Shark Tank Poker Club
2004, 1508 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220, United States

Review №1

Great place to play poker. Friendly staff. Games play way bigger then 1/2. Plo on Tuesday and Thursday.

Review №2

THE place to play poker in Ohio. Low stakes NLHE and PLO, mid stakes LO8, plus a variety of tournaments. Door cover gets you drinks, snacks and unlimited rake free play.

Review №3

Great place to play poker. Excellent staff, dealers, and action.

Review №4

Best card room in town. Awesome owner, staff, and action.

Review №5

The only complaint is the 25 dollar fee they take out each time before you start.

Review №6

Great place to play. Good competition. Fun atmosphere! Well ran.

Review №7

Great room with great staff. Tournaments happening every day for a good buyin with decent payouts. The cash game has lots of action. Only downside is that of you dont get there early, you could be waiting for a LONG time to get in the cash game. Otherwise, everything is absolutely fantastic. I play there a couple times a week.

Review №8

I played my first live game here and had a great time. Staff is extremely polite and helpful. Ive played a couple weeks in a row now and i will definitely be coming here regularly.

Review №9

Ok place. Poker tables should be better. Really better. Feels like you are eating from plastic in 5 star restaurant. Lots of fish.

Review №10

Awesome place with nice people. Lots of regulars but they welcome new people and all seem pretty cool. Staff is very friendly.

Review №11

Best games in the state.

Review №12

Solid staff and good tournaments every night. Cash games have lots of action . Great place! Much better than the casino

Review №13

Played my first tournament there a couple of weeks ago and everyone was great. Staff was awesome. Players were all friendly and welcoming. It feels like a home game. If I could offer feedback Id suggest investing in new chairs and auto shufflers. Other than that all my future poker playing will be here!

Review №14

Best place in town for poker ! Friendly staff great security !

Review №15

Great safe place to play poker .. great tuesday night plo games

Review №16

I have so much fun with the tourneys here

Review №17

I used to think this place was absolutely better than the casino but I’m not sure anymore. The free soda and snacks are nice but I’ve been disappointed that they have stopped guaranteeing tournaments. Several times since the new owners have taken over they’ve canceled tourneys due to bad weather instead of playing as scheduled. I expect that from Hollywood but now the Tank is stooping to that level. They need to regulate the amount of breaks players are take at cash tables. Several times last week we had 2-3 people take extended breaks and we had to play short.

Review №18

Without a doubt the best club I’ve ever played at... clean, safe environment with very experienced and professional dealers and owners!

Review №19

Great place for poker and hanging out!

Review №20

Best Poker room in Columbus, Ohio

Review №21

This place sucks!!

Review №22

Great atmosphere..good games and friendly staff

Review №23

I took a notary call and 20 minutes later I arrived at Shark Tank. I met with a couple of really nice guys, and got the documents for their business notarized for them. I had to write a review about them because I was really impressed by their club and how comfortable I was there. These guys are great! You gotta go check the place out and see for yourself!

Review №24

Super good place to play poker. Well organized and friendly.

Review №25

The Shark Tank is the best poker club in Columbus. The staff is friendly and run an excellent and fair game. Having been a player there for over 3 years, I have never felt uncomfortable in the place like I have at other poker clubs in the area. The dealers know what they are doing and the management quickly steps in if there is an issue. The club is even friendly to female players as the club doesnt allow ‘troublesome’ players and has a security guard outside at night who will escort the ladies to their car if needed.

Review №26

Fantastic establishment! Great action plays more like a house game than a casino. The floor managers always step in and clear up issues at the table. For the most part the people there are great. Obviously when money is involved people can get a little heated. But the management is great at de-escalating the tense situations.The biggest reason to play here us the people you meet. They are just genuine people who come to have a good time. If you dont want to talk to the people at the table I would go to the casino.

Review №27

I play poker for the fun and this place has a relaxing and upbeat environment. The staff is friendly and attentive, they have a good variety of tournaments, and they hold special events and fundraisers frequently.As a female, there are a few poker places I never venture into alone, but this place is inviting for all skill levels and personality types. :-)

Review №28

Blood in the water.

Review №29

Really neat little place where dealers and management staff love the game of poker (and it shows). Hospitality is off the charts, too. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to play a tournament or cash game.

Review №30

All the employees are great. Fun and entertaining

Review №31

I have been a long time member here. Always a great time, they run a good clean game with full time dealers. Recently under new ownership and they have completely remodeled and classed the place up.

Review №32

The Shark Tank is an excellent poker club in Columbus. The staff is friendly and run an excellent and fair game. Dealers do a great and fair job. I feel very comfortable playing here. I play tournaments all the time and there are a lot of other good players who play here. Its good to play with great people, for the most part other players are good and friendly too. Free snacks and drinks. They always hold some special tournaments almost every month and great players in and around all show up. If you like to watch sports in between hands, this place has quite a few TV’s and they always put on the hot games on them. If you are reading this, see you at the club next time.

Review №33

Its very nice, the team is great and very polite.

Review №34

Friendly and safe environment. Very welcoming to new players.

Review №35

First time playing poker other than online. Very welcoming and accommodating. Not to mention I left with 800 more than I had when I got there.

Review №36

The action is great, the environment is comfortable, relaxed and friendly while still being competitive and challenging. Always a good time to come to the tank and enjoy the play!

Review №37

There are only a few places to play in Columbus. And its important that a social club with poker feels safe, fair and welcoming. The Shark Tank was the only club to survive after the casino opened, and theres a reason for that; a friendly feel, great regular customers and competent dealers. I know thousands more people than I used to due to this club, and the poker strategy I learned playing there got me into a great Vegas tournament, and gave me a fun, profitable hobby.

Review №38

I visit Columbus for work. I have played here a couple of times a year for several years. It’s a tough crowd from the standpoint that almost all the players are decent or at least know the game. Few tourists or learning players would feel comfortable. Don’t get me wrong you will be welcomed, taught the ropes, everyone will be friendly, AND they will take your money with a smile. Hey! A good education is rarely free.This is a perfect place for anyone who loves poker. The dealers know what they are doing and manage the tables well. The buys ins are generally lower than at name brand casinos. There are a number of close by restaurants that will deliver food. The tank provides snacks. The lighting is good, the tables decent and the chairs are ok. Bathrooms are clean and the clientele is diverse and friendly as well.There is no alcohol - a drawback for some - but I like it. Anyways there is a bar closer (next door) than most bars in the casino are from the poker room. Granted you need to drink your drink at the bar. Did I mention water and soda are provided.Bottom line - comfortable place to play cards, fair, convenient, clean enough.Only four stars because they don’t have a bar. But one is close!

Review №39

Good run poker tournaments and cash games. Nice fun atmosphere with no pot rake.

Review №40

Very nice local Poker room. Great staff. Well run games.

Review №41

This is the best Poker Club in Central Ohio. The dealers are friendly and the place is always welcoming and clean. The dealers are some of the best poker players in Columbus and are always willing to help you dissect a hand if you want. Win or lose I never regret going to this place.

Review №42

Best place to play in Columbus! Polite and honest staff, tons of benefits for playing, and great action! Definitely do yourself a favor if youre in the Midwest and check out this Poker Room!

Review №43

Great local poker club. Great staff, dealers, and facility...

Review №44

Awesome place!

Review №45

Great place to play. If you want a friendly, honest, and laid back place you will love shark tank. It feels like a home game with friends compared to the overly serious and depressing vibe at the casino. The owners are players first and are ioften are cooking out or ordering pizza for the players. It is by far my favorite place to play poker in ohio.

Review №46

Best place to play poker in Central Ohio. Clean and friendly atmosphere, experienced and fast dealers, free food and soft drinks.

Review №47

Avoid! The rules keep changing. There is no consistency. If you are in a big hand, if there is a ruling, they will always rule in favor of the regulars. There is a reason its called the Shark Tank - because you are the meal. They charge you $20 EACH DAY to play, and if the game wants to go past 4 AM they take $100 from the players to continue for a couple hours more. Save your money. Go elsewhere.

Review №48

Fun if your looking to make or lose some money.

Review №49

Nice people nice game nice atmosphere

Review №50

Best place to play poker in Columbus. Great staff, facilities, and promotions. No Rake!

Review №51

Shark Tank Poker Club is the best place to play poker in Columbus. Pleasant, experienced dealers and management. Good location. Free snacks and pizza often provided by management. Management ha recently upgraded the room; new carpet, larger tables, new chairs on order, many TVs to watch sports, free Wifi. Check it out and decide for yourself

Review №52

Best action around

Review №53

Always a great time

Review №54

Great club with friendly environment. Great cash games and tournaments.

Review №55

I love this place

Review №56

Great environment, well run, low cost, good staff. Go see Ginny!

Review №57

Great place to play poker

Review №58

Great place to play poker.

Review №59

Great place

Review №60

Always good action

Review №61

Great place

Review №62

Great people, friendly atmosphere

Review №63

Why not?

Review №64

Love the tank

Review №65

I frequent this club on weekly basis they run nightly tournaments. And run no-limit cash games staff is friendly and they always listen to suggestions.

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  • Address:2004, 1508 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 614-459-2678
  • Casino
  • Tourist attraction
Working hours
  • Monday:12pm–4am
  • Tuesday:12pm–4am
  • Wednesday:12pm–4am
  • Thursday:12pm–4am
  • Friday:12pm–4am
  • Saturday:12pm–4am
  • Sunday:12pm–4am
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
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