Yakima Cinema
1305 N 16th Ave, Yakima, WA 98902, United States

Review №1

Its completely Covid closed but it could really use a little sprucing up. I dont think theyve changed the vibe for at least 20-30 years.

Review №2

My Son took me to see Hobbs and Shaw at the Yakima Cinema, and it was awesome! Popcorn, pop, and a movie with my son.... It was a great day!!️️

Review №3

I have always love the majestic and how they try their best to understand your situation.

Review №4

The environment is great, I love spending time with family watching movies.

Review №5

Decent cinema. Typical pricing on snacks. Lax on checking if people smuggled in outside food. Watched a lady bring in a whole extra value meal. Tickets were about average price. Theatre I was in was a little small but I went to see one of the movies that had been out for a while on a weekday.

Review №6

I dropped my popcorn while I was taking my seat, the staff was beyond helpful and gave me a new full bag of popcorn. Truly saved my movie theater experience tonight. Great place!

Review №7

You do realize that if everyone boycotted the high priced snacks they would eventually lower the prices right? They can only charge what people are willing to pay, so say no to seriously over priced food and drinks until they pull their heads out of their wallets and start charging reasonable prices.

Review №8

Ive been to all three theaters many times over the years, I dont know the managers well but I see how the employees interact, there is one particular manager at Yakima cinema his name is Scott the kids that work at every theater that he has managed seem happy theyre very Pleasant always smiling, the bathrooms are always clean and the employees seem to love working for Scott. there was another manager his name was Jason and the employees working for him unfortunately were the exact opposite, although now theres a little girl that took over for Jason that is the sweetest little girl, shes always looking to help the older folks answer any question with a smile and the kids working for Holly seem to love her also, her parents have done a great job they should be proud. the two theaters that I frequent the most seem to be running like a well-oiled machine, now I understand Scott is retiring soon so I would like to wish this gentleman that has a very kind and Compassionate Heart all the best. Good luck in your next endeavor.

Review №9

Oh I wish we had a top shelf movie theater in Yakima. Its not bad, but it could be so much better. Hopefully a little healthy competition will help polish up our current selection.

Review №10

This theater definitely lives up to its expectation in Yakima. I have lived in a few different places and have experienced movie theaters all over. This one is the worst. A lot of the staff are not friendly. Facility is always dirty in every part. For this theater they are overly priced for their movies and concessions. Seats are outdated and not comfortable.

Review №11

Who is giving this company five stars?? And mostly people have never left town. Our local movie theater is it joke. They can’t post the correct times online and they don’t accept cash.

Review №12

Anytime they got good movies I usually wait till 6 dollar movie Tuesday!

Review №13

Wish they would upgrade their seats.The theater seating is not updated, which sucks.If you are short don’t sit behind someone that is tall because the incline is not high enough.Food selection is limited.Glad they now have rewards available so that’s a great benefit.

Review №14

Always a great place to go. Plenty of Room the seats are comfortable.

Review №15

Good movie theater clean and has good customer service!

Review №16

Had to leave for an emergency at home 10 minutes into the movie, they were very understanding and offer a certificate to come back at a later date.

Review №17

Movie theatre continues to still be dated. Whilst other theaters in surrounding cities are moving toward using debit/credit cards, you still have to use cash to pay for the tickets. This place is still looking the same since I was a kid. It would be nice to fast forward a little and catch up. It’s already hard enough paying for increase cost in movie tickets, let alone pay the extra ATM fee because they only take cash. Probably would bring them more business if they switched.

Review №18

The theater itself need some upgrades or just basic maintenance. But what drives me crazy is the local ads. The bar for graphic design has been lowered to grade school level.

Review №19

On Tuesdays, Its ONLY 6 Bucks a person to see a movie ! GREAT!!!!

Review №20

You need to see the Midway movie it is very good. Spacing between rows is very good

Review №21

Okay place there is others that are more updated but it does play good movies and its an okay spot for adults to go hang out

Review №22

Love the food, always has a crowd. Good atmosphere and service

Review №23

The service is phenomenal and when you ask for a side of popcorn with your butter, they make it happen. Not only was it a good experience but now that they accept debit it has really stepped up the ease of payment at this location

Review №24

My husband and I went on Monday evening. He n I were the only ones in the theater watching harriet. Our movie began at 9:05. We purchased our snacks went in and sat as our movie began. Exactly at 940pm I went back to ask for more butter on our popcorn. Our popcorn was dry and when I originally ordered it I asked for extra. I figured they may have not of heard me. I walk up to the snack bar and the employee who was rude in the 1st encounter, walked up and said we r closed. So I was a lil confused and irritated. Our movie was a 2hour and 5min movie. All I wanted was to purchase a pretzel that was visually hanging and to ask for some butter on the popcorn. After I told the kid what i was wanting he said it again everything is off WE R CLOSED!! I thought wow how awful that its only 35min into our 2hour n 5min movie and we cannot even buy something from the snack area. No wonder I see people smuggle in food all of the time. Its pretty sad that this place is so over priced and so out dated.

Review №25

Havent been here since I was a kid. You would think they would update it to something more modern, it still feels outdated. Great movies though, brought me back.

Review №26

Worker complained cause I lit a cigarette within 20 feet of the entrance. What the heck? I dont carry a yardstick with me.

Review №27

The same bout the grand cinema just amazing

Review №28

The theatre is really out dated. The only positive thing is I heard they’re building a new one right next to it and then knocking this one down.

Review №29

Make sure you have Cash! They dont accept debit or credit cards. ATM available, with charge. Advise, pre pay tickets online or have mercy money.Typical movie theater, young friendly workers, great for families. I wish they played the adult oriented movies at the ORION and family friendly movies at this location or the one by the mall. Will go back again!

Review №30

Seats are uncomfortable. Popcorn was stale. But the surround sound was awesome and the workers are nice. They only take cash. The game room needed a good cleaning, things were sticky. But the photo both was fun.

Review №31

Great selection of films but definitely an older theater. I wish they could add in some of the new food and drink options you see at other places. Also be sure to bring cash or your debit card. They are cash only but they have an atm on site.

Review №32

Good theater love 1/2 price on Tuesday

Review №33

I love going here I always feel comfortable. I enjoy coming here for good movies! Prices are really reasonable.

Review №34

Fast service almost didnt make the movie.

Review №35

The move I watch wasITand it was a good movie.

Review №36

Great movie selection but seats and theaters are a little outdated. Nice theater though. I hope more people go to the movies here. It has potential to expanded.

Review №37

The lack of a humble welcome at the concession stand threw me off. They really wanted to continue there conversation. But in the most part it was seeing a movie in theater . On a positive note the place is emaculately clean. I had fun.

Review №38

It was good tho we need an improvement more to attract more attention n want to come more dont let it die n still be able to have a good time more neon better service seats more action and adventure to go. No matter i will still go and watch a show cus of the BIG screen that cant beat n surround sound no interruptions

Review №39

When I went they only accepted cash which was not convenient. The quality of the movies are not very awesome. Also, it was very dirty, popcorn all over the lobby floor.The theater really needs a good update.

Review №40

Good place to watch movies

Review №41

Is a reliable theater bit on the small side but thats really good that means fewer distractions and fewer people making noise

Review №42

Be careful with Google show times. They may point you to the wrong theater.

Review №43

Good times love it all

Review №44

Love the theaters here in Yakima! Always have great movie selections and comfortable seating.

Review №45

Great movie theater. I enjoy going to it. And on the plus side, it is under a 20 minute drive from my house.

Review №46

Been going to this Theater for 31 years hasn’t changed a bit other than new faces.

Review №47

Really like the theater its clean an the staff is friendly

Review №48

Love their rewards card. I have received a free soda last time and a free popcorn this time. I was told a free general admission ticket is going to be my next reward.

Review №49

Hate the fact that the same people own all the theaters in Yakima. Overpriced, outdated, and also not the most current movies. They will show movies that you can rent at home. Tried to see a movie with my mom and I am unable to. Midsommar is not playing in Yakima. I hate the fact that our options for entertainment and culture is to drive to Seattle or Tricities. Get it together Yakima. Want to stop gangs and drugs give kids more things to do on Friday and Saturdays like a movie past 9:15 that is something other than wholesome family entertainment.

Review №50

They need to improve the taste of their popcorn

Review №51

Watched Joker. Excellent MOVIE!

Review №52

Great place 4 kids

Review №53

Watch the Upright. Great movie, it was late so everything was dirty and closed. But other than that, it was just a go & come back home trip to the movies.

Review №54

Its a great place except the seats need too be more comfortable the are too hard too sit in.

Review №55

Neither the gift cards or credit/debit were working, then after having to come up with cash for everything they didnt want to return the unused gift cards.

Review №56

Plenty of parking. Good verity of shows to choose from. Price was on par with other cinemas. People were professional.

Review №57

Very nice cinema great seating

Review №58

Great movie theater.

Review №59

Decent spot for a movie..

Review №60

Yakima Cinema has been a long time Yakima movie theater. It just getting to the point where it needs some updating but you can go get the expensive pop candy and other snacks most importantly movie style buttered and Salted Popcorn is available at the usual extra expensive movie prices because they have a captive audience

Review №61

Great place to watch a movie

Review №62

Wow! The price increase this year is outrageous. $11 a person any age for the matinee. No security in the lot. Not safe there on North 16th Ave.

Review №63

Great movie and comfortable seating

Review №64

Wtaff is nice but the seats are not that comfortable and just needs an update.

Review №65

I cant believe they only accept cash. The popcorn tasted like it had oil poured over it, not butter flavor. The soda didnt even taste good. Would not come back except its one of the only theaters here.

Review №66

Good service at food concession

Review №67

4.00$ for a hot dog. Since when? The rewards program was a GOOD IMPROVEMENT.

Review №68

Its 12:42pm and still waiting for my 12:20pm movie to begin... unprofessional

Review №69

Movie was great but theatre was dirty and bathrooms needed a good cleaning

Review №70

Fun times at the movies was packed but still comfy.

Review №71

I love Yakima cenema and I dont know why but the popcorn is better than the majestic

Review №72

Pretty good just saw endgame make sure to watch the short after the credits.

Review №73

The movie was great. The seats are very comfortable & the employees are all nice.

Review №74

The rooms are always clean and the staff is nice. The prices are okay but at least the rooms are clean.

Review №75

I’ve been going to these theaters since I was a kid. Honestly if they had some competition it would be good for for all of us. The Orion is great but the other theaters are very dated and the seating is horrible. We don’t have much choice for local theaters and it seems like we are stuck with what we have for whatever reason that may be...

Review №76

Thank you for showing a real life story. I had plenty of leg room.

Review №77

Great seats, no waiting, good popcorn. They even gave us a separate bag on a jumbo, to have one without butter. Cash only facility

Review №78

Good movie! Spider man, Far from home

Review №79

Very average theater. We got to stand in line, in the snow, for three hours for Star Wars while they had a nice empty lobby, fairly typical of Mercy. They wont accept their Movie Money (gift certificates) for popular movies, at least until theyve been out weeks. Id love to have another option on town but they are all owned by the same family.

Review №80

Unquestionably the ideal choice for those seeking variety, moderately short lines, decent millennial based quality of service at a speed that wont frustrate the averagely patienced individual, with a foreplay-enabling capacity excluding weekends and midnight premiers, as even the most modest cinemaphiliac should expect. Offering, if I recall correctly, eight separate theatres with a pluthera of new releases as well as classics for a fair fare, in terms of stickup movie theatre rates, respectively. Expect a full house, wrapped-around-three-corners-waitline experience for midnight premiers or conversely nearly empty home theatre style accommodation should you visit early morning on a weekday, subject to release dates and popularity of desired films. A sure fire choice for all ages interested in a small-town, quality cinematic presentation without available alcoholic beverages, tavernesque food, or top quality furninishings (See Orion Cinema, but expect to pay a pretty penny, arguably worth the added cost). Various deals, discounts, and special events regularly provided in accordance with most all stand-up establishments garnishing recommendation, generous parking, clean facilities, and security patrolling company grounds.

Review №81

This is in my opinion one of the best movie theaters in the Valley and Im Not just saying that because I worked there. The customer service is great the concession stand is swift and polite, prices are equally as expensive as the other theaters since its all one company. Overall I give them a thumbs up for customer service, environment, ethics, and cleanliness.

Review №82

Seats are very uncomfortable and the staff are ok

Review №83

We had a great experience here. Quick wait in short line to get in and buy tickets to Star Wars The Last Jedi on its opening day. Once in, we got great seats. Theres good height between rows and legroom.

Review №84

Its a great place to watch movies and enjoy some relaxation,

Review №85

$6 Tuesdays are our go to date night!

Review №86

Very pleasant workers, got us in and served and watching our movie very quickly.

Review №87

So cool not volume so spent sent

Review №88

The theater is outdated and over priced for what you get. Unfortunately this is the only game in town so you dont have any other options other than watching a movie at home. You must pay cash, you can use a card online, but get charged extra for doing so. I look forward to opportunities where I can see movies in other cities because the experience is much more enjoyable. It feels like mercy doesnt put much money back into their theatres at all.

Review №89

Great theater experience

Review №90

Movies are movies but their snack service lines are horrible and extremely slow. Come on it should be quicker.

Review №91

Decent price, clean and comfy seats

Review №92

Loved the service easy on line ticket sales. Friendly staff. Clean

Review №93

I am very disappointed in the service here. We get in the theater and the movie had already started. My husband realized we were at the wrong showing and asked if we could get half our money back since we missed half the movie. They said no they only give vouchers. He asked if we could still finish the movie since all 5 of the kids were already sitting and watching it, they said if we finish the movie we dont get the vouchers. We just finished the movie. We didnt feel like dragging the kids out of the theater and waiting for another hour or just leaving and taking vouchers for another day. Very disappointed we were looking forward to this.

Review №94

I wish i could give this cinema 0 stars. However, since that’s not an option, i will stick with 1. The employees at this cinema are absolutely disgusting and ignorant. I was denied entry just because I don’t look my age which is 17 even though ID was given. It really put a downer on my day. I am NEVER returning to this cinema in the future. They have officially lost my business and respect.

Review №95

I liked the atmosphere, just hoped prices would be better but overall nice .

Review №96

Enjoyed the service but not the movie lol it happens

Review №97

Fairly good theater. Seat comfortability was acceptable. Film in proper focus. Sounded good.

Review №98

Good deals on Tuesday

Review №99

Place was fast and friendly food was great room was spotless

Review №100

Simply horrendous. When walking into the wrong theatre, the lady made us look dumb for confusing the left from the right. All food is overpriced . Employees are rude. Not at all worth the price.

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  • Address:1305 N 16th Ave, Yakima, WA 98902, United States
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  • Phone:+1 509-248-0243
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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