Whitewater Cinemas
151 Pearson Ln, Whitewater, WI 53190, United States

Review №1

Loved the drive-in experience! The owners are wonderful and take care of their customers. Well definitely be back.

Review №2

We went there for the first time to see The call of the wild movie with Harrison Ford. It is a small movie theater but it is great. Very clean, comfortable seats and cheaper prices then in our movie theater. Its not as showy as Marcus Theater but still good enough for us. Thank you Whitewater Cinemas for a pleasant experience!

Review №3

Clean friendly environment. The movie was good too.

Review №4

Like coming here to see movies. Ticket prices reasonable and theater never seams to be too crowded. Seating is very comfortable. They offer 3-D movies at a slightly higher cost.

Review №5

In a world of corporate theater chains, Whitewater Cinemas does an impressive job competing as a local business. The movie tickets are reasonable and they have discount days, currently $5 Tuesday and $5 student discount Wednesday. They also have their own website you can use for tickets.

Review №6

Open and cheep best place ever

Review №7

Very clean, love it there

Review №8

LOVED IT! cheapest movie theater Ive ever been to. Flavor shots on the fountain drink machine?! Hell yes!

Review №9

It is not gilded in gold, but it is a nice cineplex. Everything you need is there. Good popcorn, candies and drinks, nice clean bathrooms, and comfortable seating in front of big, hi fidelity, digitally projected film screen. There are specials on popcorn and soda combinations and the staff is friendly and competent. Its a little out of the way, but the parking lot is most ample and dont let the outside fool you. The inside is clean, temperature controlled, and you cant get lost finding your auditorium.My wife and I have and will continue to enjoy a, Date here every now and then. Depends on the movies playing.Enjoy...I give yall my permission.

Review №10

Friendly staff, cheap snacks and tickets, warm, comfy environment. would recommend.

Review №11

Great local theater. Makes you think youre in the big city without the crowds. Love it.

Review №12

Theater was filthy. Dried up spilt pop, candy popcorn on the floors behind the seats.I even had to check for bugs because that’s how comfortable the filth had me feeling, and it got cold in the middle of the movie. Came here cause it was closer than the amc in creek but I’ll never do that again: I’ll just go to creek.I noticed the young lady at the counter and she told me it was clean and didn’t offer anything as a solution. Didn’t even bother coming to see for herself. Don’t recommend. I took pictures, but I don’t have the option to post them with this post.

Review №13

This small, 4 theater cinema manages to impress me every time I visit. Whitewater Cinemas completely changed the image of what a small, locally owned theater is to me.Always clean inside and out, short if not nonexistent wait times on concessions and CHEAP (in the best way, inexpensive). It truly is the hidden gem of Whitewater.

Review №14

Great place to take the grandkids to a movie for a Friday night date night.

Review №15

Not a big theater by any means, but clean with good viewing angles from pretty much every seat.

Review №16

Love this place! Seats are so comfy I don’t want to leave. Great prices and the staff is always lovely

Review №17

I wasnt 100% sure what to expect out of a small movie theater in Whitewater. I was extremely surprised to find an enjoyable theater that was cleanly kept. Service was prompt and helpful. The only thing that was only average was the seating, but that wasnt really that bad.

Review №18

Great movie & good seats to see!

Review №19

VERY nice theater! Very friendly staff, great popcorn. They cleaned the theater we were in between shows! This will now be our go to theater

Review №20

Nice movie theater...great seats

Review №21

This theatre is a gem in whitewater. Great price and comfortable seating, with an excellent staff to boot. I highly recommend this theatre.

Review №22

Nice theater. Always bright and clean. Friendly staff. Good prices.

Review №23

This is a nice little theatre to have close by! Staff is friendly and great deals!

Review №24

Love that we can see a movie and get snacks and drinks for less than $20 for 2.

Review №25

Friendly service and yummy popcorn!

Review №26

Love this place, the seats are comfortable and prices are economical. Tuesdays are $5 dollars for regular shows and if you buy any size drink you get a free popcorn. The owners are awesome and love this place.

Review №27

Not busy during the summer, reasonable prices. Had a problem with the ads prior to the movie and movie started a few minutes late. Gave everyone a coupon for a free movie.

Review №28

Love this theatre. Reasonable prices, clean, friendly staff.

Review №29

Small theatre but great for families

Review №30

Great theatre with comfy seats, super friendly owners and staff, and crazy good popcorn. (I would make a special trip just for the popcorn, its that good.)

Review №31

I live in Whitewater so this Theatre is convenient. Nice Theatre, nice seating.

Review №32

I agree 100% that this is the best regular, non drive-in, movie theater Ive been to. I love the cleanliness, seats, prices, and friendly staff. Great mix of video games in the lobby, too!

Review №33

We got there a hour early to make sure we get good seats. then they make us switch theaters with another theater, since they had the showtimes mixed up. we lost our good seats as the mob of people switched theatures. I am never going back.

Review №34

Had a great time. The seats are nice and comfy. Plan on going back in the future!

Review №35

The best thing about this theater- no ads before the movie played. Now all they have to do is get new seats so that people can recline.

Review №36

Love this theater! The concessions are reasonable, the owners are great and the theater is always clean.

Review №37

Good seats. Always great a place to watch a movie.

Review №38

Great prices! Nice sized theaters with plenty of comfortable seating. All the employees were very friendly. Clean restrooms.

Review №39

Nice theater and good price

Review №40

Awesome seats, great picture, hot popcorn

Review №41

I gave it four stars because its the most reasonably priced theater around. Its not fancy, but its a nice little theater. if your looking for reclining chairs youll have to go to a higher end theater in Madison

Review №42

This is the the only theatre that I like going to. The owner’s and staff are the best! The theaters are super clean, just an overall great experience!!

Review №43

Love the theater. But, they never show ANY christian movies! I have missed many. But the other movies, OH, they sure show them! I suppose they wont carry I can only imagine either You know there are Lots of us Christians that would love to see movies that have a Christian theme.

Review №44

Cheaper than most theaters. Small theaters. Limited amount of movies shown daily.

Review №45

Wonderful experience!!! Had a bday party there with 12+ kids and the staff was phenomenal to work with! Highly recommend!!!

Review №46

Always dirty and dim, never cheery or enjoyable. There was actually a tear in the screen (!), obscuring part of the picture.

Review №47

Excellent service, prices, snacks, atmosphere and of course movie choices! I highly recommend checking out this establishment, you cant beat it the overall quality!

Review №48

Great theater! Clean, cheap, and really nice seats.

Review №49

Love this place! Reasonable prices plus they have a rewards card so you can earn free tickets concessions. They have the best nachos and popcorn too. The employees and owners are super nice and I try to go here first before Janesville or Johnson Creek.

Review №50

Decent little place

Review №51

Very good movie. Should be recognized.

Review №52

4 Screen Cinema. They are usually a couple bucks less than most other theaters. They also have a decent matinee price. Video of the screen and the sound systems are in good working order with the exception of the sound being a bit too loud at times. Chairs do not recline and some of them need to be cleaned and or replaced.

Review №53

Good picture and sound. Reclining seats and good ticket price.

Review №54

Cold in there but nice i will be back next week

Review №55

Whitewater has an excellent theatre. It is less expensive than the surrounding area. The staff are friendly. It is clean. The seats are comfortable. I would go here over Janesville any day. They only have four screens so not as much variety, but they usually have the latest movies.

Review №56

This is neither a FANCY place nor a NEW theater.But the people are friendly, the prices are relatively low, and they almost ALWAYS have new releases as soon as they are available! The owners seem to pride themselves on not waiting a month after a movie is released to finally get it.Id recommend for a good movie night. Seats are newer and comfortable. Food and snack selection is pretty good. Hosts are very friendly.

Review №57

This is a great little cinema. The seats are all new and the theater size is small and cozy. They only have four screens so sometimes they wont have everything you want to see but they make up for it in a nice environment.

Review №58

Comfortable and close to home

Review №59

This theater is one of my most favorite places to go see movies. the movies always start promptly and its never to hot or too cold. all the movies are great quality and its over all just a great place to go. very cheap fun and entertaining.

Review №60

This is the only place my family goes for movies! Its a big theater and staff is very nice! Tickets are super cheap and the movie quality is great! Ive seen 3D movies there to and every time it was great! ;) we keep coming back and Im thinking we might today! :) I would like to see rise of the guardians!

Review №61

Never completely crowded and the staff is great. The seats are comfortable too which makes it even better.

Review №62

Great place to watch a mid afternoon movie with kids. Very friendly staff as well!

Review №63

A very good place

Review №64

I love the Theatres of Whitewater Family run business that is also family and community friendly. Always a great time clean and friendly Will be back many times in future

Review №65

Saw movie here was good food was good movie was good employees were good

Review №66

The longer drive is so worth it if you think the Janesville theater is as bad as I do, lol. The seats are comfy, the tickets are cheaper, and the staff is super friendly!

Review №67

Small movie theater, but one of my favorite theaters ever. Friendly staff, and great prices (for a movie theater) for tickets, candy, and drinks. Best part of the theater are the seats. Normally movie theater seats are uncomfortable, but these seats are amazing. Plenty of leg room (this coming from a 65 guy), and extremely comfortable. Arm rests raise up for extra comfort if needed. Ill miss this theater when I leave Whitewater.

Review №68

Always great customer service. Love the 5 Dollar Tuesday movie night along with buying a soda and getting a free popcorn.

Review №69

I dont understand why the movie black and blue not playing at this theater?

Review №70

Its a nice small theater. We love to go on Tuesdays when it is only $5 and not to mention that when you buy a soda you get a FREE 48oz popcorn.

Review №71

Clean and has plenty of treats

Review №72

The best place around here to see movies. Its clean, comfortable, well priced, and well staffed. The only place around here that doesnt charge you an arm and a leg for tickets.

Review №73

Show was great Mr Scrooge nice theater

Review №74

Good small town entertainment opportunity. Cant beat Tuesday matinee price plus promo for free pop corn.

Review №75

Always good prices and friendly service.

Review №76

This is a great small theater. It has tall leather captain chairs and good seating capacity.

Review №77

I have gone to this Theater for a few years. It is the best and most economical Movie theater in this area. The staff is friendly and the facility is clean and neat. I have enjoyed many movies there and will continue to go back again and again.

Review №78

Saw Mary Poppins returns... Loved it!

Review №79

We love this theater. It is clean, comfortable, and family owned. Well worth the drive from Milton! And the prices cant be beat!

Review №80

Cheap. Cheap, cheap cheap. Thats it. Its cheap.

Review №81

$5 movies on Tuesdays.

Review №82

Warm and comfy. Great value and outstanding service.

Review №83

Very good prices for both the movies as well as the concessions. Seats are comfy ..All in well taken care of and never over crowded!

Review №84

Went on a Tuesday only $5 for a ticket and they had a deal on soda a popcorn too. Comfortable seats in the theater as well

Review №85

Came here to see the new It movie, didnt know there would be childhood bully character in this movie, this caused me go into shock. A staff members seemingly displeased expression about the situation ruined the vibe, 1 lion / 1 Washington monument.

Review №86

Very poor movie. Should be shut down.

Review №87

Comfy seating, amazing sound, fantastic resolution and wonderful people!

Review №88

Great value, friendly staff, well be back.

Review №89

Comfortable cinemas to go and enjoy a movie with the family

Review №90

Very nice staff. Super helpful.

Review №91

Great prices, but the atmosphere is that of a warehouse. Screens arent the best but they work and the chairs could use some repair.

Review №92

Nice place, comfy seats, good price. Alittle loud.

Review №93

The place is kept clean and they play awesome movies.

Review №94

Great for kids parties

Review №95

Close to home, clean and comfortable seats and very affordable..will go again

Review №96

My favorite movie theatre, the owners are great and friendly. Very clean and comfortable seating. Best prices around.

Review №97

Nice and clean. Sound quality was good.

Review №98

Nice and clean. Place enjoyed the movie IT

Review №99

I love this theater.

Review №100

Old school theater, nice seats, good picture and sound. My favorite theater.

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  • Address:151 Pearson Ln, Whitewater, WI 53190, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 262-458-2221
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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