Get Air Trampoline Park
11051 O'Malley Centre Dr, Anchorage, AK 99515, United States

Review №1

Great Place 2 spend family time lots of fun obstacles even fun 4 adults.Its really Healthy for your heart to jump on trampline. Also inside are basketball courts and volleyball set up.

Review №2

Such a great time here at Get Air. Im 29 years old and still had an absolute ball. I found it to be a bit pricey but I would recommend looking at Groupon and other coupons that Get Air puts out and plan your trip accordingly. Its a really nice size area and can accommodate a lot of people!

Review №3

All the COVID restrictions make it tricky for a business like this to run, but the awesome employee working today was so accommodating in helping us find a time for our group to jump. Thanks!!! So glad to have a great place for the kids to get some exercise!

Review №4

It is a great place to bring your family to burn off some energy, BUT THE BATHROOMS SMELL LIKE A HIGH SCHOOL LOCKER ROOM!!! If you go to Get Air, Either hold it or relieve yourself before you go!!!

Review №5

Was a fun place! They had a few vending machines that worked fine, and they sold dippin dots. The instructional video was entertaining and not boring/bland. The place was very fun, a little something for everyone. The kiddie area was very fitting, my kids spent most of the time in there as it was rid of the loud and noisy kids that ran them down otherwise. Great for older kids as well. The staff was amazing, will definitely be coming back!!

Review №6

Location is convenient, love that. All in all, Get Air is a fun place for little to older ones to play around on the trampolines and obstacle courses. The referees are a little strict on the bigger ones wanting to hang around here. Their philosophy was to have a fun indoor park full of trampolines and obstacle courses and are doing that perfectly. My only complaint is to give older kids freedom with what they do here rather than make the atmosphere strict. This could be done by making an older kid to teen area like they did with little ones so everyone can have fun with their age group. But again, keep them safe!

Review №7

My brother needed a pin in his leg and 11 stitches after jumping here. Not only did he get seriously injured but no staff came to see if he needed help. He was 14 at the time, one of his legs will always be shorter because his growth plate on his leg was also damaged. This place is not safe and I will never go here.

Review №8

Had so much fun

Review №9

Recommend this place to everyone of every age. First time going today and I would definitely recommend. Full of obstacles and fun for the entire family. Donn (I believe was his name), one of the Manager went above and beyond my expectation. Supply you with socks, locker, and very knowledgeable. Kids wanted ice cream however I was short on cash the time. He knew they really wanted and he offered as complimentary. Greatly Appreciate everything he did on my first visit. Will definitely be back

Review №10

I got a compression fracture in my spine from jumping of the rock wall onto my butt right on this metal beam that runs on the middle of the pit under the foam. With that said I had a lot of fun before that!!

Review №11

A great place, my kids had so much. They bounced, climbed, and played dodgeball. We are definitely going back and recommend this to everyone. Although, the price is high.

Review №12

My son had a blast. Lots of different bounce areas and challenge courses. They could use more comfortable seating for the parents. All they had were carpeted boxes and a couple massage chairs that you paid for.

Review №13

Great place for the kids to burn off energy. They play music and theres lots of different activities Within the play area. They have a birthday party area and a large dodgeball area which is refereed by one of the staff. There is a designated under 46 play area for the little guys so theyre not getting knocked around by the older kids and adults. In addition to trampolines there are rock climbing walls and foam pits and an American Ninja Warrior type course. Youre looking at 50 bucks for two kids for 2 hours.

Review №14

Really cute staff fun activities but my friend is now broken.

Review №15

Always a great place to take the kids!

Review №16

Ive been here so many times and I have so many words to describe the happy memories Ive had here. There are to many things to put into a simple review. I met my significant other here and every anniversary we go here. I have made lasting friendships here that can never be broken. Get Air is more than a trampoline park. Its a home. Its a place that can bring people together after being estranged for a long time. My family is very zealous to come here and enjoy ourselves every time. The staff is very friendly and always welcomes me with open arms. Im grateful that its here and wish that it never leaves.

Review №17

No words can possibly describe how much this place means to me. I’ve been on first dates here, had late nights with friends, and made so many valuable memories that can’t be recreated in any other establishment. Get Air is like a second home for me. I love the relaxed atmosphere that the employees, and the park itself, create. When I’m at Get Air, all of my stress dissipates, and I feel like the best version of myself. Thank you, Get Air, for making my life better every time I visit.

Review №18

Get Air Anchorage is where we take our son not only to play but to practice jumps for his snowboard competitions. The staff here is helpful and understanding and fun to be around. The manager, Angel, always recognizes us and greets us by name. We can’t say enough how much we enjoy our experience here.

Review №19

I Recommend this place to all ages. We had our sons 9th birthday party there and it was a blast. Their manager and staff were very friendly and showed us around before making our final decision to book the party. We purchased a package and it was all we could ever ask for. They provided everything from the utensils all the way down to the pizza(Uncle Joes which is one of the best in town), ice cream and party favors. Being a family of 4 things can get hectic and they took a lot off our plate. All we had to do was just show up and bring cake. It’s a safe clean place to let the kids run out all there energy. Since August we’ve been there a handful of times and will continue to do so during the winter months.

Review №20

I came to Anchorage to visit family and stumbled across this park. It’s a great place for young and old to have fun and be active regardless of the weather outside & considering it’s Alaska, it’s definitely needed. Will visit next time I’m there. Hope to have the same amount of fun.

Review №21

Me and my cousin went and had an amazing time. Would recommend it to anyone

Review №22

Terrible, terrible, terrible. My three year old daughter and I were told that she couldnt jump in the bigger kid section because of double jumping danger. My daughter has been on trampolines since before she could walk. The toddler section is BORING. My daughter thinks so as well as the other kids that we encountered during my most recent visit. If it is truly for toddlers why is there a rock wall? Why is there a balance beam across an over-filled foam block pit? Toddlers dont have the motor skills to successfully navigate either. As evidence both look brand new, unused. It would be okay if the toddlers siblings or parents could jump/climb with them in the toddler section, but thats not allowed. The Toddler section needs a be completely overhauled for an actual toddler to play in. Many other parents i encountered had the same argument with roaming floor security/staff. When I mentioned to the security staff person that if they want toddlers to play in the appropriate area they should consider making it more toddler friendly. He begin to argue with me. The rest of my trip he kept an constant eye on me and was never more than 10 feet away from me as he followed my daughter and I around the park. Definitely not a enjoyable time for my daughter.I spent $64 for three kids for 2 hours. A 3 year old, 10 year old, and a 15 year old. My three year old was bored and wanted to go after 30 minutes. My two older kids were bored after an hour, so we left.The Get Air park is in need of repair everywhere. The carpet is frayed everywhere you look. The trampolines have rips and material sticking out from the tattered and worn out mats that are used to cover the springs. The foam blocks are crumbling, leaving debris everywhere. The locker area is filthy with old socks and trash laying everywhere. The whole place is dusty and dirty,I would rather drive from my south Anchorage home to Shockwave trampoline park in North east Anchorage, than ever go to Get Air again. I can understand that disrepair is going to happen. I refuse to accept how the staff treated us or how the area that we were forced to play in is lacking and not appropriate for the age group.

Review №23

Birthday parties are expensive but I was really impressed without forgiving and helpful the staff was.

Review №24

There should be cold filtered water fountains for the kids. You have done a great job, dont get me wrong....just need a little adjustments. Love the courts on the other side. Atmosphere is good but need a nice family hangout and set a positive example. You can exchange their time for free passes. Kids need to see positive but not authoritative while they are having them time.

Review №25

My son loves this place! We have celebrated many birthdays here and have always had a wonderful experience! My toddler recently had her first visit here and had a blast! The staff always go above and beyond to ensure we have a great time - definitely reccomend!

Review №26

Great customer service. Kids had a ton of fun. Great way to expel kid energy!

Review №27

Friendly helpful customer service staff. When we want to have family fun & get out our energy we go to GetAir!! We all love it! Always a great time!

Review №28

Had a great time.

Review №29

I love coming to get air but I haven’t seen that Vinny guy a lot. Kinda sucks he was a good employee and he made the park fun and safe. My kids miss him.

Review №30

I love this gym. The staff is awesome and they make me and my kids feel welcome all the time. My children love this place, it has because a weekend thing for them.

Review №31

Niece loves it, and I got to jump around too. Worth the visit.

Review №32

Its a pretty fun place for a party of some sorts. Theres a place for very young kids that separates them from larger and older people. The price is a bit high, but its not a place where youll go very frequent.

Review №33

Perfect place to take tireless nieces and nephews!

Review №34

Fun place to let your kids go wild

Review №35

Very fun. My siblings come here all the time and we’re never bored. Can’t wait for the next time we go.

Review №36

Very family oriented, the manager and employees are awesome. It’s not chaotic and crazy. Awesome highly recommend this place to families.

Review №37

I don’t have much to say but I’ve just had some great times here. I’ve gone here with family and friends. And the fact that I was there with family means a lot. I don’t see them a lot and the fact that I went to this location is something special to me. I don’t know what I’d do without it being here. Too many memories

Review №38

My family has been a regular visitor to this park over the past 2-3 years. During this time we have regularly experienced poor customer service and witnessed inattentive referees who are supposedly there to monitor the park users and discourage dangerous behavior.We scheduled two birthday parties for our grandson here. On both occasions, the food arrived over 45 minutes late and we had to track an attendant down to get our drinks.The Referees are all teenagers with no adult supervision ever visible. They do not appear to be adequately trained to deal with even minor injuries or deal with problematic customers. At our last party, two of our guests experienced minor injuries (a dodge ball to the face of a nine year old by an adult and a strained ankle). In the first instance, the referee was very reluctant to talk to the offending adult. In the second instance, the referee was more interested in making a report than helping to treat the injury.On our last visit, there were three referees on the floor. For almost two hours, we watched them first stand around in a group and chatter, then move to table in the back of the floor and continue to chatter. They were almost 100% disengaged from what was transpiring with the guests the whole time. If there was a serious injury under these circumstances, all the waivers in the world would not protect the owners from a gross negligence lawsuit.Needless to say, we are done with this business. It is ridiculous to pay their premium prices to put our kids at risk and endure such consistently poor service.

Review №39

My daughter ALWAYS has the best time here, even when she is jumping alone and no one else is there

Review №40

The staff is so lit especially Abdul he dose his job right and keeps it fun

Review №41

I have alot of fun here. Playing with friends an the ability to play with younger kids around makes it really cool. The private party makes it fun.

Review №42

My son recieved a buy one pass and get one pass free coupon from school. We got to get air and they said that the coupon is not get one free but for only 8 dollars off which is pretty much only half off of one ticket. If you have a buy one get one ticket free dont be fooled and think that you will get one ticket free.

Review №43

Had a great time there. Have spent lots of money and hours there. Every time I go I have a blast. 10/10

Review №44


Review №45

A little pricey on Sunday, but all in all a great spot for the kids!

Review №46

Great no stress birthday party! Oliva made sure everything was ready and met all needs throughout the entire party!!!

Review №47

Lots of fun, friendly staff, generous with time. Definitely go back.

Review №48

Best place I’ve ever been to I love going there and will always go there just be able to jump on a trampoline

Review №49

I understand the new guy trying to keep everyone safe but he was very annoying. Would not leave our family alone to have fun. Too many rules and he was babysitting us.

Review №50

What a dive this place has become. I am a long time small business owner and focus to refine excellent customer experience. These owners dont appear to care or have pride in delivering quality service and product to fellow Alaskans. Definitely NOT a good place for children under 6. You cannot play or assist your toddler in the toddler area lol. Even if you have paid to play, you have to let your toddler fend for themselves. The toddler area has a rock wall that cannot be managed by a toddler due to the way its constructed....and you cant enter to help! I was asked to exit for helping my child hold onto a rope swing. Equipment is old, ragged and unkept. Heating ducts are spewing dirt and air fans are covered with nasty debris. Carpets are torn and one of my kiddos got her ankle caught in unraveled carpet string. Jump pit foam is so aged and ratty the $3 socks are not washable and reusable because they are covered in bits of foam debris. I even spoke to the manager and was given broken record answers. Apparently, I’m not the only parent that expressed my experience concerns. So sad. Another Alaskan business soon to close. Definitely will NOT be back.

Review №51

Compared to other trampoline parks this place is small, cold, and repetitive. They have 4 obstacle course. All them but 1 have only 1 feature. Hanging net of foam, the other one has 2 ropes and hanging foam. Its an obstacle but no course. The good news is its empty and othrt than being eyeballed by 12 employees bored employees comstantly in an open square area it will be fun to have place to yourself.

Review №52

Get air was amazing for the kids they had a lot of fun in a friendly environment. Snacks are affordable too #YLG #DaTruf (If I wrote it then its tru)

Review №53

Shock Wave Sucks, and Get Air is good. The staff here is really good and helpful I hope to come back here again.

Review №54

Lots of fun I really like it when I actually have friends that aren’t busy still fun none the less

Review №55

Fun place but the green hard padding in the obstacle course needs to be replaced with something softer my gf fell and hit it sounded like she feel on a rock. She was hurting.

Review №56

Great place to have fun... the refs are really rude tho.

Review №57

Nice place, friendly staff. My kids enjoyed it

Review №58

I dont like being told that I cant have a drink by the kids jump area and then 4 other people bring drinks and they do nothing about it

Review №59

Ive been to get air several times! The first time I jumped with my son, and the second time I let him jump alone. Its a very nice facility. I love that they have small air for the smaller children, so you wont have to panic, thinking your toddler could get jumped on.

Review №60

Not bad for Alaska still has room to improve make sure you do a liver online before you go it will save you a lot of time also understand that if your children are not over a certain height there is only a small area they can play in

Review №61

I always enjoy the kind workers that treat me and my cousin well

Review №62

Great place to take your kids

Review №63

Great place to jump but new white dude wird and gotta go.

Review №64

Am i the only that notice that they only reply to positive comments but not the unhappy customers??? I was reading all the reviews so i can book my daughters birthday party here but after reading all the reviews and noticing that they only respond to the good comments but scroll pass the unhappy customers i will not spent $600 or more just to get disappointed in the end.

Review №65

It was an amazing experience and i had a really good time angel is the sh***

Review №66

Great employees and really fun but new white guy is weird

Review №67

K is nice respectful and William his humorous Henry is cool nice and etc

Review №68

Ross makes me feel uncomfortable but everything else is good. The front desk friday night did a great job

Review №69

Great fun for my 7 year old daughter and her best friend for her birthday. I love that its a place that provides fun while providing a healthy physical activity.My daughter especially liked having an American Ninja course. It was $36 for an hour of jump time for the both of them.

Review №70

Had a blast there, would definitely bring the whole family back again. Employees were nice and helped me when I was confused 5/5

Review №71

A little over priced for the size but it is the only one like it in are state so what can you do... he party space is decent and the staff are friendly yet stern! Safety is a priority here and it shows little ones are limited for safety even wen there no one else in the park and there being supervised by both spectators and participants.

Review №72

Super nice ppl all around good time

Review №73

Great place to get worn out and bring little ones.

Review №74

Big fun for everyone!

Review №75

If you have multiple kids in different ages dont go here. they police you the whole time ruining youre fun and not let families play together. only certain age kids in certain areas so you cant even watch all youre kids at the same. total safety hazard

Review №76

Get better doge balls but other than that the place is fun

Review №77

The kids can spend hours here... Loads of fun and friendly staff

Review №78

I held my sons birthday party here and all his friends had a great time. We did experienced a small miscommunication with the event staff during the event, however, I received a phone call from the manager the following day. She was very professional and I am very pleased with the resolution that we came to after our discussion. I will continue to support this business!

Review №79

Severely restricted for toddlers. So disappointed. There is no place where a parent can jump with the toddler outside toddler time which is absurdly 8-10am in the summer. No one here, kicked out of the trampoline area. Very disappointed.

Review №80

Kids had a blast. No one got hurt and not as dirty as I had expected.

Review №81

Do not Bring small kids here. They lied to us at the front counter and said we could help our 2 year old since it was his first time on a trampoline. Then immediately us told we couldnt be in the jumping area with her when we entered and then refused a refund. Total waste of money. The staff is mostly unorganized young kids who appear to have little to no training. The poor management of this place shows, I have no problem if that is your policy, I have a problem with your staff lying.

Review №82

Awesome place to let the whole family burn off some energy! They require specific grippy socks that you buy upon your initial registration. Very friendly staff and so much to do indoors for hours.

Review №83

Love this place and the people that work there are the best!

Review №84

Rly good place you should go

Review №85

All the staff are very understanding and patient when first signing up.Weve been a few times with the babies (2&3) they arent too strict (good thing!) with the parents when they need to help and play in the little kid jump area.

Review №86

My first time going to a trampoline park. We went to run out our 3 year old but I ended up jumping for an hour also. Wish this was here when I was a kid. I was more worn out then then my son at the end of it all. Staff was friendly and professional. The facility was clean. Overall this place is awesome. If I lived closer to Anchorage I would come here more often. Your not to old to have fun here!

Review №87

My girl had a blast. Thank you!

Review №88

K was amazing william was nice and Henry chill

Review №89

Long waits at front and malfunctioning vendingThere was really only one person at the front and while he was very nice, it took a long time to get through the line. Furthermore, I had several issues with the vending machines and the massage chairs. The management never contacted me abouy my lost funds and I eventually disputed the charges. But the kids had fun and the staff I interacted with were very nice. Management seemed non existent.

Review №90

Today I had a really good time cause its my birthday but I jumped in the foam pit and I hurt my back really bad and it hurts right now cause there is some wood beam or something.

Review №91

Every thing is fun and the ross guy is kinda weird

Review №92

This place is a ton of fun for kids and adults to go get exercise and have fun doing it. Loved it!

Review №93

Did not have a good time dealing with uncoordinated staff... were told one thing at the counter to areas my younger son could use them were approached 20 min later after watching the staff walk around but then decided to say we couldn’t be in the area. Told two different things about the wristbands, was told you could follow your young one around but then they kept trying to get me to buy socks everytime I walked across the trampolines...80% of the foam blocks were ripped into chucks and 3 of the mat areas were falling apart to expose springs, trash left on tables and bathroom was soaked with water.Was here two years ago and it wasn’t that bad, but it’s definitely in decline. Shockwave is amazingly better, better priced and much more well coordinated and well worth the drive. That was the castle on O’Malley of trampoline parks in anchorage

Review №94

Great time. Fun placd

Review №95

Very good staff manager is top notch

Review №96

Everything with perfectly fine an fun until Ross showed up an was being rude calling people names

Review №97

Could be better managed and cleaner, but overall fun.

Review №98

Friendly staff, very helpful for first timers!

Review №99

Way too expensive but fun

Review №100

Worth one go. Cant vouch for anything passed that.Had anywhere from 1-3 high school aged personnel, with 1 of them at any given time busy with her friends and/or telling customers all the things they would not want to hear. Not limited to other persons urinating in the foam pits, or squatters residing within the establishment.The place is starting to show where they dont clean and the foam blocks are being reduced to particulate that gathers on the proprietary socks.When they first opened it was very different than what it has become. They had employees all over, regulating the rules and keeping order, that is no longer the case. I had some employees more caught up with me talking to my child in the child only zone but had nothing to say to the individual who was half way through the trampoline, headed under through the springs.Not sure if you need to train the staff but it certainly couldnt hurt.Make sure to actually secure anything you define as valuable, your belongings will be thoroughly gone through if put in the cubbies.

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  • Amusement center
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  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:No
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
  • Family friendly:Yes
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