Integrity Sports Arena
7850 S Co Rd 5, Windsor, CO 80528, United States

Review №1

Overall one of the best facilities I have been in, great management, they will work with you when it comes to your scheduling needs, fantastic people, very friendly service I like how they make competition a fun environment to be a part of. I definitely will be coming back often

Review №2

Great sports arena with awesome management! The owners have totally upgraded the facility in the past few months. Fresh paint, brand new basketball courts, the upstairs bar is a fun place to watch the games bellow. I highly recommend it!

Review №3

No heat in the place and not overly warm atmosphere for basketball

Review №4

I was hoping with new management that the place would get their act together. That is not the case. Schedules are always last minute. They make changes without communication. The refs struggle to keep control of games. Id rather play at the Edge any day. Much more professional and a fun place to be!

Review №5

This is a top notch facility run by amazing people.

Review №6

Awesome basketball court amd training facilities!

Review №7

Good facility. Could do better managing. Need to have a better website.

Review №8

Very nice for soccer, basketball, or vollyball. The bar and setting up stares is very nice also.

Review №9

New management is very poorly organized. League schedules are not posted on time. Schedule changes are not communicated to ALL teams in the league properly. The poor kid working the front desk doesnt know much, and cant help out with anything. Very frustrating and disappointing. No Integrity for this Sports Arena.

Review №10

Awesome for our indoor soccer games. With snack and drinks upstairs for all!

Review №11

Not enough seating for our group. Hard to find. Uncomfortable atmoshere

Review №12

Nice basketball courts.

Review №13

I like this place and its got a bar up top too. I dime like having to pay to watch my kid play in tournaments after weve paid to play.

Review №14

Our daughter has volleyball practice here. It is well lit on the courts and the floors are nice. The nets and poles are ok - rolled into place instead of in-the-floor-holes to set into. The facility is really more for soccer and lacrosse, and the upstairs viewing area is maximized for the field, but the side courts work great for the volleyball team.

Review №15

Fun place to play, great service in the bar after the game. The burritos they bring in are tasty too. Sorry theyre closing up shop soon to become a school.

Review №16

Great place to play indoor soccer. Good bar also.

Review №17

Great staff! They all love what they do and it shows! Love that place and so does my daughter!

Review №18

I have been playing indoor soccer at The Arena for the past 5 years in both fall and spring sessions that they have offered. Every season we have experienced an issue with either another team or the management of the facility in regards to our roster and who did and didnt pay. The past 2 years we have been using the app Tilt which tracks who pays so we can easily identify who has and hasnt paid. Each year the management of The Arena has participated or created a team and played as well. Neither here nor there but this year the manager, Robert, created his own team and tonight we played his team.Roberts team challenged our teams roster and wanted to see proof that our players were registered and had each paid their way. I would like to add that Robert is also the one that is in charge of making sure that each player and team that pays is properly accounted for a and registered correctly. We had no issue showing that we had paid considering that we had a Tilt account dedicated to our team showing that every one paid their fair share. The Arena staff reviewed each player and said that 4 of the people that were their didnt have record of paying or being registered correctly. FUNNY CONSIDERING THE PERSON THAT WAS SUPPOSE TO ENSURE THAT THIS WAS DONE PROPERLY WAS PLAYING AGAINST OUR TEAM DURING THIS PERIOD OF QUESTIONING.Needless to say we as a team who have been playing for the past 5 years and participating in a total of 10 sessions, and even winning their coed championship decided to forfeit every game of the remain 2016 season and find a new place to play and give our money to.WE WILL NEVER PLAY FOR A SHODDY ORGANIZATION LIKE THE ARENA EVER AGAIN.DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME AT THE ARENA ITS NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE.

Review №19

Its a good indoor sport place and its really nice

Review №20

An amazing sports complex

Review №21

Large facility. Bring some extra cash for the snack bar.

Review №22

Great for indoor soccer games. The turf is new and the facility is well lit, clean, and heated. It has an upstairs area to get a better view to watch the game and there is a bar upstairs as well to grab a snack or even a beer. There is also a baseball and volleyball area as well.

Review №23

The facilities are fantastic, though the management is not great. They are constantly raising prices mid-season and threatening that certain players cannot play for different reasons. Ive personally been scammed out of some $ here. Also, there is some really good talent here, but it is also a place for fights. The referees will more often than not lose control of a game and I have seen a half-dozen games come to blows at one point or another over the past five years. Great facility, but they need some work as far as professionalism goes. Referees will rarely hand out cards which results in more fouls and injuries. Id be careful before signing up here. Also, tons of fake reviews on their Google account. This is always a RED FLAG!

Review №24

Great facility, fun leagues!

Review №25

Ive played here for several years. The reason this gets a 1 star isnt because of the facilities (which are very nice). Its because we have consistently not allowed to play when every player on our team has paid. Managers play on teams and then force other teams to not allow their paying players to play. As we, as a team, decided to leave and never come back, management decided that we could all play. Management, in doing this, has shown there own administrative processes are flawed, do not work, and they simply rob people of their money. Go to another soccer location to enjoy playing for the love of the game and not deal with technicalities that are managements fault.

Review №26

Could use a few updates.

Review №27

Fun place for soccer and fun.

Review №28

Management is deplorable, theres a lack of EQ and decisions are made in a authoritarian way. No consideration for customer service at all. Only workers that really make a difference are Haidy and Jen.

Review №29

Nice clean facility, good staff, and they even have a bar upstairs!

Review №30

It a great palce to fo sport theirs alot of cool stuff their the ppl that work therr are really help full and nice

Review №31

Extremely disappointed with this facility. The management staff (specifically Robert) is incredibly unprofessional and has created an environment that our team no longer wishes to be a part of. Due to their incompetence, we as a team were unable to play when we had all paid and registered exactly as we were supposed to. Even after proving to them that we had completed the process, they insisted we could not play. Then, after we decided we would take our money, and our team elsewhere, they suddenly changed their tone. Our main goal is to get together as a team and play soccer, not to endure drama and have to prove our status with the arena every time we walk in the door for a game. It is sad to say that as a first year player, this experience has definitely left a sour taste in my mouth. However, it seems quite obvious that the main issue here is the management and staff, and their reputation will steadily decline for as long as they continue to run their facility this way.

Review №32

Beautiful new turf, clean & the bar upstairs is move for parents!

Review №33

My favorite indoor soccer facility. So much fun!

Review №34

Good folks ! Great games!

Review №35

As a person that sets up 2 teams and pays on time and sometimes full at the first game. This last season has been miserable. We are continously fighting for fair calls and every team we play that isnt happy with us threatens to get us kicked out cause they will email Sally and can get us kicked out. Today I received an email (at 1pm) that our team is scheduled to start playoffs today at 6:15pm (mind you we play on Monday nights and today is Tuesday). I was working and therefore didnt read the email because there was was nothing URGENT and we were not prepped that we need to play the following day. I just got a call that we are late for our only playoff game. Suspicious, I think so. I will never ever support this business again.

Review №36

Great team atmosphere and helpful coaches.

Review №37

The choice training sports program for volleyball, baseball and softball is an amazing program.

Review №38

Its good if you know the program but if youre new and wanting information, they suck at calling people back. In fact, right now you cant even get anyone to answer the phone or leave a voice mail.

Review №39

Nice place for indoor games.

Review №40

No cleats allowed

Review №41

Good facility

Review №42

Field still isnt right even after they replaced it.

Review №43

Super fun!

Review №44

Great option for indoor soccer

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  • Address:7850 S Co Rd 5, Windsor, CO 80528, United States
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  • Phone:+1 970-377-0065
  • Sports complex
  • Basketball club
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  • Soccer club
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Working hours
  • Monday:3–11pm
  • Tuesday:3–11pm
  • Wednesday:9am–11pm
  • Thursday:10am–11pm
  • Friday:3–11pm
  • Saturday:3–11pm
  • Sunday:3–11pm
  • Black-owned:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
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