Cinemark Hollywood 16 and XD
9100 Canyon Dr, Amarillo, TX 79119, United States

Review №1

Need more security needs to enforce the covid rules get people in mask security be active in the arcade. Kids coming in without mask without sanitizing without supervision lose the covid voices speak loud and proud be bubbly bad experience all together!

Review №2

Very nice facilities. Staff friendly. First time here, but these seats feel and look new. Clean environment. I’ll be back often

Review №3

So, every restaurant can hand me food. Waitresses can fill and refill my drinks. My church can even serve communion.But good going Cinemark you are gonna save the world from Corona because you no longer allow employees to put butter on popcorn. Oh...and hey, to make it even better for the customers you proport to serve....lets put the butter dispenser as far away from the concession line as is geographically possible. And...want to layer your butter so its not all on top and none from the middle on down. I know! Lets have the customers make 2 trips to the far side of yonder!

Review №4

Rented a whole theater for my nieces birthday party today. It was more than awesome!

Review №5

Definitely love the XD experience. Large adjustable seats with lots of legroom, feels like upgraded first class travel and a lot wider.Going early has its price advantages for those on a tighter budget. Black Panther all the way.We shall return for the Avengers.

Review №6

I love this place. Great staff, great covid measures, clean and comfy

Review №7

This place is nice and clean. The staff was nice and helpful. It is right next to a fun center so that is a great way to kill time before your movie. Plus the bar nice to have a beer with a movie ever once in a while.

Review №8

Love the amazing seats very clean

Review №9

When I called to ask about an upcoming movie a person answered immediately and he took the time to look at the schedule. he told me about the discount days and the movie. their competition is impossible to speak with a live helpful person. we will definitely go to hollywood 16. its also well run and clean.

Review №10

Love the reclining seats. Very comfortable theater. I like the popcorn from here better than the other theater in town. Great place for dates or families.

Review №11

We have been enjoying Hollywood 16 for about 4 years now and really love this place. The customer service is good most of the time and atmosphere is really nice. Its a very clean facility and this will always be our first choice

Review №12

This is my favorite movie theater in town. Since it got its remodel done with the comfy chairs, Ive never gone to so many movies. Love, love, love the movie club and the yearly plastic popcorn and drink containers.

Review №13

This theatre is always clean and the seats are very comfortable, with their reclining abilities. I also enjoy the size of the chairs, as they prevent overcrowding with strangers. That being said, the theatre is almost always packed due to limited seating, so make sure to get your tickets early. The concession stand is a little limited on choices and the line is always long, as they usually only have one line open. The staff has a generally bad attitude and are rarely willing to assist in any way. I try to avoid coming to this theatre, but its tolerable.

Review №14

This is a clean and well-maintained theatre. The seats are very comfortable and recline fully. You can buy tickets online to skip the lines. They even show special interest movies (eg. Studio Ghibli and Makato Shinkai films)

Review №15

Comfortable recliners, good popcorn, good movies. What more couldja want?

Review №16

Went and seen Sonic the Hedgehog and it was Great.. The bathrooms were dirty for being early in the morning.. But other than that me and my grandson had a wonderful time..

Review №17

This theater is becoming my favorite one in Amarillo. Their remodel some time ago really improved the place. Chairs are awesome, almost every movie is reserved seating now. Using online tickets are painless.They are also having a lot more limited release movies here that youd normally have to travel to go see. The Studio Ghibli events this year (2019) are here and even though the one I went to was screened on one of their smaller screens, they still put the same effort in making those nice as the larger rooms.

Review №18

The seats are comfortable. The lines can be busy at times but thats expected because Cinemark is a very reasonable priced and above average movie theater.

Review №19


Review №20

My first choice in the area for movies. Matinee is my favorite time to go. Love the big recliner chairs and reserved seating. An introverts dream. . . Not sure whats up with the ticket taker doing the Macarena, but you do you man. High quality and not the crazy packed madhouse like UA usually is.

Review №21

Always a great experience. Seats are awesome, great HD screen and sound. Only bad experience Ive had was, I sat next to stinky guy once. But thats not the theaters fault.

Review №22

Wonderful time watching Frozen 2 with my sweet daughter! Who cares if she didnt want her picture taken!

Review №23

Clean and safe but a little expensive

Review №24

Was taken to see Call of the Wild for my birthday it was an awesome movie The reclining seats there are so comfortable the popcorn was fresh and the date I was with was wonderful I had an awesome time

Review №25

Seats are gnarly comfy, staff was polite and to the point. Wam, bam, til I see you again...... PS....The new bad boys movie is the bees knees. Just do it. Shell be fine. Promise.

Review №26

Big comfy reclining seats! Very friendly accommodating staff! Would give the staff six stars if possible! Very very helpful in locating and retrieving a lost keepsake! Thank you very much to your management and staff!

Review №27

The theater had so much trash, popcorn, & drinks in our seats that we couldnt sit in them. 6 employees were standing around in the hall talking, laughing, & not working. Im guessing they should have been cleaning the theaters better.

Review №28

Everything was good except Popcorn was too salty. $8 for popcorn & it better taste good!

Review №29

Very clean movie theater. Concessions was pretty fast. Movie was good and did not mess up or anything. Friendly staff.

Review №30

Good popcorn and drinks and enjoy the scenery especially when you walk in the auditorium rooms for each movie and it is incredible

Review №31

I love that this theater is always clean, has comfortable reclining chairs, and is never over crowded. This is always my first go to place for the best movie viewing experience.

Review №32

Ghetto. Theater is already run down, not well cared for, cleaned, or maintained. They have the nerve to search patrons for snacks or drinks - - ghetto. But, the popcorn is pretty good.

Review №33

Everyone was super nice, theater was clean and comfy. Our favorite theater go see movies!

Review №34

Family fun night is always a good place to enjoy very clean

Review №35

We went for a matinee and it was clean and not crowded. Reclining. Seats and ticket kiosk were an added bonus.

Review №36

The sitting is always amazing and I have found the best times to go is about 10:10pm If you are going with a friend or need some alone time. Usually the couples and friends are in at this time. Overall XD has been the best so far. Best times to go are late at night on my opinion. If your looking for a greater theater with great prices. I suggest Hollywood 16...

Review №37

Movie wise, the Rise of Skywalker is pretty good.Theater going experience wise, down right awful. We had 30 minutes of ads, and it smelled like someone kept farting hot sauce or vomiting jalepenoes in our row.I think Im done with going to actual movies for a while.

Review №38

Imo the beat movie theater in amarillo (I dont like the seats at cinergy)

Review №39

Great movie theater that has reclining seats and it is a plus that they serve alcohol

Review №40

Spent 2 weeks trying to reserve a party room after purchasing 26 tickets because for some reason you cant get a party package with movie tickets. Left multiple messages and requests only to never be called and someone else got the room. Had anyone else in town had enough seating for my 6 year olds birthday party I would have cancelled all of my tickets and gone elsewhere. Next time Ill spend the extra money and go to Cinergy instead.

Review №41

My favorite theatre in Amarillo! It isnt usually busy, the seats are super comfy and its always clean.

Review №42

This is the best movie theater Ive been to! The seats are incredibly comfortable with leg rests!!

Review №43

Id highly recommend it to you because I love the service was great seeing everyone having a great time seats were very comfortable.

Review №44

It was very nice,comfortable,and of course expensive but nice for the family....

Review №45

Theater was really cold, heater was not on or set on really low. I bought a starwars cup 50% off, but they didnt take it off. I ask the usher she stated the price they had on there was the 50% off. But the other merchandising was not 50% off and the prices were also set. I figure Ill come back after the movie was done to ask again, they replaced the pricing of the cups to a higher price, very shady.

Review №46

Went to watch Avengers: Endgame and while I totally thought the movie was good, I would have enjoyed it a whole lot more if I didnt have to listen to a screaming child for 1/2 of the movie. After informing one of the employees there, I thought someone would have come in to address the issue, but unfortunately that wasnt the case.

Review №47

Been going to this theater since I was 12 is it to much to ask to get a showing for good movies like Parasite and The Lighthouse instead of Gods Not Dead 7 or whatever one there on by now. So old.Edit: Okay but you are showing a Kpop movie, Im out. Cinergy it is.

Review №48

Love the seats. Great theater and great price.

Review №49

Went to first showing of Ralph Breaks the Internet on the day it opened. The theater itself didnt open until 10 minutes before the movie started. Good thing I had purchased my tickets online. Also good thing that I had just taken my son to eat. The line was ridiculously long so at least I didnt have to waste our time waiting in the ticket or concession lines.As it was, we were the first to make it to our seats. No one else got to their seats until 3 minutes before the movie started. Did I mention that I just walked on by, completely bypassing the box office, as no one was stationed there to check online confirmation? Next time I wont even bother buying tickets to this assigned seating theater when I can obviously just walk on by at my leisure.The fact that the lights were already dimmed/off in the theater before the movie started was a nice touch. Its always a blast looking for your assigned seating in the dark. Especially when its the first time you ever visit a particular theater.

Review №50

I haven’t been here in years and I was pleasantly surprised to see all the changes. This place has been overhauled and it was amazing! Great quality screens and super comfy recliners. I’ll definitely be back here.

Review №51

Everything was nice and clean just trying to figure out why the movie The Photograph only shows at 10:55 pm only! No other times at all, and its way way way in the back of all the other movie rooms!!??

Review №52

Always clean and attentive at the snack bar. We order tickets on the app makes things way much easier and quicker.

Review №53

I go here a lot and Ive never had a bad experience. All the employees are really nice and the popcorns pretty. Always a good place to go with family and friends!

Review №54

I’ve been coming to this theatre for a decade or more and have never had a problem with any of the staff until yesterday. I would like to put a complaint on some guy in a suit walking around with a bad attitude that matches his face. I don’t know who he is but he definitely needs to be somewhere where he doesn’t associate with people because he is not a people person obviously, other than that everything was great!

Review №55

Love the staff and theaters! Great movie experience!

Review №56

Great seats..great picture and sound, (Would have been 5)but they really need to adjust thier themostat!! gets quite stuffy and hot...STOP BEING SO CHEAP!!

Review №57

Popcorn is something that needs improvement. Dont necessarily care for reserved seating but it is what it is. Picture and sound quality in both the bigger and small screens are superb. More often than not you wont be able to find a seat if you dont book online and pay the online fee beforehand.

Review №58

Staff is good the liquor drinks her real good and the seats are amazing

Review №59

Clean and comfortable. Sound and picture were very good. Staff was friendly. Was a good movie theater experience.

Review №60

I always enjoy my visits here. The environment is always clean, and the theater seats are amazingly comfortable and spacious.

Review №61

Been coming here since it was Hollywood 16 and still going till now I love the place

Review №62

Clean. Comfortable seats. Adult drinks make even Cats bearable.

Review №63

The staff is kind and the theaters are kept clean. The reclining chairs are the best!

Review №64

Comfortable seats, good sound and clean theater.

Review №65

Great movies teather, staff is always great but Sometimes they are short staffed and take forever to get you a ticket and snacks. Seats are amazing. And affordable.

Review №66

Huge upgrade from the pee and soda soaked,sticky chairs that were there before the reclining ones were installed. Heard there is a bar now so I get plastered and scream IM THE JOKAH BABY while watching the joker of course.

Review №67

Best chairs in amarillo. Wish they would upgrade to a full bar tho.

Review №68

Great seats and lots of room to sit In.

Review №69

Nice clean facilities. Good service. Its so easy with cinemark app.

Review №70

On the rare occasion the hubby and I can go out, we love this place! Seats are comfy, snacks are pricey, drinks are icy perfect movie experience!

Review №71

The movie was great the managers were helpful, the popcorn and drinks were good!!

Review №72

Employee James Owen, possibly a manager, was very very rude to me and my significant other. Treated us as though we were slum of the earth, or better yet, toe scum. After being rude with us he then went and scolded an employee in front of customers! Very unprofessional as a business owners WE would NEVER talk to our employees that way especially in front of our customers.Seems a little narcissistic and being a narcissist is not a great trait to have as a manager.

Review №73

Badly needs updating. Very warm theater since they did not turn on the air conditioning until the movie began. Popcorn was good. Needs the multi-menu soft drink machines all theaters have now. Reclining leather seats and auditorium seating are major improvements.

Review №74

Awesome!!! everything is so streamlined no wait and watching a movie was never so easy. Download the app and sign up and receive rewards and notifications about upcoming movies. Get tickets and select seating and just scan your phone and you are being entertained in a few minutes! Enjoy all Cinemark has to offer and movie entertainment is easy and enjoyable!

Review №75

Great place for movies. Comfortable seating.

Review №76

Great experience, comfy seats, movie deals on certain days too!!

Review №77

Comfortable seats I love the recliner seating, comfortable temperature with great surround sound.

Review №78

Had a wonderful time at the movies watching Overcomer

Review №79

My preferred theater in Amarillo. Buy your tickets early online and pick your seats before you get shoved right in front of the screen. Alcohol is served here too but no one mans the stand because so few buy. I bet so few buy because no one is manning the stand.

Review №80

The best place to watch movies, by far!!!!

Review №81

Nice and clean. Lines got a little long mostly due to people not being able to make up their minds. But opening new lanes a little quicker would solve some of it.

Review №82

Great theater. Reserve your seats and lounge nicely.

Review №83

This is a great theater! Seats all recline and are nice and roomy. Very clean and well run

Review №84

Adding the recliners was a brilliant choice. Its so nice to finally be comfortable at a movie. I also appreciate being able to reserve my seat and just show up right on time and still get a great spot.We still need a draft house though! The drinks are way over-priced.

Review №85

Always a great experience coming here. We love the special edition popcorn tubs.

Review №86

Nice theater, but its unfortunate they dont accommodate for Personal Care attendants. Im blind in one eye and cannot see 3d but needed to supervise my children and still had to pay full price for my ticket even though Im unable to enjoy the movie. It was an empty theater.

Review №87

Overpriced and now its full of drunks! Not taking my kids there, Screw that place! The UA has no alcohol served... A much better place to take kids!

Review №88

I STRICTLY go to this theatre! Absolutely love it!

Review №89

This is the best theatre of its kind. Comfortable and spacious seating. Always clean. The only theatre I would ever go to!

Review №90

Good chairs good seats.... clean bathrooms n theatres... my fav theater.

Review №91

Staff always great clean restrooms

Review №92

Good popcorn and comfy chairs!

Review №93

Movie theaters are great

Review №94

Amazing seats and decent beer selection.

Review №95

Love the recliner seating in this theater feels like Im watching a movie at home. Its a very comfortable place to watch a movie. Just have to be careful not to get too comfortable and fall asleep ️

Review №96

This place used to be vile! They completely remodeled. The reclining seats are great. The addition pf a bar is nice, but the food remains the typical movie theater food. This is my only real issue with the place.

Review №97

I really enjoy coming to this movie theater. It is cheaper than the other movie theater in town and has alot nice people!!! I love going on Tuesdays because they have a special for $5.00 to watch a movie. The movie theater is always very clean. My husband and I can go watch a movie and spend about $30.00 including movie tickets and large popcorn and large coke. The Cinemark app is awesome too because we receive discounts on concession items!

Review №98

Love the sucked

Review №99

Always fun to go here. Love the seats

Review №100

Enjoy the reclining seats. Snack line was getting long so they opened up two additional lines. Great theater

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  • Address:9100 Canyon Dr, Amarillo, TX 79119, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 806-352-7411
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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