Altitude Trampoline Park - Appleton
4950 Integrity Way, Appleton, WI 54913, United States

Review №1

My daughter loves to visit this park in particular. She and her friends enjoy the variety of activities.

Review №2

We love this place and bought a monthly membership. The membership is a great deal. Music is always good. Lots of places to sit and watch. My kids love it because there are so many different things to do. They are very accommodating. Overall, great addition to Appleton.

Review №3

We loved it!!!! My kids are 4, 3 and 1. We did the toddler Time from 10 am until 1 pm. The kids enjoyed every part of the experience. The toddler area is great and set apart so the kids could jump at their own pace. But it was also great to have them explore the entire facility and try out the different areas. The staff were kind and friendly. The other customers were also nice and made the trip well worth it. We will for sure be back!!!

Review №4

This is the best Trampoline place in the Valley, the kids love it and its only $10 a month per kid and you can come EVERY DAY for 3 hours....

Review №5

Awesome place great service will definitely be retuning

Review №6

They did a great job with our sons birthday party. Kids had a great time!

Review №7

Very fun place! Great experience with my family. Went for a birthday party and even my oldest had a blast! This place brings put the kid in anyone.Im usually more reserved but I couldnt help but loosen up in this place!!! Great place for the entire family

Review №8

Closed during a pandemic, they reopen and just start charging membership fees with no notice or option to keep suspended because of continuing pandemic. Total BS. Terrible business plan.

Review №9

My family celebrated my two youngest brothers adoption at Altitude Trampoline Park. We couldnt have picked a better place!! The staff was wonderful! Since we were there in the early afternoon the Ropes Course was not yet open. My six brothers would really have liked to try it out. My 14-year old brother asked one of the staff members if there is any possibility that they could try it out early. He quickly agreed to open it an hour early so that we could get a chance on it. (Even though they had only two staff which made it hard for them. Needing someone at the Ropes Course to make sure my brothers were safe and someone to help other customers. They went out of their way to give my brothers a good time. Thank-you!!) The boys were thrilled! We cant say enough good about this place! Staff is great! All around it is a cool place to take your family for a day of family fun!! #1 on my Appleton list of great places!

Review №10

Kids had a blast. They enjoyed the 90 minute session

Review №11

Went once and paid $30 for my son & I to jump 2 hours. So decided to buy the membership for $10 a month. Think about the math. We can go whenever we want & I’m only $2 (the parent). As long as we go once every 2-3months it’s the same price. Get the membership! It’s so much fun! & We never stay the full well 2 hours with the pandemic atm. (Usually 3 hours) it tires you out fast! And your kid will have an early bedtime promise lol

Review №12

Lazy manager! Drove all the way there and waited 20 minutes to talk with a manager about setting up a birthday party. Was 100% ready to drop $300 on a private room and book the party, but the young man helping me told me that his manager is busy making pizza at the moment and could not help me. I was told to come back later that day or call in the evening!!?? This was baffling to me considering there were MANY employees standing around doing absolutely nothing. (They apparently cant handle making pizza alone.) Usually, places like this will have multiple managers, a party organizer, or at least other people trained to take my money and book a birthday, but not Altitude. (Most places have more than 1 adult working at a time, but not here. All young teens.) I feel like my son and I were treated like we do not matter. The manager working mid day on 2/2/2020 needs to be re-trained. Busy or not, Im very disappointed!Ive noticed that Altitude does not reply to negative reviews. This shows a lot about their business! They will not last long.

Review №13

Super cute, super fun, felt safe over all. Wish the enployees kept a little better eye on the bigger kids playing in the toddler area, but it is what it is lol.

Review №14

The time I went there someone had stolen my phone and they first refused to check the cameras, and then told us they would, by the way they never did. Everyone who works there is snotty to the costumers and we still think the reason they won’t check the cameras is because it was one of the workers who stole my phone!

Review №15

Great place and great time spent with the kiddos!

Review №16

Lots to do there. Trampolines, obstacle courses, “diving board”, basketball, kids area and much more. Even as 20 year olds we enjoyed it as a fun date night. They offer concessions. Bathrooms were clean. Somewhat pricey I would imagine if you have a larger family.

Review №17

This is a really great place to bring the kiddos thats not only fun, but safe and clean as well. We were really impressed when we came on an extremely busy day during Christmas break. They had a lot of staff members walking around the area to make sure kids were having fun (and being safe.) I had my 2-year-old and 6-year-old and we all had an awesome time.

Review №18

Had my childs birthday party there and it was wonderful and went very smooth. Drake was great. Girl helping our table was wonderful and friendly. Amazing experience and couldnt be happier! Thank you all. Great time!

Review №19

Very Clean and Friendly Enviroment. Best Trampoline Park around!

Review №20

Accidentally paid online and babysitter paid in person. Would only offer a credit for future visit when I really just wanted a refund. Not the best business practice.

Review №21

During the pandemic, I wasn’t sure what was going on with the monthly membership charges. I stopped getting charged, so I foolishly assumed nothing needed to be done on my part. My position with my company was eliminated due to the pandemic. I called and let the manager know that my son has asthma (high risk for covid-19), and he said “unfortunately, we don’t make the rules we just enforce them”. Told me the only way to cancel is to come in, and the still get charged an additional two months. This is unacceptable. Will never go back to this place. I urge you not to get the membership!

Review №22

Fun place to take the kids, had fun. Get ready to be a little sore the next day lol

Review №23

Ive been to a few trampoline parks and this one is by far the best.

Review №24

Super clean and have disinfectant throughout the whole place.

Review №25

Fun place to take kids. Unlimited jump is definitely worth the cost!!

Review №26

Best trampoline park I’ve been to! So much fun for the kids. So many things to do here and the trampolines were perfect! I find it weird people are giving 1 stars when they haven’t been to the park. If they had came when it wasn’t in construction they would have had a great time.

Review №27

Unfortunately we did not have a good experience here. It was our first and will be the last. We waited in line to check in for at least ten minutes while no one was behind the counter, leaving everyone in lines confused.We finally get up to the counter no apology for the wait and than on top of everyone in line being annoyed he than tells us the ropes course is not open (the only reason we went there) and still had to pay full price. Evan than proceeded to tell us “oh there is only two of us here, we don t have enough staff”(not our problem).Than about a half hour in the kids wanted snacks from the snack counter. Here we waited another 15minutes while Evan slowly checked in person after person never turning around or checking his surroundings so we could pay for our snacks. There was two people behind us that left due to no one waiting on us. I had to get his attention and ask if I could pay for snacks. Evan than again does not apologize and tells me “oh well we can’t make everyone happy”. I had to repeat my order several times and than Evan continues to make excuses rather than sympathetically apologize and tell me again they don’t have enough employees, and the employees they have are all in school. None of which is the consumers problem. If you can’t staff a business than you might not want to open it (I have owned business and been in customer service for over 15 years) . The customer service was a definite 0, the facility is mediocre and we should not be paying the ridiculous prices when the main attraction isn’t open due to your poor staffing. Lastly, the one other employee that was there “watching” the area where the kids jump over the spinning arm was on his phone while small children kept getting hit by the bar that continued to go around and around. Not a good first impression on so many levels. We’ll take our business else where.

Review №28

This place is PERFECT it keeps kids busy for HOURS i love going there! please come!!

Review №29

Staff was extremely friendly and my child had a great time but, employees were constantly being yelled at by the manager Vanessa even though they were doing their jobs at their stations. Staff is very interactive with children. It was also very un- professional for Vanessa to yell at employees in front of customers. After taking employees attention away customers she than proceeded to walk behind the counter and go on her phone. Extremely unsatisfied with management :( Hope when I come back she’s not here

Review №30

Eddy Morales is the best worker at altitude no cap. He took care of my 5 year old son after he got drilled in the face by another worker. Such a sweet heart ️Workers should strive to be more like Eddy.

Review №31

Another good trampoline park within the area. This place ads the dimension of ropes course with a small zip line. It can definitely get busy at times. Wish there was more seating area while watching the kids play.

Review №32

Kids love it. Best trampoline park at the moment. Lots of options and affordable. Good place for kids to come and hang out.

Review №33

The place is really cool....but unorganized and understaffed. Parents dont waste your money if you have children that are under 7 . You wont be able to do anything. The website was pretty clear on the rules but none were inforced. Teens that should know better running full force through the whole place just trampling over little kids. Smashed into a adult and when told to stop just took off. Spoke to staff and they said yeah we asked them to stop. Not sure what you want us to do. Areas set aside for little kids was overran with big kids. Just a nightmare experience.

Review №34

This place is fantastic! Bought the membership for my 3 grandchildren (twins who are 9 and one who is 14), as they loved it. Great for all ages!!

Review №35

It’s a cool place, however the reason for the 1 star is we specifically went during a time geared towards kids 6 and under and this was clearly not enforced. There were a ton of kids much older running around and running into the little kids which totally ruined the whole experience. If you’re going to advertise something like this it has to be enforced.

Review №36

This is the best workout for me! The harnessed balance workout on the upper portion works all of my small core muscles and helps my balance.

Review №37

Super fun place! Loved that we could go on the zip line and ropes course without paying extra money, it was included with the jump pass. Fun games to play and good for all ages.

Review №38

We went in on the second day open! I was highly impressed with the equipment. My kids loved that there was so much to do and different things to try! The staff and owner were amazingly nice and did a great job explaining the rules!

Review №39

Such a fun place with so much for the kiddos to do.

Review №40

I would say overall its pretty cool place for Family fun. Tons of different things to do. Place was clean and huge. Good times.

Review №41

Kids had a great time

Review №42

Lots is activities to keep them entertained.

Review №43

Really fun, staff keeps it clean and sanitized during this time

Review №44

We went in there at 6:45 and they made us wait in line for 10 minutes and no one was there. When the guy came out he told us to sign the waiver. That took 5 minutes. We waited in line for another 8 minutes watching the guy help these people and another employee walking around behind the desk, we were wondering why she couldnt help us. She then walks to the counter and tells us we cant jump because its past 7:00. They should honestly have a sign saying so, or they could literally tell us the rules when we walked through the door at 6:45. The place looks really fun but the employees suck.

Review №45

My son and his friend were treated rudely by three different staff members there. They were not misbehaving in any way. This is really disappointing...we will not be back.

Review №46

Great place for kids, fair priced for membership, and toddler time could be a little better enforced, but still a great place for the little ones

Review №47

The music is not kids friendly at all. Come now people this is not a club

Review №48

Fun for kids and adults, blacklight jumps in the evening make for a cool visual at night.

Review №49

My kid liked it. They need more comfy chairs for adults to sit and watch

Review №50

Unorganized, pizza was over priced, not professionally run. Was there for a Birthday party. Lots of staff standing around talking and for the amount of kids jumping there were not enough people to keep a close eye on them. Was nice to spend time with family and friends but would not go back again

Review №51

Stopped in with my grandkids not realizing it wasn’t opened yet. The staff met us at the door and invited us in to look around!! It looks like an amazing place to go play, challenge your strengths and abilities and maybe even conquer some fears at all age levels. We are looking forward to their opening. Great addition to Appleton!!

Review №52

The kids enjoy it. I watched from afar wishing my bum knee could withstand the force of a legit bounce sesh.

Review №53

This place is terribly run. They have a bunch of high school kids rushing you through membership application and don’t discuss any cancellation fees. This place will be out of business soon

Review №54

It was a lot of fun more my 9 year old son and I! Lots to do and quite a bit of room too.

Review №55

Very nice, love the high ropes course the zipline is very fun.

Review №56

Unorganizedwent there for birthday party were not even on a list had 25 peopleno food selection pizzas were horrible and were 17 dollars a piece

Review №57

It was really fun had blast. If i could i would go every day.

Review №58

My 5yr old going to be 6 in April is obsessed with this place. I ended up getting him the membership since you would pay $20/hr where as they have this promo going on if you put $10 down and than its $10 a month and they can jump everyday if they wanted for up to 3 hours! Parents yall cant find a better deal than this. Plus it is new and very cleanst

Review №59

3hour Friday night friendsy was such a great deal, perfect amount of time for my son to burn off some energy & meet new friends! Also spacious & great lounging area for adults.

Review №60

It was so cool! The ropes course is awesome! I also love the length in the long trampolines!!!

Review №61

I LOVED this place!!! The entire party had a blast! Awesome place to have a GREAT time!!!

Review №62

Lots of really cool things for kids and even adults to do!!

Review №63

Clean place, great staff and fun activities for every age group.

Review №64

I like the set up of this park, the trampolines glare not as stiff as other places Ive been. The kids really liked the whole place as well also they dont nickel and dime you to go on other things that they have.

Review №65

Great place for family fun. Lots to do, not a bad price.

Review №66

Great place to unwind with your grandchildren. Friendly staff

Review №67

The facility is wonderful. I had an issue but the GM made things right!

Review №68

Extremely cool place. I find it funny the low ranks came weeks ago - before it was open!Competitors or just negative people?

Review №69

Not only is it a fun place but staff & owner there were amazing! Very welcoming, kind and would definitely recommend: )

Review №70

Fun family activity. Very crowded

Review №71

It is so fun the staff are very friendly and the place is just amazing

Review №72

Great place for my 5 year old.

Review №73

Super fun time for kids 3 and older.

Review №74

It was a fun experience and they let me film.

Review №75

Awesome trampoline park for kids of all ages!

Review №76

Little pricey but the kids love it

Review №77

I will not go in the winter anymore. My family and I got sick after a day here.

Review №78

All my friends went there and had a good time... I wasnt invited.

Review №79

Too many kids. Granddaughter rolled her foot cause another kid jumped on same trampoline

Review №80

Nice place, good for all ages

Review №81

Well... heres the thing, its not open yet and there is nothing around to say its not. I went inside and saw construction equipment and everything.

Review №82


Review №83

Best trampoline park around!

Review №84

The ropes course was opened 30 minutes late, it opened when we were supposed to leave, luckily they let us do it still

Review №85

Awesome place

Review №86

Really fun place

Review №87

Great place for kids!!

Review №88

Great prices.

Review №89


Review №90

This place is awesome

Review №91

Lots of jumping, climbing, zipping options!

Review №92

Nice park

Review №93

Step down from skyzone

Review №94

It was cool

Review №95

Love it

Review №96

Absolute cheeks

Review №97

Very busy

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