Cinemark East Montana and XD
12704 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 79938, United States

Review №1

It was a very good experience very clean not to many people so I was not worry about the 2020 virus go out and enjoy but be careful the companies are doing their part let us do ours GOOD TIMES WITH MY WIFE

Review №2

Family and Friends! Lots of Candies, Popcorn, Soda, and Sweets to eat! Cheap and Fast! Best movies! Surround sound! Graphics are Awesome!Family night? A perfect place to go!

Review №3

It was pretty empty, due to the pandemic. However, they sprayed down the seats and washed different surfaces. They also prove sanitizer and wipes if you prefer to additionally wipe down certain surfaces.It was very clean! I was just glad to get back to the movies!!!

Review №4

Nice movie theater that was very clean. But the seats are your old school seats so they havent updated to the loungers. Still a good place to watch a movie.

Review №5

Place was great went to go watch Sonic. Was a good movie. Recommend

Review №6

Love this place because my family & I can watch movies that we like. Great customer service!

Review №7

Great seating, love the popcorn! Overall good theater for the whole family

Review №8

I really like the precautions they are taking due to the pandemic! Even though I shouldnt be at the movies I felt safe. Service is always good!

Review №9

I like this theater a lot it’s always clean

Review №10

Great theatre, best kettle corn.

Review №11

This honestly was the best movies until some competition who should not be named showed up and stole me from them. But they keep it an authentic movie theater and i love the set up of their snack bar and they have beer and margaritas. I am telling you man all yall are missing is the recliner seats and it would be perfect. But I understand that cost a fortune so I Dont deduct stars

Review №12

First time I have gone but I love it. It was spacious and very comfortable. The only think I wish was different is if they placed the popcorn & drinks for refills to be more accessible. People going every which way could have a better flow.

Review №13

The theater was awesome. All the staff was friendly and helpful. The seats were comfortable, the temperature was comfortable and we watched a great movie. Sonic the hedgehog. Over all we had an excellent experience.

Review №14

Awesome movie theater, can’t wait to go back and visit... I miss every aspect of it.

Review №15

We left our glasses and case at our seat when we left movie. Young lady usher found them and caught up to us to give them to us. Very good service. Good movie Just Mercy.

Review №16

Great movie theater. Luxury recliners big screens great surround sound. Became movie member great discounts on tickets and concessions.

Review №17

Very nice theater. Alcohol is expensive, sneak in your own! Guys that work the concession stand know how to take a joke. Great experiences here.

Review №18

Me and the grandchildren had a blast. Little pricey but great experience. The grandchildren loved their comfortable seating and service.

Review №19

Very great place! My first experience was amazing. The cleanliness of the place, the kindness and professionalism of the staff. Also, its well located, convenient. Easy access. It wasnt unnecessarily packed. My wife and I had a great time over there. Will definitely go back.

Review №20

Its okay. The chairs are NOT the luxury loungers, like at every other movie theater. Cossestions was good; great selection, easy to use. But if youre a larger human being, like myself; forget about being comfortable.

Review №21

I love this theater, it is always so clean, the staff is excellent and the food is great. Highly recommended!

Review №22

Fun and clean, friendly staff and great selection of snacks. Starbucks inside.Safe environment and really nice place

Review №23

Love this place. Nice open seating, beer. Getting through concessions takes a little long. Nice place.

Review №24

Greatest cinema ever has great shows as well

Review №25

Loved coming here with my friends and significant other. I just love how everything looks like a classic theater.

Review №26

The food area gets a little crowded but is very cool. And not all the theaters have reclining seats.

Review №27

Everyone from concessions and the ticket line were very nice. Havent had a bad experience here yet. I always go to the tinseltown cinemark but this ones just as good. They just need luxury loungers

Review №28

This place is very clean and have lots of polote and helpful workers. Love the perks we get with the membership.

Review №29

Wished it has luxury seats like other theaters but its still nice

Review №30

Nice place to take your family too or go by yourself. concessions are good and real enjoyable

Review №31

We really like this theater, the manager is really friendly. The place is always clean and everybody is very friendly too

Review №32

Clean, plenty of handicapped parking, wheelchair accessible and pleasant people who work there.

Review №33

Very nice movie theatre on the Far east side. You can order your tickets on line and avoid the wait. Theatre was clean and the line for popcorn and snacks was quick.Highly recommend if you are on this side of town.

Review №34

Building was nice but some of the theaters like the one we went to.. has the really really old school seats that fold and were very uncomfortable .... Would rather they put all nice seats in all the theaters and we pay a 1 more for them... But again.. Nice place to take the family.. Would go back..

Review №35

Have not been to the movies in years! Very happy I decided to go with my wife and bro!

Review №36

On a growing side of town, it does have an appeal of being away from the city. Little confusing on the set up for getting your tickets and snacks. Arcade is small. Overall it is clean. Get the app to start saving money cause it is pricy. Average place for movies.

Review №37

Theatre was large and chairs comfortable, although Im use to recliners.

Review №38

El Pasos Cinemark establishments are a convenient way to spend quality time in high-end theatres and the latest motion pictures. East Montanas location in particular is almost never crowded, and the theatres are clean and comfortable.

Review №39

They got all the snacks you can think of and all chocolate types so no need to feel left out. Popcorn always fresh and drinks always cold with great counter service. If you get tickets to the wrong cinemark instead of this one the staff can either refund you or give you tickets for the same movie if available. Seats are comfy in the XD theater and regular theaters with plenty of leg room. Definitely my theater to go to with that reserved seating option for me and my date.

Review №40

I love the movies and this is a great place to go to for just that. The popcorn is always great. The service is just as great, everyone is always so nice asking if I need anything. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the seats. Compared to other Cinemark theaters in El Paso this one seems behind. The seats are not the same as the others theatres, because these are not reclinable and don’t have seat warmers. The reason I say seat warmers is because the theatre is always cold.

Review №41

Its on the east side and its never full when I go on the afternoon. Its a nice new and well run theatre.

Review №42

Wish seats would recline and were more comfy but over all a great movie experience.

Review №43

Always my favorite place to watch a movie even if I go by myself. I just order a margarita and enjoy the movie. Seats are very comfortable and clean. Popcorn is always fresh when they have a lot of guests. Sound and picture its good as well. Just seat and enjoy the movie

Review №44

First time there, will never go back. First of all it seemed unorganized. Long lines to get popcorn and your get your own drink. Sticky floors, very dirty, popcorn and trash everywhere. Seats DON’T recline, is the newest theatre in El Paso but is the most outdated.

Review №45

I really enjoy going to this theater. The popcorn is almost always fresh with new batches constantly popping. The popcorn workers are always happy and helpful to layer butter on your popcorn so you enjoy a consistent taste. If you’re a big popcorn enthusiast, you can enjoy your entire movie experience here.They sell branded individual pizzas and are topped and taste better than many of the surrounding select brand restaurants. They don’t cut corners.If your movie is in progress the staff will get it to you so you’re not missing your paid movie. My experiences with this theater have been very consistent and great.

Review №46

Always great! Have not had a bad experience. Employees are attentive. Bathrooms are always kept clean and so the concession stand.

Review №47

Nice spacious entrance area always clean, plenty of staff to attend us. Theater seating could be updated to the recliner type they have at the other Cinemark location, but it isn’t too uncomfortable.Restrooms are a plenty and clean as well

Review №48

Comfortable and clean. The app helps us get great deals on our favorite snacks and movies

Review №49

Very unique concessions area which allows for smooth flow of lines. Always very well kept and is very spacious. Highly recommend.

Review №50

Seats could be better as well as food selection. Screen is good

Review №51

Yes, great screen. Very comfortable. Great on snacks, coffee, wine,beer, ice cream etc.

Review №52

The speakers could be louder

Review №53

I love to eat popcorn, pretzels, candies n all kind of drinks.

Review №54

Its fine. Nothing special. Concessions are as expensive as ever.

Review №55

Love all the Cinemark theaters with D Box. Staff is always friendly at this location.

Review №56

Amazing!! Always having a good time with my fam and friends.

Review №57

It was easy to get my tickets and get my seat. Early bird special was a great option for me. Theater was clean and employees were nice. I will be back next Friday morning Im sure.

Review №58

Watched the joker movie... cool movie, dunno why i was the only one laughing sometimes but still a good comedy in my opinion.

Review №59

I love this theater. Always clean and well stocked. I only wish they would upgrade to the reclining seats !! Lol but other than that, staff is always friendly and I have a great experience here!

Review №60

Good service, popcorn and coke were on point.

Review №61

Good customer service and very comfortable seats!

Review №62

The theater is great, good employees. I did not like listening to a Hundai commercial in Spanish. It has no place in an American movie theater. If you want to live in the USA, speak English.

Review №63

Nice theater. Clean and staff is always attentive.

Review №64

Nice experience especially because we were the only ones in the theatre!

Review №65

An acceptable cineplex. Checks all the boxes for being what it is but not much more than that. Bathrooms and theaters are clean. The sound is at a reasonable level, unlike some other theaters with eardrum busting volume. Customer service is minimum wage level. It tends to be less busy, so it’s my go-to movie place.

Review №66

Good service! Popcorn always good! Restrooms never have paper towels!

Review №67

I love coming to this theater because I like to reserve my seat in advance. The only thing I don’t like about this place is that they charge for jalapeños.

Review №68

Every time I’m in El Paso visiting, this is the theater I always pick! The customer service is awesome & everyone is very kind. Thank you for always making my experience at Cinemark a delightful one!

Review №69

Great theater. Close to the house and up to date amenities.

Review №70

Assigned seating, electric recliners with heated seats, great sound system. Much better than the AMC in the Northeast.

Review №71

Great selection of movies, comfortable seats and nice food selection

Review №72

Love this place always clean and has so much to offer

Review №73

Nice place, they still need to upgrade the seats to the power adjusting

Review №74

Crystal, the rudest employee you have was my treat today. For as much as we pay there she could smile and be more helpful. She has a look on her face that she just eat something vile as herself. Her name is Crystal and we were there to see The Lion King today. Thanks for making our trip there memorable Crystal. You will remember me as I complained to your manager as to how rude you are. I hope you are still selling tickets there in twenty years- ha ha!

Review №75

Self serve system works wonderfully and quicker than long lines.

Review №76

Absolutely delightful experience! Thank you for taking care of my family and I as we watched our last movie before I head out to Afghanistan! Mr Gonzalez went out of his way to take care of us and made it a great family night out!

Review №77

Nice place to relax with family and take in a movie

Review №78

Comfortable seats, great sound.

Review №79

Easy process of getting online tickets and concessions. Great movie seats and selections

Review №80

Great movie theater, atmosphere is great and the concessions are good as well.. like all movie theaters, they are pricey but an overall great theater

Review №81

Theater is clean and stays busy. Which has to mean everyone enjoys coming here. Staff is always courteous and ready to assist if you need help.

Review №82

LOVE this movie theater. The lines are minimal and you can purchase your tickets and get the exact seating you want online. Its clean and well staffed. The staff is very friendly as well. Makes for a nice movie night without the huge crowds. Highly recommend!!!!

Review №83

Great theater, food lounge, and good location for far Eastside and all residents near that area.

Review №84

Best place to watch a great movie!

Review №85

This theater is cozy, but it needs the recliners and tables for ordering all the foods. They had some technical issues starting 3 From Hell last night.

Review №86

Saw Saga of Tanya the Evil: The Movoe here. I was concerned that the sound system wouldnt be up to snuff. But it delivered and I loved the movie. Glory to The Empire!

Review №87

Excellent new and modern theater. Lots of food and drink options beyond the traditional popcorn and soda. They also offer a big military discount on ticket, which make most tickets prices comparable to the base prices but with more options.

Review №88

Time to relax and enjoy a big popcorn and a drink!!!

Review №89

Really clean place! I love that they have starbucks and pizzahut

Review №90

Love this movie theater. Is always clean and it has an excellent staff.

Review №91

Feeling fustrated!!!! My 18 yr daughter took my 14 yr old son to see IT and this lady didnt want to sell them the tickets, that an adult needed to be present .. My daughter even showed her ID but still they told her no.. .. I dont know in what world she is but 18 is an adult..

Review №92

Its never packed with people. Its very comfortable

Review №93

I love going to this theater, not only because it is near my home, but because it is always so clean, the staff is great and the food is good. We really enjoy watching movies here. I highly recommend it!!

Review №94

Love the big screens and if you go during the day youre rewarded with a just about empty theater.

Review №95

Very nice theater and the staff are friendly and attentive. The only negative thing I have to say is the seats are not very comfortable. I guess after sitting in the luxury loungers at Tinseltown, the others dont compare.

Review №96


Review №97

Really like the Food Court concept but the seating and atmosphere is definitely not as lux as Cinemark West or Bistro Theatre. Nice, friendly staff.

Review №98

It sickens me that Cinemark in El Paso does NOT offer open captioning for deaf people. Instead you suggest they use captioning devices meaning deaf people have to look back and forth between the movie screen and captioning device. PATHETIC!

Review №99

Would have rated better if seat were better like other Cinemarks.

Review №100

The staff is amazing and friendly! Great experience

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:12704 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 79938, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 915-849-1661
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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