Regal Willoughby Commons
36655 Euclid Ave, Willoughby, OH 44094, United States

Review №1

Nice theatre. Everything there meets what I want in a theatre. The seats are comfortable and recline, the food and drinks are easy enough to get, and I haven’t ran into an issue with other viewers.

Review №2

Theater that offers reserved seating so you arent fighting for the best seats in the house. AND the seats are recliners, so what more could you want? This place is clean, the staff are fast and efficient, standard selection of snacks - overall a good theater for your summer blockbusters. A bit more expensive than other theaters in the area, but I guess thats the price to pay for recliners.

Review №3

Great place very clean and well run. Great manager and. Employees. Good food.

Review №4

We come here often, as we have their unlimited pass. If you’re a frequent movie-goer, their unlimited pass is worth every penny, and this is one of the best and cleanest theaters around.

Review №5

Its the local theater and has all of the latest features. Reclining seats, reserved seats, and $6 movies on Tuesday.

Review №6

Great to see a movie again ! They are using safe distancing!

Review №7

This is my preferred theater. I love Regal Cinemas. I pretty much exclusively patronize Regal Cinemas. I have a Regal Club Card that allows me to earn rewards like free tickets and popcorn/soda from the concession stand.I like Regal because they have the nicest theaters and THE BEST popcorn. It is delicious.Last year Regal started offering an UNLIMITED pass. This means you can see as many movies as you want, as many times as you want, every day, for the entire month, for under $20. THATS A DEAL!Willoughby is my preferred location. I love Lake County and I love Regal Cinemas.

Review №8

Always have a great experience here. Chairs recline and are comfy. Staff is great. Only complaint is how expensive it is to go to a movie anymore.

Review №9

Great stadium seating the concessions have plenty of hot food and they serve wine and beer I suggest getting there early if you want food though it does take a while to wait in line then the food takes just the same I got the chicken sandwich which is really good sized with more fries than I care to eat. If you go to the movies twice a month its worth it to join regal club for 18 bucks a month it is a 12 month commitment but well worth it.

Review №10

This is the best movie theater in the area as it has reclining seats and the staff is always courteous. While concession prices are high, if you become a Regal Club Crown Cars member (which is completely free) you can earn points on everything you buy allowing you to spend points on concessions, free tickets, exclusive movie gear, and you can purchase your tickets and reserve seating through the app as well! Coupons also come through the app. Much easier than Fandango and again, totally free.

Review №11

Always a nice outing. One complaint: purchasing tickets at the concession stand. NO! It takes far too long. Other than that, the theater is clean, as are the restrooms.

Review №12

They said food would be down all day and they onlyhad hot dogs. No pretzel bites or motzerralla sticks or nachos, and i was fine with that. But my movie was supposedly starting at 2:25 and at 2:35 the screen was still black, no previews going at all. The staff offered nothing complimentary, they said this is how movies work. When i went back to the theater i had to wait 5-10 minutes before the PREVIEWS started playing so food was down, somebody forgot to push a button to start the movie, and i was treated with EXTREMELY RUDE customer service. 0/5 if i could

Review №13

Waited over 20 minutes in line to purchase tickets due to having to stand in the concession stand line to get our tickets. By time we were able to purchase tickets nothing was left but front row seating. We ended up leaving and our kids were extremely disappointed . Need to go back to when you can purchase your tickets as soon as you walk in.

Review №14

I have the unlimited pass, which is a great deal for avid movie watchers. Regal has great theaters, reclining seats, and you can choose your seat ahead of time. All great. But their staff is terrible. Ive stood in line at concessions, only to get the front of the line and the cashier walk away. There are normally several employees working but only one or two waiting on customers. The rest are leaning on the counter or ignoring you.

Review №15

Appreciate the Security Guard who informed us of the ticket purchase kiosk available to anyone who were looking to purchase movie tickets in order to not have to wait in the long concession line which is where movie tickets were being sold for whatever reason. What a time saver. Thanks for that service. And, the movie GEMINI was excellent.

Review №16

I dont get to go out much with triplets but this theater is worth the ticket price. Stadium seating with the large recliners so comfortable. The only negative is that you really have to go online and pick your seat and get tickets which make it even more expensive and difficult to plan around

Review №17

The place is fine and the theatres are like anywhere else, but the staff at the concession counter is only able to handle 2 or 3 customers at a time, otherwise the whole operation grinds to a halt. Last visit, approximately 6 or 7 employees could not seem to get a hold on serving 10 to 15 people. It was like the it was the whole staffs first day.

Review №18

I like it!I am honestly happy theyre even movie theaters still around. They have awsome huge reclining chairs and it feels like every seat in the house is a front row seat.Of course the snack bar is expensive but they have a decent selection and the snack bars have always been expensive in theaters, its a hard business. Ive brought in my own food and drinks many times and no one has ever said anything to me, Id still recommend hiding them though because I go for matinees, it might be stricter at night.

Review №19

I love this theater. They have the best seats in town and the theater is clean and comfortable. The only thing keeping it from being a 5 star review is that they never have enough people at the concession stand and their is no sense of urgency from those working it. Because of this, the lines are long and slow moving.

Review №20

Very poor experience. Understaffed & unorganized. There were no ticket windows open for a Saturday night movie showing & everyone was directed to purchase their tickets from the concession counter. We spent over twenty minutes in line and missed the beginning. If everything has to be done at the same time, they should have been more people. Also, it took over 7 min to get a bottle of water & for someone to tell me they were out of milk duds and junior mints. I felt for the people working.

Review №21

Not the biggest theatre but it was nice size and the seats recline so I cant compain overall. Went here to see queen and slim and it was indeed a good movie. If Im in the area Id visit the place again.

Review №22

We love the lounging chairs. It makes s very comfortable experience. Prices are too expensive for concessions.

Review №23

You felt if you are at home reason being with the reclining seats, the atmosphere was quiet and it was clean! Enjoyed the movie even more! I would go here to watch and enjoy a movie! Price for the ticket was reasonable for a matinee!

Review №24

Very clean. Very nice.Although, the other patrons are rude and the concession stand people too but its a nice theater.Weekends can be a tad crowded, ide recommend goingb during the week.

Review №25

Having the concession stand selling show tickets was ridiculous. People who wanted tickets had to wait (and conceivably miss their movie start) for people who had snack purchases. The design was awful. Stuck with front row seats at least, because I was quickly able to purchase online while waiting in line! A new ticket system is necessary. This was not convenient. Fortunately we have other theatre options.

Review №26

I have never had a bad experience here my daughter loves this theater and she doesnt go anywhere else

Review №27

Is there a 10 PM and 1030 PM showing of TENET tonight?

Review №28

The Consession stand worker Faith was excellent very professional an very polite she will definitely make a person want to return to this establishment

Review №29

Temperature 38F outside. Was told after we purchased ticket, they had no heat!Make sure you call before you go to confirm there is heat. At Richmond. Location

Review №30

The theater is great, but taking away one star because of the service at the counter. Its infuriating how slow these teenagers move. We waited over 10 minutes, 2nd in line, the kid finally leans onto his arm/counter, yawns and asks what we want..... We have a teenager, we were once teenagers, we understand how it is, but you dont act like that at work. Manager needs to get them all moving before you get bad reviews/lose business

Review №31

Saw Frozen II :) Love the comfy seating! The popcorn was good, too!

Review №32

While on Nana Jai duties this is the kids favorite movie theater to go to. I call it All n One. Customer service oriented and Clean. Thank you Regal Willoughby Commons. The Flanagan Family 12-30-19

Review №33

This theater should have a sign that says sauna because I lost four pounds in sweat catching Uncut GemsThe lack of displayed pricing and even showings is disappointing to say the least. However cozy seats and a large screen do wonders, making this place not too shabby

Review №34

This is a great place. The seating is remarkable.

Review №35

Very clean and well kept. Comfortable seating and waiting in line times go fast due to well equipped staff.

Review №36

I live in Akron but this is one of my favorite theaters. They have the recliner seats and the staff is very nice.

Review №37

First time I have been to a movie theater in 20 years, enjoyed everything about the facility.

Review №38

Always love a good movie here. Edit: Cant wait to see the Lion King! You know where Ill be opening night!

Review №39

Great place to watch a movie, 1st time in the stadium recliner seats

Review №40

This Cinema was my favorite place to enjoy a good movie. Outstanding theater with great seating and the movie experience was truly great. Its also very clean with great concessions. But as of late though the past 5 or so movie experiences have been awful! Not the theaters fault but the amount of people that come to a movie to play on their phones and have conversations during the movie really makes going to the theater less enjoyable. One recent showing of Aladdin had kids running around the theater chasing each other. Showings of John Wick and Xmen also had large disturbances. During Endgame there was an argument about assigned seats. I wish theaters could monitor their showings and remove disturbances. These past few times have unfortunately made me second guess coming to this theater.

Review №41

Very comfortable and clean theater. The concession stand is SUPER SLOW. Good luck grabing food and trying to get back to your movie in a timely manner.

Review №42

As a Regal Unlimited member, I go here all the time. Cozy full reclining seats, great audio system and screen quality. But they recently stopped selling tickets a a conventional ticket booth and now you have to wait in line with all the people getting food, ordering the whole menu, each person takes at least 5 mins so if theres 5 people in front of you, you basically have to arrive 30 mins ahead. Luckily, Regal showtimes are at least 20 mins off. I just saw Birds of Prey, it was a 4:50 showtime and the movie didnt start until 5:17. There needs to be an easier way to purchase your tickets. Especially for Unlimited members who dont want to pay the $0.25 to reserve a seat on the app.

Review №43

First, seats are assigned. Buy tickets ahead of time. Recliner seats are gorgeous. Fell asleep during Rise of Skywalker, just so comfy. The only complaint is about 30 minutes worth o trailers in pre-show. A bit excessive for my taste.

Review №44

Awesome theater! I loved the leather reclining seats!

Review №45

Lines long. Picture good. Seats comfortable.

Review №46

Really like the power recliners and big arm rests with giant cup holders. Movie picture was good after the 3D sync was adjusted. Second time this has happened and it isnt corrected until after the movie starts. Wish it would be correct before the movie starts. Sound quality was excellent, definitely added to the experience. Still amazed at the price of popcorn and pop. Its obvious where they make their money.

Review №47

I guess its been a long time since Ive been to the movies! Huge seats..that recline! Amazing sound system. Great picture quality.Food is movie theater food - expensive and your kid will want it all. Staff was super friendly and the place was clean. I took my 3 year old son during the afternoon and it was empty. Not sure how busy it gets at night but the place is huge and I expect it gets quit crowded.Overall a great theater.

Review №48

Very nice Cinema they have the reclining seats which are super comfortable! There is plenty of convenient parking. The inside is very nice with a large concession stand. Plenty of clean restrooms.

Review №49

This used to be our favorite theatre until they stopped selling tickets in the front. If you chose to go here give yourself at least 40 minutes before your movie last minute movie plans, you have to buy your tickets at the cencesssion counter and it is a mess. You wait in line behind families getting 3 popcorns 4 pops candy etc. That takes a while just to get 2 tickets for your show, it is ridiculous why they changed it. It is now dirtier too. Oh and know you movie ahead if time because the movies to chose from are not listed inside but still out front, again makes no business sense.

Review №50

Always love movies at Regal. The seats are comfortable and the sound systems and picture are great. Just be sure to arrive Wednesday in advance of your movie. Even when the concessions stand is fully staffed, it can take a long time to get served. Popcorn, drinks, and candy are quick, but pretzel bites, hot dogs, and burgers can take quite a while to get, especially if they are busy.

Review №51

Fast service, seat are comfortable, pretty clean. We had a party of 12 and we had a blast!

Review №52

I love the way the theater is set up inclining letting everyone see the screen.

Review №53

Very good service! Movie was great! Worth the price! Didnt even eat all my popcorn cause I was focused on the movie to much! XD

Review №54

Comfortable seating. Love the different food options

Review №55

We bought our tickets online, makes it easy so we don’t have to wait in line. Downside is you pay a “convenience” fee of almost $4.00. Nice stadium seating, plenty of room.

Review №56

My daughter and I went to see Star Wars episode 9 and had very comfortable seating and the restrooms were very clean

Review №57

I dont like that tickets have to be purchased at the concession stand. Instead of the ticket booth. The lines get long when customers have to do both at the concession stand. I will get my tickets on line from now on. If I go.

Review №58

Very clean. Comfortable recliners with plenty of room to walk

Review №59

Great theater with kind staff and amazing seating, quality screens and projectors in use and a clean facility. I travel an hour to go to this theater and recommend it highly. If your going to spend your time and money going to a movie make it the right choice even if it is a trip to go you will thank yourself.

Review №60

Excellent theater! We were the only two people in the theater for It: Chapter 2. What a blast!!!

Review №61

Friendly, kind and nice. Makes sure you are taken care of at the concession stands and ticket booth looking forward to seeing the lion King this Thursday!

Review №62

Nice, clean auditoriums, and great food prices

Review №63

Nice theater with comfortable seats. But the lobby was really Smokey with the smell of burnt popcorn.

Review №64

Nice setup but its just a theater.

Review №65

Our go-to spot for movies! The theatre is clean, well-organized, and has a great selection of movies. They offer both standard and 3D movies, and they now have reserved, stadium-style seating with reclining chairs. The concessions also have a great selection, including alcoholic beverages. The staff has always been friendly and helpful.

Review №66

Great theatre, especially now that they serve alcohol for us big kids!

Review №67

Always clean and staff does their job efficiently.

Review №68

Honestly the cleanest theater Ive been to. Have been going here for years and will continue to.

Review №69

Clean, neat, organized! Plenty of choices at the concession! The best part? Roomy reclining seats with raised foot rests and plenty of aisle room for late comers to walk past without disturbing others!

Review №70

I like the recliner seats very clean I love it

Review №71

This theater continues to be one of the best around, with great seating (electric recliners) and great staff! It is always clean and the production is always excellent!

Review №72

Very nice, I absolutely love the reclining seats.

Review №73

My little girl& I go to see movies alot.This theater was Awesome the chairs recline just like home,and I think its great to enjoy a adult beverage while seeing a great movie,with yummy foods for the kiddos& adults

Review №74

We come to this theater all the time because it has closed caption glasses that my daughter loves. 2 issues though, the concessions are extremely slow. It doesnt matter if they are busy or not. If its busy, we are waiting minimum half hour. We came to a movie tonight at 10pm. There is popcorn over the floor and seats in our row. So, they decided to skip cleaning the theater because its a late run?Makes me wonder if they ever clean/sanitize the seats

Review №75

Movies, popcorn and great reclining seats.

Review №76

We have the unlimited movie passes and love going favorite movie cave

Review №77

The good things first, Its pretty quiet there, seats are relaxing and soft those type you can recline i can truly appreciate those but there wasnt a cleaning attendant in site! papers and other objects on the floor before and after my movie showing laying in the same spot,no one to show you directions where to go unless you go back out to where the ticket booths are,sometimes with very long lines,had bought tickets online suggesting my tickets was in one stadium come to find out it was the opposite of 16 but 8 instead on the other end almost missed the movie,like it there but needs a little more organizing.

Review №78

Sadly I have to change my review from 4 to 2. Apparently the new policy at the theater is you must now purchase your tickets at the concession stand on Tuesdays. After a 20 minute wait in line behind people buying snacks, the movie was sold out. Not comfortable paying the $3.40 convenience fee for online purchase. The concession attendant was very apologetic about the wait. Clearly, others were disappointed as well.

Review №79

This is a nice theater and the popcorn is the best.

Review №80

I love there unlimited you can go to any movie any time for free for $18 a mo

Review №81

If you want to avoid the crowds and the B.S. then go during the day or an early matinee when theres hardly anyone else there. My girlfriend and I went to see Angel Has Fallen at 11:05 a.m. and we pretty much had the entire theater to ourselves. Much better viewing experience! No coughing, talking, loud talking, smelly, neighbors to ruin the movie. The only time I dont recommend going to a matinee is for a childrens movie. Total chaos! Otherwise, it was great.

Review №82

Friendly staff. They really need to clean better though.

Review №83

Great theater it’s my go to. prices are pricey but damn it’s worth it

Review №84

We enjoy the comfortable chairs and friendly service. Always clean facilities and fresh food. You can go many places to see a movie, but I really love this theatre that keeps everything clean, bright and running smoothly. Thank you!

Review №85

Great movie theater. Nice, plush reclining seating. Pretty much the only theatre Ill go to. Stadium seating & the food isnt bad for movie theater food.

Review №86

Was recently at this movie location a week ago and I felt as though it was very unprofessional to see 4 workers standing all talking and some visibly on their phones, not the first time I have seen this. And when I took a peek behind the counter, receipts and food all over the place and my god was this place a mess. Will not be spending my time here again.

Review №87

The tickets were sold at concession stand if tickets were all you wanted you waited for all the others to get food absolutely ridiculous three teenagers working and manager hiding. My neighborhood theatre have supported it since it open I think we need to find new theatre terrible service

Review №88

Movie theater was great minus the concession stand. Many employess were idled while one gentleman was servicing multiple customers at once.

Review №89

Everything is great here, the movie experience is great. The only thing I don’t like is the pick your seat option, because no one really follows it. It should be just first come first serve because that’s what people are doing anyway. But overall great theatre.

Review №90

Clean. Comfortable. Though the menu is getting a bit nuts. They have a menu... Like chicken strips and mozzarella sticks. There was even beer at one I went to recently.I will admit the leather reclining seats are so worth the ticket.Im reclined, relaxed and watching previews.Perfect.

Review №91

Movies itself is clean in a theater seating is nice service is not. I generally go to atlas and Im in and out of the concessions to go to my movie very quickly no matter on how busy it is at regal I waited in an 8-person line for 20 minutes and four of the people were in a group.

Review №92

Food was good, a bit pricey tho

Review №93

Purcased seats onlinewent right in and saw Midway, a great movie that everyone should go see!

Review №94

Love the seats! They are about 12 steps up from Great lakes Atlas in Mentor! Along with it, the Dolby Surround 7.1 is beautiful along with the picture quality. This is the place to go in the Willoughby/Mentor area.

Review №95

I enjoyed the movie and relaxing seats.

Review №96

Takes forever to get tickets because they make you go to the concession stand in an attempt to sell their food. Once inside its nice.

Review №97

Got rid of box office so now you have to purchase tickets at concession stand. Which takes longer. They should have one line that is exclusively for tickets

Review №98

I love going to the Regal Cinema I took my mother daughter day and we had a ball we enjoy it out there peace and relaxing I love the recliners that they have next time I will take my blanket

Review №99

Great theater to see a movie, reclining chairs, and booming sound system

Review №100

Always a fun time at the theatre. Deets are comfy and the place is always clean, what more can you ask for.

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  • Address:36655 Euclid Ave, Willoughby, OH 44094, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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