Golddiggers Gentlemens Club
3507 S Golden State Blvd, Fresno, CA 93725, United States
Golddiggers Gentlemens Club

Review №1

First time going to a strip club, thank you for being nice and explaining the rules without making me feel awkward. Im my opinion, Brittney was absolutely perfect. Im coming back for because of her... Looove yooouuu thanks

Review №2

Honestly this place is beyond amazing, everyone with bad reviews just sound like a bunch of cry babies who probably didn’t follow the rules and/or jealous girl friends. The best thing about this club is the variety of different type of woman so it’s not like you’re looking at the same girl the entire time. The dancers are sweet and the door girls and bar tenders have the best personalities even the security and owner are all down to earth. If you’re looking for a good time this is the place to go!!! Another thing is they’re 18+ and stay open until 4 am best place for after party’s.

Review №3

Horrible customer service! MANAGEMENT HERE SUCKS! DO NOT COME HERE!!!

Review №4

Keep your money out of this establishment !! this club is responsible for the murder of their dancer pleasure!!

Review №5

I seriously have such a good time every time I go there. The girls are so friendly and going to see each little show at the tip tail is always so fun. Each girl has something different about her, and I love it. We are always bringing our friends from out of town to see new girls and have a few drinks. 10/10.

Review №6

Ive been going to Golddiggers for years, such a great place for date night or fun out with friends...the drinks are always strong and the entertainment bomb! Lots of different girls, music is always good and the atmosphere upbeat. I will be coming here for many more years!

Review №7

My review is a little overdue, but Im not one to review strip clubs often haha. I visited from out of town with friends and we all had a great time. My friends got lap dances, I hung around the bar and the bartender made me SO many amazing shots and drinks I had never even heard of. The girls were sexy and flirty. Both my male and female friends always talk about the (random) and awesome good time we had at this gem in central California! Definitely check it out when your in Fresno!

Review №8

Had my bachelor party here last night. Had amazing night,lots of sexy for the record books. Thank you so much everyone there.

Review №9

Great place, Drinks on point! Stays Live!

Review №10

Golddiggers is a great place to go. Excellent bar service, great music, and the girls don’t disappoint. Security team is always on point so there’s nothing to worry about. Keep up the good work!

Review №11

Not too bad. There are some good looking girls. The ones who can do poll work, win my heart. I hate that there isn’t a bar.

Review №12

Awesome girls and bartenders the plus side you can park your semi close by. Awesome place to go top notch.....

Review №13

Bar was great, nice place overall. Smokin hot dancers. I had a great experience!!!

Review №14

Mileena gave me an excellent dance last night. Fully nude. It was awesome!

Review №15

Must check out all the upcoming changes in the next few monthsFeatures -food- 18 and up- fully nude- hookah-cigars- and much much more can’t wait This Friday was so full people where standing on the wall to wait for a seat so make sure u get there early !!

Review №16

Nice place, great fun to have a good time.

Review №17

Better that those ghetto outcall services. Waste my money this weekend.

Review №18

This club is by far the best in the Central Valley. The girls are beautiful and the staff is really nice

Review №19

Good place to see hot girls.. Best strip club experience so far.

Review №20

I like that they have alot of security! I think the dancers are all fun and gorgeous!! I also love the music!!

Review №21

The girls are great as well as the bartender come hang out and have some fun!!

Review №22

Had a great time the other night awesome drink specials and a great taco truck

Review №23

Great place, staff is nice, took my cousin for his batchelor party and they made the night fantastic

Review №24

Kool place to hang out. The bartenders make my drink the well like it

Review №25

Worst place they dnt have private both for private dance when i got the private dance they all re watching and interupted me, dnt go there

Review №26

Better than first class. these girls have breasts

Review №27

The bartender Lyndsay is the bomb. Great service. The girls are usually fun. A mix of everything. I go for the bar. But after a few i make it to the stage to watch one of the sexy ones dance.

Review №28

Beautiful girls and great staff

Review №29

Lost of nasty girls....Typical fresno

Review №30

Went for my first strip club experience on September 18, 2018 and it was pretty wack. Only one girl worth something. The first girl on stage was horrible. Probably wont come back again

Review №31

Cool to have drinks and hang out. The girls arent that nice to look at but its better than most of the private companies in fresno who have burned me.

Review №32

Staff is friendly. Beautiful girls. Especially the new girl. Fina! She is amazing!

Review №33

Sucks all ratchet hood rats. If I want beautiful dancers I go to Los Angeles spearmint rhino

Review №34

Im September 2015, I went to Golddiggers depressed and heartbroken following a nasty split, i was just trying to distract myself with Booze and Boobz, and I succeeded. Admittedly, I was a lil buzzed when Cali hit the poll, but Damn was She sexy! Anyways, I spent about two hours and $300 getting to know her, and whatever I said WORKED, she went with me to the Red Roof Inn at Herndon and 41, and we spent those early morning hours trying to f@#$ each other to death. Cali was insatiable, she asked for, and enjoyed everything I could throw at her, and oh boy was she was WILLING.. I woke up around check out time, alone, naked, saddle sore, sucked dry, broke, but satisfied....however, the total money I burnt through, including $150 in various drugs, $55 hotel bill, $300 strip club costs ensures this was a once in a life time indulgence. I never saw Cali again

Review №35

I have been here a couple of times with co workers and over all I have a great time. Im not a big drinker and I know my limits. Last night I had the worst experience ever, after spending almost 300 dollars just on the ladys and trying to bring good atmosphere to the establishment and I had one amf and one Arnold Paulmer and my two co workers had five modelos each. I went out side and another customer kept asking me for a lap dance, I tried to tell him I didnt work there but he could buy me a drink. We went to the bar he bought me a drink and I bought another bucket of beers. I was then pulled aside and told I was drinking to much by a security guard named anthony rauze and he demanded I leave. I tried to explain that I just spent 40 dollars at the bar and didnt even get my change back and if he wanted me to leave I wanted my money back and he wouldnt give me my money nor go back in to get my money back I was being reapectful and still he was being a pompous jerk. I asked to speak to the manager and he told me he was the person in charge and threatens to call the cops so I left. Ill be back just to see the talent but as far as the other staff goes Im not impressed and I will be speaking to the owner or better business bureau which ever works

Review №36

Wort place .. horrible customer service.

Review №37

This is a ghetto strip joint. So dont expect the girls to be too good looking (because they arent) and dont expect service to be what it should be (because it most definitely isnt). The drinks taste watered down, the atmosphere is pretty bland and lacking. Ive been to numerous strip clubs and this one is the absolute worst. But if you want to be overcharged to look at average to below average looking women and drink watered down drinks (and risk being shot or stabbed when the ghetto homies decide to beef with one another in da club) then by all means come to Gold Diggers. If on the other hand, youd like some real booze and pretty women to look at and talk to while enjoying an up tempo atmosphere....go anywhere else.

Review №38

We got denied entrance from the security guard because he felt threatened. Really just looking for a good time, guess you cant find it here.

Review №39

Awesome improvement

Review №40

Best club in Fresno. Must go and see!

Review №41

Not an honest place, understand if you lose your wallet, that youll lose your money, but when your the only customer there and they claimed someone other customer taken it and wont look at the camera, then it it time to boycott the place.

Review №42

I went out to smoke and verified that I could come back in but the lady security person didnt let me back in. I spent $50 and she wouldnt let me use the restroom

Review №43

Stinky pie!!

Review №44


Review №45

Cool girls, cool place

Review №46

Get more girls

Review №47

Place is what it is. nothing but guys drinking n all the hot strippers leaving with old guys lol place over chargers for drinks for service is weak as the place

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  • Address:3507 S Golden State Blvd, Fresno, CA 93725, United States
  • Phone:+1 559-264-5410
  • Adult entertainment club
  • Bar
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:5pm–2am
  • Wednesday:5pm–4am
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