Escape Room Yuma
285 S Main St, Yuma, AZ 85364, United States

Review №1

Visiting from Michigan! Had a great time doing the workshop. We have done quite a few room escapes across the country and thought this one was well done. Puzzles made sense. We got stuck a couple of times of just missing things right in front of our face. Overall fun time.

Review №2

Fun, friendly place to beat the heat this summer. You must call and set up your appointment for 2 up to 6 people. Right across the street from Prison Hill Brewery and Restaurant. Secret to parking is to park on back or side streets.

Review №3

We had so much fun! The price is not bad either. Already booked our next one.

Review №4

So much fun! A trio of us completed their prohibition themed escape room and had such a great time doing it that we went back two days later and completed a different room. The staff is friendly and the rooms are engaging and fun! We will be back next year when we are in town.

Review №5

We had a blast!!! You R-E-A-L-L-Y must try this...... seriously best thing I (we) ever did....1 hour to solve clues to escape... teamwork is KEY.....and everyone in your group can be v-e-r-y crucial....and were on their Facebook page...

Review №6

Love the challenge and how helpful they try to be

Review №7

Great escape rooms! Lots of cool features in their rooms. Entertaining hour! If youve never done one, the staff is friendly, they will make it fun for you and give you a hint of youre stuck. Sure to be a good time.

Review №8

Tons of fun! My husband and I did the Da Vinci room and we had a great time. The employee was very nice and put up with our antics with a smile. My husband and I were able to escape the room within the hour and we had a great time doing so. Highly recommend!

Review №9

We had such a great time!! We were in town from Colorado visiting family and an escape room is a perfect way to spend time with them. Our game master, Candace, was so amazing and made sure our experience was memorable!! I will definitely come back again!!

Review №10

An amazing experience for our first escape room. Had us all stumped until the very end. Would deffinatly do the other 2 rooms.

Review №11

Family came to visit and we took them to the Escape Room. We had so much fun!! Staff is super friendly and helpful. We will definitely be back for more escapes!

Review №12

Fun place for team work and challenging your brain

Review №13

One of the worst escape rooms Ive done, out of around 50 rooms. Its a very simplistic room in a box style room. Open a drawer, find a key to open the next drawer. There is never more than one puzzle to work on, so if you brought 3 players, two of them are bored at all times. They had 2 locks to be solved with a magnet in the room, and if you use the unmarked magnet on the wrong one they get all snippy...Until you find a second unmarked magnet. Really missing basic escape room fundamentals. PLEASE dont let this be the first escape room you run. Almost any other establishment would be a better example of the genre.

Review №14

Went here for my birthday, had a lot of fun! Theres one puzzle in particular I felt like needed reworking, I mentioned it to the staff. Its a creative way to build team skills. We had a lot of fun figuring out the Da Vinci themed room. Its simple but it works. I think some of the props used could use replacing, some of them were scuffed up and hard to read. Id re-invest in some of these, if I were the owners, just so people dont feel like its unfair. The room was dimly lit, and they give you flashlights, but most of them were dead, so Id fix that as well. Low light made it frustrating at times. Thats really my only critiques about this place though!The staff was friendly, the experience was great. Ill definitely be coming back again to do a different room!

Review №15

Very impressed with the detail and execution. Looking forward to trying the other 3 themed rooms!

Review №16

Had me thinking, over thinking, where is everything whats going on fire marshal said they cant lock you in the rm, but they want to...sorry Yuma failed mission, will definitely try again.

Review №17

Had a great time with friends. Reasonably priced beats going to Palm springs if you live in the Imperial Valley. Staff is friendly not to mention very patient when it comes to a large group trying to figure out clues.

Review №18

Four stars because it was such a fun and interactive. Had such a fun family time, but unfortunately didnt solve our puzzle. Would highly recommend.

Review №19

Loved it. Finished with 58 sec to spare in the bomb squad room!

Review №20

So much fun, small operation, but they know what theyre doing

Review №21

This was fun. If you have multiple type A personalities in the group you will get the required infighting to make this experience just frustrating enough to be rewarding. We enjoyed ourselves a good bit.

Review №22

Super fun experience. Fun for all ages!! One of the few cool things to do in Yuma! ;)

Review №23

This could have been sooo very awesome and amazing, but one of the things in one of the things didnt work and it cost our group time.They said they gave us time on the clock to compensate, but we ended less than 50 seconds short.Drag, I feel that if everything was working properly we would have saved Yuma.In all, it was very fun. I recommend it, definitely. My one piece of advice - when something doesnt SEEM to be working, it prob isnt - call for help immediately!

Review №24

Very fun, going to go again. Clean, excellent puzzles, positive staff.

Review №25

My wife reserved the Bomb Squad room as a birthday gift for me and her daughter. Took the grandkids and went for broke. Had a (blast), then blew up Yuma. A great time.

Review №26

Nice bar environment good place to gather with friends

Review №27

Awesome experience! So much fun!

Review №28

Although the overall experience was fun, there were some details that were out of place. I understand the concept of the challenge, but in the Da Vinci room there was an issue with the arrows. I would like to give personal feedback to the staff and get an explanation of that particular part, it feels like there is a contradiction. Other than that, the 4 of us had a fun time trying to figure out Da Vincis mystery.

Review №29

This was a ton of fun second time around and we still had a blast

Review №30

Some of the puzzle items were not functioning properly, but otherwise it was great.

Review №31

Fun should give it a try...

Review №32

That was awesome!

Review №33

Disappointing. Might give it another try if another group of friends go, but probably not.

Review №34

Really fun experience

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