City Center 15 Cinema de Lux
237 Martine Ave, White Plains, NY 10601, United States

Review №1

This theater is fantastic theater. I am satisfied with the seatings. Tickets are in my budget, the coffee is delicious, and I am quite comfortable while Im there. People are quiet and never have interrupted a movie.

Review №2

This is one of the best movie theater I have been in thus far. Very clean environment, and great customer service.The reclining seats and the positioning of the seats are very nice and comfortable. It gives you a great view of the movie.I also like the table that is attached to every seat, it comes in handy when you have food to eat.I had a great time here and will most definitely come back again.

Review №3

Safe, clean theater with friendly staff! My wife and I were so happy to see Tenet in an empty IMAX theater.

Review №4

The City Center 15 Cinema De Lux is a beautiful theatre. The entrance is grand and has areas for people to sit and linger before a film to enjoy a meal or dessert. You can also listen to a pianist play on a baby grand while admiring the surroundings. Its a clean theatre with luxurious and comfortable theatre seats that recline and offer an adjustable neck cushion. If your film was great, youll enjoy the experience even more, but it the film you went to see was only so-so, you still have a great relaxing experience at this theatre. Enjoy!!

Review №5

Had a great time .. Nice clean had an awesome experience

Review №6

The best theater I’ve ever went to with clear audio, 4K screen resolution, and the most comfortable laz boy seats

Review №7

Always best to come early in the day and on Tuesdays for $7 tickets. Theater has held up very well for the years and the new seating has really been top notch! Cushy recliners that are adjustable really make it a fun experience!

Review №8

Largest theater in the area. Place is clean, food selection is abundant. Cant go wrong with reclining seats. Not a fan of the serve yourself popcorn though. For those that like to layer theirs with mounds of butter substitute, you wont be too happy.

Review №9

Ok so picture yourself laying on your favorite extra large recliner in your own personal 5000 square foot theater eating popcorn with your child right next to you, in their own recliner !We had food and drinks all while laying out / sitting back. Seriously ... the best experience you can have in a movie theater...... ever.So comfy!!!!

Review №10

I will never go to another theatre again. Incredible experience. So luxurious, very easy and accessible. The people who work here are very friendly and always helpful!

Review №11

They have really brought this place back to life in the past few years. While I still remember when movie tickets were $5, at least the recliners make the $14 price tag feel a little more realistic. In comparison to other theaters in the area, this one is typically clean and the staff are typically very polite. Overall, a good theater (minus the fact that you have to pay to park at city center).

Review №12

Great place... the reward points very worthy! I like it! Many options around to get a bite before the movie. Please turn off the front lights so we can see the trailers that will incentive the people to come back

Review №13

Seats are awesome. Lots of restroom use makes them a bit messy. Several food options. A little warm temperature wise, but I am often warm.

Review №14

Comfy seats. Never chaotic in the food area. Good movie tonight. Just Mercy bring your Kleenex.

Review №15

Very nice. New, reclining chairs with a small fold out table

Review №16

I LOVE going to the movies....but..I dont think its cool to see mice watching the movie as well. EXTERMINATOR needs to visit this location more often. The management was very accommodating...that was cool.

Review №17

Had a great time at this movie theater watching a 3D movie. It’s big, spacious, and has Reclining chairs with trays so you can relax while eating some good food. The LED lights on the chairs help you navigate in the dark. The aisles give you enough room to get by without disturbing another guest. The price of the food is quite expensive but you get plenty of options to choose from. My only recommendation is to lower the food prices.

Review №18

I frequent this theater. Seats are comfortable...maybe too comfy. But I do like the assigned seating. Plenty of choices to choose from the concession stand. Clean bathroom.

Review №19

The IMAX theater is amazing. Food great, seating comfortable, very clean. Great customer service. Location EXCELLENT.

Review №20

Hadnt been here in years, but came down to see Never Surrender. The place has been upgraded with escalators off Mamaroneck Ave, although having us walk all the way down to the other end just to go up one more floor was a bit much. I should have taken the original elevators. As always the theaters are clean and well maintained, the recliners are comfortable. The standing in line so you can be directed to another line so they can tell you to go to the theater that is listed on your ticket was a bit too much like DMV and cost them a star.

Review №21

Really nice theater. Self service soda/slushie machines is always good. Could be a bit cleaner though. Main complaint is their popcorn and employees. You can tell they dont enjoy their time there.

Review №22

Was in theater #3, the room was small and cozy, so there are not a lot of seats in this particular room -- nice size for a small crowd of movie goers. They had leather reclining seats with a built in snack table and drink holder. Has a standard size movie screen.

Review №23

Great experience. Love booking my exact seat then have such a nice comfy spot. Reclining seats are dope and lay back further than I expected. Good selection for food too. Cant go wrong with this threat and worth the 30 min drive.

Review №24

Updated cinema! Many choices of movies. Many parking spaces. Exciting and enjoyable.

Review №25

I really like this theater. The complex its in is great too. Bathroom needs renovations though.

Review №26

I love this shoprite. Great options that other Shoprite dont have.

Review №27

Plenty of parking, great location, lovely theaters that are clean and well designed. Good service and a lot of self serve ticketing stations.

Review №28

Ultra clear digital picture and sound. Reclining chairs and reclining headrests with snack tray. Great concessions and friendly staff. Recently renovated, very clean with electric blue LED pathway lighting in theater. Free parking via $3.00 off concessions with parking receipt.

Review №29

The employees at the register selling tickets are not friendly. They seem miserable. Management needs to set expectations on how to provide a great experience. All you have to do is smile. Ask how are you?, thank you enjoy the movie. Its not that hard.

Review №30

Always a good time. They recently renovated the seats so they are the reclining lazy-boy type and are fantastic. Occasionally the bathrooms could use some better cleanup but usually have no problems. The staff are helpful and the theatre will cover the parking garage if you buy food. For many of the movies you can pick the seats, which are a blessing unless you are spontaneous about your moving going. Overall a great theater.

Review №31

Popcorn is so expensive and not enough counter people.

Review №32

Not very classy. However, comfortable seats, snacks and soft drinks, the latest movies. Thats all I need in a movie theater...

Review №33

Best movie theater in my book the upgrades are nice reclining seats and a tray table for food and drinks. Plus a cozy space without to many people.

Review №34

Comfortable seats. IMAX is the way to watch a movie.The restaurant Chatters makes a great burger.

Review №35

Movies are pretty darn expensive now-a-days... $15 for a regular movie showing. The last time I was here the temperature in the theater was very hot. At this theater sometimes there is an issue with people talking loudly during the movie. Other than those three issues, this is a nice place to see a movie. The reclining chairs are fantastic.

Review №36

Nice place. Good atmosphere and good service

Review №37

Going to the movies just got way better! Theres a bar in the lobby! Nice comfy recliners cant think of anything thats missing.

Review №38

Clean place, comfortable reclining seats, many screens to choose from. Great food options to choose from.

Review №39

I am very disappointed so far as we had to wait in the bar area as the theater was allegedly being cleaned and when finally arriving in the space, our cup holders were still full of trash and it seemed like an issue when it was brought to the attention of the area manager. So I do not know if I will return to this location.

Review №40

Great theater but the women’s bathroom near theater 8 is in need of repairs. No one seems to care. Please don’t disrespect us by not making this right.

Review №41

One of our reserved chairs was broken so we all had to move to the top row if we wanted to sit together. Also, the screen was very small compared to the size of the wall it was on. Decent movie theaters maximize the wall space to bring you a bigger, more movie like experience.

Review №42

Super deluxe its amazing and actually not that expensive. Fun for the whole family if you love watching them in style. I highly reccomend it for a fun movie night with the family.

Review №43

I love this movie theatre!! The drinks at the bar are great as well!

Review №44

Most of the cashiers are courteous and Speedy. D concession lines make it hard to navigate right before showtimes. But the seats are super comfortable in the movie quality is awesome!

Review №45

I like this movie theater. On occasions the food lines are long, but they have great roomy seating, a wide variety of food choices and nice screens. Ive seen a bunch of movies here and while some of the movies have been bad, Ive never had a bad movie going experience.

Review №46

So many movies, Great lounge chairs. Quick to get tickets and food.

Review №47

Seats are very comfy. On busy times harder to get seats last minute but doesnt affect rating.

Review №48

I love this place. great movie, my gym is there, parking uses the White Plains App (although the app shouldnt charge $.20) and a supermarket to boot that give you a discount when you park in the mall.It also has a theatre that Ive used and been pleasantly surprised by. They really need to keep the Barnes and noble on the first floor.

Review №49

Pretty empty most of the time, the theater is clean and spacious. Fun neighborhood.

Review №50

Our FAVORITE movie theatre- we come all the way from Stamford, CT bc we LOVE the accommodations, the staff and our course the comfortable seats!!

Review №51

Great reclining seats with different adjustments and little table section with drink holder, super cool! Nice theatres with great sound systems, cant go wrong.

Review №52

Newly updated all theaters big seats reserved better sound systems

Review №53

Giant stadium seating, with assigned seats. Makes finding your seat easy. My wifes seat was broken though lol stuck in recline mode.

Review №54

Reclining chairs, good concession service but small screen

Review №55

Nice theater, aaaaaaaaand I love a nice, soft reclining seat. I was able to relax and comfortably watch the movie.

Review №56

The theater put one language in showtimes and on tickets and they are playing a different language movie. To be specific, they are advertising to play Sahoo in Telugu but are playing it in Hindi. The theater management doesnt seem to care even when reported there is a mistake. They just say they dont know anything about the language and cant help. They are even reluctant to check what they have and what is playing right now or even to correct the language thats being advertised. No apology either. Utter waste of time, effort and gas to come all the way here.

Review №57

Comfortable reclining seats but the AC was not working too well. Overall a nice theater.

Review №58

Love this place but it will be out of business before long like all the others

Review №59

We are patrons of the City Center White Plains location. We attended the 11:35am showing of Little Women today Feb 7 and was shocked at the mess that the theatre was in. Food left and popcorn on floors everywhere. Clearly this was left from the previous day. Management and employees don’t seem to care. It’s a shame that such a great location and recent renovation update are being destroyed by lack of maintenance.

Review №60

Nice clean theaters plus IMAX only minus you have to pay to park

Review №61

Showcase Cinema at City Center White Plains is truly a modern movie theater. I love that I can purchase tickets and select seats and dont have to rush to the movies. However, inthe last couple of visits the experience has been ruined by very dirty toilets. There wes paper all over the floor and water that was a trip hazard. I hope someone reads this and take care of the situation. Next time I will take a picture.

Review №62

Awesome Theater! Reclining seats and plenty of space.

Review №63

We came to see The Missing Link, theater was clean and seats were amazingly comfortable. The jumbo bucket of popcorn, soda and Raisinettes package was really good. Kids had fun! Adults had fun!

Review №64

Use to be a great place to see a movie but now they letting the movie theater go down.

Review №65

Disappointed in sound quality of the movie. Sound was very low and sounded like from center speaker only. Very messy lobby, no personal seemed to care to clean up around the food counters.

Review №66

Love this place, specially if you are looking for some savings tuesday is the day. Tickets are half price. Nice and comfy seats .

Review №67

The people were so friendly everybody from the guy we bought the tickets from the girl I bought the water from and even they employ severely handicapped people which I thought was absolutely awesome the guy could do his job no problem so good place!

Review №68

Love this place great service clean quite & never over crowded

Review №69

Renovated theater seating which had leather power operated recliners. Each seat has has their own airplane style swivel side tray with a bullet in cup holder. Seating is reserved so book in advance for popular movies.

Review №70

Large location with plenty of seating arrangment. You can pay in person on line or use the kiosk service. You also get to pick the seats you would like to sit. Located on top floor. Favorite theater to watch movies.

Review №71

The sound didnt work properly, very low volume, not balanced, no bass. The movie actually started on time all of a sudden so I missed the beginning. The last time I was here was for John Wick 3, the theater was so hot and stuffy, very uncomfortable. I hate going here and everytime I think the experience will be better, its not.

Review №72

I love going to Barnes & Noble besides you have a great coffee shop at Starbucks and I love Starbucks coffee took my girlfriend dad for the first time we had a great time just wandering around looking at the site White Plains so beautiful I recommend to anybody and everybody to go up there and see especially the water fountains so beautiful when they got them shooting in the air and the music playing White Plains is a beautiful city unfortunately I could only afford to live in Yonkers right now but Im disabled but I recommend White Plains to anybody

Review №73

My Favorite Movie Theater away from Cinemark as its not available. The recliners are probably the best between Regal, AMC, and any others. I love how when you pay for parking its discounted in the concessions. Only thing missing is a bundle/savings/or membership.

Review №74

Very comfortable. Clean. Staff very nice lounge chairs

Review №75

Enjoyed the movie, good food, good prices, comfortable & clean.

Review №76

Great seats, good value. Garbage over flowing. Ladies room filthy no toilet paper. Not enough staff.

Review №77

Enjoyed the upgrades done to this theatre. Black leather seats, the seats recline as well. Popcorn and Nachos were fresh.

Review №78


Review №79

Very nice theatre. Insanely expensive but thats all movie theaters now. Seats are awesome and comfy.

Review №80

Since putting in the new power reclining seats this has become my favorite theater. I wish the staff had more personality, but what can one do?

Review №81

Seats are huge and totally adjustable. Better than your living room!

Review №82

Update as of 06/16/2019I have been going to this place since 2012 but lately this theater has been horrible. Seats dont always work, staff was very rude. When seeing John Wick 3 there was a person talking on the phone during the entire movie. We tried to complain there wasnt a staff member in site. After the film was complete we asked to speak to a manager and she refused to give us a refund because she claims it wasnt her problem and asked us to leave. Due to the attitude of their manager I will take my business elsewhere.

Review №83

Great place to watch a movie and the seating is a plus with the little side table

Review №84

An okay movie theater. Its clean, but the staff is not particularly helpful or friendly. They actually seem annoyed on big movie nights. Be careful at Chatters Bar and Grill... We call them Cheaters because an employee tried to write in extra gratuity to our bill (we already did 20%). We didnt realize until our statement came in that it did not match what we put down. Thankfully, we saved our customer copy receipt... but never again would we go there.

Review №85

This is my go-to movie theatre and I enjoy going here. Its a friendly atmosphere and in a nice locationIf I have one complaint, I wish they would keep up with the new seating and maintain them accordingly. Its too early after the renovation to pay more money for broken seats. Avoid Theatre 1, Row G Seat 5. That aside, no complaints. UPDATE: If your seat is broken, its worth the trip to the box office and report it. They gave me a comp ticket to another film. :)

Review №86

This is your one stop shop type of theater. Tickets are your typical mid range price, but the seating is part of the new reclining chair system where you pick your seats ahead of time. They have a ton of theaters inside of here, so theres always multiple options playing. Outside the theaters is all the food types you can think of, with lots of tables (or the option to eat inside the theater). There is also a bar and restaurant inside here too. You could spend all day here and not have to leave which is really nice for large families to not have to coordinate much at multiple places.

Review №87

Experience is everything. IMAX is good but Theater itself is very dirty. I’ve been there several times and every time the theater is dirty. They don’t seem to have anybody to clean the theater in between movies.

Review №88

Awesome recliner seats. Good picture and sound qualities.

Review №89

This movie theater has horrendous service. The customer service is unacceptable. Never ever go to this place ever. It took 30 minutes for me to get a refund after my plans changed. Just TERRIBLE!

Review №90

Bought a ticket for a 6:00PM movie. Its 6:30 and Im still looking at ads. Not even previews yet.

Review №91

Seats are very comfortable, theres good space in between rows for walking, and the sound quality is excellent.

Review №92

Poorly managed. 2 of 4 urinals in mens bathroom are not functioning. Video game is a kids scheme to still there money. Put your coupons and forget of playing. Looks nice from the outside but rotten whitin.

Review №93

Amazing movie going experience!!! There are a lot theaters that are currently being renovated...the leather seats that can even pick your seats in some instances. Kind of a plush experience. If you park in the garage attached to the mall your receipt will get you discounts on popcorn and soda. This location also supports the movie pass which helps on ticket prices. Overall great place for movie going. Be aware that summer time and winter breaks means increase of teenagers attendint buy ticket ahead of time.

Review №94

Not to crowded, discount on our food with parking tckt, love the warm waiting sitting arrangements, how easy to retrieve our tcks that we call in. love our theater recliner.

Review №95

Beautiful lobby and viewing rooms. The seating is very comfortable too.However, occasionally, the viewing room floors are sticky.Simple solution:Clean and mop the floor after each movie has concluded. The patrons can wait for the floors to dry. Problem solved.Also, the restrooms require constant maintenance; by way of removing water puddles from sink counters and emptying the trash receptacles.Think about it.I wrote this review to be helpful to you, the consumer; and, to also bring relevant things to the attention of the the business in focus. If you found this review to be helpful, please help me by selecting the thumbs up icon below. Thank you!

Review №96

Great Movie Theater very clean and the people are very polite.

Review №97

Amazingly nice. Clean, convenient, plenty of parking. The chairs are super comfortable. The ambiance is quiet and reserved. Loved it, will go back.

Review №98

Loved this movie theater till me and my partner had a HORRIBLE experience here.Thee front staff to get the tickets are less than knowledgeable and very condescending! The manager here is also the same, they do not know what customer service is and have very little to no experience handling issues or concerns a loyal paying customer might have. The staff here SUCKS! And are very rude if you can manage to get your ticket and the machines and not have any interactions with the staff you’ll have a great time.

Review №99

I went to this movie theater. My food was stolen and I alerted the manager. He replaced my food after thinking I was lying. Witnessed someone putting my food back as I returned to my seat. Told him who it was and he refused to take action. Will not be going back to this theater

Review №100

Good theater. Good screens. Good snacks. Seats could use and upgrade, but at least the armrests move.UPDATE: They have upgraded half the theaters with great new leather reclining seats. The other half will soon be updated. Rating changed from 4 to 5 stars! Excellent work.UPDATE 2: The entire theaters seats have been upgraded!

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:237 Martine Ave, White Plains, NY 10601, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 800-315-4000
  • Movie theater
  • Grill
  • Bar
  • Event venue
  • IMAX theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
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