Wyoming Valley Sports Dome
131 Bear Creek Blvd, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702, United States

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Great place to practice and/or play soccer, field hockey, football, and exetera. To me it looks like a giant marshmallow. The food in the cafe is delicious. I love this place!

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Artificial turf with multiple courts can be used for various games like soccer, tennis basketball and volleyball. Parking area is very small and not maintained well. Can not be used as an arena for conducting game with large gatherings. Good for school games. Can be spend some time in the play area.

Review №3

I love this place. Great staff very friendly people. The “coffee house” is amazing very good food a little pricey but completely worth it, it’s not just concession stand food they have sandwiches and all that fun stuff. They’re “mini philly cheese stake” is to die for so good. They are some of the sweetest people I’ve met so glad my son plays soccer there. We checked out the skate park over the summer witch is ran by keystone ramp works the people who run the kitchen so fun my kids loved it. I’m thinking of going to check out the bands they have playing some nights. Love this place 10/10 would recommend.

Review №4

I visited for the just between friends consignment sale and the facility was very nice. It was easy to navigate and clean.No complaints whatsoever. Parking was also ample.A little hard to spot the driveway unless you know where it is.

Review №5

Not a bad sporting facility but the lobby area was very congested with a showcase happening for soccer. I did not eat any of the food in their concessions but our friends had tried it and said it was very good. My biggest complaint was the turf was very very worn and could use replacement. Other than that, The facility was clean inside and the staff seemed overall friendly.

Review №6

Nothing like the website portrayed. No security for the little ones. Limited bounce houses, no coat rack, no attendants, no coffee bar, no wide screen tv, no massage chairs (all promised on website). No changing area for children, no snacks/food, no verifying you are leaving with your own child.

Review №7

Very very friendly staff members they always helpful and that coffee shop awesome..I always love to come this place

Review №8

I never went here for sports events, but heard they had great pizza so went here for dinner with the family one night. It was a bad decision. No ambiance, seating is uncomfortable, service was poor, pizza was bland, and it was cold. Not to mention no spices for the pizza. We would have been better off going to Grotto. They have major work to do if they want to call themselves a restaurant/sports dome.

Review №9

Ive gone here for a few things. This dome is HUGE. theres a nice, very reasonably priced snack bar inside, nice little cakes for the kids to play, tables set up to eat etc. Plenty of parking, and anyone Ive encountered had been nice and very helpful. I think this is a very nice little establishment.

Review №10

Took my grandkids to Rampworks which shares this building until they get their own. They LOVED it!! Im glad someone is trying to make a safe place for kids to be active and skateboard!

Review №11

Great scoccer

Review №12

Great place to keep the kids active during the winter.

Review №13

What a great place run by very nice people.. Cant wait to go back

Review №14

Well run facility. Clean, great fields for soccer. Drinks and food is slightly expensive. Will play there again.

Review №15

Cool place. Big. Nice big parking lot and public gathering areas.

Review №16

Worst indoor place ever. They don’t allow anyone to play so I recommend to not go there

Review №17

I have only been here when they host the Just Between Friends consignment sale. Its a nice facility. Only draw back is the oscillating doors are hard to get through with a stroller.

Review №18

Not as impressed as I thought I would be. I did some ni e clothea for my grandsons, but was looking for a. ertain item.

Review №19

Wonderful owners supported the Girl Scouts this weekend. Than you.

Review №20

Was 12 degrees out side so naturally it was mildly warm inside its a blow up dome expected. Had a 12 u girls softball tournament this weekend really nice place could use little more space to sit in side a better arranged bleachers. Had a nice time cool building.

Review №21

Really cool place. Easy to find

Review №22

Place sucks and the food at that cafe IS GARBAGE

Review №23

Nice place, a few things could be changed to make it the best.

Review №24

Many fond memories as we watched our grandchildren compete.. field hockey and soccer. Great facility

Review №25

Way to hit inside. The rotating door is a joke.

Review №26

Great facility, has lots of fun events! Always treated well by staff.

Review №27

The FEW bounce houses they do have are HORRIBLE! For starters the bounce house are filthy! Then I dont know if the pumps are too small or if they need to be replaced, but they suck to the point where when my daughter was in any of the indoor houses (Ill get to their outdoor bounce houses in a second) her feet were literally touching the floor underneath the house. It was ridiculous how little air was in those things. As far as the outside bounce houses go, Im not going to lie, they have a pretty nice size slide that not only my 3 year old daughter but I myself enjoyed sliding down with her. However the other bounce house out back there suffers from the same issues dealing with lack of air that plague its indoor counterparts. All and all Im going to say I wont ever be returning here again with my daughter. If you are in the Wilkes-Barre/Kingston are and want a good bounce house location though, check out Super Bounce. Its a new place on Wyoming Ave all the way up in the same plaza as the price chopper going towards Pittston. Super Bounce has alot more houses inside, is clean, and has stuff for all kids ranging in age from just starting to walk all the way up to Ive seen kids around 8-10 years old. So yes check out Super Bounce.

Review №28

BEWARE!!!!!Wyoming valley sports dome is a FRAUD!!!!We attended an 11-U youth baseball tournament at this facility and it was a nightmare. When we arrived it was bitter cold outside and not much warmer inside. When we questioned the owner about how cold it was inside he informed us that the adult league playing in front of us did not pay the extra 2$ per player to turn the heat on. Therefore the heat would not be turned on until prior to our boys starting. He told us tell your parents to dress warm and bring blankets. Just prior to the 2nd game starting the heaters began pumping cold air into the dome and the owners could not be found anywhere in the complex. Once games began and everyone was inside a parent from another team came into the dome and informed everyone that someone came through the parking lot and smashed windows of many cars and robbed parents of their belongings. When we asked to talk to the owner for some help we were informed they were not there because they went out to dinner. When they returned they were no help at all. they simply left the parents outside in the bitter cold to wait for local police. They mentioned this never happened before. Ironically when local police arrived they informed the parents that this type of thing happened multiple times at this facility. The owner was rude and would not even give parents any information. If you are a team looking to play inside save your 800 dollars and book your games at the Pocono dome not far away. The owners seemed more concerned about stopping parents from bringing food into the dome and how many people were in the dugouts than helping people that were robbed of their belongings. Each team paid over 700 dollars to play there. An absolute disgrace!!!! A simple sign on the front door next to the NO OUTSIDE FOOD or coolers warning parents to secure belongings would have gone a long way.

Review №29

Nice but dont like the rotating door especially if you have a stroller. I got stuck in it and was starting to get a panic attack! And being in the dome gave me a weird feeling.

Review №30

I attended the jbf kids consignment sale here. Its always well set up and I find great deals for my kids.

Review №31

Its great!

Review №32

Fields are terrible, always either freezing cold or to hot

Review №33

Restrooms dirty. Staff is extremely rude.

Review №34

Ample space, but cant bring in outside food or drinks and needs to be refreshed.

Review №35

Fun place in the winter for soccer, softball, anything else that you cant do outside in the winter you normally do in summer.

Review №36

Kids had fun, largest slide in PA is outside but its fun...not the most sanitary place

Review №37

I stopped here because the skatepark we planned on going to was closed down so we gave this place a shot. This place is corporate and money hungry. They built the place to take money not support the industry. I hated the place. My son broke his wrist there because of how slippery the floors and ramps are. If you know me you know my son will be a pro skater in another 3 years, so he definitely knows how to throw down. Anyway google some other parks and give them your time and money before you waste your money at THE DOME.

Review №38

Cold in am then warmed up, needs updating

Review №39

Cool place, cold in the winter bundle up!!!

Review №40

Nice place...I go there for the Just between friends consignment sales. Always very clean and friendly staff.

Review №41

Good place for sporting events.

Review №42

Type 1 diabetics stay away from this place. Even when they are hosting a T1 Diabetes event, they do not let you keep your medicine (food) with you. Just a heads up, if you were wanting to stay alive during your visit.

Review №43

Rude overpriced...need a closer alternative...

Review №44

It is great for the kids to play at, but they have a guy who is over bearing in watching people for outside drinks and food, a little rude about it even

Review №45

Nice sports clubs but could use some updates

Review №46

Fun fly for RC airplanes

Review №47

Getting a little rundown needs some updating and improvements

Review №48

No ventilation so hot in there...ugh!

Review №49

Nice place for sports!!

Review №50

Great facility for soccer in the winter

Review №51

Older sports venue, not very spectator friendly

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Getting dated

Review №54

Not the biggest fan

Review №55

....Good Ride....

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Great place for a softball tournament

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Review №58

A little cold on the inside

Review №59

Unique venue for indoor soccer

Review №60

I skateboard and the park is nice but is bumpy and they only have vert

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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
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