2095 Andrea Ln, Fort Myers, FL 33912, United States

Review №1

Its okay in a walls for young skaters to stop on, or to help practice tricks. Its a very unconventional layout for Roller skating....Its space to roll your wheels..... Hopefully they will make it better, but probably not. Their over all prices are high.....its okay for now. Looking forward to going to the north cape....we shall see how covid goes.

Review №2

I brought my 3 yr old here for her first time skating and we had a blast! I really love the lights in the center of the rink and all the staff was really nice. The arcade portion couldve been better, 4 of the 10 games were down when we went, but the prizes we pretty good.

Review №3

I come here almost every weekend and I occasionally bring a friend. This place is a m a z I n g. The flooring is fantastic, though crowd levels can sometimes be pretty large. But they cant really control that. I dont often get food here but when I do Im not let down. The mozzarella sticks are my favorite. But they are a little expensive. Basically a dollar per mozzarella stick. Its okay to buy once in a while. I would never come anywhere else to skate!

Review №4

Figured that if we were coming to skate during the day that the lights would be on inside...but it was so dark all they had was the LED flashing lights. My friend has epilepsy and we thought if we went during the day she could do this but unfortunately not. The facility looked really clean and organized though which can be very rare with skating rinks. Great prices too.

Review №5

Our family loved it, they did a great job on the remodel! Very impressive. Ive been going there throughout over 20 years, best looking bar far, well run, decent pricing!

Review №6

Was most amazing. Good food. Clean place. Love it.

Review №7

PRO : nice mixed family environment!Nice to have speed skates as rentals. They won’t tighten your wheel so bring your own tools. VERY Clean. Modern. People working here are very friendly and helpful.CON : Music was soulless on a Friday night. Shame. Friday and Saturday should be the best of the best. Its should groove and be danceable. Should encompass a wider variety. Its an Opportunity to Teach the youth what good music was. Once they hear what’s good they’ll want it.You won’t hear any Larry Levan, The Loft or Garage classics here. It will be for the youth that don’t know or care about talent or music production Value. Music needs to be 80% of the entire experience. I would skate in downgrade environment because if the music was top notch... would be worth it.It rather fails in this spectrum.

Review №8

Place and staff and guest are all very nice . Just the music is more for a strip club rather than a roller rink ... But, still an awesome place ...

Review №9

Very nice prices are high if you have more then 4 kids 15$ if you want to skate, but over all nice

Review №10

Fun, fun, fun! I went here recently it reminded me of how much I loved roller skating as a child!

Review №11

Spinz is a nice place to take your kids so they can learn to skate. They have roller walkers to help the ones who dont know how to skate. They serve food there, they have an arcade and overall it is in a fun environment.

Review №12

My family and I love this place it is nice and the people are great family fun spot for us.

Review №13

Great place to come out and have a good time. We have been coming here for over 10 years!!!!

Review №14

We had my daughter’s (teen) birthday party there yesterday. This was the first time we had been to Spinz. It was wonderful! All of the kids had a great time. The facility was very clean and well maintained. The birthday party table was set up beautifully and the kids (and mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa) enjoyed playing in the arcade. The arcade games were unique and made it feel like being at a carnival. The staff was wonderful and were very concerned about making everything special for the birthday party. I will be visiting here again and will recommend friends and family to have future events here. Thanks to everyone who made my daughters birthday party amazing!

Review №15

Managerial staff needs to be trained on how to handle complaints.I was having a great time until I was accused of vaping inside by the manager because other people complained about me smoking. Impossible seeing as I dont even own a vape. The manager even denied seeing me smoking himself but decided to approach me anyway without any evidence. Meaning I was singled out probably because of how dark my skin was compared to most ppl in there- makes me a typical subject for someone who would break the rules I guess.The funny part was after that encounter I actually skated by the person who was vaping.I cant even imagine the other poor judgement calls and decisions made by that manager.

Review №16

Unfortunately since this is the only rink in my area in a 2 hour radius, I come back once in awhile and the music continues to be horrible. I asked at the end of the night for 1 fast song for shuffle skaters and was told no. That the fast songs are too long and the manager wont like it. And neither will the crowd. As Im on the floor others are wanting to skate one fast skate but you cant because of the slow skaters on the outside and inside of the floor. There are no floor guards. This is so not worth $10 . Id rather travel to Tampa for my $10 where Im the only white girl but they play a little of something for everyone. But then again, they have real djsi and care that everyone is a client.

Review №17

I love this place. Great atmosphere great price and great customer service.

Review №18

Place renewed after Irma and it looks great!!

Review №19

Fine skating for all. Family atmosphere

Review №20

Me and my husband came here today for our very 1st time for your reopen for our anniversary all the way from Saint Petersburg we definitely will be coming back here again your staff was very friendly and nice the dj was nice and played good music that you could actually skate to see u guys next time we come back

Review №21

I havent been on skates for decades, had a blast here with my daughter and got the courage up thanks to the friendly and encouraging staff. Thanks much to all. Had a great time. Excellent for all ages

Review №22

Wouldve been so much more fun if I brought friends with me! Good food, nice service and good dance music playing (-: Glad the rink has been redone too, love the concrete

Review №23

It is a nice place but I can’t believe how they let people skate without helmets, kids that do not even know how to skate. In front of my eyes a kid fell so hard back that was very close to crack his head open, also all around the skating area is not soft at all or with any type of cushion, pure concrete and even sharp corners. Good place but no good for safety.It is pretty big clean and not too expensive, so good but please mind your own safety because they won’t.

Review №24

My son and his friends had a Great time !!

Review №25

Finally Open Since Hurricane Irma, totally re done,New Floor,Lights, the works. Had a blast

Review №26

Great place for experts or beginners, Wednesdays 6-8pm is $2 entry or pepperoni pizza slices or hot dogs

Review №27

Nice place for family.

Review №28

Complete waste of money. Paid for me and my 4 year old to skate and spent the entire 3 hours waiting for the skate walker to assist my 4 year old that I never got. Initially, the front desk told me to get it from the skate rental, while the skate rental told me they were all used. Then, 2 hours later, when I finally saw someone returning one, the skate desk told me I had to get them from the front desk. The front desk had been giving them to people that came in hours after me since I was never put on any waiting list or had any sense priority since I had been waiting longer and had a child that couldn’t skate without one. Meanwhile, grown adults who clearly didn’t need them, and children who were not even skating but using them to climb on and walk around with got them with ease. Had I been told while paying they didn’t have any available, I wouldn’t have paid to skate or enter. I called before coming to ensure they had them since my 4 year has never skated and would require one, and I was told they had plenty and that it wasn’t an issue. So, I spent the entrance fee and the skate rental to stand around and wait. I did let my child play games during the wait, and waited in the prize area for 30 minutes with at least 5 other people to finally just leave with nothing since no one ever came over to assist us. If they are too crowded or overbooked with birthday parties to accommodate other guests they need to inform guests as they come in or just close it to public skaters. They seemed to care more about getting their money than ensuring that people had a good experience or if families were even able to get what they paid for. Immensely disappointing since Fort Myers really doesn’t have any other options.

Review №29

Very safe and helpful attendants

Review №30

Great place they love to Rollerskate

Review №31

Awesome night, to much fun for family, mama can drink a beer when kid are having fun !!! They have some snacks too, so you can come with all family

Review №32

Kids always love coming here! The remodel came out great! The only downfall is the amount of drinks/food spilled and skating through it is like ice skating.

Review №33

Soooooooo much fun. Fun for a day out with friends, and fun for a day out with family

Review №34

Love this place. My 9 year old and I have been coming here for many years. Has always been a great place, and it is really awesome now. Many changes, for the better. Lots of fun, good food and games, and wonderful lifelong friends. We are so happy to be back.

Review №35

New and updated. The light system is awesome and the rink is perfect. Great place to get that old roller rink feel

Review №36

Great place to get the kids out for a few hours on a hot day! Facility is nice, clean updated. Rental skates and equipment were new and in good condition and there is plenty of seating even with multiple parties birthday parties happening. I had young kids with me that needed skating walkers for assistance which were readily available - but they charge by the hour for use which ends up being costly if youre there a few hours with more than one younger child. Concessions were good, reasonably priced but took a little longer than you might expect to come out after ordering. 20 minutes for chips and cheese. Overall - a great local attraction for entertaining the masses!

Review №37

Really good place

Review №38

Looks great after the remodel. Much more spacious for skating. Lights are aweosme and the place was super clean. Recommended.

Review №39

Spinz is great fun. The remodel looks great and gets the kids moving.

Review №40

So yesterday, I was there with my family alongside other skaters that we know. You guys have a problem you should divide the floor up like you guys had it back then. Because yesterday there was a group of us who actually knew how to skate and we couldn’t enjoy the actual skate because there were kids that didn’t know how to skate that were in the way. Causing some of us to skate with a lot of caution. And worrying about the moms in the way. And we couldn’t enjoy the skate cause we didn’t want to hurt the kids. And it use to be a section in the middle for them to skate with the red line and kid are everywhere not following the rules. I really love going there but you guys need to find a system like y’all use to have it.

Review №41

It was fun watching the kids skate,some for the first time, they also have a concession stand

Review №42

Loved It My kids Really Enjoyed Themselves

Review №43

Great music cheesy pizza and very live environment.

Review №44

Fun clean place.

Review №45

Place looks amazing! With the new remodeling I hardly recognized it! Modern look and kids had a great time with their friends during open skate. Safe environment to let your teen meet up with their friends.

Review №46

Letting the kids have fun

Review №47

It’s a really nice place and good food/beer but the music is awful . Not roller skating music,Sounds more like a hip hop nightclub.

Review №48

Love to skate and this place is our favorite.

Review №49

Not a bad place. Kinda expensive when you have more then 3 kids.

Review №50

They had skates and rollerblades. It wasnt to crowded.

Review №51

Cool atmosphere provided LOTS of fun roller skating/blading. They even provided rental helpers that you can hold onto, which is great for beginners!

Review №52

Nice place, clean but food too expensive and the DJ does not speak loud enough for the skaters to hear. This has been our first experience and we definitely will have to try this place at night because there was only 3 skaters on the floor during the day.

Review №53

Our grandkids had a great time skating

Review №54

Beautiful place, very clean, nice staff. However, Im not fond of all the concrete. There should be carpet in the concession area. So many kids falling and getting hurt and I like a wooden skating area, its a little nicer to the shater than the concrete.

Review №55

This place has done a miraculous renovation from TopTo Bottom and its absolutely beautiful. Had my daughter birthday here and everyone had a Blast!! It goes a long way for your money with the gift bags and ice cream social. I got Bang for my Buck so if you want a party for your child plan one here !! Highly recommend it . Plus they give you a gift cards for the arcade games. The customer service is phenomenal . I highly highly recommend

Review №56

Very impressed with the instructors on Saturday morning.

Review №57

Very nice skating ring. Very clean, great food and excellent staff.

Review №58

It’s awesome I’ve been skating there for seven years it’s is more open the staff are better but the pretzels are still hard

Review №59

Really fun there its a blast

Review №60

I went here when I was in 3rd grade and in the school g Weaver hoops elementary .it was the best experience in my life

Review №61

My Favorite Place To Rollerskate. Nothing To Complain About It Just Not Many Skate Songs.

Review №62

Awesome skating for the whole family.

Review №63

Its not as good as it was before

Review №64

Great place for your next b day party n familiy gatering n to skate

Review №65

Was there for a party. My daughter really loved it and cant wait to go back

Review №66

First timer here and it was very clean, service was efficient. Good time!

Review №67

Wow!!!! What a drastic improvement. The lights and sound are amazing!! The skate floor is amazing. So smooth and amazing grip!! If youre a skater you gotta go here!

Review №68

I had fun coming here because me and friends enjoyed it and had fun. Coming from villas elementary

Review №69

Couldnt walk my well behaved child around after I was doing so for an hour both my kids were upset spent alot of money to be harrased by multiple staff members. Never going back

Review №70

My daughter likes it and it helps her to practice

Review №71

Nice and new, love the new floor and lighting.. only complaint would be they need to add some sound in the snack bar seating area.

Review №72

Under new owners and remodeled the place looks great and the customer service was good. Pretty pleased and will return!

Review №73

Great Service, Just Ask and they will give you advice on Skating. The Best Skating Rink in Town.

Review №74

This place is so much fun! Love to bring the whole family

Review №75

Its ok but liked the old set up more with the DJ box in the middle

Review №76

Super fun great people and the most awesome lights Ive ever seen

Review №77

Nice floor and clean DJ

Review №78

Fun,clean, and fast paced. The skating rink was beautiful and cleanbathrooms. Cafe also had the usual food and served some alcohol (chicken tenders, fries, beer, and wine) skating rink can get chaotic at times so be wary of crowd rink and people falling.

Review №79

So fun I am in villas I came here so fun

Review №80

Cousin had a birthday party here. Lots of fun. And finally a skatepark with walkers.

Review №81

Lights are amazing to look at but to skate under them is a huge challenge. From blinding strobe lights on the corners to the glare from the LED’s above, it’s a huge safety issue. The epoxy floor in the snack bar is almost impossible to skate on if you choose to enter on skates. Since there are no skate guards on the floor ever, you truly are skating at your own risk. Disappointed the remodel involves skating on a concrete floor, no safety of the skater ever taken into consideration or enforcing rules of the skate floor.

Review №82

Very clean, friendly staff, and they did a group rate for us which was really nice!

Review №83

The fiance, kids and i had a blast

Review №84

Its an okay rink...The playlist for the Sunday I was there was not good. The playlist was on autoplay; Only stoppage was for the Limbo, and to skate the opposite direction.The guy that was suppose to be the DJ was just walking around aimlessly, and hanging out with his friends. (Which is fine if the playlist is great) But the playlist was terrible.Didnt feel the upbeat vibe that makes you want to skate. For example I heard known of the following: (Old ) Debbie Deb, Planet Rock, TKA (2,000s)- Ja Rule, 50 cent, Nelly, (New) Drake, Ciara etc.... More of an old sappy feeling.

Review №85

It was very fun and every body is very respectful

Review №86

The kids had fun and the prices were reasonable.

Review №87

Small but adequate for the number of skaters

Review №88

Great fun for family!!

Review №89

Super fun place so have family time

Review №90

We had a great time here! Just wish they would put burgers on the menu!

Review №91

I was there maybe 2 years ago I loved bed it. Just wanted to know are they still open would love to share the experience with my nephews. Years ago I used to take my kids and now I have nephews and want them to know how wonderful the place is. It definitely took me back to my highschool dayz!!!

Review №92

Its a nice place but it can use more benches for people to sit to put there skates on . also the rental skates are very uncomfortable. I personally think the price is a little steep just for 3 hours. The dj doesnt sound clear when coming across the microphone. also the music isnt all that. I suggest a better mixture of music for all race. Reggae,techno,hip hop, disco, and etc. I also suggest better control over the skating area. seems like everybody was running amok. Overall this place does have alot of pontential.

Review №93

The new floor is amazing theres no f****** cold

Review №94

I cant roller skate, so I hated every second of it. Plus its highly priced.

Review №95

Loved the new floor!

Review №96

Bamboozles is a great place for the family. After taking my children for a few years they got old enough I could drop them off. There was NO other place in town I would ever drop my pre-teens off and know they are safe. Years my kids went and were safe, the staff truly cared and watched out for my babies. Cant wait for it to re-open. I want to have my daughters 16th birthday there. Have have many b-day parties husbands 40th and kid parties. All have been a success. Food may not be same quality as a 5 restaurant but who cares, where else can you spend quality time with your kids and have fun all at the same time.

Review №97

Good old fashioned roller skating rink that has been in this location since I was a wee lad thirty years ago. Very nostalgic.

Review №98

Bamboozles is ok. The food there tastes like plastic. When there is a lot of kids there it becomes hard to skate. Sometimes schools comes and that ruins the fun. Other than that I dont have any problems.

Review №99

Very family-friendly atmosphere. Staff is helpful and you can tell they love what they do. All areas are clean. The roller skate and rollerblade rentals are newer and updated. Great rink experience.

Review №100

Nice floor, good size, reasonably friendly, but not very well guarded on the skate floor. People (including employees) walked across in shoes.No guards were on the floor so it was periodically a free-for-all with kids sometimes skating in the wrong direction. On the flip side, you could go as fast as you wanted, go backwards, and generally go wild at will.

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