Nerds Fun Center & LaserTag
2312 S 1st St, Yakima, WA 98903, United States

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Nice staff however they have different hours for covid & it isnt on their website. They have a sign on the door.

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My son had a blast playing laser tag. I had fun playing all the arcade games. It even has a pokéstop in front. It also has fair prices.

Review №3

Owner /staff are really nice and helpful.

Review №4

This place is great to meet and also pick-up your Wish orders! The guys are great and the place is locale. Nice arcade style stop shop its the op stay up top with the pick up and drop just skip to hop pickup pop! Thx

Review №5

This place is amazing! Great fun for all ages! I can honestly say that Yakima needed a place like this for a while! Super fun and friendly staff! The laser tag arena is tons of FUN!!!

Review №6

There was a lot of very helpful and nice people that work there. They made sure you felt like you were at home. My family had so much fun. We are coming back for another birthday party later this year.

Review №7

The laser tag was very fun, the price of drinks were a little too pricey, but overall a very fun experience.

Review №8

This is a great place to have fun. Pool, console games, classic arcade games, pinball there is so much to do. The staff was polite and very helpfull.

Review №9

Perfectly convenient for picking up WISH orders, havent played there yet though. Looks fun!

Review №10

Not great, not bad. Only spent time in the arcade. Quite a few games were broken. Be warned that some of the working games dont work well, and havent been calibrated in the some time. Just be careful which game syou play. Also recommend being cash since they do not have an atm.

Review №11

The owner shared his ideas of growth with us. He has some BIG plans that Im looking forward to see. He said currently the proceeds all go to making his dream come true. We had a FUN time on a budget. I recommend everyone young & old check it out! Thank you for helping make Yakima great again :)

Review №12

Awesome spot and lots of fun. Plenty of space for parties. Adults had more fun than the kids!

Review №13

Great arcade, fun laser tag, they always are growing and have new arcade games coming in!

Review №14

Staff was awesome!! The kids had fun, even our little guys 5 and over!! We had our sons birthday party during a weekday, and we liked that it wasnt crowded. **Note to parents, make sure you get exact headcount so you know how much you need for the party.

Review №15

My family has the best time with laser tag today. The course and equipment were great! We also enjoyed the arcade games. We were not able to play as much with the console games because of some other people who were playing for a while. We are looking forward to coming back again!

Review №16

Hands down the best place to go.have fun! Laser tag for a work party-AMAZING and laser tag for birthdays are always fun! Cant wait for them to continue expanding!!!!

Review №17

Great place. That staff are friendly and are always willing to help you out. Laser tag room is huge and well maintained. Prices are cheap and you get the most bang for your buck.

Review №18

It was great. The staff is really helpful (I have to use a walking stick and they made accommodations for me). It is a fun, clean place. The laser tag is good fun, and they also have a bunch of video games.

Review №19

Had our daughters 10th birthday party here a few weeks ago and she had a blast! It is a work in progress so dont come here expecting perfection, but its loads of fun and the kids loved it. The old school feel of the arcade games was a huge hit for the adults and kids alike! Staff are friendly and very helpful!!! Will be back in July for the next birthday party!!!

Review №20

Most fun spot in Yakima!!!! My wife and I enjoyed dominating over the competition in a fast paced, exhilarating arena of laser tag. Super awesome setup and equipment. A must try! Fun for all ages. Married couple approved.

Review №21

My family had fun and employees did a great job.

Review №22

We came here for my daughters 6th birthday, and we had a blast! Staff and owner were very pleasant and accommodating. Defiantly recommend it!

Review №23

Lazer tag is fun, game consoles have good game selection.Bathrooms werent properly stocked and one employee was a but snooty.Great birthday party though

Review №24

Took our family here for daughters birthday. Staff was very nice and the kids had a lot of fun! We will go back again.

Review №25

Had an awesome time. Accommodated a large group and we had a blast. Tobias the Magician was awesome as well. Would recommend for a fun night@

Review №26

Love this place and my wife likes getting out and playing pool. Great spot for everyone, especially gamers. Jump in the action with a Lazer tag suite on. I want to have my birthday here.

Review №27

Laser tag was great, the kids enjoyed it. They need more consoles and game variety though. Need food service as well, but good service

Review №28

Great place for a birthday party. Lots of video games, Lazer tag, and plenty of room for your group. (And theyre open late)

Review №29

Old fashioned arcade. My kids loved it. Keep on expanding the game selection

Review №30

This place is horrible. Old games. The laser tag operator was very rude. Yelled at kids for running and took pictures of them. Its laser tag! Who isnt going to be running? Poorly maintained! The good reviews on here sounds like they put them there themselves.

Review №31

I was disappointed to see how small and run down Nerds looked for being brand new. That may have been the look they were going for, but (coming from someone who travels out of town/state to take her children to experience a variety of fun activities) it didnt feel as if it a family friendly place that puts quality first. I guess I expected more with all the raving reviews they have. The art on the walls was awesome and very well done. That part we all did enjoy. My children even learned about a few new characters. The staff was very nice and friendly. The laser tag arena, however, was very small even with just 9 people in there (2 adults and 7 kids). And they had enough equipment to easily double the amount of players we had. We have traveled and played at three different laser tag facilities and sadly this was the worst one. At $10/game it was an okay price but compared to what else we can go do with $90 it wont be something our family does very often. Especially since that $90 was just for one 15 minute round. It is in Yakima, our home town, and with no competition at the moment they will definitely get our repeat business. We didnt play any video games or anything else but it looked like a nice little starter set up. We are hoping they expand and update soon. Hopefully get a deal in the works going for people who have larger families, like we do.

Review №32

Was here for a birthday party, they were pretty nice and helpful. The kids had fun and no complaints.

Review №33

Super fun! Love that they finally got a laser tag in Yakima. Owner was super nice. We had a bday bash with 30 people, plenty of space and didnt feel rushed to leave once our time was up. Great for any age!

Review №34

They have some pretty cool games

Review №35

It was more for younger children who are passionate about guns, in the laser tag they separated us by gender think about all thems/theys. In the game room everything was messed up and most of the controllers didnt work/were out of battery.

Review №36

Love it the owner Brandon and his staff are amazing and it awesome family fun

Review №37

This places is a great place to take the family and friends to do lazertag. By far the best in Yakima!

Review №38

The prices were decent and they had stuff for many age groups with a few nostalgia pieces that I was able to enjoy as well.

Review №39

Very good atmosphere. The staff is very friendly and is very knowledgeable about lazertag retro arcade and modern and retro console. Good place to have a birthday party or other family event. They do have soda water juice etc in case you get thirsty after a game of lazertag.

Review №40

Laser tag was fun a lot of older games some dont work but its the best place in town they have pool and foosball table which is super fun and some other good games but lots of old classic games. They do have a room with xbox and playstation but i have one at home so didnt play on it

Review №41

This place is absolutely awesome. I had a great time, the laser tag was brilliant, and they have arcade games which is really neat

Review №42

Awesome its bigger than you would think . Great service

Review №43

Came here with some friends, one of the funnest things Ive done. Good price for good amount of play time. Highly recommend.

Review №44

Excellent place for birthday partys owner very kool people

Review №45

Most arcade games were out of order, but my boys really enjoyed the lazer tag.

Review №46

Everyone needs to go here! Fun for all ages, staff was friendly, clean, and lots to do. Prices were decent and my kids are begging to go back.

Review №47

Amazing time with friends. Jason and the rest of the staff were great. The magician Tobias was one of our favorite parts

Review №48

Yakima needed this place sooo bad hands down best place fun in yak town!!! Everyone there is super friendly and izzy explains everything clearly and lets you have fun but also keeps everyone in line. Great guy and awesome place for fair prices definitely gunna get a membership. when your bored and have nothing to do come here seriously awesome place

Review №49

10/5 WOULD RECOMMEND OVER medow brook or whatever its called. Best place ever

Review №50

I was surprised with the game selection there but was disappointed to see the games I enjoyed playing as a kid were out of service or unavailable. The prices for lasor tag seemed a little high for the short amount of playing time. I

Review №51

Had a good time there had lots of fun with my friends playing games got the old school games I enjoyed alot good place to bring family and friends

Review №52

Izzy was a cool guy and explained everything clearly and a nice guy to talk to, also great service

Review №53

Arcade lacks a bit, but the laser tag arena was well built and the main reason you should come here. good stuff

Review №54

Great place for fun, plan to return here often.

Review №55

It was very nice here, I liked the old games

Review №56

Kids had fun

Review №57

Not a lot of arcade games. Drinks a bit over priced.

Review №58

Really cool place !

Review №59

They got VR headset

Review №60

This place seems to be a work in progress. Im not from Yakima, but maybe this place is ok by Yakima standards.

Review №61

Awesome games, super friendly people, amazing Lazer tag!!!!

Review №62

IT was nice

Review №63

It was really fun and safe.

Review №64

My birthday was lit

Review №65

Best time with my son

Review №66

Not that great

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This place rocks.

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Awesome place

Review №71

Pretty sick

Review №72

Cool !

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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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