AMC CLASSIC Majestic 12
311 Broad St, Chattanooga, TN 37402, United States

Review №1

Very good customer service! Clean. Check out their special membership!

Review №2

This is a great movie theatre! There are a lot of theatre rooms, so there are plenty of times available. The seating is comfy with reclining seats. It is a great location on Broad street in downtown Chattanooga. I would recommend seeing a movie here.

Review №3

Great theater with really friendly and helpful staff. My favorite theater in town to see movies and its proximity to downtown offers an excellent opportunity for date night. One star removed for the condition of the bathrooms the last few times I have been to a show.

Review №4

No, theres no longer anything majestic about the Majestic 12. I visited yesterday for the first time since May, and it has gone downhill fast! While the employees were friendly, efficient, and helpful, there were too few of them. The facilities were dirty, all of the urinals were out of order, and the popcorn was super STALE. The only positives aside from the staff were that the seats were comfortable and the A/C worked. Maybe Im wrong to expect more from AMC.

Review №5

My experiences have always been fun and entertaining at this theater (: Keep up the great work!!

Review №6

Staff was kind and courteous. Theater was clean and well maintained. Someone was using his cellphone throughout half of the movie I watched, so I informed the management and he apologized and was kind enough to give us complementary tickets. I appreciate the gesture.

Review №7

The theater was great and the young lady cleaning in the theater before we got to see our movie was great! The young man at the beginning, Who Sold us our tickets, did not tell us that we had to have them validated to get the free parking. We ended up spending $8 on parking.

Review №8

Clean, inviting, good food, drinks, and very professional, friendly staff. Definitely a theater worth getting out of your house/hotel for...Just ask for Malik!

Review №9

Well located. Friendly staff. Manager was great helping me with a small issue. Free parking next to it. Take your ticket and validate. Very convenient located. Quality and sound was great on the regular movie screen. Can’t speak about the big ones. The bad: it was kind of old and they should hire more people.

Review №10

I left after the movie had finished and stopped at the restroom. I noticed that I had dropped my phone in the place I sat. When I went back, a very nice girl employee had found it and set it in the cup holder where I sat. She had found it between seats and pointed it out as soon as I returned. Many thanks to her. It made my evening a great experience.

Review №11

Theater was pretty filthy. From the main entrance looked as if it hadnt been swept since the day before, and the actual theater was no better. From popcorn, to discarded candy wrappers on the floor. Definitely not up to our expected AMC standards.

Review №12

The manager, Evan, was an amazing help during our teams Summer event for past clients. He made it a smooth process for everyone! Toy Story 4 was also awesome!!Dont forget that you can park in the garage for free. They will either stamp your parking pass or refund you if you have to prepay (during Lookout game nights, for example).

Review №13

My experience was great I went to see JUST MERCY. I recommend that movie to everyone.

Review №14

Really good theater.. comfortable reclining seats.. wine is a plus for the ladies !

Review №15

Its a great place to go with family... Workers are friendly and helpful...

Review №16

Loved the movie. Lil dirty (only know because dropped phone) but was a holiday weekend. Beer cold.

Review №17

Armed men park vehicles illegally in front of this establishment in the fire lane and harass anyone who mentions it. This theater should consider asking them to leave. Popcorn is stale sometimes and theres trash on the theater floors a lot.

Review №18

Great place to catch a movie. The staff is always super friendly.

Review №19

Friendly staff, decent bathrooms, good selection. Great seats.

Review №20

Its super nice, great comfortable seats & awesome staff!

Review №21

Ive been to this theater a few years back and thought it was the best theater around. I just recently went back and...sadly its not how I remembered it anymore. Either the workers arent as good or the management has changed. I remember there being a good amount of food options to order, however I tried to order food but they were out of hotdogs, out of chicken, out of pretzels etc. Keep in mind, this was about 5pm, so its not like I came at 11pm or something. The only thing they werent out of was popcorn and nachos. The floors of the areas BEFORE entering the actual theater room were very dirty with popcorn. Its not like 1 or 2 people spilled their popcorn, it looked like they hadnt cleaned the floor in a week.Giving 3 stars and not 2 because the actual theater room was decent. The screen was large with no problems and the seats were new and very comfortable. I think of they just cleaned the place up a bit and provided the concessions they have on the menu, the place would be much better!

Review №22

Nice theater! Very comfortable seating! Convenient to all of downtown Chattanooga with parking attached.

Review №23

Over priced,old pop corn and rude workers. I will never bring my kids back here!

Review №24

I used to go to this location several times a month because everything was great! It was clean, A/C was excellent, and good service. However, today was the first time I went to this location since probably late spring. I dont know if there is new management or what, but everything was a mess. I dont even want to get into the dried puddles of who-knows-what-except-you-know-what in the womens restroom. Popcorn was all over the floor in the theater, hallway, and lobby area. The service was good, but I mean come on, guys. Lets get it together.

Review №25

Its a nice okay movie theater, I just need to explain how ridiculous the pricing is. Four matinee tickets, a medium popcorn and two medium drinks costs $60 on a Sunday morning. Its just too expensice to justify as a family activity.

Review №26

I love this place. The theater is both modern and convenient. The seats are almost too comfortable for one to stay awake in during the movie. They also have great deals for movie goers. A definite win for the customer.

Review №27

My wife and I love all of the majestic cinemas, but we like the majestic 12 when we go out for dates because so much to do before and/or after the movie...being right in the heart of downtown. The chairs are very nice and comfortable. If you want a beer, you can get one and you can order food too

Review №28

Full bar. Reclining, rocking seats. Clean. WELL Air conditioned, serve food. Great sound system, awesome experience.

Review №29

Staff was friendly and helpful. Went to see “Night School”. It was hilarious. I did notice as we went to our seats that we were the only ones there for most of the show but the chairs and floors were cluttered with trash. There should be no reason for the trash when hardly anyone was there. The chairs were reclining and comfortable which was nice. After a walk through the city, the zoo, and the aquarium, it was nice to unwind and relax and enjoy a movie with my wife for our anniversary.

Review №30

I really dont know what all the positive reviews are for because this theater is just plain dirty! We went to the first movie of the day and the theater looked as if it hadnt been cleaned in a very long time. Concessions stand was filthy and the popcorn tasted horrible. The restrooms were dirty and in need of toilet paper. There was food all over the theater floor, under the seats and in between the seats & armrests...totally disgusting! We paid more for the BigD theater experience which was a disappointment and seemed no better than a regular theater. There was a lot of trash & popcorn on the floor in the hallways. Basically, you could tell that cleanliness is definitely not a concern for the management or any of the employees! We will not return to this theater again!

Review №31

Nice service from the staff but the screen we were in was absolutely filthy. Seems like it hadnt been cleaned all day. Also the popcorn was stone cold. For the outrageous prices movie theaters charge, the least you should be able to expect is a clean screening room and warm popcorn.

Review №32

Nice movie theater once we found it. Lol. We walked right by. It was clean, and so were the bathrooms. The young men at the counter were so nice and polite. Really good customer service. I was there 3/28, 7 pm movie.

Review №33

Overall this place is a pretty average movie theater. The prices are high (like always). Whats sets this place apart from most movie theaters is that you can get a beer with your popcorn, which is pretty freaking sweet. On a weekend night, this place is busy. Also, dont forget that parking in the garage next door is free with a movie. Talk to who ever is working the counter for free parking.

Review №34

Great place, crowded but organized, line went quickly......went into the theatre and seats were filled with bottles, cups and bags of popcorn. Ew.

Review №35

My second choice theater in Chattanooga. The Ovation auditorium is neat if youre looking for a movie with dinner, and the food is good but a bit pricey. Just know it isnt your typical movie experience. All the normal auditoriums are just fine, but the Big D isnt worth it. The screen is a little bigger than normal and audio is better, but the projection seems off. After watching Endgame on Normal, Big D, and IMAX screens; the Big D was my least favorite. Just go to AMC 18 for IMAX if youre looking for a premium viewing experience.This theater does serve alcohol, which makes it great for groups of adults but maybe not children. I cant speak for the quality of their drinks, but Im sure theyre on par with the food.The parking lot in front of the building is NOT free, but the parking garage across the street is. You have to have your parking ticket validated by the theater. This is frustrating as there are no signs telling you this.Overall there is nothing really bad about the theater and it will most likely meet your expectations. Its a good location with courteous staff, good food, and alcohol. Id still rate AMC 18 as the best theater in Chattanooga, but the Majestic is solid choice for second place.

Review №36

I am an A-list member so I go frequently. I am not exaggerating when I say that the same gum has been in the urinals for over a month now. It is so disgusting at this theater they should be ashamed. It has great a/c and comfortable seats so its sad that the cleanliness is lacking so badly

Review №37

Need kiosks for prepaid tickets, but besides that great theater

Review №38

This is the best and cheapest theatres in the Chattanooga area. Very well kept, food is fresh, the movies extravagant!

Review №39

So umm yea!! There is a guy there who works at the front who’s name I think is Jeremy. He was just mediocre at best, I asked for a large drink, and he gave me a small. The only reason I am giving this place 3 stars is because of these other 2 employees. I believe there names are Erin and Luke, they were amazing, and were quick to rectify Jeremy’s mistake. And the end of my transaction Jeremy looked at me and said “what’s up”, and walked away. I will only be coming back if I see them working. I’m hoping that next time my experience will be better.

Review №40

I’m blown away by how disgusting this place is. Popcorn on the floor has clearly been there for a really long time and the bathrooms are so nasty.

Review №41

Pretty awesome theater. Good ticket prices and crazy selection on concessions!(BigD isnt as good as Imax though)

Review №42

Popcorn tasted stale and the bathrooms were not cleaned. Theatre seats were comfy though!

Review №43

Saw godzilla and had a great time. Employees very helpful and nice. Wife enjoyed the wine they served

Review №44

Pretty standard for a theater. Good quality screens and well maintained.

Review №45

Downtown Chattanooga, so a bit cramped, but still a great movie experience! Free parking with a ticket stub, also.

Review №46

Its a nice enough theater but if theres a line its always so slow to get to the register and there cpuld only be 1 or 2 people ahead of you. And the bathroom is always messy and queationable.

Review №47

Nice place to cool off on a hot day, make sure you park in their parking lot or you may get a ticket.

Review №48

Saw Into the Spider-verse at the Downtown AMC. The theater was very clean. The staff very nice and responsive. The seats very comfortable. No technical issues with showing the film. I had a very enjoyable experience.

Review №49

Cool AMC movie theatre in Downtown Chattanooga close to the acquarium and night hotspots. The employees were welcoming from the ticket vendor all the way to the concession stand attendants. The popcorn was hot and buttery and my Coke still fizzed in the ice. I went to see Stuber and found the auditorium theatre floor clean for the final showing; the movie was good- awful, like a brawl at Disneyland...not that that would ever happen. Ill definitely return when I come to Chattanooga to the Majestic 12. Hopefully, I will choose a better movie next time.

Review №50

Clean and comfortable place to relax and enjoy a movie. The concessions are pretty good and of course having a little bar for adult drinks is a very nice perk to help relax and unwind.

Review №51

The place was clean. They validate parking for the parking lot next to the theater. They have the coke machines with all the flavor choices. The seat are comfortable. The popcorn was stale. It was cold and stale.

Review №52

PLEASE CLEAN UP THE AMC Majestic in Chattanooga TN. Upon arrival, the theater seats had debris in between the seats. The seats had stains, even the seat backs. The floors were extremely filthy. We are very disappointed on our experience and hope that this location fixes these issues. AMC Theatres 311 Broad Street Chattanooga TN

Review №53

We got there for the 4pm matinee and you had to purchase your tickets and concessions in the same line it took forever. No organization Thank goodness for 20mins of previews otherwise I wouldve missed the beginning of the movie.

Review №54

I give 5 stars to a nice security officer named John. Very nice man and provided us with some great exploration advice for such a pleasant city. However, Jeremy, who works concessions was not so pleasant. He was rude, short with me and not kind at all. When I asked “is everything ok?” He replied “yea what, sup?” While giving me a dirty look. This, after I had ordered popcorn and a regular drink for my 5 year old daughter. Jeremy is a black male with glasses in his 20’s perhaps. I think Jeremy could use some refresher training. Two stars for Jeremy, 5 stars for officer John. Clean facility, great seats. Event occurred at approx 7:39, Friday April 19th.

Review №55

I love this place, clean and comfortable. Chairs are amazing and the staff is always friendly. Highly recommend this place

Review №56

Great theater! Always clean and the employees are very friendly. Parking is a challenge. Dont forget to get your parking ticket stamped before heading back to your car!!

Review №57

Movies and seats are fine. The staff tries but they are so understaffed that they place is a pig sty

Review №58

No lines quiet enjoyed movie

Review №59

Always a pleasant time. The ticket collector is amazing, as always, and the service was wonderful. We will definitely be going back soon.

Review №60

Love the ticket collector. He is friendly and polite both times Ive been to this location. Building is clean, air cool after long walk through city, and love the recliner theater chairs.

Review №61

Clean good. Sound nice people

Review №62

Clean, fun, almost as good as AMC 18 but also they validate parking so..

Review №63

Not a bad theatre. Nice screen amd good sound. Seats are comfortable even though they arent the mew recliners.

Review №64

Great Bad Bad Boys movie.

Review №65

Another great movie, another great day!

Review №66

The Majestic is a fine theater. During our visit the staff was ready and welcoming.Ticket machine was out of paper which caused a delay but nothing serious and was resolved with fair efficiency.Be sure to park in the garage to the north and get your ticket validated for free parking.

Review №67

Worst movie theater in Chattanooga. Staff is rude, unfriendly, and do not do their jobs. Never before I have been to a theater where they let customers ruin the movie experience for other viewers. I would say next time I have this issue with someone I will just tell them to hush myself, but there will not be a next at this theater for me. So if you want people to talk and laugh during your whole movie then this place is for you. AMC in East Ridge is the best theater in the area and I will take my business there where all customers are appreciated and treated as equals. Also you have to stand in a very long concession line just to get movie tickets.I know this is a gimmick to make people by refreshments. If you just ate dinner and want to see a movie you should not have to wait behind all those customers ordering food. Ridiculous!

Review №68

Normaly I would give this theater a 5 star, on this event we went to go see Dark Phoenix and the Big D theater 9 was sweltering hot. By the end of the movie I was dripping sweat, it really took away from the experience of the movie.

Review №69

Ac brook constantly running ice cold but employees AWESOME.

Review №70

Beautiful theater. Parking garage next door that the theater will validate ticket for so you get free parking. A huge perk for downtown!

Review №71

Dirty did not look like they cleaned from the night before. staff was nice restroom were nasty

Review №72

Perfect place to go.. Wasnt over crowded and perfect area to enjoy a walk and shop!

Review №73

Free parking at the garage across the street. Get your pass validated at the concession stand.

Review №74

Went and saw the lion King 3D and big D pretty awesome!

Review №75

Since AMC took over the theatre is becoming dirtier and more understaffed. AMC please clean your theatre!

Review №76

If only they cared as much about the details as they do serving popcorn they would be better. Every other time we are in there they have issues with the movie starting or the sound not being right. Its a movie theater...youd think they would focus on the movie more than anything else.

Review №77

Old place. Good picture and sound. And they have a bar!

Review №78

Friendly staff, rude patrons! This isn’t the first time I’ve been in a movie at this theatre with totally rude, loud obnoxious kids without adult supervision. For some reason this location is terrible for that. The Northgate location has always been pretty good though. The theater is also getting dirty. Seats torn or broken, bathrooms always dirty. Think I’ll find a better location.

Review №79

Pretty standard large chain movie theater. They show all the major films at major movie theater big bucks prices. Two tickets, popcorn, a drink, and a snack cost as much as a hot date for two at a sit down restaurant (about $44). Kid friendly, pretty clean, and no worries about parking. Seeing Love, Simon with a bunch of preteen girls sitting behind us at first made us concerned, but ended up accentuating the film.

Review №80

Good theater, big, clean, laid out well, but I really dislike having to use a parking garage on the other side of the street (and then getting reimbursed) just to go to the theater. They have a parking lot right outside the theater, but that apparently they dont use? Weird decision to me.

Review №81

Went to this theater because someone told me that had reclining seats and that you could have your food delivered to your seat. I also saw the theater on there website .When I got there and went into the theater it was not what I was told . When I asked which theater the seats were in I was told it was only for older shows. It was not worth an hour drive.

Review №82

Always clean and staff are always pleasant. Deducted one star because the closed captioning devices dont fit in the cup holder well and thats distracting.

Review №83

Outdated and dirty. The drink machine was filthy.

Review №84

Fantastic place for a movie date thumbs up

Review №85

The Lion King was great.

Review №86

It was super hot in the theater and it smelled bad in there.worst movie they I’ve been too

Review №87

Very clean. Comfortable seats and friendly staff.

Review №88

Like AMCs A List, 3 moves / wk for $20 / month & parking for free

Review №89

Went and seen captain marvel. Excellent if i do say so my self. Seat are very comfy!

Review №90

Worst movie experience EVER ..and Ive been to ALOT of movies. Place was a serious insult to the movie going experience. From the abysmal selection of food. To the joke of seats.FOOD- They literally had nothing other than popcorn...Im sorry .we dont have that...or..that...we dont have that.IT would have been easier to just list the things they did have.The pre-packaged cheese for the pretzels had NO flavor, just organe watery goo. At least the pretzel tasted good. Hence the 1 star.THEATER - Dirty ..marginal cleaning of anything. On par with that of a dollar theater. The Awsome Sound Experience was a joke ..NOT At all worth the price. Any descent movie theater sound system... .Would ..... Should and Could easily match and beat what they were so proud of.MOVIE - arrived slightly (15 minutes) early into the theater.... so 15 minutes of standard movie screen fluff to pass the time. Or so youd it was 25. Yes...Twenty Five minutes.Once the previews started...10 minutes past the time the movie was scheduled to start, 25 MINUTES later (Yes, another TWENTY FIVE minutes) of previews later .. the movie started.So if you can avoid this theater... I would. And the sad part that with its location, it should be representing the AMC brand of theaters well to capitalize on the amount of travelers that frequent this spot.Not at all worth the 100 dollars spent.

Review №91

You would think a city the size of Chattanooga would have a better theater than this. Just average at best.

Review №92

Great theatre. Loved see The Last Jedi here on the wall to wall screen. Not too high priced for what you get. Just make sure to park in the parking garage to get free parking.

Review №93

Free parking downtown is always a plus since they validate the ticket.Friendly employees, too!

Review №94

Nice facility with modern style, large screens, and alcoholic beverages and mini-meals.

Review №95

Cleanest lobby ive been in for a Downtown Cinema, modest and Kind employees, and dont forget to have your ticket stamped so parking becomes free.

Review №96

Friendly service and great facilities! Colby Green was especially courteous

Review №97

One line for purchasing movie tickets and concessions is ridiculous for a Saturday night.

Review №98

Clean facilities, easy experience, comfy chairs, AND they validate parking for the garage next door.

Review №99

Nice facility and quite clean. But for the cost, in comparison to theatres in Ann Arbor Michigan of higher quality, youre paying 3/4 dollars more for a lot less quality of an experience. Not super impressed and the 5pm curfew ID check is not convenient for people who dont know about it.

Review №100

Up to date facility with comfortable seating. Great popcorn! A bit pricey, but it is downtown. Remember to park in the parking garage... its FREE, but not marked on any nearby metered parking. Or park any where you like but add up to $6 to your outing.

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:311 Broad St, Chattanooga, TN 37402, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 423-826-2375
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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