Gadsden PREMIERE 16 Gadsden Mall
1001 Rainbow Dr #2, Gadsden, AL 35901, United States

Review №1

Enjoyed the visit. Show times were visibleRelatively clean.

Review №2

Love this place.

Review №3

Roomy. Clean. Friendly. Great place for family time.

Review №4

Ive been going here since they opened years ago and never had a bad experience other than sometimes the lines can be slow. Other than that, the General Manager lady is super cool and nice and accommodating. Always a young workforce but surprisingly friendly. All theaters have stadium seating with comfy chairs. Not bad at all for a small city theater. Definitely been to much worse.

Review №5

Grew up going here. Coming back and watching it slowly fizzle out and die down isnt fun to see.

Review №6

Its a good enough theater, I just wish I could go to one movie without having to hold my ears the entire time. I came prepared with ear plugs, however, and the volume was perfect. So, if you have sensitive ears like me, Id suggest you do the same.

Review №7

They have the best movies that come to this little town. The cost of products are expensive but the sound makes up for it

Review №8

Very upset to see they still have not opened for business and the virus is cleared for the most part. The biggest surprise was that the actual mall decided to open so you would think that the movies would already be open.

Review №9

My granddaughter and I love this theatre. Its inside the Gadsden Mall and its just a good place to be. Inside and out.

Review №10

I use to work there! My favorite part was that they allowed the employees and their guest to view (Certain) movies for free as long as you bought refreshments! But hey you gotta have them refreshments!

Review №11

They did a great job of accommodating our big group of 3rd grade students. They had sodas and popcorn ready for all the kids and made it very easy for each child to get their stuff.

Review №12

Seating was great move viewing was what you would expect. Bathrooms smell like piss and the main area of concessions smell like fish. Very sad move theater. Dirty

Review №13

Wonderful keep open

Review №14

Clean, comfy, this is our favorite place to take the family for a movie! I definitely recommend this Cinema!

Review №15

Took my kids enjoyed the food court and walking around shopping .

Review №16

This is a very good theatre. The seating is nice with a reclining effect. Most screens are sized smaller than some bigger city theatres but still a great size. The sound and lighting is good too. The prices are low compared to others near me and its always clean. The concessions are decent and although too expensive for what they serve still lower than most theatres.

Review №17

Food is great!

Review №18

Wonderful movie theater. Friendly service and staff.

Review №19

A nice place when there arent much people at an AMC Theater.

Review №20

Its always fun to go to the movies and the popcorn is always fresh and the people working have always been friendly.

Review №21

We took the kids to see wonder park! It was a good kids movie! The girls enjoyed it and are ready to see it again. Its expensive in our opinion to go to the movies but because our kids had a great time price didnt matter. Total we spent 80+ dollars for 2 adults and 4 kids.

Review №22

Good family oriented place very curtios employees, clean and very comfortable seats.

Review №23

Great place to watch a movie. I really like the atmosphere and the inside

Review №24

People were very nice who worked there very clean too great movies

Review №25

Nice say at the movies... The staff was nice.. it was clean.. lots of women bathrooms...but the whole theater is very old ... Just keep in mind that there needs to be a complete remodel

Review №26

Been to this theater twice. The first time the guy you buy tickets from was rude and acted like we shouldnt be there. The second time a lady helped us and her 5 stars canceled out the guys 0 stars.

Review №27

Our family loves this place! Very family friendly

Review №28

Great place to relax and watch a movie, but concessions way too high

Review №29

Its nothing special. In my experience staff was not very helpful and lines moved extremely slow because the employees were mostly talking amongst themselves. 2 working and 4 behind the counter talking and laughing with multiple busses waiting, and they were informed in advance about the busses.

Review №30

We live in Oxford Alabama and this theater is much nicer than our local one. The seats are a lot more comfortable and they have more arcade games. Its worth the drive.

Review №31

It appears that efforts are being made to update this theater. The facility is clean and maintained and the snack area is orderly and well-stocked. We would visit again.

Review №32

Commercials?!!! I paid a premium to see a movie, not commercials! If I want to watch commercials, Ill just stay at home! Fine example of corporate greed!

Review №33

Great seats! Clean floor! Comfortable temperature! Worth the driver from our small town to enjoy a movie in comfort.

Review №34

This place was outta Site people was AwSome.

Review №35

Nice n clean with good snack selection.

Review №36

Beautiful Tree. A merry go round, and food court. Love the theater!

Review №37

Its a nice theater. Clean and safe.

Review №38

Very good theatre. Nice employees.

Review №39

Gadsden Mall and Gadsden Premiere is an amazing and fun place for you and your friends to go and hang out or watch a movie. Also for your family. The security there are amazing and respectful. I highly recommend Gadsden Mall and Gadsden Premiere to anybody! In fact im going there this weekend with a bunch of friends to hang out!!!

Review №40

Movie good. Smelled of urine

Review №41

They reuse popcorn from the night before. They save what wasn’t sold and mix it with the fresh popcorn in the morning so you can’t tell... but you can. I had the liberty to go to an AMC and was amazing by how clean and orderly the place was, unlike Premiere Cinemas. I used to be an employee years back and never had the guts to actually say what they do with the popcorn, you’re welcome.

Review №42

Prices are way high. $6 for a drink? Theater was nice and pretty comfy. Staff I encountered was very friendly. Popcorn was amazing and I love the butter station!

Review №43

Watched a lot of movies here. Great place and staff

Review №44

The guy that waited on us was very polite and helpful!!!

Review №45

We like it. The food is pricey which is unfortunate. Perhaps if there were more choices that included food and a movie for 2 people for just under $20.00. The early show on the weekend is full price after 2 PM. They get you by starting the show at 2:15. Not cool.

Review №46

First time here to watch Downton Abbey. Great experience.

Review №47

Seats are super comfortable to sit in. Popcorn is always on point. Prices are a little high, but what movie theater isnt expensive? Movies always start on time and people have been friendly for the most part every time Ive been there

Review №48

Great atmosphere very comfortable seating and reasonably priced

Review №49

Enjoyed a family day with a movie and then lunch. Theatre was clean, service was great

Review №50

Had a great time. Godzilla is a very good movie. Ate at Top River.

Review №51

First of all, customer service is awesome! My rewards card had not been activated and I had had it for about a year. Christie McDaniel made things right with me not getting any points or rewards for almost a year! My family and I enjoy going to the movies and Premier Cinemas is very clean and has a friendly staff.

Review №52

Way better than the movie theater we have in fort payne. Always worth the trip.

Review №53

Clean and spacious. Not enough security or personnel to check on loud customers.

Review №54

Great movie prices are ok,but a small popcorn was crazy hi

Review №55

A lil pricey but then again I am a single mom of 3

Review №56

Great experience on my sons field trip

Review №57

Its okay I dont watch a lot of movies when they come out in theaters

Review №58

Very nice experience and nice people helpful on entrance

Review №59

Had a good time but their prices are high as a Giraffes @$$

Review №60

Great movie selection. But I really cant stand the inconsiderate people that insist on kicking the back of the seats in front of them that are occupied by others.

Review №61

Honestly, 411 Drive In has a better picture quality. I only come here when theres a movie in want to see that isnt at the drive in which isnt often at all. It isnt always clean inside theaters but restrooms usually stay decent.

Review №62

Great experience. The movie theater was very clean. The chairs are super comfortable. They have a friendly helpful staff. I live in Jacksonville and would choose to go to this theater every time.

Review №63


Review №64

Smh it was fine until we bought our tickets and my KIDS got charged as Adults because they werent courteous to ask the ages. I have always said the prices were too high but that wont matter to complain about here. Honestly if it wasnt for the rain I would have stuck to the drive-in.

Review №65

Went to see the rerelease of Avengers Endgame for the new post credit scenes. Assumed since the theater was showing the movie it would have them. The movie did not have them and I wasnt able to get an answer from anyone as to why.

Review №66

Me and my family came to see the 7:45 Aladdin movie tonight. Worst movie experience EVER. For one, the screen wasnt even aligned properly, 3 teenage girls were CONSTANTLY on their phones, taking pictures, laughing, screaming. Used to, youd see some of the workers patrolling and checking each theatre. Not anymore. Not a thing was done about any issue we had. Me and my family will travel out of town before we ever come to premiere cinemas of Gadsden ever again.

Review №67

Always clean and the employees are always nice and helpful. The young man even went to the stockroom to get me a bottle of water room temperature.

Review №68

Clean, awesome seats and great sound!!! Took the family for a last minute catch up with Captain Marvel before Endgame!!! We will be coming back to see that one too!

Review №69

This place is very nasty. They reuse cup from when its the wrong drink. So if the customer handle the cup and give it back and they will rince the cup out and put it back on the rack to give to someone else..AND if all the popcorn dont get use they will bag it up and reuse it the next day... Everything is contaminated.

Review №70

My husband and i had a great evening

Review №71

Chairs actually rock. Its clean and no odor from previous spills. Competitive prices. Nice summer time kid specials.

Review №72

Movie was cut short. By technical problems.

Review №73

How to train your Dragon 3...Love the Movie..Hope it is NOT the last one. Perfect Experience!

Review №74

We went to a 3:00 matinee on a Tuesday. We arrived 15 minutes early. With one register open, we were 5th of 15 people in line trying to get tickets and popcorn. We had bought online tickets and spent 10 minutes at the register because the employee did not know how to process the tickets from the phone. My observation: Slow, robotic service. The whole place needed cleaning, popcorn on the floor, counters needed wiping. But, the movie was very good.

Review №75

Great place. Smaller theater but well kept.

Review №76

Fell asleep on Gretel and Hansel.

Review №77

Clean theatre. Movie and sound quality was very good. The food and drinks are way to outrageously expensive...they would sell more refreshments if they cut their prices in half and then still prob make more money in the long wrong.

Review №78

Quick buying tickets, comfortable seats and wonderful sounds and video quality. Wish we had fancy reclining chairs, but this is Gadsden and aint nobody got money for that

Review №79

I enjoy my time here its great for premier movies.

Review №80

Popcorn and drink was way overpriced

Review №81

They movie theater has a good arcade game of basketball game to play before after the game.

Review №82

Nice place. Good screens, good sound, good seats and good concessions.

Review №83

We had a awesome time. Thanks to WAY-FM for the free tickets to see A Question of Faith

Review №84

The movie was very enjoyable. The theatre was very fashionable and well clean.

Review №85

Id rather drive to Gadsden than go to Amstar in Oxford. Less crowded and cleaner.

Review №86

Great movies perfect graphics in cinema

Review №87

Great staff and amazing movies. So well organized too! I visit there every once and a while and every visit is amazing.

Review №88

Movies are always fun. But this place really needs to improve their bathroom game. Mens room was s complete wreck with overflowing trash cans and discarded towels all over the floor. Ick

Review №89

This location shows the most current films and in different formats like 3D. The sound is great and the stadium seating has no bad seats. Cup holders on the arms and they are movable to allow for extra room if needed. You can get tickets and food at one time and they have a reward card that lets you earn points towards food or tickets. There is access to the Gadsden Mall from the theatre area. My only complaint is that the location is really old and needs some major up-grades to the seating, bathrooms, decorations, and overall look of the place. Parking is kind of tricky depending on what time your movie is showing so be prepared to walk some if it’s a new movie on a popular night.

Review №90

Great place to watch the movies.

Review №91

Staff are overall pretty much happy and nice. Great food, Prices are a little high though.

Review №92

I enjoy movies and this is a nice, clean place to see them. Needless to say, busy on weekends. Drinks and food are good. Counter help are helpful and pleasant. Get a drink and popcorn or order of nachos and enjoy yourself.

Review №93

This theater is one of the best local theaters around our area without having to go to Huntsville or Chattanooga. My tip is eat before you go, because as with most theaters the price of food is astronomical.

Review №94

Good place to watch movies and always clean

Review №95

We got to the theater early to be sure to get good seats since it was opening weekend for Jurrasic World. A party of seventeen came later and had someone that worked there help them get seats together. Normally I would think that was nice except others parties that arrived after werent able to sit in the seats marked for them and the whole party of 17 wasnt even there yet.

Review №96

We enjoy this theater not only for the movies, but also for the arcade games. They have a great selection of movies and showings (generally). The food and drinks are rather expensive, even for a movie theater. The theaters themselves are nice from what weve seen (although we usually get put in the same one, so I cant speak for all). They have a rewards program worth checking out, and they have a handy pamphlet full of info on upcoming movies. We saw Logan last week and are going tonight to see Kong!

Review №97

Seating is more than adequate. Staff are polite. Atmosphere is fantastic, especially considering that the theatre is inside the mall. Food and drinks are EXPENSIVE. Dont come on an empty stomach. Otherwise, great experience.

Review №98

Really good service, and nice and cool in the theater on a 90° day outside.

Review №99

Nice theater. Small theaters but very nice

Review №100

We love watching movies here. The seats are amazing.

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:1001 Rainbow Dr #2, Gadsden, AL 35901, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 256-547-3030
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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