Bare Cabaret Austin
9705 Reservoir Ct, Austin, TX 78754, United States

Review №1

Best Full Nude Topless Bar I have been to! It all starts with their amazingly sexy door staff and beautiful waitresses. Managers and owners really care for their customers and go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy. Cant wait to have my next party here! I love that I can bring all the beer I want!

Review №2

Went there last night and an experience it was. First, coming in the bouncers and the other gentlemen there who I believe was the manager were really professional. Once inside we made our way to have a seat and within a minute already had a dancer by my side. Ladies here are beautiful and I just wish I wouldve got the names of the two dancers who I got a dance from because they were amazing.Only thing I had an issue with was the cover cost. On the website it said it is $25 before 2:00AM and $30 after 2:00AM. We got there at midnight and paid $50 per person, had we arrived after 2:00AM we wouldve paid $75. I am not sure why it was that much, but that was the only thing I had an issue with.Other than that had such a great time and will look forward to the next time around.

Review №3

Great service, I’m always escorted to VIP by management and set up nicely. The wait staff is very attentive and takes care of my every need. Talent is tops in town and I love the new remodel. Even the cashiers are beautiful here. Great place always a good time.-C

Review №4

I had a crazy fun time at Bare! It was my first time there and was surprised how nice and clean it is. Very cool atmosphere . Felt like a night club with a cool vibe rather than a strip club. It was a lot fun with hot girls. It’s definitely the best place for after hours fun in Austin.

Review №5

Had an AMAZING time here. The waitresses were super hot and efficient. Music was on fleek & management sold up a great VIP section. Club aesthetic was very upscale and upgraded. Most definitely will be back.

Review №6

The club is amazing! I Rented their new private section with your own security and waitress!! Top notch. Beautiful girls

Review №7

This place is of the highest caliber, bloody awesome I say! Me and me mates were in town romping around and brought a box full of pints with us to this lovely establishment! Hellavuh time! A+ Ill return 100%

Review №8

BARE Cabaret is the hottest after hour spot in Texas. The club is beautiful just like the entertainers. It was an awesome experience.

Review №9

Went for the first time last Saturday and it was LIT! By far the hottest club in all of Austin, Texas. The girls were bad af & the managers were very helpful. 10/10 recommend!

Review №10

BARE Cabaret is a fudgin great time. Get the boys together for a fun filled night. I’m on my way there now! LFG!! 5am!!

Review №11

I love this club and the new girl, Nayeli, at the door is HOT!! You guys should come check her out along with all the other sexy ladies here!!!

Review №12

Great place, BYOB great service. Management is the best . The women are beautiful and staff is very fast paced at getting anything you need .Most definitely will be back !!!

Review №13

This is the worst club. They lie still and then kick you out the club. Be aware for of set ups and up charges.

Review №14

Bare Cabaret is the Best BYOB full nude strip club in Austin, Texas. The staff and entertainers are beyond beautiful and a lot of fun! Management was very kind and gave us a great deal on a VIP Table. They are open until 6am on the weekends, have multiple VIP and private rooms options, plus you can bring all the alcohol you want. This is a great place for bachelor and birthday partys. 10/10 recommend Bare Cabaret.

Review №15

Beautiful girls and the club was a blast and very clean . Can’t wait to go back Again !

Review №16

The general consensus is that while it is nice you can BYOB dont pay for VIP here and dont let the rat-faced manager convince you otherwise. Other than that, it sounds like the women will come to you if they want to make $$$, so no need to purchase extra for their attention. Personally places with this kind of customer service dont deserve a star. I guess Ill give them 1-star; the lone-star state.

Review №17

Best place for adult entertainment in Austin Texas. Best after party every weekend!!!

Review №18

Front door girl was awesome. Great place

Review №19

Best club in austin ! I went for my birthday and was greeted by a friendly staff, and the dancers are gorgeousssss. Will be going back very soon!

Review №20

Friendly staff and gorgeous girls, bare is always a good time

Review №21

Had a blast the dancers r were extremely friendly and about their money they do tend to flock to were more money is being thrown but that’s the hustle wish all the poles were used as much as the main stage other than that I will definitely return for another great experience

Review №22

Girls were beautiful I enjoyed myself...

Review №23

It’s a worts place, when you ask for a job to dance they ask for money to accept you, it doesn’t make sense, they discriminate to Cuban girl

Review №24

Great place for a big parties management were super friendly along with all staff.

Review №25

Absolutely love this club! The women are beautiful, the staff is nice, the decor is lonely, great service, very clean and it’s BYOB! Definitely will recommend this club!

Review №26

This place is amazing ! Beautiful women, awesome staff, and management is beyond helpful, definitely a place I would continue coming back too.

Review №27

BYOB club witch is great, the women are gorgeous and sweet had i great time oh music is great

Review №28

I had a great time working here everyone was so nice and professional I would definitely come back and work here again when Im in town!

Review №29

Bare Cabernet is one of the finest gentlemen’s clubs I’ve ever been in! It’s brand new, has great staff, and run by some of the best owners in the business. The celebrities that they have come through are also phenomenal and treat you the way you’d want. BYOB and BOTTOMLESS?! What else do you need? If you’re thinking of having a great night out with some friends, absolutely bring your fun to Bare. Your night will be amplified exponentially!

Review №30

Hands down the best customer service and talent in Austin TX. I brought a bunch of my clients in from out of town and they could not believe the talent on stage and the service waiting on us. Thank you management and staff for a good time and we will definitely be back.

Review №31

Went once. Girl named eve repeatedly badgered us for money to come home with us, probably because the club was dead and was super rude when told no. Dont reccomend working or going there.

Review №32

Great time at Bare Cabaret! Non smoking inside so i didnt leave smelling gross, great prices for dances and access to VIP. Oh and the girls were hot! Highly recommend

Review №33

Had an amazing time for a bachelor party. Make sure you set up your event with Laroy and you definitely need Ashley as your personal waitress. Lydia will keep you company all night. Downside, make sure you agree to prices before accept a dance. Keep an eye out for your drunk friends. Other than that, amazing place to have a party. Laroy, Ashley, and Lydia, made sure our night was worth it.

Review №34

Bare is what every other club should be. Someone finally got it right! The vibe and class really shine through. Everyone was friendly and its far more professional than expected. I shall return.

Review №35

Straight-up scam; went for a friends bachelor party, payed for a VIP booth, had a dancer come up in the first 5 minutes trying to sell a bottle of tequila for $140 - then leave as soon as we declined - and spent the next 2 hours being ignored entirely. Only one of the 4 poles was ever used, and the 5 dancers present spent almost every second of their time (off stage) either chatting up other employees or one of 3 older, non-VIP guys.Go to XTC instead - way more fun for a far more reasonable price.

Review №36

Had my friends come from outta town and they had a great time they didn’t want to leave . The girls are friendly and gorgeous. The waitresses are great and music was just right, the also had a special guest DJ.

Review №37

I came here for my friends bachelor party and it was horrible we were greeted by the manager who at first seemed nice and outgoing but turned out to be a snakeConvinced us after paying 15$ each for the entry fee he convinced us to pay an additional $100 dollars ($18 dollars per person) and having no attention for a good I’m gonna say 2 1/2 hours with no attention and one of the dancers trying to sell us a bottle of tequila ($140!?) we complain to the bouncer about our issues within 10 minutes we had 2 girls come up and give my friend a lap dance (after they had not Informed us of the 25$ per lap dance by the way) we leftI’m embarrassed that we didn’t see the signs as soon as we entered the EMPTY parking lotDon’t come here XTC was a WAYYYY better experience

Review №38

Go there on Tuesday night it’s like $10 cover and another $10 for VIP which gives you $10 dances. Girl comes up ask if I want a dance. After 3 and a half songs I said alright when are you going to stop. She goes that’ll be $60 I just looked at her like really. Give her a $100 and she gives me a $20 saying she doesn’t have change. Literally walked in and walked out. wouldn’t recommend! nor would I come back.

Review №39

The club was very nice and staff was on point. Variety of good looking dancers. I will definitely go back!

Review №40

Bare is simply the best and I will never go back to XTC again. Bare is the BYOB spot I have been to that is still super classy. Official grand opening tonight and I will be there!

Review №41

This club is amazing, the staff was friendly and helpful, the ladies were on point. I loved it, I will definitely be back again and again!

Review №42

Came for my Bachelor Party. Showed up a little before midnight, one of the managers, Connor, sold us a “VIP” booth for $100. The place had about 5 other people. Connor told us the place would pick up around 2:00 am since the “other” girls would come around that time from the other clubs.Connor also tried to sell us “VIP” wristbands for an additional $25 which allowed us to have private dances in a smaller room.There were about 4 dancers cycling through. It’s about 1:00 am now and only one dancer has come up to our “VIP” booth. The club is still as slow as it was when we first got there.It’s about 2:00 am now and not a single dancer has walked up to our “VIP” booth. The club hasn’t picked up at all. There are about 3 dancers cycling through. Another 4 dancers are standing off to the side, one of them is falling asleep on a chair.It’s about 2:30 am at this point and still nothing. Not a single dancer has walked up to our “VIP” booth. So I decided to walk up to the nearest manager and ask why this was happening. The manager didn’t give us his name, but he explained to us that “the dancers are shy”. I am not making this up, I am quoting a cabaret manager, that his dancers are too shy to walk up to a group of males that paid extra to sit in the “VIP” area.The manager gets two dancers to go to our “VIP” booth. One of the dancers seemed either drunk or on the verge of falling asleep. They proceed to give me each a dance, which lasted around 2 minutes. After the dances were over, they told me that each dance was $25.So, not only did we pay $100 to sit in the “VIP” area and not have any dancers walk up to us for about two and half hours, I then got robbed by two dancers that were forced to go up to us.If you have actually read this entire, honest review, i would not recommend it. It just feels bad getting robbed and not even being an apology by management. But I guess rats aren’t sorry for stealing. We should have known something was wrong with this place the second we pulled up to the club and the entire parking lot was empty around peak times.

Review №43

My favorite byob in austin! newest & nicest, way more upscale than the other ones. great atmosphere, awesome staff, and good music!

Review №44

The few reviews here are from the owners and their friends. They own the Yellow Rose as well. Look them up.

Review №45

Went here on 6/15. First girl could not even speak English. And another tried to rob my buddy (who was drunk at the time). This girl also gave me a dance without speaking to me first. Respectfully I still paid her, but forcing her dances on a customer to get money is not the way to do it. She took him to the den for a song and a half and tried to charge him for 5 dances. When he wouldnt pay she came and got me. I and my buddy called her out, being that he was wasted I kept an eye on where he went. He was in there for less than 4 mins. She told a bouncer as I tried to help walk my buddy out. Not a terrible place just some wrong doing on their girls part.Honestly Id stay away until they replace the more desperate girls who chase away customer like us who planned to spend alot on the girls.I do want to thank the waitress who was honest about collecting the cash my buddy left on the table as I went to get him and returning it to us. She is the reason I did not give a 1 star. I did not get her name, but Thank You!!

Review №46

This club is absolutely STUNNING!!! The girls are beautiful, the staff is friendly and the atmosphere is one of a kind. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Review №47

Super friendly staff and they did an excellent job on the remodel of the place. Had a great time, Ill definitely be back!

Review №48

If I could rate this zero stars i would. Connor said he hooked us up with vip booth for 100 dollars. Sure why not. He said it would pick up about 2am because of all the other clubs closing downAfter cycling through the same 3 girls for 2 and a half hours. Us being in the vip section with no girls. We actually had to go ask for some attention. This place was nice and clean but they will literally just take your money and laugh. Very embarrassing to have even showed up to this place.Just go to xtc guys.

Review №49

Went in last night was not impressed entertainers are nice to look at but spent most of there night on there phones instead of working the room the place is really nice just not impressed

Review №50

I Love this place, it’s really nice and clean and the girls are super hott ! Can’t wait to go back again.

Review №51

I have been fortunate enough to be involved with the new design and set-up of Bare and its unlike anything in Austin. Setup more like a high end Caberet in Vegas!! The Entertainers they have hired are a mix of Austins best and ladies from the Mid-West, East and West Coast. The owners have went all out !! Its going to be exciting to see the ahh as guest enter for the first time!!The Hot New Bare Caberet Austins Premier after-hours !!!

Review №52

Very respectful club. Highly reccomend it.

Review №53

Ive been stopping by this place since last summer and its always closed. (knocked on the door and called listed phone number) When do you plan to open?

Review №54

If i could i would rate this 0 stars, STAY AWAYY !!! XTC and Foxys is way better so disappointed that the girls here are not topless like they say you have to go VIP

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