Gulf Coast Escape Room Destin
34 Harbor Blvd unit 102, Destin, FL 32541, United States

Review №1

Hannah was extremely nice and helpful! We escaped with 13:06 left of our 60 minutes!

Review №2

*updated review** I went from one star to five. My friend and I enjoyed the rooms. The below situation left a bad taste in my mouth. Fortunately, the owner saw this and personally called me to let me know she was not aware and the employee was mistaken. You can’t punish a business for not knowing and she is refunding me the difference and making sure it’s fix online and employee is aware. I don’t mind paying for service but she did right to fix it. I went by misinformation from the employee. Thank you for making it right and calling me. I left the message below so people understood the situation.Horrible and beware of getting ripped off. I paid $550 for two hours, two rooms and just two people. I wasn’t sure the original price but I never mind paying for services until I overheard one of the staff people say the original cost is $30 per person per hour. So I could have paid $120 for those two rooms. Now I’m out $550. Staff person told me the owner knows and doesn’t want to change it online reservations. That’s really horrible business ethic.

Review №3

The man who ran the desk both the first and tge secound time was amazing and inviting to say the least. All the escape rooms were well done and challenging. It is so much fun for a group of friends! The price is very fair as well! I will be doing all of these escape rooms for sure! Highly recommend!

Review №4

Bradley at check-in was awesome! Very friendly and helpful added to the experience. Only downside is parking! If you have an appointment for an activity I’d arrive 30-45 mins early! It took us at lease that long to find parking.

Review №5

Ethan was superb from beginning to end. He ensured we were well briefed, this is my second escape room and the first one could not compare. We chose the most difficult room and had a blast. Highly recommend stopping by and enjoying one of the escape rooms here. Ethan is sure to entertain and has the perfect personality to do so.

Review №6

Jordan, our host, was great! My family did the Zombie Autopsy and loved it! Escaped with 2 minutes left. Highly recommend!

Review №7

Me and my wife had an amazing time. The guy working at the time we went really made the experience awesome for us! We had a blast!

Review №8

Had fun with the family and almost escaped the room. Challenging, engaging, and several options of rooms to choose.

Review №9

Ive never done an escape room before so I didnt know what to expect. It was okay. No clear instructions before putting us in the room. Didnt know what we should touch or move..or what was off limits. Decor was okay...i expected more from an Alice in Wonderland themed room. Also- two of the clues got mixed up by whoever reset the that set us back. The guy came in and fixed the issue and gave us some more time. I definitely wouldnt take younger kids- as there were lots of breakable items in a pretty small area.

Review №10

Our host, Bradley, MADE the escape room! so funny and brought a lot of laughs to the group. definitely deserves a promotion! we had a lot of fun

Review №11

Perfect family adventure several rooms to choose from and reasonable price. 1 hour to escape

Review №12

Bradley was amazing. I originally just stepped in to ask about a price for later. Bradley greeted us, told us everything we needed to know, and then helped me convince my friend to do it. Right then.The room we did was challenging enough to make you really think, but easy enough to do with just the two of us—though with only 22 seconds to spare. We did need one hint, but it was a great experience.Bradley was remarkably personable and friendly, and we ended up staying to talk for a long time after we escaped. Great experience and service. Will definitely return next time I visit the area.

Review №13

We had a wonderful time! Escaped with 1:11 left on the was a close one ;) Enjoyed by all :)

Review №14

We did the zombie autopsy room, and we had a great time. Highly recommend!

Review №15

We did the voodoo room and Bradley was Excellent. Loved it.

Review №16

Clues was not the easiest and but did it for the experience with my family. It was ok a little pricey but for once it ok. Probably not doing again.

Review №17

Awesome experience, plus Ethan is a cool dude!

Review №18

Fun times and a great concept. Ethan was funny and engaging. My only complaint was how easy it was to hear people in the other rooms and in the waiting room. Kind of takes you out of the experience. Would definitely go back and check out the other rooms.

Review №19

This was my first escape room experience, and Im glad to say it was awesome! The theme of the room was definitely creepy. Diffuclty-wise, it was easy enough for me to get the hang of things since it was my first time, but challenging enough for my friend and I to get out with 22 seconds left What made it even better was the service that Bradley provided. He was energetic, friendly, and overall great to be around! Socializing typically isnt my thing, but he was easy to talk to and very personable.

Review №20

So much fun!

Review №21

We had a blast, great fun!

Review №22

My sisters and I just completed the Alice room and it was awesome. Ethan was super fun to work with and we had such a good time. The Alice room is really hard!Love the team at the front desk!

Review №23

The staff was quite rude. The clues suck inside the room due to them be so difficult to read. The painted on numbers were so chipped away we couldnt make out what they were.

Review №24

We had such a great time!! Bradley did a great job ensuring we enjoyed ourselves! It was really creepy/scary but it was a great part of our trip!

Review №25

Me and my moms first time at an escape room & the staff made it a very good experience!! definitely coming back soon!! highly recommend!! prices are very good for the best experience!!

Review №26

An experience like no other! Ranges from pretty easy to hard enough to need a party. Me and my wife are pretty smart but we barely finished the zombie room with precious minutes to spare. So it was pretty hard to say the least.

Review №27

Very fun and easy to schedule. Had a great time and we escaped the zombie apocalypse

Review №28

Bradley was amazing! We did the Alice in wonderland escape room and it was super fun! We would definitely go back or refer that to anyone!

Review №29

Honestly felt like a kick to the nannies. Felt let down, hard. The vibes the workers let off was that they didnt want us there, and the room had potential, but when we needed a hint the game master would come in, and just show us or present the keys or whatever, I guess he wanted to play too, but he didnt have to PAY! Needless to say, I love escape rooms. But with the help of the worker he can easily get us out of the room we paid for, rudely and easily. If he wants to help me get out of things, where was he in all my past relationships. That room was easier to get out of than a one day relationship with a cousins, cousin.

Review №30

My friends and I tried to go to the Destin Harborwalk escape room 2 nights in a row. Our first night we came by around 9:30, and it was closed although the hours on the website said it is open until 11. The next night we tried to book online, and every escape event said “full.” We tried calling and were informed they “shut down the website” and “filled” every room at noon because they “hadn’t had a customer all day.” When we asked if we could book a room, the employee on the phone gave us one option for 10pm, but she acted overly frustrated and told us she couldn’t guarantee it would still be available when we got there. We ended up not going. Huge disappointment considering every escape room we have done in the past in other locations had great employees who seemed to have fun with their job.

Review №31

We went to the doll room which was supposed to be 9/10 scary. I didnt find it even 1/10. You could even ask for clues and the instructor just opens the door and gives them. Whats the point of the escape room if you dont feel trapped. But the over all clues were not bad. Its definitely for kids though.

Review №32

Ive been to many escape rooms and this one is by far my favorite. We had a blast at this place. The rooms were super-fun and the detail put in to the decor really stands out! The staff put on a great show introducing us to the room and the rules. They were professional, polite and helpful. The puzzles were really challenging, but not impossible. Great place for a birthday party, a family outing or a night out with friends or coworkers. We did the Voodoo room and Ill be back to take on the dreaded Zombie room soon!!

Review №33

It was convenient and beautiful

Review №34

Was in Destin, Florida on vacation recently for a destination wedding and our group booked the Voodoo Escape room. SO MUCH FUN! Our group was paired with another group and we had to learn to work together and communicate to escape, just like if it was a real life scenario! This was my first escape room and I cant wait to go back again and try the other rooms! Bates Motel one looks so scary!!! Great customer service by the employees too! They really get into presentation here!

Review №35

Kids had a great time here and me and the Mrs enjoyed some time together at the bar just outside the escape room. Helpful and friendly staff made and no wait on a walk up.

Review №36

We did voodoo cabin and the Zombie one and both were good. It would have been more fun if our guide wasnt making fun of our southern accents every 5 seconds.

Review №37

It was out first escape room and we enjoyed it...The service was wonderful... We will.definitely be back!!

Review №38

Had a blast. We did Bates Motel. The puzzles are challenging but fun.

Review №39

I would not recommend going. We should up 45 minutes before because most owners want you there 30 minutes before. If you are late they start your clock. What should happen to the customer for the inconvenience? A. An apology for the inconvenience B. Do not share why just give a credit or something to make it right and C. An apology. I would of been ok with A and C.They let the group that was 20 minutes late go ahead and start with 30 minutes on the clock. I have done over 40 escape rooms with my family and this is my first ever review. Waited over 75 minutes to do a 30 minute room.So lets go with the theme of the room Voodoo. I was expecting so fog and cemetery or something around Louisiana. Nope none of it. On the website it has one room labeled 30 minutes and it was not the voodoo room, it was the bates hotel. So when we get in the room and they say you have 30 minutes we were like what the hell. If in Destin I would not recommend this escape room.I am sorry for this but there was just to much wrong to let it be and not tell other escape room enthusiast about this.

Review №40

Lisa was very accommodating! Kylie provides excellent assistance in securing the reservation for a large group of students! Activity was great!

Review №41

Disappointed. This was a birthday gift for my daughter. After paying $118 for the 4 of us to do an escape room for the 1st time, I was in tears within the first 5 minutes of being in the alice room. The girl (dark hair olive conplexion) did not explain anything other than how to use the radio and call for help. We had no idea what to do. After wasting 15 minutes trying to figure it out.When we finally asked for help a man came in and explained we needed to unlock the boxes in order to find clues. After 30 minutes we were finally in the 1st locked box. 30 minutes wasted out of 60 just to try to figure out what we were supposed to be doing!! He finally explained the object of the game. He looked at me and said I need to talk to you when you guys are done! and didnt seem happy about. So now im also worried I did something wrong. After it was all said and done I asked him several times what did u need to talk to me about? He said never mind. Then they had the nerve to ask us for a photo. I said no thank you.. I was so upset. But, being it was my daughters birthday I caved but it was not a memory I care to remember!!I cried on my way home apologizing to my daughter that her birthday present bombed and all she wanted to do was an escape room.We never would have successfully completed the room if the Male worker hadnt stayed in the room with us (after asking for help 4x) basically telling us what to do.**note: we arrived 45 minutes early so staff had plenty of time to explain the ins/outs of how to do an escape room, but instead we spent our time in the lobby.Wish I could make up the time and $$ spent to my daughter..

Review №42

Loved it! Unlimited hints. Great for beginners.

Review №43

Loved this place! We went two days in a row. The staff is awesome and the rooms challenging and exciting. Definitely check it out while you’re in Destin

Review №44

Great place! My fiancée and I did the doll room on our vacation and had a great time. It was challenging, but not impossibly difficult, and just scary enough to be fun.

Review №45

My first experience with this place a year ago was five stars. The zombie apocalypse room was fun and challenging, and when we asked for a hint we actually got a hint. However we went back and did the Bates motel room and it was of poor quality, it was unorganized, and there was hardly any light to see anything, the flashlight we eventually found emitree ZERO light and when we asked for a hint the lady came in and didnt give us a hint but instead just told us what to do, which is not the point of the escape room. Also, the employees were not dressed like they were at work and when we finally escaped they didnt even have a timer for us, so they had to run into the room to get the time. It was a mess.

Review №46

Our company did a team building and split into 2 teams of 5. We all had a blast! team won!

Review №47

Awesome. Did Voodoo Cabin.

Review №48

My entire super competitive family LOVES this place. We find the rooms challenging and the staff friendly. We are already planning our third visit!

Review №49

DO NOT pay them in advance and go back at allotted time. My daughter had a medical emergency back at the hotel, so me and the wife had to cancel. We go back to ask for our money (before the time it was to start) and the two ladies informed me basically that I just gave them over 30 dollars with nothing to show for it. If you go, get the times of when they start and return. They will happily steal your money.

Review №50

We had a great time. The staff were friendly and helpful. We escaped the doll room. A fun time for a rainy day.

Review №51

Great rooms and Leslie took care of us!!

Review №52

We just left this place and did the Zombie room. It was fun trying to figure out the clues and kept our party of 4 busy. My friend chose to have the walkie talkie we were given but then decided I should be in charge, we were shown how to use it, so a few minutes in I asked for a hint the first time and the walkie talkie worked, but the second time we needed a hint it wasnt working and someone else was coming back through that didn’t work there. So I think I accidentally hit the dial (do note this was the only accident to happen and I didn’t realize I hit it) I walked up front to let one of your employees know we needed help and that the walkie wasn’t working correctly and all I got was smart remarks and being talked down upon all because I had accidentally messed up. So rude and ruined the rest of my expierience. On top of that the same employee was complaining about how she doesn’t get paid enough while we were signing up. Shouldn’t have people working there that don’t enjoy their job. Spring break, or not. Love the place though! It was fun!

Review №53

Cheap props not realistic at all. It was definitely challenging but mildly entertaining don’t waste your money.

Review №54

My sons were visiting over Christmas and we went to the VOODOO Room and we escaped with 5 mins to spare. WOOHOO! We had a great time and cant wait to go back and try another room.

Review №55

This was a cool thing to do on a Saturday. I definitely recommend the management add a couple more staff members on weekends, as the two employees seemed overwhelmed by the amount of people they had to attend to.In response to the owners reply.... You may notice I left my review for the location in Destin. This is because it is the location I went to.

Review №56

Challenging and fun for beginners, but slightly spooky. Not recommended for small children, but fun for teenagers!

Review №57

Beautiful! Very adventurous! A lot of things to do!

Review №58

Half of the difficulty of the Bates Motel room was the fact that the whole room was very poorly lit and the locks were quite difficult to see. Also when we asked for our first and only hint, it resulted in the front desk attendant coming into the room and telling us exactly how to unlock the next lock. So much for a hint.

Review №59

Awesome staff. Had a lot of fun doing the doll room and Bates motel! Will be back!

Review №60

Great place for to enjoy had a great time

Review №61

It was so much fun! Definitely difficult but amazingly cool!

Review №62

Great way to kill time! Friendly staff. Fun for the whole family!

Review №63

I thought this would be more interactive its more based for kids. We did the doll room adventure and it was not scary at all and it was a little boring.

Review №64

Awesome time for all of us, (2 adults, 19 yr, 14 yr 13yr and a 11 yr old) all 6 of us worked as team and made it out of the 30 min room Bates Motel and the 60 min Doll Room!

Review №65

Great rooms. Did 3 of them

Review №66

I dont recommend...the place is kinda cool...but the staff is so rude...some dark hair heavy lady said she owned it and she was just horrible to us...we all came for spring break and just wanted to do something fun at emerald grand destin florida...sorry to give a low rating but we are just being honest...its sad when people dont want customers try something else to have fun because we found so much to do at destin and all the people were so nice...the boat rides were really fun..

Review №67

Need to get with the program a lot of stuff to do in Destin Fl to not even act like you care if customers walk in to your place of business, stood and waited to at least be greeted by one of the three employees playing on their phones me and the other 7 in our party walked out and spent our money where we had better customer service

Review №68

Great place to spend an hour and work your mind

Review №69

A fun time with a good staff. Rooms are very interesting.

Review №70

Awesome staff, great experience

Review №71

Fun fun fun

Review №72

My first escape room

Review №73

Had a blast.

Review №74

Awesome fun!

Review №75

Super fun

Review №76

For kids

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