Cottonwood Creek Family Center YMCA
3920 Dublin Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, United States

Review №1

Unique place, but not the normal YMCA. Pool is a great play area for kids -- limited for adults. (No traditional swimming.) The gym area is small, yet adequate with typical weight machines. Courts are outside -- basketball, tennis, hockey. And, the park for running, soccer, football, etc. Enjoy this place for what it is, rather than complain about what it is not.

Review №2

This is a wave pool venue. My daughter always insists on going there when she visits from New York. The facility is always clean and the employees are friendly. The life guards are very attentive to the swimmers. Access is a little tricky from the west. YMCA membership gets you in, or pay as you go.

Review №3

Nice place, lifeguards checking all the time, if you want to just take a break and enjoy the moment with family.

Review №4

2 of my kids have their swim lessons here and they love it. The instructors are all so sweet. The facility is nice and clean. There is a water slide and a wave pool. They dont usually open them up until like noon (ish) after the swim classes have finished

Review №5

The wave pool was perfect for family fun. The pools werent overcrowded, which was great! The bathroom/ locker room was clean, and the staff were friendly. Just make sure to bring a photo ID with you or you cant use the facility. We had to drive home and back just to get an ID, which was a hassle.

Review №6

Sooo much fun, completely indoors and the kids had a blast too : )

Review №7

I love this pool for my son to play at after school and on the weekends however I wish the hours werent so choppy. It makes it hard to plan time if you want to use both the leisure and the wave pool. 9 year olds just dont understand that.

Review №8

Wave pool is amazing. Whirlpool is amazing. Gym needs updated.

Review №9

Smiling and helpful staff. Small facility, but fun water area.

Review №10

Love the indoor wave pool and water slide. Great for families with kids 10 and over.

Review №11

Since the YMCA over the pools in Colorado Springs it is too expensive to swim. 0 stars.Quote Below: We never turn anyone away due to an inability to pay. This is just not true. I know several people who cant afford the monthly dues. Monthly dues are based off of previous tax return. A tax return is not an indicator of ability to pay. I never asked for a handout or free. I just wanted to pay what I payed before the YMCA took over these pools. If your poor on your return or rich, you are golden. If you work your tail off you will get charged a ton or turned away! So I make too much according to my tax return but am broke. Does the YMCA turn people like me away? Of course they do... I used to love taking my family to this pool almost daily... Since the YMCA took over I have gone one time and it was very expensive... I just dont go swimming anymore. Its actually much cheaper to get a summer pass to WaterWorld! THATS CRAZY! Especially for what you get...

Review №12

Very fun pool area for kids. Wave pool, lazy river, and a water slide for kids who pass a swim test. My kid loves it!

Review №13

A great place to take the kids during open swim. Lifeguards are attentive and the kids have a lot of fun. Younger kids will need to take a swim test before being allowed to use the waterside.

Review №14

Super friendly staff & very good attention!

Review №15

I’ve only used the pool at this facility, and it is fun when it’s not crowded. I wish there was more for little kids to do though. My one complaint is a way to enforce an age limit of the opposite sex in the locker room. When I was in there recently a mother brought in a boy who looked to be about 8-10 years old, which I believe is too old to be in the women’s locker room. And I wish that the workout facility was open for longer hours.

Review №16

My son had a blast here swimming while enjoying a friends birthday party. Nice facility overall.

Review №17

This location has a wave pool, a water slide and a lazy river. Its a little more run-down than some of the other YMCAs in the area, but my kids loved it. The open showers were a little awkward, especially when they open directly into the pool area, but altogether it was a fun time. I didnt use the small gym here, so I dont know whether its good or not, but like me, most people came for the pool area.

Review №18

We ABSOLUTELY LOVE Cottonwood YMCA. It is one of a kind. My kids have so much fun. Its a small little indoor waterpark without all the hype. Theyre very conscious of safety and functional equipment. Well done YMCA.

Review №19

We came here to swim and the pool area was filthy. No regular lap swimming available. We left disappointed in the cost to get in and how small the water area was. Just a wave pool, lazy river, and one slide. We would never recommend coming here for water fun. I don’t know about the rest of the building. Maybe hire a janitor that knows how to clean and then have them do it OFTEN. Nasty.

Review №20

Was ok I guess

Review №21

Great place to take the kids.

Review №22

Good but not deep enoough water

Review №23

My daughter does her swimming lessons here and loves Miss Jasmine!!

Review №24

Small gym, pool is optimal if you have kids. Be sure to cancel your membership 6 days before the date they give. If you cancel day 5 they will charge you and then give you someone downtown to contact...

Review №25

My son loves it. Hes always treated kindly by staff. Hes special needs and the facility offers lazy River and wave pool both of which he enjoys. The swimming gives him exercise and helps with his balance and spinal pain. Its well worth the monthly payment and is still a much less expensive option with classes, large indoor pool area, workout space and friendly inclusive staff, than gyms in area. Plus its family friendly so kids can interact and have fun for hours

Review №26

This is a pretty fun spot for the family. They have a wave pool, slide, and a lazy river. Locker rooms could be better.

Review №27

I havent had the chance to use the gym facilities here (no childcare), but we frequent the pool and the kids love it. Wave pool, lazy river, whirlpool, and waterslide all in the same place. The change rooms are your average YMCA style, so nothing fancy. Staff is always friendly and welcoming! The lifeguards are happy to swim test your child to acquire the blue band required for the waterslide.

Review №28

I love that the YMCA allows public access to this facility for a fee so everyone can enjoy it. The wave pool, lazy river, and slide are all really fun and my kids can play here for hours with just those three areas. I love that the fitness center overlooks the pool so I can work out and keep an eye on my kids. Its also nice that they do a swim test at the top of every hour so kids can earn the blue band to go on the slide (if youre a Y member, make sure they give you the card so that your kids swim level can be entered into their system and they wont have to retest)

Review №29

Great place to go swim, even without having a YMCA membership. Staff is always friendly, pool is clean and lifeguards on duty make you feel comfortable. Slide and whirlpool are added bonuses.

Review №30

Water wave a lazy pool was way way to cold, locker room was freezing!!! As much as we pay to be members, I would think they could turn the heat up in the pool and the locker rooms!! My 3 year grandson was ready to leave 5 minutes after we got there!!!?

Review №31

Very nice has a wave pool, lazy river and large slide. Fenced patio in back off pool area where you can sit and sun yet still be close to the kiddos. Plenty of life guards on duty.

Review №32

My husband and I took our 4 month old daughter swimming for the first time and her momma just wanted pictures. While we were taking pictures, a disrespectful female lifeguard approached us and told us were not allowed to take pictures. The wave pool wasnt on because of how many children were there but thats not too big of a problem. I wish the water was slightly warmer in the lazy river. The biggest problem we had here was interacting with the lifeguard. Other than that we had a great time.

Review №33

Nice park. Theres a wave pool with slides in the building. Adjecent sledding hill in the winter, basketball, softball, roller hockey, playground and huge open field and loop for jogging or biking kite flying or soccer/football. Close to frisby golf as well.

Review №34

Went there to swim. The lady at the front desk said we had an hour which was cool. 10 minutes into swimming the lifeguards closed the pool.

Review №35

Great place to take the kids when its not so crowded! Love the wave pool and the tidal swirl pool. If youre like me and dont like the crowds and chaos then go during the off season.

Review №36

Always friendly staff makes for a good experience. Great for Y Members as well as community, but if youre going to pay to get in, I suggest staying for a few hours to get your money worth. Well kept, clean facility that our whole family enjoys. To access the water slide, children must pass a swim test that is usually administered at the top of every hour.

Review №37

Kids love it here. They dont let you take pictures of your kiddos though.

Review №38

Love taking our kid here. Large playground with a variety of things for him to do. There are trails to run/walk. Large open grass fields, softball fields, and basketball courts. Lots of kids tend to be here so its great for our son to socialize and make new friends. Parking is generous, unless there are soccer games going.

Review №39

Seems like they have fallen behind on some maintenance, otherwise a good place to swim and get a light workout in the small gym area.

Review №40

Had weird experience with my youngest in pool and someone else in pool. Creeped us out so bad we never went back

Review №41

Took my kids swimming! End up in urgent care! My son got a bad eye infection from the swimming pool he could not even open his eyes. Have learned that they don’t filter the water in the pool very unsanitary!

Review №42

Its on beautiful park land, and the amenities are lovely. The pool looked awesome, the weight room was cozy (smaller for sure). Its pretty expensive though. For a family of 2 adults and a child (under 2) they want $100 a month! Thats too much for me. To go swim for a day its $10 per adult, which is also kind of a lot... maybe Im just too poor.

Review №43

I called to ask some questions as I am new to the area. I currently go to the YMCA in Hot Springs Arkansas and I was calling to ask if this location had an indoor playground like the one I go to daily. The person on the phone rudely said: “the YMCA doesn’t have indoor playgrounds.” They acted annoyed to have to answer any of my questions. Won’t be going to this location. Unfriendly.

Review №44

Love swimming at Cottonwood creek. Its like a mini waterpark with a wave pool, lazy river and water slide. The kids love it! Also inexpensive.

Review №45

The water is a little cold but its still a good time for my family. Not to expensive either!!!

Review №46

Love the wave pool, whirlpool and lazy river! Wish it was a little cleaner, pool had floaties and bathrooms needed a little attention, but not too bad that it wont come back.

Review №47

Very nice water pool with Ware and a whirl pool. They also have a slide and its open at all this times..this is nice because most Ys do keep theirs open. The gym itself is a good size, but no the biggest. Staff is friendly.

Review №48

Awesome for the youngins. Wave pool runs often. Lazy River is easy floating experience. Whirlpool can be intense. Unfortunately no hot tub to relax in while kids play. City owned, but managed by the YMCA so Y members get free access. Small weight room upstairs.

Review №49

This place is always clean and the staff is really friendly as well as helpful.

Review №50

Friendly ppl big pool but not enough pool excersize

Review №51

Fun wave pool, slide, and a small lazy River! Really fun!

Review №52

Awesome place. Lots of fun. My kids love it.

Review №53

A little disappointed compared to the other Ys in the area. Wave pool, lazy river, and whirlpool were fun for a change up though, and my kids enjoyed themselves. Friendly staff.

Review №54

Please open we need this

Review №55

The pool here is nice, but the lifeguards absolutely ruin the experience. I remember going here and getting dirty looks from them when I was doing literally nothing. Everyone I talk to agrees that this pool is great, but the lifeguards make it a bad experience. Hire some better, more friendly lifeguards and maybe I will start coming here again. Im sure some of them are nice, but some of them just seem like they hate their job.

Review №56

After leaving the y for years we came back in hopes that it was managed better. Still not the case. There is always something closed or not working properly in the pool area or at capacity for lifeguards not the actual pool capacity. Closes at 4:30 on a Sunday which is ridiculously early. There excerise machines are few and mostly for arms. Space is limited. Huge waste of space. Another disappointment. Thanks YMCA you were my childhood favorite. Wish my kids could have the same experience I had.

Review №57

WAVE POOL! That should be enough for most but this YMCA also has a giant water slide, lazy river, and whirlpool. Non member fees are $10 adults, $8 kids.

Review №58

Our kids take semi-private swim lessons here and it has been so worth it! The facilities are clean and the staff is excellent.

Review №59

First time to visit this complex. Great place for ball game. The hill is a steep one though. Makes feel my fitness for sure.

Review №60

A fun place to hang with the family all year round!!!!

Review №61

I took my first yoga class with Allan this morning and it was just the type of class I was looking for. No fast flow and plenty of personal attention.

Review №62

I used their small gym and it was nice that I had all the equipment to myself. I tried new things that I would be too embarrassed to try when others are around

Review №63

They have a nice pool area and the staff are really nice!

Review №64

Great clean facility. Great outdoor facilities, kept very clean and well maintained. Walking and jogging through Cottonwood park. YMCA is great place to workout.

Review №65

Wow... What a great place to walk, run, watch baseball, watch soccer, great play grounds age appropriate. Nice grassy areas. Next to the Y

Review №66

Love taking my kids here when I can

Review №67

Im a gaurd thier its a good place, but I feel like I could get paid more hahahaha

Review №68

Good location for exercise. They offer a variety of classes, aquatics, and a variety of equipment. Easy access, not crowded, clean, pleasant staff.

Review №69

Not a very good experience you would think that they would be open in the morning and close at night but no theyre only open a couple hours in the morning and then theyre closed the rest of the day till 4 how is that helpful to people who work and want to just show up when they want to enjoy a nice swim they need to rethink that

Review №70

This place is really small but the wave pool, lazy river, and water slide is amazing. The gym has just enough equipment to do most of your workouts. Staff is really friendly and Nice.

Review №71

Love this place. Wave pool, slide, whirlpool and lazy river give the family enough to do to kill a few hours together. Clean and safe.

Review №72

Quite nice, but really, you have to have a BLUE! Band to ride the slide, I can swim and should be able to go down a slide that Ive been on since I was 9 and 1/2 so I KNOW HOW TO SWIM! But not across the pool, other then that great staff, activities, and just a great place, but short hours for all to swim

Review №73

Wave pool was down when we visited this time (7/2, the whole pool was closed off and only had the lazy River) and last time (waves didnt work but pool was open). Super crowded. But when the wave pool is going it is one of our favorite places for the kids. Only one family changing room. They make you get our of the pool for 10 minutes out of every hour so kids get frustrated, though as a grown up I get it... Worst time to try and get the dressing room! They turn off waves and slide when they teach lessons but that isnt on the schedule... Showed as open. Only swimmers can go down the slide FYI... I think it was blue band or green band only.

Review №74

Great facility. Very nice pool, with a wave pool.

Review №75

Great place to take your family for a quick swim or just enjoy laying and relaxing in the wave pool. Very inexpensive compared to other locations with a pool. The staff are friendly and the best time is dinner.

Review №76

Im going to begin by saying that the actual indoor pool facilities are adequate and pretty nice. However, when my sister and I entered the pool we paid our money to enter, and went to the pool, and after less than ten minutes the wave pool was shut down and so was the slide. We were told it wouldnt reopen for an hour and a half for private swim lessons. We were not told this going in when paying almost 20 dollars to enter the pool. We didnt have the time to wait for that so we asked for our money back politely and heard the manager saying they could only give us free passes. I told her that I live very far away and had no use for free passes and would appreciate my money back. After being very rude she finally said she could give me my money back or I could go to a different pool. I chose to get my money back as I had originally asked. As I was waiting to get my money back the other worker apologized and I told him its ok things happen. But the manager continued to be extremely rude and combative and said she didnt have to even give me my money back and could just keep it. After I apologized for being difficult but I just thought it was bad service to not be told that. She still threatened to take my money and basically asked me to stop talking and called me rude. I cant even describe how horrible, combative, unprofessional, and atrocious her attitude was. Ive worked in customer service for years and as a manager and Im truly not sure how she has a job when she threatens guests after being given bad customer service. I cant believe I paid money to be treated like garbage, threatened, and continuously told to stop talking if I wanted a refund. And when I tried to let another family know when they were asking about the pool behind me that they might want to wait a little because most of the pool wasnt opened she told me not to tell anyone that because they dont need to know. Another costumer came in to use the pool and she didnt want them to have that information before paying either. If you ask me that seems like the manager is trying to get money and refuse returns. However, the other desk worker was nice and attempted to give good customer service while the manager was being extremely out of line. I feel bad for him. I would never go near this place again.

Review №77

Very nice wave pool, and facilities. Pool area is extremely loud however. My ears were ringing after I left.

Review №78

Great wave pool and awesome lazy river with whirlpool. My daughter loves this place.

Review №79

What a wasted day. Decided we would look at getting a membership here and paid 28 dollars to check it out. Had a picknick on the back patio that is unlocked so anybody can get into the pool without going past security. Finished lunch and went go use the pool. As I entered the pool the kicked everyone out because of a single lightning bolt. This is an indoor pool. No refunds were made just coupons to come back again. With the security and the ridiculous closing of the pool wouldnt go back again. On the drive home never saw a lightning bolt. The only flash I noticed was the 28 dollars leaving my wallet. Some friends came with an 11 week old baby and they had to pay to bring him in. Very dissapointed. I find it hard to believe if this building passes code that even a heavy lightning storm should be a risk.

Review №80

Unfortunately there was a life guard test and we had to exit the pool. We werent informed how long it would be so we left.

Review №81

Very nice place and love the pools and events, however it is much the same as it was a decade ago and could honestly use an update. The events however, like projecting movies on the building, are very welcomed by the community here :)

Review №82

We used the community room for a party! The staff were very accommodating.

Review №83

Outdoor hockey rink is free and open during park hours and at the bottom of the hill there is a big playground for my kids to play.

Review №84

This is a great pool but the locker room lockers are terrible. Me and my friends went here and we had a locker with no lock, we put our stuff in there and then one of my friends phone got stolen.

Review №85

I live a stone throw away from this place. Its very well kept and peacefull. Great place to exercise with the kids. Bike trails are awesome. YMCA facilities are small but very nice and just what we need.

Review №86

Good park. Need more shaded sitting areas but good play equipment for kids

Review №87

Took off 2 stars for the disinterested life guard who couldnt bother mumbling over the music to clearly answer questions about pool safety rules when asked. And another for the water slide that is NEVER open despite being listed as so on website.

Review №88

Staff was helpful and friendly. Was a lot of fun and very inexpensive. Would definitely go again if in the area.

Review №89

Great place for the kids to swim. Staff is friendly.

Review №90

Great indoor pool with lazy river, water slide and wave pool.

Review №91

Great YMCA location in northeast Colorado Springs. Not nearly as busy as some other locations, which makes it great for on the go working out...

Review №92

Staff was very respectful and the pool area is fun and entertaining. Most definitely a place I would go back to!!

Review №93

My visit was pretty good except for the lifeguards dont really seem to know anything or much about their jobs, or the time that the pool slide and wave pool would reopen, other than that its a fun place.

Review №94

How fun our city builds it and the YMCA charges big buck for city people to use it.

Review №95

Nice place for kids to have fun.

Review №96

Great lazy River, wave pool, and whirlpool. Awesome slide!

Review №97

Very nice park they have set up here. I love the view......

Review №98

Great facility! Wave pool is awesome

Review №99

Very fun, the wave pool is fun but can really scratch you up.

Review №100

A very fun community pool. The wave pool is so much fun!

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  • Address:3920 Dublin Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 719-385-6508
  • Recreation center
  • Community center
  • Public swimming pool
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–6pm
  • Tuesday:12–6pm
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:8am–1:30pm
  • Saturday:8am–1:30pm
  • Sunday:8am–1:30pm
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Swimming pool:Yes
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