Winona 7 Theatres
70 W 2nd St, Winona, MN 55987, United States

Review №1

The 5$ movie days are great, you get a free cup of popcorn with a soda. The movies are always ones that are current talking points and popular. The seats are comfortable with enough space for someone to sit comfortably.

Review №2

Great little theater. $5 Tuesday is great but busy, go on Wednesday and you can have the whole theater just about to yourself.

Review №3

Service is great... rooms are nice clean

Review №4

Best to go on a Tuesday, it was a very clean theater with good popcorn and drink prices, well for a movie theather at least. Large gets endless refills which is good. Candy is marked up 3 and 1/2 times the normal price, so avoid that, good staff, remember to go on a Tuesday for the 5 dollar film. Overall best theather in town, also only one in town, well I would recommend greatly.

Review №5

First time there. I got their rewards card thing. But couldnt use it until I activated it. I lost out on those rewards. Kind of think once I able to start earning the rewards.Otherwise overall its a good place to see a movie. Prices seemed right. The popcorn was great! I will go again.

Review №6

Best place for movies in the Winona area. Have seen several movies here.

Review №7

If you are used to the modern big screen 4K theater and sound, the place is a bit of a let down. It is kid friendly and the snacks are well priced. Love to see Winona with a new modern theater.

Review №8

This is a fun theatre to go to. Clean and comfortable. People have movie manners here, and with the exception of animated fair most patrons sit quietly watch the show.

Review №9

Very neat in apearance the staff could have been a little more pacent but the movie was grate the sound was pretty good, was a avarge v

Review №10

Always a good experience here. Tuesdays are $5 movies, chairs are comfy, theaters usually pretty clean. Only complaint is I wish they had them mini pretzels instead of the full size ones.

Review №11

Its a smaller movie theatre. Nothing to outstanding, nothing too bad about it either. It can get busy sometimes, so it is good to show up a little early. There are none of those new recliners here. Like many other theatres, Tuesdays are discounted. It is located downtown, right next to the newly developed Levee Park.

Review №12

Clean and nice seats, a concern I do have is Gemini Man starring Will Smith only had 4 showings and some other shows had more showings. I feel Winona 7 need a more diverse selection of movies.

Review №13

Very friendly people and good customer service

Review №14

Very nice seats and sound.

Review №15

Great theater just not enough screens for movies so some movies leave sooner

Review №16

Tuesday $5 movie free popcorn with drink or is a great deal. Friendly staff. Clean. Comfy seats. Thankful Winona has a theater.

Review №17

Awesome new seats, clean facility, helpful staff. Love the $5 Tues movies.

Review №18

Its an okay, old school theater. The seats recliner slightly and are comfy enough.

Review №19

Went to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood; my friend &I were the only people in the was small. A little uncomfortable. Great movie!

Review №20

Have yet to have a bad movie experience at this place. Very reasonably priced concessions as well!

Review №21

Nice theater but disappointed that a Rewards Card Member still gets charged a convenience fee when purchasing tickets online. Should be a perk for members. Marcus Theatres waives that fee and you can even reserve a specific seat.

Review №22

I love our local movie theater. Its not as new as some other theaters, but the seats are comfortable, the workers are nice, and the price is way better than many other movie theaters (for both admission and food). Sometimes shows sell out -- especially on $5 Tuesday -- so its not a bad idea to plan ahead and get your tickets ahead of time for those movies.

Review №23

Service is great. Staff keep the auditoriums always clean and popcorns are delicious. If you on Tuesdays it is $5 dollars. They also have the very new movies. Love this cinema

Review №24

Cashier walked away as we walked in the door. The place was also very nasty for early in the day and smelled like a sewer. The blue raspberry icee that i ordered did not taste like blue raspberry. My fiancees mellow yellow was also nasty. Only went to this theater for the convenience of having been to a birthday party in town....

Review №25

Expensively priced movies and food but free refills on large sizes of pop and popcorn. Movie theatres way too cold during summer months (a.c. too high).

Review №26

The only one in town but the staff are lovely and its not that expensive especially with the deals they have! Tuesdays are $5 all day and Thursday is $6 if youre a student!

Review №27

Seating nice,. I believe it could be much cleaner. A person should always be vacuuming the floors the toilet facility was clean enough. Service is friendly and efficient.

Review №28

Very clean. Movie plays on time not 15 minutes after. Comfortable seats and theatres. Nice staff. Cheap Tuesdays are great for a college kid like me.

Review №29

This is a nice and clean theater with friendly staff.

Review №30

Large comfortable reclining seats.

Review №31

It was an honor!

Review №32

Is very cool, nice place!

Review №33

Good theater, friendly and understanding staff. My only wish is that theyd adopt the trend of reserved seating - it really creates peace of mind for folks who reserve tickets early.

Review №34

Very nice theater. Great service.

Review №35

Cheap snacks but if your seeing a blockbuster I really recommend IMAX

Review №36

Theaters have awesome chairs️

Review №37

Only theater in town so they dont really try to hard. That being said not a bad place.

Review №38

Great cinema

Review №39

Comfy theatre, rarely over crowded. All in all a good experience everytime I visit.

Review №40

Love this theater. Went to IT second chapter

Review №41

Great prices, comfy seats!

Review №42

Great staff. The theater is always clean and the seats are good. Mostly stadium seating and the bathrooms are located in a convenient spot. They actually pop their own corn which is always fresh and hot. All of their concessions are reasonably priced. They get all the current movies.

Review №43

Small. Family friendly. Not intimidating. 5$ tickets on Tuesdays. Friendly service

Review №44

I am always eager to go see a new movie, especially if it is at Winona 7. They keep everything from theater to restroom clean, have wonderful guest service, and will always greet you when you come in.

Review №45

Enjoyable family experience. Tasty treats, cumfortable seats, clean theatre and well maintained restroom.

Review №46

Good place, popcorn, and great seats?

Review №47

$5 Tuesdays for ALL movies is a great deal!

Review №48

Went and seen Aladdin. Staff was courteous and Seats were comfy.

Review №49

Its a great place to see a movie. Clean and well kept. Current movies available at various times throughout the day/evening.

Review №50

Last time I was there it was not updated. Decent pricing though.

Review №51

The workers are very rude to the customers. I do not recommend this place.

Review №52

Its convenient and good ambience.

Review №53

Easy to get to, reasonable price compared to Lacrosse. Overalled pleased with it

Review №54

Wonderful, 2nd time being there and loved the show, fresh popcorn, nice staff. Would re ommend. Going again soon thank you

Review №55

Seats are good. They dont always het movies Im interested in. Lots of kids movies and things geared toward college kids. It they do get a more independent drama or artsy film it only stays a week. Last 2 times the popcorn was stale.

Review №56

Theater was dirty and seats seem crammed together. Movie quality was good.

Review №57

Prices are reasonable for movie theater. Best deal to go on Tuesdays its only $5 and you get a free popcorn with every drink purchase.

Review №58

It has comfy chairs and best to watch a horror movie, particularly during a football game if you dont care about football.

Review №59

Excellent weekly movie deal that cant be beat! Courteous and helpful staff will guide your movie going experience. Not to mention the newly remodeled, ultra plush rocker seating with removable armrests for snuggling. Those things must have cost a fortune! If privacy is your thing, and saving money isnt a bad idea either, try a matinee. Theyre a lovely way to enjoy your day.

Review №60

Its a nice theater for the size of the town. Comfortable seating, friendly staff, and enough screens to offer a decent selection of whats hot at the time. Tuesdays are the best day to go with $5 for any movie.

Review №61

Stadium seating. Very clean. Great staff. Rocking seats. Fair prices.

Review №62

Always enjoyed the popcorn!

Review №63

I liked it Its a great theater to go to when you want to watch something good.

Review №64

Ok for a smaller theatre. Staff was nice. Not a lot of traffic.

Review №65

VERY comfortable seating. Not too busy generally and they have a good movie selection. Love the $5 Tuesdays!!!! Its the best.

Review №66

Easy and reliable location

Review №67

We loved the movie A Dogs Journey

Review №68

Ive seen many movies here since I moved to Winona in 2004. If you are expecting a megaplex, this is not your theater. That being said, it always offers the newest movie releases on opening night. On weekends, it is usually populated with teens going to movies with friends. If you want a good spot get to the theater early. They remodeled a few years ago and put in stadium style seats. That has made the movie watching experience much better! Overall this is an above average theater for the size of Winona.

Review №69

Great time with family

Review №70

Real clean place, great service and kind relatable workers. Love it.

Review №71

Not a huge theatre and sometimes the shows would sell out and people couldnt get tickets but that just the structure, its a good theatre

Review №72

Very comfortable seating with lots of elbow room.

Review №73

I love coming here with my family

Review №74

Very clean theaters with new seats. Staff is always friendly no matter how busy it gets, and on Tuesday with 5$ movie night it can get quite packed! Picture and sound is good, everything about this theater has been remodeled in the last 5 years, so its very modern and clean. Great stop for a family outing or a date.

Review №75

The theater could definitely use an upgrade. Its okay. Reclining seats and a better menu, including drinks, would push my rating higher.

Review №76

Great prices, especially on Tuesday with five dollar tickets. Also $4.75 will get you popcorn and large drink. I wish they had movie collectible cups.

Review №77

Winona 7 is a very nice, local theater. Seats are comfortable, sound and video are clear and sharp, and prices are reasonable. The only downside is that it doesnt get some of the less popular films.

Review №78

Clean, comfortable chairs. Relaxing place to t as ke in a movie

Review №79

I have seen many movies here over the course of my college life and absolutely love it. Reasonable prices, friendly staff, clean theatres, and comfortable seats. Highly recommended!

Review №80

I love the Winona 7... I love taking my grandchildren there...they really show the best family entertainment...And their $5 All Day Tuesday movies is great! Thank you! Thank you Winona 7 for being in our community. Pray you never leave...

Review №81

Lights are to bright during the show would be awesome if you dimmed them so..probably will just head to lacrosse they do dim their lights. Thanks have good one.

Review №82

The only thing that I dont like about the theater is if you want to make reservations for good movie ahead of time you are charged a $1 service fee per ticket. Not something Im used to it Marcus theaters. Tuesday night $5 all movies.

Review №83

The only theatre in Winona and its not too bad. Its pretty great. 5$ Tuesday nights are my favorite

Review №84

The ticket seller was great! I think his name was Zach.

Review №85

Had good time, made my pp hard!

Review №86

Comfortable clean and just a nice theater

Review №87

The people that work there are really nice and they have amazing popcorn.

Review №88

Great movie theater.

Review №89

Staff are nice, but the theater itself I wish was a bit more updated. I do like that WSU students get $5 movies on Tuesdays.

Review №90

The seats are comfy and the price difference between a small and large popcorn is $1.00. Ya got me...

Review №91

Always friendly and helpful sevice...

Review №92

Another event was going on making parking an issue

Review №93

Its a public theater so you cant get five stars unless you can make everybody else shut up lol

Review №94

Great theater! Comfy chairs and clean facility.

Review №95

I always enjoy spending at least two hours there weekly, unless nothing good is playing, which isnt a reason to rate the theatre low like some people did.... Anyway the seats are great, the prices are reasonable, and the the staff are very friendly.

Review №96

2.00 movie, awesome idea. My family loved it!

Review №97

Not the greatest seats and not the greatest screens of all time but it is still comfortable to sit in and a decent experience for each movie.

Review №98

Cute small town theatre.

Review №99

Comfortable seats

Review №100

Nice theater. $5 tuesdays are awesome

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  • Address:70 W 2nd St, Winona, MN 55987, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 507-452-4172
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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