Regal Edwards Fairfield & IMAX
1549 Gateway Blvd, Fairfield, CA 94533, United States

Review №1

From the time we walked in through the end of the movie we had a great experience! The young man (dont remember his name, he was African American)who sold us our tickets greeted us with a warm hello how may I help you, he was friendly & polite! The theater & bathrooms were clean! The movie Just Mercy was absolutely FANTASTIC! If you havent seen it it is a MUST see movie! Michael B. Jordan & Jamie Fox gave OUTSTANDING OSCAR worthy performances!! So proud of these 2 AMAZING actors!! Praise God for Bryan Stevenson & his team for the tireless work they do to help INNOCENT people who have been wrongly convicted & get those who have unjustly been put on death row off & out of prison!!

Review №2

A nice place to see a movie. Some of the theaters are nicer than others.

Review №3

Very audible place, really had fun to be here.

Review №4

Very sanitized and enjoyable place.

Review №5

Its definitely getting older and they dont have a lot of the comfort features that a lot of modern theaters have. They usually have a good selection of showings. Just need to update their seating.

Review №6

Good movie theater good popcorn good seating and pretty enjoyble time

Review №7

Its good. I mean the food is different but the same if that makes sense. Like you dont expect gourmet but its not completely cafeteria food.The theater screens could use upgrades tho. Theyre kind of grainy.

Review №8

Needs an update to seats. IMAX seats old, gross, and uncomfortable.

Review №9

The Movie was excellent i have a problem with number 4 where it was playing had no Logo with movie Manager need to address this maybe if people dont see it might go to another movie just like i went to see one last month it was gone. Movie sales are important Slim forgot name internet said it was there

Review №10

The sound is great the screen fabulous the people at front very nice but the sits were filthy.

Review №11

I like the new regal unlimited plan. I don’t like assigned seating because it’s the same old seats. Several times the seats are stained or worn out and I feel stuck with a bad seat. Overall the service is good and are happy with all the movies I’m able to see.

Review №12

Good popcorn, great environment.... they should let their customers know that the Tuesday discount does not work on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve.

Review №13

I didnt realize that this theater hasnt been upgraded yet but the movie Bad Boys for life was good with my cousin Deltrice @davoicestill @davoicedt @rnbnextdeltrice

Review №14

Great experience for the whole family. Great movies going on all the time. Once you are done with your movie you can walk around the mall or get a bite to eat. The only downside is that the prices for the movies keep going up so going to the movies for the families are getting more and more expensive and males it more difficult, but its a great get away with the family every once in a while.

Review №15

Love that there are refills on the popcorn buckets I think there needs to be another line ready tho like one outside where they already have one opened but other then that the food and service and chairs and theater is amazing

Review №16

Comfy seats, super clean theater, friendly staff! My family and I just love this theatre, its close to home surrounded by great restaurants and great location!

Review №17

So disappointed at the service. They didn’t have subtitles for the movie I was watching even though it was guaranteed that there were. About an hour into the movie, there were subtitles but they got cutoff on screen. So I spent the rest of the movie guessing what the subtitles say. The foods decent but the lines get long since there are times they’ll only have one person handling food.

Review №18

THE only Answer is ITS GREAT! The helpful staff and popcorn, AND clearly the showing of the movie too. Go SEE THEM.

Review №19

Disgusting place. Employees don’t clean bathrooms or popcorn station. Theater rooms are filthy and smell. Need better management and more security to kick out people who are making a mess also need security sitting in the theatre to kick out anyone who makes noise or people who run around. I feel like we need a whole new theatre. This is why I drive to concord to the luxe theatre. So I can sit in big chairs and have a nice enjoyable time.

Review №20

A little pricey for this area (3D film Tix for two were more than $32). But being New Years Eve in the burbs we were the only ones watching T.R.O.S. in its 2nd week in theaters. All the accoutrements of the Regal franchise were seen and available, but the seats were a distant cry from the comfort available in their more urban locations. The staff were congenial...a bit too much so, goofing off as though they were at home, but hey when youre a Teen/twenty-something working when youd rather been out and about on a holiday I suppose that should be expected by patrons in your establishment...

Review №21

A nice, clean theater with good screens, projectors and courteous staffers.But there is something very wrong with a bucket of Popcorn costing me MORE than my movie ticket.

Review №22

The food is high but seating great just had popcorn as other food cost to muchGood service and friendly staff

Review №23

The movie theater was clean and smelled really nice The confections are good and cheap compared to other theaters Ive visited the security also greeted me when I walked in and directed me to the place where I had to buy the tickets so it was a nice overall experience

Review №24

Clean theater. Wide selection of features. Convenient handicap parking.

Review №25

I went to this location at least 30 times in 2019. Some room have a very loud ac unit that can be distracting. Some screens have marks on them that are visible during movies. Other room have very worn out seats. The theatre could really use a make over.

Review №26

Dated theater but they have nice rare movie showings

Review №27

Went to see Mary Poppins great was clean and not too crowded for a Friday night. But a little too exciting as the fire alarm went off and we had to exit the building. No fire... very orderly evacuation. End of year excitement...

Review №28

Great theater! The concessions lack a bit I didnt see any adult beverages sadly. I went to watch the movie they shall not grow old and it was a terrific movie! The theater itself, the auditoriums were medium sized with standard seating. Wasnt a bother but I like the recliners in some other theaters. Over all a bone stock movie experience but it was good. Wont blow your mind but you are taken care of

Review №29

Fantastic place to see all the newest films. Connected to the mall and close to restaurants and the freeway.

Review №30

Good service, but ever since they put in reserved seating I noticed that the seats are very close to one another. Me and my friends went to see a movie here and I had to sit next to a stranger and we were literally squished next to each other.

Review №31

Very nice theater. Staff friendly, restroom clean and theater clean.

Review №32

I went to see a Movie and really enjoyed myself..see you next time

Review №33

Be aware that nice pants or shirts should not be worn to this theatre. My wife and I left the theatre with both our clothes stained from filthy seats. Additionally, we couldnt sit in our assigned seats as they were torn.I contacted the theatres corporate offices and of course recieved a stock answer straight from the customer complaint manual.My suggestion is that if you care about the person you are taking to a movie, you should take them to any theatre besides a Regal.If I sound a little over the top about this subject, I am. It just seems I care more about this issue than corporate.Vote with your wallet.

Review №34

Regular run of the mill theater. Audio could use some upgrades. Its nice you can choose and reserve your seat, but having seats that actually recline like a lot of other theaters have would be more worth the high prices of a movie ticket and concessions.

Review №35

Great theater. Spacious and clean. Located in the mall. Come early shop around before you catch your flick.

Review №36

Good service, excellent staff so I give Fairfields regal Edwards theaters a five star

Review №37

An enjoyment with your children or friends would be ideal but keep in kind that this theater can get crowded at most times. Lines are long and can be tiring due to waiting. However, the place itself boasts a well-rounded atmosphere surrounding the inside of the theater. The seats are comfy and dont do too much in terms of trying to watch a movie.

Review №38

Nice theater experience but the ceiling had a ton of leaks in it

Review №39

Nice theater and the employees where very nice I just wish the chairs will recline but they didnt. Also food and everything was expensive

Review №40

Watch Frozen 2 & Jumanji 2 had a great time!!!!

Review №41

Is ok but floors looks duty and smell bad some areas. The front desk peaople is nice but they can be faster or hire more people for the rush hrs.thank you.

Review №42

Tuesdays are busy with discounted tickets,so not sure why they wouldnt treat it like the weekend. Instead your met with a sign at the counter to buy tickets asking you to get in line at the consession stand to pay for tickets,with only one consession stand open and the line halfway down their hall.

Review №43

Wonderful experience. I like that you can pick your seats now. Took my lady to dinner and a movie. Great time over all.

Review №44

No baby changer in the bathrooms very not cool

Review №45

They advertise cheetos popcorn but never have it available. Theater needs to be updated soon, chairs dont recline and their cloth. Bathroom needs upgrade. Floors need vacuuming and butter area always messy.

Review №46

Family place &&& special thanks to the mall security for making sure our cars arent broken into.

Review №47

Great theater for children and adults alike. State of the art concession stand ordering. Friendly and welcoming theater staff. 5 thumbs up

Review №48

Frozen 2 best let me bring in food

Review №49

Extremely slow service. Any theater within a 30 mile radius is better.

Review №50

Probably last night would be the last time we will ever see a movie at this place. Coming in to the auditorium (#11) smells very unpleasant already and I really feel disgusted!! I wanted to leave, but I dont want to waste our ticket. Then I turned my flashlight on to check my seat number and the seats are so gross and have a lot of stains!! It looks like they haven’t been cleaned in years. I really hope they will do something about it.

Review №51

Always clean. I like that I can get my tix in advance! Nice newer feature! Reserved seating also a nice new feature! Now I can always get my spot!

Review №52

The staff were kind, the movie itself was stellar... The overall experience is ruined by the cinema itself. The screen seemed underutilized for being an IMAX theater. I watched a movie in IMAX in Seattle recently and the screen was grand and this didnt seem to compare. Frankly, it didnt seem much bigger than a normal cinema screen. I cant say for certain it was smaller but I truly felt that it was. The seats cushions were beyond flat, they actually were painful to sit in for over 2 hours. The backs of the chairs offered zero support, so I was constantly having to re-adjust myself and still walked out with a bit of a back ache. In all honesty I thought going out of my way (drove over an hour to get here!) to see an IMAX version of a movie meant incredible seating, incredible screen and just an overall incredible experience to be worth the extra 20-40% added to the ticket price... This was not. Definitely a fine cinema if you want to watch a movie, I just dont recommend paying extra for IMAX or watching 2hr+ long movies if you dont want to be sore after. As for me, Im going to stick to my local place from now on.

Review №53

Only one terminal open to buy tickets very bad for a big place like this

Review №54

Fairly clean, now has reserved seating for most shows. Sells beer/wine/combo meals. There are discounted ticket prices on Tuesdays. *No reclining seats*

Review №55

Twice I purchased tickets with the wrong time both times I was told to go repurchase the tickets even though they made the mistake. The concession stands are ran poorly with inconsistent service . The people hired are teenagers with a apathetic attitude towards their jobs so expect no effort on their part to correct any shortcomings. I come the Fairfield spot because its closer each time I regret giving them my money for lackluster experience.

Review №56

I still appreciate the stadium seating.

Review №57

Staff are typically helpful. Usually clean. I would appreciate if cleaning staff would wait until the credits are over before cleaning the room & if the projectionist would be more attentive to making sure the image was framed correctly on the screen (correct aspect ratio; hard cropped, etc.). Overall, I like this theater.

Review №58

This is a good theater for the price you pay. I recommend you check there deals because you can save alot by seeing there specials and their club card is worth the sign up time. It has given me a few date nights that were little to no cost to me. Try it out.

Review №59

Volume was too loud. Seats need remodel. Snacks were good

Review №60

Good theater and movie going experience. Offers a $5 Tuesday deal but only if you have a regal membership which isnt too hard to get.

Review №61

This theatre looks good upon arrival, but the rooms youre in to see the movie have a horrible stench. And upon closer inspection the red chairs are stained black with dirt or soda or ?. The seats are also very itchy(we had to shower when we got home). I would return only when they remodel the theatre. P.S. They charge the same as other theatres near by. An upside the popcorn was good

Review №62

I go to Edwards theatre often. I am a Regal member which offers incentives. I accumulate points to get free tickets, food items or to redeem for products. $5.00 Tuesday which is now $5.40 is a great deal. There is plenty of parking because its in the Fairfield Mall. The seats are comfortable, however, they dont have the upgrades that I have sat on in othet Regal affiliated theatres. Its still a cool spot and very convenient if you are pasding hiway 80 east.

Review №63

Dirty expensive seats waste of time to asign seatings...

Review №64

Great employees but it is so disorganized and dirty at night. Always running out of ice for sodas and very long lines.

Review №65

This theater is located next to the mall. We found it convenient to shop at the mall after the movie because it is connected to the mall without moving our car. While the line was not long, they only had one employee at the box office. In terms of movie theater, the chairs are comfortable and seats are assigned when you buy tickets. I like the fact that we select seats at the box office instead of random seating. That really helps when you come in after the lights are low. The cleaning crews were waiting to clean right after the movie ended. It shows that they are paying attention to cleanliness here. The theater was excellent with great sound system. The bathrooms were spotless. We did not use their concession area. It was quite busy. I would rather come here than going to Vacaville going forward. Nice improvement!!!

Review №66

Always have a great experience when I go here

Review №67

Price of tickets is very high for a theater with no reclineable chairs.The smell of the chairs is not pleasant and have high priced concesions.

Review №68

I would give it a 5 star review if the prices were better, Cheaper at Vallejos Century Theater.

Review №69

Huge theatres, lots of room, clean and orderly. Had a great time!

Review №70

Theaters smell moldy. Popcorn tasted like cleaner (concessions did replace the food, but nasty). Ticket taker was rude, concessions personnel could NOT be heard when they spoke and had no knowledge of the menu items until keyed into the register and then they just read what the screen said. The staff are inept and before the movie was just television commercials... no movie previews Only went to this theater because I had a gift card. Will not be returning and any future giftcards will be refitted

Review №71

I love to catch up in movies that Ive been wanting to see on Tuesdays since Im on a budget

Review №72

Comfy seats and not expensive

Review №73

I go every Tuesday to watch movies and it a really good theater. The people that work here are very nice and polite.

Review №74

Large theater with fantastic potential, however the staff is unfriendly, untrained and what seems to me unmanaged. The theater themselves are smelly from old carpet the chairs are old with missing/ broken armrests. And sticky floor. Theater need later to be bought out by a bigger chain remodeled and reopened!

Review №75

The carpeted areas smelled like pee. Bathrooms were disgusting. The biggest issue was the snack bar. A Fridaybwith several premiers and only ine snack bar opened with slow service. Popcorn not ready and hotdogs not ready. I had to wait 45 mins for hotdogs. No value for the $57 I spent in snacks.

Review №76

I went to take tickets back that I bought a few months ago and I had forgotten about them. So the manager without hesitation gave me two new tickets without any problems, so I give him an A+ on customer service! And had a great time watching a movie.

Review №77

I bring elderly people to see movies at this theater. After a movie is shown the lights stay very dim making it difficult for them to see where they are walking. Brighter lights after a movie would be greatly appreciated to improve safety in walking.

Review №78

This theater sucks! We went to see Endgame last night and since we were asked to select seats from a map I thought we were getting those nice recliner seats. Nope. The ticket seller said that they dont have those recliner seats at this theater. 3 hours in old, uncomfortable dirty movie chairs is less than ideal. I rarely go to the movies anymore because its expensive, so when I splurge and go, I expect a good, comfortable experience to match the hefty pricetag. This theater was filthy. There was trash all over the floor under the seats when we went into the empty theater, the bathrooms were filthy with trash everywhere, all the trash cans around the napkin/butter station were full and there was trash and popcorn spilled all over the place. The concessions are absurdly priced too. We could have paid the same price and went to the Vacaville theater and gotten the nice comfy seats, a clean theater, and cheaper concession prices. That is where I will head the next time I see a movie. Edwards needs to manage this place better and step up their seat game if they want to stay competitive.

Review №79

Seems like they arnt really doing the half off Tuesdays. Was $5 then changed to $6.50 and now maybe no more? Went this week and paid in full.

Review №80

Staffing was good clean and Tuesday are awesome $5 can beat that

Review №81

Great movies, snacks, and cleanliness. However, the arcade machines could use some maintenance more often. Some of them just didnt cooperate. I was hoping to get a round with a friend on terminater, but the second gun wouldnt work; the only thing my friend was good for was being a meat shield for the right side of the screen.

Review №82

We love the entrance area. Usually pretty clean and the staff is friendly.

Review №83

Nice theater, and quite was really nice when i visited not a lot of people

Review №84

Its easy to get tickets here. The deals on Tuesdays are hard to beat. Its just a bummer sitting in those seats after watching movies at Brendan theatres.

Review №85

Tuesday is discount day so its way cheaper to watch movies

Review №86

This is a nice theatre in a mall setting. I saw a film in I Max. It was a 7 p.m. show and myself and four friends were the only people in the show. The bathroom were clean. However, only one dispenser had soap. The wave your hand type towel dispensers had paper but no batteries to activate the machines. The same was true in both womens restrooms. It was an extremely slow night on 1-30-19 so I dont understand why these issues werent addressed. These are the reasons I cant give this theatre 5 stars. These are basic and simple items on any business maintenance list.

Review №87

Chairs could be more comfortable

Review №88

My favorite movie theater of all time enjoyed all the marvel cinematic and DC Universe movies at this theater and love the awesome staff that work here and they have good decorations to promote the movies. The place is alright just make sure not to sit with annoying guests at the cinema and deal with annoying people who ruin your movie experience.

Review №89

Its okay. Friendly service. However the seats look like they came from a hoarders home. Im afraid a bed bug could crawl up to my arm.

Review №90

It was ok. I like the one in Concord better.

Review №91

Nice but it needs to be upgraded with heated and reclining seats

Review №92

These seats were the stiffest Ive ever sat on. Also Episode 9 was trash

Review №93

One Of My Favorite Theaters Specially The IMAX Makes Me Feel Apart Of The Movie

Review №94

I love this place it helps bring our family and friends come closer

Review №95

Seats, sounds, popcorn all great, made the movie the best it could be . Your friend John

Review №96

I would give it a higher rating, but the prices for food is utterly ridiculous. Luckily I go to the movies A LOT so the rewards card really helps out sine I get points towards free popcorn or a price reduction on popcorn. If you go on a Tuesday, which I pretty much always do, tickets are half off! Otherwise its a nice theater, relatively close, and has good food. I never had a problem with the movies not starting properly like cheaper theaters. The seats need a little TLC, though.

Review №97

Enjoyed the movie and the theater. No reclining chairs though.

Review №98

Like any Regal Theatre: spacious, comfortable seating. But I found the customer service here wanting and would never visit this particular theatre again. Saw Black Panther again with a friend who had not seen it. A visit to Wakanda is always good

Review №99

Very clean and well run cinema with a very convenient location (attached to the mall). Average market price for a movie and typical overly priced concessions which have become the unfortunate norm for movie goers these days. The seats at Brenden Theaters in Vacaville recline but Edwards do not. Nothing wrong with this location but nothing that makes me want to come back for more.

Review №100

Honestly, I couldnt decide what was cleaner, the restroom or the theater seats. The theater seats were once red, but now as black as coal. My mother and I couldnt decide whether to sit on the popcorn littered steps or the beyond dirty seats. The restrooms had toilet paper all over the floor and when you first walk in theres a toilet clogged with something black. I didnt go up close enough to investigate, though. This is the worst theater I have ever been to. The outside is fine, the ticket process is acceptable, and the food was fine as well, but what I dont understand is why the seats look like someone started the process of burning them, but never finished. P.s. They shouldve finished the job.

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  • Address:1549 Gateway Blvd, Fairfield, CA 94533, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • IMAX theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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