Movies Inc Calallen
4222 Wildcat Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78410, United States

Review №1

There arent new movies to show right now, but these guys are running classic films at a great price. Its great to have the theater experience again.They are also being very safe with masks, gloves, and small theater capacities.

Review №2

We love going here! They have the latest movies and very small crowds! With a family of 8 we buy lots of snacks and the staff members are always helpful in taking it to our theater for us!

Review №3

Very clean and comfortable. Great price!

Review №4

Im glad someone took the initiative to invest in the Five Points neighborhood. It takes moving mountains to get anything out here and Im glad we have a movie theater again. Not exactly what I hoped for, but its something. Nice people and their snacks are great.

Review №5

Clean theatre comfortable seats and low ticket prices great place to see a movie.

Review №6

I hate that you cant adjust the seat position. However, this venue was exceptional clean, the commercial time was very short, the screen and sound system are good quality, and there is stadium seating. For what you pay, this is a very good deal.

Review №7

A truly unique movie watching experience in a world of corporate theaters. Movies Inc is a great way to catch a movie that would be sold out anywhere else and avoid the crowds. Super clean lobby and theaters. Ive enjoyed being able to see movies here.

Review №8

Great local theater! Staff is always nice and they maintain a clean environment. We went to watch It 2 and I liked that a staff member went in to advise everyone to turn off their phones and not to talk during the movie. He advised that the show had a lot of quiet and dark scenes and anyone disrupting the show would be asked to leave. This is a BIG reason we will continue to return here and not make the trip to the bigger theatres.

Review №9

Have always liked this place. Clean friendly and close to home.

Review №10

Great little movie theater! Very clean, reasonably priced, and good assortment of concessions. Family oriented environment! Higly recommended.

Review №11

It is a awesome locally owned business. If you ever want to beat the crowds for premieres come here. Awesome staff and very clean theaters.

Review №12

First time at this place was to see Aladdin. Cute little theatre. Prices are good and the free (one) refill on large drink and popcorn is great. There were times when it was a little difficult to hear the movie especially when kids start crying (I can usually hear a pin drop) so turning up the sound a little during the movies would be good. And it would be great if parents didnt allow their kids to kick or push the seat in front of them. Looking forward to the new place to open in AP.

Review №13

Its a convenient place to watch a movie. The people who work there which are mostly young high school students look depressed. Its almost funny how they just moop around the movie theater!! Lol!!!

Review №14

We spent a large amount of money at consessions. Which is fine but then the manager wouldnt let us take our diaper bag in. Keep n mind we were taking my 5 year old and 4 month old to see frozen 2. I dont take my kids especially the younger one to the theater. I really wanted calallen to keep its movie theater but if they keep their managers that do this I doubt it will stay open.

Review №15

Cute and clean little theatre. Different from the big corporate ones. Highly Recommend!

Review №16

Great movie theater. Never a wait to get tickets. Every seat is a good seat. Clean!

Review №17

Awesome place! Always good with family and friends! Always clean

Review №18

Good atmosphere good food. Great salad bar!

Review №19

Its very clean and the staff is very friendly. Its a nice small local theater. You cant beat their ticket prices.

Review №20

The movie we wanted to see — found out the projector was broken. We didn’t get to see the movie, but did get shown the theater and learned some of the history of it. Great staff and management. Clean and I can’t wait to try again.

Review №21

This is an awesome theater. We were visiting from San Antonio and wanted to see Dark Phoenix. Theatre was clean and staff was friendly. Prices were outstanding and their sound system was comparable to Santikos theatres in San Antonio. Would definitely recommend!

Review №22

Really friendly place! Clean, inexpensive, comfy seats, and great quality of the movie. Went to see Lion King here while passing thru and overall loved it! Will definitely come here again if Im ever in the area.

Review №23

Great love it I would invest if it had one more thing that would bring more money

Review №24

I always enjoy going to Movies Inc. The staff are wonderful, the theater is always clean and the prices are reasonable. Its one of my favorites theaters to go to.

Review №25

Great customer service, courteous, willing to help. Very good prices, comfortable atmosphere, not too hot, not too cold. Love this place

Review №26

Locally owned and operated, clean, good concession options, decent service. You can tell there is good management that pays attention to detail.

Review №27

Clean new theatre in Rockport by the Butterchurn. Friendly employees and owner.

Review №28

Love how local it is .. hate how expensive it is you might as well go out to eat than go to movies cuz in the end you will be paying more for just snacks at movies prices are just rediculas

Review №29

If you plan to bring a baby dont come. They dont allow diaper bags. Theyll give you a clear bag to transfer the stuff. What a hassle in my opinion. Very sad and frustrating.Update: No changing station either

Review №30

Great theater! Very clean. Friendly staff!

Review №31

Love this theater. Always clean, staff friendly.

Review №32

Small theater but its very nice and modern inside. Favorite theater to go to in Corpus area.

Review №33

We enjoyed going there. People their were nice n place was nice and clean.

Review №34

Love this place ️ perfect especially for date night !

Review №35

Only been there once and it was a great experience. I like the fact its in my area and its nice and comfortable. Will be going back again.

Review №36

Clean friendly environment. I like that its close to home as well.

Review №37

Nice theater, not over priced. Employees seem to work hard at keeping it clean. The employees have always been friendly and respectful. Too bad they cant eject the knuckle heads that cant stay off of their cell phones during movies though.

Review №38

This is a great little movie house. Has all the essentials, with none of the fluff. And the price is great.

Review №39

One of my favorite places to go see a movie!

Review №40

Great theater. Nice, clean & local.

Review №41

One of my favorite movie theater’s to go to, its a small, super clean and well run place to enjoy a movie at in Corpus Christi. Love supporting this gem!

Review №42

My family and I love going here. They always have great service and you get a clean and fun environment to watch your movies!

Review №43

I havent been to the movies in a while so this was a real treat. The theatre is very clean and the employees are really friendly. The picture and sound quality is excellent. I highly recommend Movies Inc in Calallen

Review №44

Best place to go friendly employees.

Review №45

Loved the theme the place was super clean and everyone was fast and helpful to get me seated on time and ready to watch my movie

Review №46

Great. Friendly staff, good popcorn, comfortable seats.

Review №47

Very nice. Great for the family. Staff is always nice and professional.

Review №48

Great place for groups and trainable priced.

Review №49

Movie was awesome, staff was very friendly and helpful.

Review №50

Great place to watch movies!! Great staff, very friendly and the refills are always a plus!! I also like how nice and clean the place is!!

Review №51

Great, clean place to enjoy a movie with the kids or for date night!!!

Review №52

Great local Movie theater.. very clean and great customer service!!

Review №53

Bargain basic theater not even carpet on floors. No recline seats or reserved seating. Come a half hour late the previews and advertising gets old

Review №54

Nice clean cold theatre. Friendly staff. Unfortunately the power went out due to a nearby car accident. We received a movie pass for future visit.

Review №55

The movie shut off right at the climax. It took 5 minutes until the theatre realized the problem and another 5 to get the movie working again. The theater didn’t even offer compensation for the trouble caused by them. Never wasting my money here again.

Review №56

Very good movie theater to go see what’s new. They only have four big screens but they are always up to date with the newer releases. They do serve popcorn drinks snacks candy pickles and they do offer bundles if you are willing to save. There enough seating for this theater which surprised me. They currently don’t sell alcohol at this theater as of now. Pretty good for your small town theater

Review №57

My wife and I really liked this theater. Its on the small side, only 4 theaters, but theyre all stadium seating. The other thing we liked was how good the environment was for people with kids. The parents were able to keep their kids mostly quiet and nobody was making snide comments about them being there. There didnt seem to be an option to reserve seating like at the AMC theaters, so make sure you get there early or buy your tickets on their website. Were definitely looking forward to our next visit here.

Review №58

Great prices and an amazing staff. We definitely coming back!

Review №59

Nice, clean, little movie theater with lots of seating available. It has that great, small town feel... dont expect anything fancy, just a good time with family or friends or with your other half. Loved it!!!

Review №60

Very nice clean and quiet movie theater. Never been to a sold out show there staff are friendly.

Review №61

Super friendly staff! Excellent service and good price! Loved the movie.

Review №62

I liked the place. Its unique and simple.

Review №63

It was HOT in there.We went to see Toy Story and was hot in that theater.

Review №64

Very clean and the people were very friendly l. The seats were awesome and lots of leg room... maybe turn it up just a tick louder next time... a smaller theater so noise doesnt have to travel very far.

Review №65

Prices were reasonable and theater was clean

Review №66

Movies Inc is the best damn movie theater ive ever been too

Review №67

Large clean facility. Prices were good for the matinee, up until 6pm.

Review №68

Great independent movie theatre, good use some recline able seats lol!

Review №69

Great place for the family to enjoy a movie. Very nice, clean and affordable.

Review №70

Great place kinda hidden but nice audio is great and friendly staff. Clean and great aviation theme in lobby and restrooms.

Review №71

Fast friendly service and a really clean movie theater, first time to a private owned theater and we will be back, free refills on soda and popcorn.I suggest trying this out

Review №72

Great little theater! Not a big selection of times because they have so few theatres, but they have the most popular movies, a good sized concession, and reasonable prices. I paid $5.50 to see a movie on a Sunday at 4:45.

Review №73

Best theater around and reasonable prices

Review №74

Great place close not crowded small

Review №75

I REFUSE to go to any other theater. This place is always clean and the staff is always incredibly friendly.

Review №76

Cozy and clean. We had a blast watching Detective Pickachu!

Review №77

Clean n ticket salesgirl was polite n helpful

Review №78

Id rather watch a movie here than anywhere else. Great staff and great service.

Review №79

Love going here not so packed wit people....its clean friendly staff....nd not so the comfortable stadium sitting is great

Review №80

The owner of this place is great along with his staff. The theaters are very clean and the prices are reasonable at the concession stand.The only downside to the place is the size as they can only show a limited number of movies at one time.

Review №81

Awesome customer service, the end game was sold out and my family was unable to sit together so they quickly directed us to the next showing with no fee! Thanks so much, will return.

Review №82

It is a great place to go if you are looking for a non-packed movie theater, but it does not have as much of a variety of movies compared to bigger facilities.

Review №83

This theater is amazing!! We recently moved from Houston and after fighting to get into the commercial theatres, you realize that all you need is their excellent customer service, clean space and a comfortable seat!!

Review №84

Pretty great place to see Joker

Review №85

Service and snacks were good and do was the movie.

Review №86

Great little stadium theater

Review №87

Nice & subtle, comfy seats.

Review №88

Good and clean, popcorn was so good

Review №89

The movie was kind of drug out but I did appreciate knowing the before life of the Joker

Review №90

It was a very good experience small and the price was very fair.️

Review №91

Small but cheap and good place to take the kids

Review №92

My favorite movie place. Always clean, great parking, great prices, no long lines at the concession stand, and close to home.

Review №93

Nice small independently owned movie theater. 5 small screen, traditional stadium movie theater seating. Sparse decoration, cement walls and floors, but comfortable

Review №94

Great place to watch a movie. They have fair prices on tickets and snacks! They have comfortable seating and is always clean. Its my favorite place in Corpus Christi to go to the movies.

Review №95

Its a small theater. Hidden from main road view, down a side street. A bit pricey on the snacks/drinks. Tickets are decently priced. More intimate scene. Great for solo, couple, or small groups. Staff is friendly and helpful. I live in Robstown so its better to go here than all the way to Corpus but during busy times may be difficult to find parking and/or desirable seats.

Review №96

Prefer this place over the bigger theaters.

Review №97

This movie theater is always clean. Always enjoy the big screen movies here, conveniently located.

Review №98

Very inexpensive. For a Friday night showing.

Review №99

I like Movies Inc, but the drink prices are a litte pricey for what you get and the popcorn is stale. TO MANAGEMENT, You would sell more popcorn if was made fresh in small batches and not have the popcorn bagged before people order it. The smell of fresh popcorn popping gets me to buy popcorn ALWAYS. And I think you can bring in more people.

Review №100

Popcorn was half popped, drinks werent free refill, no reclined seats, and to top it all off only 1$ less than the nice ones

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  • Address:4222 Wildcat Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78410, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 361-241-4222
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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