i was freezing

Review №29

Been to this theater many times, which seems to be very clean and nice. However, went last night and came home with multiple bug bites on my leg. Will not be returning

Review №30

Saw Just Mercy. I love this theatre because of the stadium seating. Wouldnt see a movie any other way.

Review №31

:The place is clean. The staff is real friendly. Its gone through a lot of changes in the past few years. The menu certainly has been updated and its really good. Overall, its really nice.

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Review №33

Good place to go if you want to see a movie and hear people talk and use their cell phones throughout the movie.

Review №34

Simple the smell in the establishment was horrible smelled like very old cooking oil. I wouldn’t complain if it wasn’t to the point that the smell traveled from downstair to theater #8 on the 2nd floor. A simple shower can resolve the stench that accompanies you once leave but hey everything else was ok

Review №35

I booked my tickets for JOKER through the atom app and it didnt mention anything about bringing an ID. When I went to the movie theater, they wouldnt let me go in because I didnt have my ID. The lady in the front even understood that booking through the app doesnt tell you that you need to bring an ID with you but she said we still cant let you go in. She said she could give us a refund or we could watch a different movie. I just drove 30 mins just to get a refund.

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Review №37

One of the best movie place ever

Review №38

Love this theater! It is always clean and I love the spacious reclining chairs.

Review №39

They offer student Discount with valid school ID the seats reclined and overall a great space to see movies with friends huge theaters. And right next to mall as well.

Review №40

Cant Never Go Wrong With AMC!While each AMC may have a different experience if the staff dont maintain the location well, etc., this location is great. Its in a great location. Its right next to Roosevelt Field mall. Unfortunately, the movie theater cannot be access from within the mall. You would have to walk outside in order to access it so be mindful of where you park if you are going to the movie theater at some point. The mall does close down after a certain time and you will not be able to walk through the mall to get to your vehicle if its at the opposite end. Just be mindful of parking and youll have a great AMC experience!

Review №41

My Movie was showing on the 3rd Floor and Escalators were out of service. Every one who couldnt use the Escalator had to cramp into an Elevator on the other side of theater. Hope its fixed....B. Francis

Review №42

Lots of social distancing and mask wearing.

Review №43

Love this movie theater. Always parking! Plenty of restaurants to go to before or after my movie. Staff is friendly and theaters are cleaned.

Review №44

Great theater.... very impressed with the new look. It used to be sooooooo dam ghetto. But not anymore.

Review №45

Great renovated location. Seats have been updated. Its been a lot cleaner lately. Heavy foot traffic.

Review №46

Love that the smaller theater room you can actually sit up front and not be too close

Review №47

Check all the boxes for excellent parking, theater seats, clean & lots of bathroom stalls, good & tasty snack choices. Sorry, no healthy snacks yet. Observed employees being proactive in assisting the public with the use of theater ticket dispensing machine. If you perfer the old fashion way of purchasing a movie ticket, someone is on hand to sell you a ticket(s). No regrets, great theater to see a favorite movie.

Review №48

Kids love it. Seats are so comfortable that only a good movie ll make you stay awake

Review №49

Comfy theater, decent food choices. One thing that would make ir better is if it had an inner mall entrance.

Review №50

A modern and accessible theater. The staff are attentive and helpful. The choice of food is great. Look for special days when tickets are half price. The only downside I would say is that it does get packed so reserved seating is a must. I often had to go to another theater because of seating

Review №51

Ever since the renovations, this has become my new go-to for movies in the area. Theaters are very spacious and clean compared to most, and the overall aesthetic is nice. Great food and great staff! Only problem can be parking seeing that it is adjacent to the mall as well as all the high end restaurants.

Review №52

Great theater. Quick and friendly employees. Self serve drinks and butter!! Super clean theaters and extremely comfortable and spacious seating. Been there twice in one week and plan on making my return again soon.

Review №53

The venue itself is amazing travel worthy for a nice date. The staff Is really whats killing the service. Honestly if they found or trained better people this would have been a 5.

Review №54

Very big. Great movie theaterLeather seatsNice staffBig screens

Review №55

FIRST and LAST time i will ever step foot here. Service is horrible. Management was called multiple times while i was waiting on Long concession stand and they didnt NOTHING. Do not come here! Spend ur money at another theater.

Review №56

Wow! I could feel the ground shake as sound introduced the most awe inspiring movie ever created! The Lion King at AMC Theater... Theres nothing like it.

Review №57

Love this theatre! Staff are super good. Love the reclining chairs! Would totally recommend. Wish it was a DineIn AMC, or at least had the tables built into the seats. Very good place!

Review №58

City field 8 amc is a very nice place to watch movies and relax. love the place.

Review №59

I loved going there, today. I just wish the individual theaters were bigger.

Review №60

Ver y good movie theater airways very clean and the lines and short

Review №61

Friends and I always come here for movies. Clean and nice.

Review №62

Real comfortable. Excellent sound system

Review №63

Awesome staff!!!! Very clean and AMAZING reclining seats

Review №64

The recliner seats are comfortable and clean. Staff does a great job of keeping the place neat. Staff is also very friendly and helpful. I had a ticket issue and they quickly resolved it much to my satisfaction. All new releases with lots of show times. Only negative is small bathrooms. There is always a line so leave time if you need to go before the show.

Review №65

Invisible Man. A good one-time watch :)

Review №66

I go to this AMC all the time. The service is great (I once had a poor experience at the concession stand that was resolved swiftly by management). The theater is usually quite clean, even during a busy weekend opening. There is plenty of parking, although some of the nearby spaces are reserved for valet for the nearby restaurants. Reserved seating is a must for me, and this AMC has that, along with very comfy recliners. As soon as I can order my food ahead on the AMC app, this theater will be perfect.

Review №67

Each AMC theater experience is different but this one in particular I did not have the best one. I ordered my food and waited patiently for over 20 minutes. I understood it was busy so I waited a little bit more. When I asked about my ordered after 30 minutes, it was clear they didnt even start it then they all but forgot about me as they attended other guests. My movie was about to start so I left having paid for food I didnt even get. If you go here dont order anything too fancy stick to getting easy to make stuff, like popcorn or chicken fingers is pretty much guaranteed. Leave the fancy food to there dine in theaters because there communication from what I overheard behind the counter disorganized. AMC usually never lets me down but tonight them and the staff did.

Review №68

Well kept, but had some issues with food/drinks.tried getting coke from the soda dispenser, but what came out tasted completely like chemicals. went to the counter and explained the situation; the woman behind the counter gladly gave me another cup.later had issues with the popcorn; i could not sleep that night because i was throwing up oil/grease every 10 minutes. don’t know if they make their popcorn differently, but i did not put any butter on it at all.other than that, this theater is very nicely kept. only other downside might be the smell of their individual theaters (smells like musty sweat/old popcorn) but what can they do about that i guess (or maybe improved air circulation?)

Review №69

The theater itself is nice. Larry who identified himself as a manager needs to be trained in customer service. He falsely accused me of being told something previously, was rude and when I insisted he had the wrong person, he did not apologize.

Review №70

My experience here is always a great one clean cozy and comfortable.....

Review №71

Clean theater, great seats and employees. Only downside is the little barrier walls in front of each row, if you are on the shorter side and not sitting up straight, it manages to block a little of the screen.

Review №72

Renovated, so if you havent been here in a while, you should come take a look. This theater now has flat bed seats, a huge luxury but worth the increase in ticket prices. Plenty of parking since its at the mall.

Review №73

Serious capacity issues on the snack line. Only 2 cashiers for a line of 30+ people which can make you late for a very expensive movie ticket.

Review №74

You pay allot for a movie and you get a great screen, sound and seat. But the concession area is filthy. The drink machines do not sense my finger because they are caked over with syrup and butter from peoples fingers. The bathroom is a mess. Oh, and the mens room has 2 stalls and two urinals. Prepare to wait after a movie for a while.

Review №75

The guys that work behind the concession stand are slower than molasses! My children and I missed the first 10 minutes of the movie waiting for just 3 items and it was not even packed!!!!!!

Review №76

Good clean theater with reclining seats. So much better than what it use to be.

Review №77

This is a very Nice theater with recliner seats and Friendly service. However we went to a movie just days before Thanksgiving and the theater was freezing. It was almost as if the heat was intentionally turned off. Since this was my second time visiting during the Fall/Winter season I will not be returning.If you can bare the cold then check it out! With adequate heat this has the potential to be 5 star worthy

Review №78

The AMC Roosevelt Feild theatre was amazing; as well for the mall, but today I went to see Spider-Man Far From Home and it was INCREDIBLE; which Im sure it will be swinging around for some time from now; and I definitely would recommend you to go see Spider-Man Far From Home. Also dont forget, if youre around make sure to visit and watch Spider-Man Far From Home or any movies here.

Review №79

My favorite movie theatre. The premiere membership is so worth it. Get tickets online and never have to worry about seats or ticket lines. Oh and free refills the best.

Review №80

The recliners are godly but their mac and cheese was a waste of money because it was pretty bad.

Review №81

It was my 1st time there and I Love it. Beautiful chairs and great prices

Review №82

I really love coming here! I always have a great experience, and have yet to ever encounter a problem when seeing a movie that I love

Review №83

People are really nice an you can watch movies in comfort

Review №84

Good theater clean and love the updated brown recliner chairs and the carpet in the theater

Review №85

Went here for the very first time. As movie theaters go, it was a comfortable with reclining seating. As with all movies theaters, the food was horrible. Had a hot dog and pretzel bites. The hot dog was mediocre but the bites were bad. They were mostly hard nuggets as they microwave them when you order them.The negatives are that this theather is hard to find. The signs not to clear and lacking. It is actually on the side of the mall with the outside resturants. Go early as parking is difficult for a mall, because the restaurants have all of the spots close by, taken up for valet parking.Not sure Id go here again just for these reasons, which is why it gets 3 stars.

Review №86

I loved coming to this theatre for a Sunday morning matinee. It was great!!! The theatre was clean and the seats were comfortable and reclined. We found parking quickly and made it into our seats with time to spare. Had the showing been at any other time I would not have choosen this theatre because parking is usually a MESS!

Review №87

I hated this place before AMC took over. Nice joint staff is cool. Food is what you expect from a MOVIE THEATER. So don’t start looking for GOURMET. Bathrooms could be cleaned more often.

Review №88

The greeter was very un engaging. Didnt offer to help us in any way, she was literally leaning on the divider as she scanned my sons phone for our tickets. Parking is a nightmare.

Review №89

Parking sucks but the actual theater is great.

Review №90

A good cinema. Free parking. They have really comfortable sits and big options of times and movies.

Review №91

Reclining chair was a nice touch, but the ticket price reflected the setting. Would have been a five star, but I think we were supposed to watch a 2D version of the movie but I believe a 3D version was shown. Some had 3D glasses on, many did not.

Review №92

New and fantastic seats at same price as other AMCs4 stars because I found a couple of times the movie’s contrast wasn’t as high making images faint

Review №93

We went to go see X-Men, the movie was good we had a good time, my son always enjoying his movie Life. #niason

Review №94

Terrible staff, no food available at the concession and all their self check is out of order!!!Not even an apology for not having hot dogs or pizza or chicken tenders! Worst service ever!!

Review №95

Love this place my favorite to watch movies

Review №96

This theater is in a great location. I can shop, eat and watch a movie without travelling far. The seats are purchased through reservation. The seats are reclining leather seats. They are wide and comfortable. The projections are sharp. Speakers are above average. Sound travel from adjacent auditoriums is slight. My only complaint is that they need to wipe down the seats on hotter days. On a few visits, the seats smelled like sweat. Not really a complaint but $15 for a pretzel! Albeit, the pretzel is 1.5 lbs but $15?!?! Nachos with 2 dipping sauces is $7.

Review №97

Good cinema, good locatio, sometime it is hard find parking front of theatre.

Review №98

Love the reclining seats. The theater is clean, but the floors by the escalator and soda machines are always sticky. Ive been here many times and Ive never seen mice running around like I have at other AMCs

Review №99

Comfortable seats and great viewing experience.

Review №100

My favorite local theater the mall.

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  • Address:630 Old Country Rd, Garden City, NY 11530, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 516-741-4008
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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