The Grand Fort Bliss
1619 Pleasonton Rd, El Paso, TX 79906, United States

Review №1

Quick and easy to get tickets, hassle free ticket stub entry. Concessions may take a minute, so go early or have someone save you a seat while you wait. Decent price on the larger combos, and I love getting the kid trays so they can have a fun time. Plenty of booster seats. Great bathrooms. Stadium seating with excellent view in virtually every spot, which is rare.

Review №2

Great prices, new as well as older shows on select days

Review №3

Great place to watch latest movies at. The staff is amazing, they will do the best they can to cooperate with their clients in any situation. I recommend coming here 100%!

Review №4

The employees have great class.

Review №5

The grand at fort bluss is a great place to take your family for a movie that is not expensive. Delicious nachos and popcorn. Slushies are delicious also!

Review №6

I have watched movies here in past. Place is very clean friendly staff matinee all day Tuesdays!

Review №7

Fair price for a movie ticket. Don’t for get there is a national anthem before the movie that will play. Drinks and food on the high end.

Review №8

Watched the grudge, it was good theater was very clean, friendly staff, and comfy seats to watch your movie. Great place to be with the family (:

Review №9

Your standard post theater experience, albeit a bit larger (because Texas). The place is well maintained, staff are very courteous and the movie prices are lower than out on the local economy. All of the new movie releases are being shown here so theres no wait time like there is in smaller base theaters. Its always fun to get a few drinks at the nearby World of Beer, Texas Roadhouse or Buffalo wild wings and then sober up to a nice action movie.

Review №10

Wasnt to bad. Nice screens clean bathrooms, seats were okay.

Review №11

Its got a family-friendly atmosphere, and plus they serve beer.

Review №12

Fair prices and good snacks but one star off for the absolutely abysmal pretzels. Its a pretzel. How do you screw it up that badly ? Everything else is great.

Review №13

If you have the ability to get on Fort Bliss I highly recommend all facilities.

Review №14

Went to the 3:30 showing. Wasnt crowded and was very clean. Definitely a great time to sneak away. Will go back for more movies from now on.

Review №15

Really good movie theater on base. Ive been to some that were lower quality than the $1 movie theaters you can find randomly in the civilian works. No kids running around being a nuisance but the way time to get in is long because they only used two people to sell tickets so get there really early because they line will be getting longer the note time you wait.

Review №16

The theatre is really nice and spacious we go to this theatre at least twice a month

Review №17

Well kept up facility on the installation. Wonderful polite staff. Great family atmosphere. Godzilla is the king!

Review №18

Good theater. Judy cant take bags in unless in uniform.

Review №19

Good venue to catch a flick and snacks . Slushes were tasty too. With I.D.

Review №20

Best military movie theater I been to so far.

Review №21

Would be better if they had recliners like other places, but still nice

Review №22

Awesome theater. Giant screen. Comfy seats.

Review №23

We love going here for movies as it is usually not crowded.

Review №24

This place is good, but there are so many better theaters off post. My favorite thing about this theater is hearing people quietly complain over having to stand for the National Anthem, I make it a point to be the first one up, my prompt to get ready is, the silent all devices. It would really be great if all American theaters would play the National Anthem before the movie.

Review №25

The low price for a ticket is great! Compared to other theaters and elpaso it would need a little work . The concession food is standard but they can stand add coffee to the menu for those of us who cannot have all the junk food that they serve.

Review №26

Wasnt at the theater but I was at the stage area where there was some live reggae. More live reggae please.

Review №27

Clean! Staff is nice. You don’t have those creepy people who try to strike up conversation in line. Seats are nice. Also it’s close to food and drinks. Pretty much all the things you need in life as an adult.

Review №28

Clean theater, good service and very comfortable seats. Popcorn is a little bit pricey though

Review №29

Needs some updates but its a great theater. The tickets arw a good price and of course the snacks are pricey. Always clean i never seen people cleaning until today.

Review №30

Great movie theater, comfortable seats, great place for soldiers. Great prices! $7

Review №31

Great service, clean seats, good viewing options, nice concessions

Review №32

I liked the theater, it was clean and nice. Loved the seats, very comfy:)Customer service was awesome.The only unfortunate thing was that there was no changing table in the restroom I went, I had to go across the way to get to the other restroom to change my babys diaper, kind of inconvenient when you are in a hurry.

Review №33

Safe and cheap place to spend the afternoon or evening watching a good movie

Review №34

Clean and friendly employees. Highly recommended.

Review №35

This is the theatre I go to for last minute movies. They are nicer ones closer to my house but sometimes when I get off work is just easier to go here. Prices are cheaper and you can have a beer while watching a movie

Review №36

One of the better movie theaters Ive been to on a military installation. Very well designed the amenities are great and the service as well. If youre military and dont want to spoil your movies with ignorance of outside influences this is definitely a place to go for you and your family on Fort Bliss. I would highly recommend this theater to anyone in the Bliss (El Paso) community to have a visit.

Review №37

Theaters are a little smaller than most with average seats but overall a good place to see a movie.

Review №38

Average Theater, slightly below average price. Its clean and usually not crowded. They server beer, but only one at a time; therefore, I have to take away a star.

Review №39

For the price I dont mind this theater and its convenient and kid friendly food and drinks still expensive and previews go on forever but the theater is clean and the people are nice.

Review №40

So I went today to watch a movie, John Wick, and there is no hot dogs available. only by appointment only, then I asked for a small popcorn, and I was told that that item is only available for members, which I happened to be one, but then the tune changed because it is only available for the members that renew the membership, what a bunch of b.s.Worst customer service

Review №41

Nice theather good sound and seating located within walking distance of base exchange

Review №42

This is an awesome theater the prices are good and it is never crowded

Review №43

Love this place because it is so fun amd seating is never hard to find and the movies are great.

Review №44

My favorite theater to go to. It had never been crowded or dirty when we have gone. No one is ever rude, staff or patrons. And I dont have to worry about my car getting door dings or keyed.The Grand is located at Freedom Crossing, which is a real positive in my book.

Review №45

Saw Alita battle angel, the prices are very reasonable to watch a movie. Of course the concessions are always a bit pricey. Service was friendly and polite.

Review №46

Very nice theater and very clean.

Review №47

Its nice. Dont like that theres only one bathroom at the front of the building. Good seats. Nice theatres

Review №48

Nice place to watch movies

Review №49

Very nice base. With kind and helpful people ! A great overall experience!

Review №50

Great experience, amazing family entertainment. Seats are very comfortable, refreshments are fairly priced and a good variety. Cusromer service is superb and for the entrance prices are better than other local cinemas, best part is the rooms are all good size with the extra huge for the new hits of course. If you havent been here yet you should, it is open to the public every day.

Review №51

Very nice Army theater.

Review №52

Tickets are affordable and seats are comfortable and able to recline slightly back. Place is clean and located near many restaurants and shops. The only reason for 4 stars is because the snacks, popcorn and nachos are way overpriced.

Review №53

Great theater, reasonable prices. Service is slow and not very inviting or knowledgeable. About twenty people in line for refreshments, three people working one register as service. Dont bother asking for a refill.

Review №54

Most of the facilities inside base are really good, but I dont think right now I remember what I eate the atmosphere is family oriented but its good

Review №55

Very accommodating for a military installation, compared to other bases that I have seen. They offer a pretty good military discount which is great.

Review №56

Always a good time and good refreshments!

Review №57

Nice atmosphere and staff!

Review №58

Great place and peaceful. Proud of the service that is offered not only to our soldiers but alsp to the guest.

Review №59

Low prices, good staff, clean facilities. Need something to do on a Thursday night besides get drunk? Go see a movie, military gets a great discount.

Review №60

Recently visited with my daughter to see the movie Bumblebee. We went to a 6:15 pm showing and tickets for two cost 13 change. $20 for a large Popcorn and soft drink (popcorn gets one refill).

Review №61

I love the Grand Theatre. They have the latest movies, playing many showings. Prices are reasonable, & snack bar has a wide variety of snacks. Best of all, is they say the pledge of allegiance before the movies start.

Review №62

Great movie theater. Prices for military are awesome. Theaters are always clean, staff is friendly. Decent prices on food and drinks.

Review №63

I love it its great when the new movie comes out its never packed you can we get a good seat

Review №64

Good theater, stays clean, friendly staff. Seats could use a few more bolts though... bigger people tend to move the entire row when they sit or adjust.

Review №65

Freedom Fest for the kids awesome.

Review №66

Good prices for the tickets, but recieving 4 stars because the consession stand is a lil bit pricey, but thats where they make profits...all in all a great establishment and will recommend for the friendly service.

Review №67

Good seats, friendly and a nice experience. Im just spoiled by the reclining loungers we have at our theater back home.

Review №68

I wouldnt buy snacks here again. The popcorn was stale and the candy was expired. Aside from that the movie theater was great!

Review №69

Very clean and well organized. Staff are very attentive and accommodating. Merry Christmas!!

Review №70

I love the savings that my Reel Rewards card gives us.

Review №71

One of my favorite theaters to go to. Me and my wife have already spent so much time there.

Review №72

EXCELLENT!!! Great location, Great everything! WE dont have to worry about the Grand being full of non-military related locals of El Paso...Its always extremely clean and comfortable for the entire family... We can grab lunch or dinner before or after, Great location to all the eateries of Freedom Crossing! Concessions are decent also, kids always want popcorn or nachos...The staff is amazing! Best movie experience our family of 6 have had since traveling with the Army! Fort Bliss definitely makes it to where you really dont need to leave the comfort of the Post!

Review №73

Nice place. Good price for tickets. Goodies expensive. Nice staff

Review №74

A staple on Fort Bliss. Actually an excellent quality theater. Concessions are a bit pricey but thats standard for every theater it seems. The theater is a bit small, but overall good quality.

Review №75

Great movie theater. Just wish they had reserved seating when you buy your tickets. Depending on the movie and tine of day you may be struggling to find good seats.

Review №76

Comfortable reclining seats. Over salted popcorn. Need a pass to enter Fort Bliss or accompanied by a military ID holder.

Review №77

Not as crowded as other theaters

Review №78

Love seeing movies here with the hubs. Always clean

Review №79

Great place to escape the real world. A lot of theaters, clean and comfortable seats. New movies, they play the classic ones too.

Review №80

Great looking theater, very modern, sufficient screening rooms, below market ticket prices, but the concessions prices are crazy, make sure to eat before

Review №81

A great place to watch a movie

Review №82

Not the biggest theatre but has nice seats and a good selection of movies. Of course the food and drinks were a bit pricey so I wouldnt recommend that but the tickets for the movie were a good price! :)

Review №83

It’s a movie theater on BASE, chances are of you being here is if you’re on a budget, a brand new soldier that just got to bliss and doesn’t have a car to go to another movie theater, or the movie you’re trying to watch is sold out and this is the only movie theater that doesn’t do reserve seating so it’s a first come first served type of deal

Review №84

Ordered tickets in advance online and still had to wait in a long line to get a seat which was first come first serve? They theater sold more tickets than they had seats, so we ended up waiting another hour to watch the next showing.

Review №85

Love this theater. It is clean, well staffed and inexpensive compared to other theatres. I like that the national anthem is played. Easy to get in and out. I will always choose the grand before other theaters.

Review №86

Good staff, alcohol on hand, no crowd

Review №87

This is a great place for a movie. Consider dinner and a few brews at BWW or one of the many other restaurants and then the movie. By the time the flick is done, you can drive home unimpaired. And now there is even world of beer in the center.

Review №88

Went last night and for some reason the concession wasnt even prepared for their foods even though its the weekend. The worse place. Not even a apology.

Review №89

It was terribly hot throughout the entire movie

Review №90

The recliners in this place were awesome. They leaned very far back. The popcorn and drink combo were reasonably priced, but still expensive. Hey its still a movie theater. We watched incredibles 2 and had a blast. I can definitely recommend this place to other people.

Review №91

Good for a cheap movie, but not a first date kind of spot. Military stuff is clean but so boring. They do serve beer here, but there are much more enjoyable theaters in this town. There are a lot of children, but it is a family theater so that is expected. Also standing for the Anthem before a movie might feel a little weird if you are not military.

Review №92

Good prices. The seats are comfortable. Sound quality inside the theaters is marginal.

Review №93

Great Service, but when I asked to substitute the regular drink for an ICEE, they try to sell me the small combo drink cup, instead of the medium ICEE for an extra dollar, which they have sold me in the past, I guess their policy changed.

Review №94

Pretty good movie theater, its the only one I go to. I wish that people would clean up after themselves better though.

Review №95

Seats are great. Price for the shows are great. Im only going here for movies!

Review №96

Its great to go with the family

Review №97

Great place, AC works great, sound is amazing.

Review №98

Good place to see a movie on post.

Review №99

Great prices, beer and recliners.

Review №100

The theater itself was great, and the people working there were very nice. But the people in the theater were so loud and rude. Literally yelling and talking at a volume you would use outside a movie theater, the entire time.

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  • Address:1619 Pleasonton Rd, El Paso, TX 79906, United States
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  • Phone:+1 915-615-0621
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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