Cinemark The Greene 14 and IMAX
4489 Glengarry Dr, Beavercreek, OH 45440, United States

Review №1

I accidentally bought tickets for Friday thinking I chose Saturday. We arrived Saturday to watch Toy Story and I realized my error. Not wanting to disappoint the kids, we quickly bought tickets to a showing that had just started. My husband mentioned in passing we had bought the wrong tickets and they insisted on refunding the ones we just bought and honoring the ones we purchased for Friday. I really appreciated it!

Review №2

Love The new seating, especially the seat warmer aspect that Huber does not offer. I like the ease of parking and walking straight to the theater. There is a knowledgeable young man that is 99% there every time I go in right now his name is escaping me but for the last 8 to 10 years, he has become a friend and someone who tells me if it’s scary, age-appropriate or worth seeing and that is very helpful!! He makes the Greene theatre worth it!!

Review №3

Went to the 40th anniversary showing of Stanley Kubricks masterpiece The Shining. Screen was black through the first 5 minutes of the movie. It may take another 40 years for me to calm down. Why not restart the film? Grrrrrrr

Review №4

IMAX is great, you can feel the intensity (really loud) just wish they were the reclining seats.

Review №5

The staff were kind and very helpful. The new luxury seat have a heating option! This is great because my kids always bring blankets to the movies. On cold days it is a great option. Recommend this theatre 100%.

Review №6

I really liked this place they have heated and reclineable lounge chairs. The staff was nice and they had great movie selections.

Review №7

This our favorite theater in the area. Not too expensive, and we LOVE the heated/reclining seats. Well situated to get a meal before/after the movie too!

Review №8

My favorite place. I pigr their comfortable seats

Review №9

It was great. Really enjoyed the movie, cant wait for things to get back to the usual.

Review №10

We enjoyed the move alot. Ty

Review №11

Prices are extremely high. Its never crowded and the seats are heated

Review №12

Nice and clean. Well spaced out for the current situation

Review №13

Love the atmosphere of this place! The chairs are comfortable and spacious. Everything is always clean!Only suggestion would be to add more bartenders since this theater serves alcohol. We have never waited less than 10-15 minutes for a drink since the bar is always busy.

Review №14

They now have comfortable recliners with tables. Tables are nice for drinks and snacks. The recliners are controlled with two toggle switch. The seats are heated and the switch is next to the recliner switches. If you dont want to be hot make sure you dont turn this switch on. It is easy to accidental turn on. Also the seats are still set up like stadium seats, so there are stairs to get to you seats. If you have problems going up and down stairs, get the seats at the beginning of the second section or the seats in the first section. Pretty much where ever you sit you got a good view of the screen.Through their website or app you can buy and reserve your seats ahead of time which is nice. Also their subscription membership gives you discounts and a free ticket a month. The membership cost less than a price of one ticket a month.

Review №15

Not as expensive as I imagined. Frozen 2 was good. I bet that I enjoyed it more than my six year old. They had good customer service when we wanted to change our seats. The fact that you buy a specific seat was excessive.

Review №16

The theater was fine enough. Comfy seats, soda tasted right. The temperature was a bit warm. Its a crisp, fall day outside and I guess theyre breaking in the heater, but it wasnt quite cold enough to run it. Heard some other customer complaining about how the concessions were arranged, making you go to different stands for different food items. Parking isnt that great, with most of it behind the building and no rear entrance.

Review №17

Awesome atmosphereLoved the reclining seats and heated seats. Seen bad boys forever. Excellent showHeated seats almost put me to sleep but the loudness and action of the movie kept me very interested. Will definitely return in the near future.

Review №18

So many food choices before the movie! Large, inviting waiting area to meet up with friends and places to sit down and enjoy dinner. The reclining seats in the theater are lovely, but the heated option is amazing :-)

Review №19

Nice clean theater seats are very comfortable

Review №20

Movie (Sonic) was very good and sweet. People were nice and fast when serving food. Ill definitely come back(∩´﹃`∩)

Review №21

We love coming here its clean and the seats are amazing! Its pricey for my family of five but we still have a good time. My only issue was some of the candies seemed a bit old and the ice cream needed changed. If Im gonna pay 5+ bucks for a box of m&ms I want them to be fresh.

Review №22

Chairs are amazing, they come with seat warmers! The food is really good too, I ordered the curly fries with beef and cheese.. man it was worth the wait. Just be sure to not do what I did and ask for them when youre already late for your movie, the food is freshly made when you ask for it. I love this theater and dont know why I havent been there before, a little sad I couldnt cuddle with my husband with the way the chairs were, but oh well. Great experience otherwise

Review №23

Had a great date night! Food was good and also reasonable prices, and the movie seats were comfortable. I highly recommend and me and the wife will be returning soon!

Review №24

The Greene is a nice place. The theaters may be quiet, but the movies are anything but! No matter where you sit, you get a great screen view. The speakers are nice and loud, tossing you right into the action. While the food may be expensive, and the lines may be long, the popcorn and other snacks are worth it. The hallways are relatively clean, and there are plenty of trash cans for your trash.Once you show up, youll never want to leave!

Review №25

The seats are leather, automated recline and heat.What more can you ask for in a movie theater. They also have an early bird movie showing at 11 am. However, the theater did not open until 11 am so it made me think they werent opening or the information was not accurate.

Review №26

Im not exactly sure when they remodeled but this was already a good theater and now its great! They put it more comfortable chairs that recline back really far and have support for you legs. And, if youre like me and freeze in all the air conditioning, youre going to love this - seat warmers! With two different heat settings! Plus great little tables that swivel in and out to hold snacks and drinks in their drink holder.

Review №27

Great theater! I just wish all theaters would provide hot pop corn rather than cooled down popcorn.

Review №28

The movie was good but afterwards as I was waiting for my wife who was in the rest room an employee comes and says i cannot remain in the lobby with the backpack I had already been in the theater with. Not only had I been there with my backpack before but Id never been approached in regard with it either.This theater just scored a zero return in my book and forget about recommending it to others.

Review №29

What can I say, everything is way over priced. However, the chairs that they have in the theater are awesome; They recline and have a swing out tray for your snacks and beverage. Also of note is the fair amount of leg room and that you cant even see the chairs in front of you.

Review №30

The movie theater was great. What I’m disappointed about is the Friendsgiving we just watched this evening. When we bought the ticket, it said ALL the thanksgiving episodes of friends was going to be playing. Instead, we got about 4 and apparently the rest are playing tomorrow night and you have to purchase an extra ticket for it. My opinion? It was a rip off. I’m very disappointed. I never would of bought a ticket if I’d known that.

Review №31

My family and I frequent this establishment and we always have a nice time. It would be nice if they considered the movie times for adult movies and kids movies to start around the same time. That way the adults could watch one while the kids did and finish around the same time. So for this visit, I watched Dora. I wanted to watch Hobbs and Shaw and I will at a later time.

Review №32

The seats are nice. That’s it though. Unenthusiastic employees. Gross popcorn. The lobby and halls are too cluttered. The entire environment felt was dirty. I just wanted to leave and take a shower. The next theater across town, Regal, is much more clean, and friendly

Review №33

Very nice, clean and safe

Review №34

Seats are a wow. Almost too comfortable. Spent more at concessions than the ticket counter... and way too much salt on the no salt popcorn. Nice date event. I recommend seeing more movies. Forgot how nice the big screen was.

Review №35

Took the kids to see the new Lion king when it firstcame out. You pick your own seats at the time of purchase online. Though all seats are decent we still did not get the seats we picked out and no one checks to make sure you are in your assigned seat. If the the theater is packed there are certain seats I pick for a reason. Other than that. We will go back when its not so busy.

Review №36

Stood in line at the concessions until it was my turn to place my order. The girl turned away leaving me standing there while she held a conversation with another employee. I mentioned this to another employee who was making fresh popcorn with the manager. The manager says and I quote, “She did this again, I will have a talk with her.” end of quote. Someone else had to come wait on me and while they were taking my order the girl whom refused to serve me grabbed a large bag and said, “Did he get popcorn?” The person waiting on me told her yes and said fresh popcorn is being made get him the fresh popcorn. That girl threw the bag down on the floor and walked away to get the fresh popcorn. I never said I wanted butter so as she pushed the pump repeatedly I told her that’s enough butter. She kept on anyway then finally stopping. I will contacted corporate office because she clearly did not want to serve me. This is the most unfit establishment I’ve ever seen to treat a customer like this.

Review №37

Love recliners with table and heated seats. Theater is always clean. Food us always fresh. Could use more people working concessions!!

Review №38

Very nice. Comfortable seating. Recliners with tray for popcorn and cup holder.

Review №39

Huber is closer to me but I always choose The Greene location for my solo movie going experience or family movie night. Not only are the seats comfortable but it’s not too much of a strain trying to walk through the aisles when people are fully reclined. I LOVE the wings, get them every time I go along with a movie-inspired drink selection. I use the garage across the street instead of behind the theatre however access to the theatre from the back would be nice, though it’s not a deal breaker for me.

Review №40

Loved it! Comfy seats, courteous staff, dont have to buy my tx at concession, & they had the movie I wanted at the discounted price. Well be going here from now on.

Review №41

Reclining and heated seats. I love that you can reserve seats now, and the staff is always friendly. Theatres are always clean!

Review №42

Always great cinema to visit.The place is always extremely clean and the lounge chairs are very comfortable.Its a long drive from where we live but well worth the trip.Plus the Greene is an awesome shopping area with many high quality eateries.

Review №43

Hot seats that recline. Food is expebsive and service is slow but everything was delicious and the theater was clean. Mens room had pee all over the floor though

Review №44

The chairs are bomb! Prices are to high, but the experience is nice. Great facility!

Review №45

Heated and recliner seats are quite nice, some food is not worth its price. The popcorn is great.

Review №46

We had the IMAX to ourselves! We went to the first show on Monday and we were the only ones there! Good luck to any who truly try to do the same! Had an awesome time without anyone around us. We couldve danced on the aisles and no one would have known. Loved the movie!

Review №47

The seating here is fantastic and worth the extra money they charge for it. If I have a choice between this theater and another theater that is offering a cheaper movie I would pay the extra cost just do to the seating. You can select your specific seat online, to know that it will be reserved for you before the movie starts, so you do not have to wonder if you will be sitting next to your friends or where you will sit in the theater.

Review №48

I hadnt been to the this theatre in a while and I was disappointed on the lack of cleanliness. It used to be well taken care of and was always clean. The carpets were dirty, the bathrooms were dirty. The food vending areas were dirty. We did go on a busy Saturday, but we always did go on a night like that in years past and it wasnt dirty like last night.

Review №49

You like movies, everyone likes movies! Cheaper on Wednesdays. Seating is SUPER comfy! Just go to the theater anyway! I know you arent going for the theater, you are going for the movie, duh! But you can go for this theater anyway because its pretty great!

Review №50

The movie was great, sound system was great... but the seat I was assigned was were several others..very hot in the theater. womens room was atrocious.

Review №51

Pretty stand-up place. Good selection of movies and clean theatres. Food is naturally expensive, though; buy your own snacks before coming in.

Review №52

Watched Downton Abbey here recently. Pretty awesome experience. They have the reclining seats and seat warmers! Big theaters and super comfortable experience. Parking is behind the theater. Its right opposite the BDs Mongolian grill restaurant. Good option for grabbing a bite and going for a movie. Greene is an awesome mall and this is the movie theater in it

Review №53

Its a great Theater. The movie was great. The Call of the Wild.

Review №54

Great place but buy early for a popular movie because it will be packed.

Review №55

Heated seats! Awesome theater.

Review №56

Watched My Hero Academia heated/ reclining seats were amazing

Review №57

Reclining seats are great.Food,snack and beverage,including alcohol,is pretty good.Dont like the assigned seating.Our seats were 2nd row.Way to close to the screen.

Review №58

There were 7 loud, bloody and violent previews before the start of the invisible man!So stressed by the time the feature presentation started. Needed a lighter preview in there somewhere!!

Review №59

Thoroughly enjoyed experience! Price was right on Bargain Day. Staff was very helpful choosing seat assignments. Seats were very comfortable. They declined easily and even had heating buttons on this frigid day. The theater was fairly full, but the foot traffic didnt interfere with the foot traffic. Wide isles. Entire theater was well staffed and very clean. Convenient parking.

Review №60

The new reclining heated seats are great... They even have a little airplane seat sized table at each seat. Be warned if you are a larger person though, as they are a little narrow. The Huber heights location has bigger seats though. This theater has a small bar in the front, a little ice cream and food shop, and the typical concession stand in the middle. Overall a very good experience every time I have gone here.

Review №61

Its my go-to theater. They have great seats and helpful staff. My only issue is that the newer seats have a railing that blocks a portion of the screen if you recline too far. This is easily solved if you dont recline your seat. I highly recommend this theater!

Review №62

For paying 17.50 for each seat for IMAX, the seats need to be the same or better than the regular cinema!! Those are the best seats!! So much more comfortable!

Review №63

It was really nice! Heated seats that recline! Plenty of leg room. Very nice!

Review №64

First time coming here in quite some time. Made me try to select a seat before even paying for a ticket, which was already high priced for 4:45 in the afternoon. I told the guy I normally find a seat when I get in there. I didnt feel like trying to explain I come early so I have options to move in case of other people (loud kids, annoying people with phones, etc), which happens ALL THE TIME here.So I chose one of the handicap seats (all andwere open) planned to offer it up if needed. Plus, while not completely handicapped, I do have knee issues. The guy canceled my selection, shot me a dirty look, & told me its a handicapped seat and to choose again. Its not like Im a young kid or anything and I could have just pushed the issue, but I just said screw it and left. Between high prices, the inability and lack of willingness to deal with disruptive attendees, and some of the less than pleasant employees...its just not worth it here. Go to the Regal.

Review №65

Great time. Clean everywhere, great movie and refreshments

Review №66

I go for the IMAX screen and sound. Don’t care about the luxury seats or dining. Best audio visual experience in Dayton.

Review №67

The theater recently upgraded to reclining chairs that also have a seat warmer. The early bird discount is a great way to see movies on a budget. The first showing of the day in each theater is only $6. The downside is that some of the concession food isnt available. Several times for noon showings food like pretzel bites and other baked items havent been available for some reason. Cinemark lost a star for that as it doesnt seem like an unreasonable request to have items like that available.

Review №68

Ive been coming here for years. I really like the theater. The last few trips to the theater, Ive noticed the amount of urine on the floors at the urinals. I understand these are public restrooms that are hard to keep clean, but the floor are gross, there is nothing worse than stepping in a pool of urine.

Review №69

Just like any movie theatre, but Id say its nice. IMAX is highly highly recommended for anyone. Its a whole different experience than standard. Id say its worth the extra 8 or 9 bucks.

Review №70

Its a nice theater. I enjoyed the heated seats!

Review №71

Always a good spot to see a movie. Big improvement with the new powered reclining seats. The third row back from the screen isnt too close anymore.

Review №72

Loved the recliner seats. Looks like each seat had a seat warmer as well

Review №73

Was here for the joker movie and when someone was beaten in the theater. Staff handled it well, but it was such a rare occurrence. Its usually pretty safe

Review №74

Priming optimal location. Staff are friendly and approachable. Went to see the Neil Armstrong movie there and head the really nice theater with great seats that recline like a lazy boy. This is great place to do a lunch or dinner and shopping experience with a movie! I would recommend this for people wanting to have fun with friends or family.

Review №75

Food, drinks, and good movies. Great place for family gathering for movies.

Review №76

A new movie watcher experience for me. I enjoyed!

Review №77

First time in Imax-Cinama,especially great for special effects cinematic

Review №78

Love the reclining seats. This is my preferred movie theater

Review №79

Love the new recliner, heated seats. The bar area for adults has a great, friendly staff. Always a good getaway!

Review №80

So why did I waste my time reserving seats if other people were just going to sit in them? Lovely

Review №81

The seats are comfy. The theater is clean and the popcorn is fresh. This is one of my favorite cinemas to see a movie.

Review №82

Very polite people very clean I would recommend it to anybody

Review №83

Very happy with the new recliners that they installed. Awkward parking and entrance, but an overall great experience.

Review №84

Prices are crazy high but the chairs are really nice.

Review №85

I made a mistake in picking seats on the website and Paul was super customer support getting us sorted out even though it was my mistake. Comfy seats and awesome atmosphere too!

Review №86

Love the full service bar. Great heated reclining seating.

Review №87

The seats are cushy & recline. They even have a butt warmer built in!

Review №88

Im not a frequent movie goer, so I am surprised there’s about 30 minutes of commercials before you get to see the actual movie you came to see. I feel a bit cheated.

Review №89

Loved Downton Abbey. Great experience--story, cast, seats, sound, & temperature. Perfect.

Review №90

Staff was amazing fixing my ticket issue. Waited in line for water only to be told to go to another line once I was at the register... The seats recline, are comfy and have a heating option. I took a star off because my legs dangle off the seat when in the reclined position.

Review №91

THIS IS NOT A DINE IN THEATER!!!! Even though the Cinemark website clearly lists this location as a dine in location (which according to the site should include an extended menu as well as in auditorium service) it does not. Their extended menu includes a couple Starbucks drinks, some gourmet burgers, and pizza hut pizza. Nothing special compared to your normal run of the mill concession stand in my opinion. The theater itself saved this from a one star review. I like that you can reserve your tickets online ahead of time, the seats are super comfy, its a comfy temp (most theaters are freezing this time of year), it appeared clean, and everyone we encountered was very polite. If youre looking for your basic movie theater, with nicer seating, then this is the place for you but if youre looking for a dine in theater (like we were) stay away!

Review №92

Loved it. Seats were comfy. Cashier was nice. Movie was great!

Review №93

Clean and warm, but $40 for two tickets, one bucket of popcorn and two drinks? Come on!

Review №94

First of all, this place does not care if they give you what you paid for...i bought and paid for IMAX 3D, but all i got was IMAX...they casually said oh the 3d is broken, were only showing it in IMAX...soo, why did i pay for IMAX 3D? and why was i refused a refund?everyone dies at the end of star wARS...

Review №95

Everytime I have been there, the same grouchy old man is selling me my tickets. Besides that the establishment is fine.

Review №96

My family and I go every weekend! Were apart of the cinemark club. If you go often, I recommend signing up. We definitely always enjoy our experience! Especially since they put in the new lounge chairs.

Review №97

Great place for movies. They have a lot of food and drink options, including a bar. The seats all recline and have the option to heat them. Great atmosphere. The service was great.

Review №98

The best seats around! Comfy recliners with heat and a tray for your snacks!

Review №99

Heated seats, lap tables, comfort you wouldnt have expected to find in a movie theater. Maybe too many food choices, is that really a complaint. The only disappointing part of this movie theater is the arcade.

Review №100

Recliner chairs were amazing, super soft, fully reclined, plus heated seats. They were individual seats not a love seat style. Could have napped if I wanted so beware if sleepy

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:4489 Glengarry Dr, Beavercreek, OH 45440, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 937-429-4130
  • Movie theater
  • IMAX theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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