Gateway Cinema
151 Easy Way #8109, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States

Review №1

Im so excited theyre back open for business. Visiting this theater is always an awesome experience!

Review №2

I am Deaf. My family and I went to the Gateway to see Glass and the preview said the movie is closed captioned. I was given 2 different caption machines that didnt work. In fact, one of the machines kept giving me Scarlet O Hara quotes. The other quote I didnt get a picture of said These dummy captions will continue until a closed caption signal is found. We were an hour into the movie at that point. When I went out to get my ID the manager told me oh I found another machine that worked. Then when questioned, He told my son it must have slipped his mind to bring the working machine to me so I could enjoy the rest of the movie. My husband asked for a refund for my ticket. We did get that. I dont find their term dummy captions amusing as it is a derogatory term towards Deaf people and has no business being in my caption machine. Nor did I think that particular quote was funny at the moment. I did give a damn, I wanted to enjoy the movie.

Review №3

Didnt go to the Cinema went to Big Lots its like a big everything store. Bought popcorn bag, cookies, condiments. Fun store lots to look at. Dishes, pans, tableware, and more

Review №4

It’s pretty clean and has good customer service, I go here a lot.

Review №5

Great Food Bar, VIP lounge and 14 theaters...and great movies!

Review №6

Gateway Cinema is a great theater! The theater rooms are clean and large. The bathrooms are clean and there are tons of stalls. The parking is close. The staff is friendly. I always enjoy watching movies at Gateway. The seats are comfortable, not recliners but still comfy. The ticket prices are a little on the high side but other than that an overall great experience.

Review №7

Overall, the theater is good. I had the unfortunate luck of running into several employees who were less than kind. And most of the theater floors were very sticky, as well as the arm rests on the theater seats. The food provided was good quality and good portion sizes. So overall, a good theater.

Review №8

So clean. Cashier not very friendly today. However food court ladies smiling. Polite. Cant ask for more. Great customer service just makes me happy. Makes whatever I am doing better. It has a domino effect.

Review №9

Clean theater, seats are comfortable but very little leg room. We just watched jumanji 3. I was appalled that the large soda was $7 and no refills. Most theaters that charge $13 have big comfortable reclining seats and free refills.

Review №10

There VIP section is amazing. Super comfortable seats and the manager keeps things fun all the time.

Review №11

Pretty decent theater for a relatively small town. Theres a VIP section with lounge chairs. Theyre not powered recliners and have no footrest unfortunately, but theyre decent just the same. All in all a good theater.

Review №12

The owner takes a personal interest in the company, often working in concessions or at the door. The seating is amazing, the feeling of no expense spared on seating and the stadium style architecture. The VIP Lounge sells wine and food (good food!) along with your ticket, and the seating there is wide and comfortable, coming closer to couches than plain seats. Digital picture and sound finishes it off - its a class act.

Review №13

Saw Spider-Man, Far from home. Was able to take my ESA registered dog in with no problems or questions from staff. Pleasant experience. Would recommend. More places should be more dog friendly like this. Thank you gateway. Will return.Clean. Comfortable. Affordable.

Review №14

Big clean facility with lots of screens. Pretty good good options and I loved the VIP screen. Big comfy seats and you can buy beer or wine on the way in. You can have things brought in party through the movie to you as well.

Review №15

Went here to see John Wick 3 and it was our first time here. Its an awesome theater! The VIP tickets are the only way to go if you want to see a movie. Its adults only, decent food and alcohol, and chairs are comfortable and recline. Another bonus is you can reserve the tickets online and skip the line, which I love! Next time Ill try more food. Highly recommended!

Review №16

Date night/movie night. Love getting away to the VIP. Comfortable, good food, good selection and the best staff. Friendly, cheerful, courteous to everyone. We are here frequently and what you have to offer, along with awesome staff, keeps us coming back

Review №17

Very much enjoy this theater. V.I.P lounge is nice but expensive. I can wait to drink, dont need a drink during my movie I can do that at home but the option is nice

Review №18

Overpriced. Went to a matinee and I got $.50 cents off your kidding. Whats the point. $29,for 3 people. Come on I know you have to make a profit but really? Then the popcorn is made way ahead of time so its been sitting there and cold yet expensive. Its a upgrade from Liberty Cinema but why cant we get a Cinepollis or mall with a theater? Something upscale and with the price of admission. Now we k ow why everyone just waits for Netflix or Redbox

Review №19

I only go to their VIP Spot. Personally I feel it is worth the extra money even if all you buy is the ticket. The service is nice. The employees at the main concession stand seemed unhappy unhappy with customers.

Review №20


Review №21

It always amazes me that two kids and an adult is $60 for a matinee and we even smuggled inour own candy

Review №22

Regular theaters: meh its aight. Cant complain.VIP is where its at

Review №23

Love this movie theater! They have a variety of screens so they always have a good selection to choose from. The snack selection is incredible but a little pricey. They have wheelchair access but no button for automatic doors which makes it very challenging to help a handicap individual into the lobby but doable.

Review №24

We rarely go to a movie if its not in this theater. The seats are comfy. The service is good. We love the VIP, with its assigned seating and footrests where we can drink a glass of wine and watch the movie. Life is good.

Review №25

Its a great theater. A few extra bucks and you can go to the VIP lounge where there is great food and service while very comfortably watching a movie. Highly recommend.

Review №26

Good quality all around. Comfortable seating with lots of leg room (Im 610 and have no problem with leg room) 95% of the time the individual theaters are spotless. The sound quality is very good. As per usual the concessions are a bit spendy but the popcorn is delicious and the soda is very crisp.

Review №27

Watched the Joker in VIP on screen #11. Seats were amazingly comfortable. Sat in row E seats 9 & 10. We usually try to sit on end seats to avoid having to walk in front of people, but the spacing between rows leaves lots of room for walking. So, no need for end seating. Grab a middle seat!! The recliners may be extra comfortable for sitting, but theyre smck dab in the first 2 rows. Which, if you like having the screen at the end of your knows then thats where to sit. The rocker seats were great too. Were big people, so dont worry about your wide back side, it should fit just fine!! Service was fantastic. The door man was very pleasant, opened up a simple brief conversation with a light laugh. Very nice man. The female staff at the bar was pleasant and patient. She would quietly come in to serve and clean as she left. Very efficient lady. Nice menu, too!! If I had a ney to add it would have been the volume. I have a minor hearing deficit and the theater volume was quite loud for me. So, for those with good hearing be prepared. Great experience. I would encourage everyone to see a flick in VIP at least once.

Review №28

I watch movies here regularly. VIP section which is 21+ is a must. Seats are super comfortable and first row is full recliners. Food is pretty good and good variety of drinks.

Review №29

Went the VIP for my birthday. It was fun and loved it.nice big seats lots of leg room.and private was good also.

Review №30

A wonderful place to spend a few hours. The lobby is more than spacious with table and video games. The food and snack choices are far better than your average theater. Movies have advanced, and Gateway Cinema has kept pace. With so many screens, movies can stay in theater longer which allows people to enjoy a movie on the Big Screen! Theater seating is very comfortable. The seats are spacious and recline. I personally havent tried the VIP areas, but Ive heard its also pretty darn good. Only downfall Ive experienced is that you have to climb stairs if you want to watch a movie from a viewpointnot anywhere other than the front row. Overall a great place to watch a movie.

Review №31

Good assortment of tools and accessories. Clean and organized.

Review №32

Nice selection of food. Great salad. A change from candy and popcorn

Review №33

VIP is a great experience. Comfy and roomy seating and nice beer selection. The food isnt anything impressive, stick to boxed snacks.

Review №34

Its overpriced, but the movie quality is always good. Not near any great eateries, but they usually play the bigger movies at this location.

Review №35

Super cool staff Carelose was awesome and gave a big welcoming smile to me and my friends when I went to see crawl. Good sound and picture the only reason I give it four stares is the price of popcorn. What in the name of all that is holy makes you think its okay to charge %5000 wholesale price on corn for a movie. Chill your greedy pockets and make it reasonable.

Review №36

If youre 21 or over, the VIP theaters are a must. Look for the zero gravity recliners. This experience obsoletes my home theater room. No one serves me in my home recliner!

Review №37

Great theater, really love the VIP screens. Nice to have a drink and no kids during a movie :)

Review №38

Nice and clean atmosphere. Great smoothies! Food is over priced so we usually just go watch the movies. VIP is nice and comfy chairs. We would go more often if popcorn and drinks werent so over priced. But over all great place.

Review №39

Clean, lots of room for your enjoyment. Plenty of good parking

Review №40

Didnt care for the way they do the popcorn(have to put on your own butter,which I wouldnt mind but you cant put on the butter in the middle of the bag). Thehe seats were nice and clean. The prices were about average.

Review №41

Awesome. Great place to see a movie!

Review №42

Very nice and well kept up and we enjoyed our stay at your movie theater

Review №43

Very nice employees!! Everything was clean and well kept.

Review №44

Best place in Wenatchee to watch a movie. I havent tried the VIP room yet but dont really feel like itd be worth it.

Review №45

The staff in this establishment really understand that I want my slurpy. Thank you for caring so much and working so diligently to get that machine fixed. Keep up the good work soldiers.

Review №46

They got New Movies....decent sound and picture

Review №47

In Wenatchee one night with nothing to do I was glad to find a big, nice, modern theater to watch Avengers. Screen and sound quality was great. Theater was clean and comfortable. Good experience.

Review №48

Comfy seats, great picture, great sound, whats not to like?

Review №49

I loved going to this theater. The food for the VIP sections was so so but the service was superb and really makes going to the movies significantly more enjoyable than a standard theater. The price per ticket was not bad and meal pricing was good. Overall cleanliness was excellent.The only downside is the website for reserving tickets is out of date in terms of technology and feels sketchy.

Review №50

Really good sound quality. Good food. Good service. 5 star

Review №51

This is a nice theater with VIP seating. The only thing I dont like about that is people constantly walking in front of you getting beer and going to the bathroom. Not nice when you pay so much for tickets. It was either that or watch the movie in 3D. Other than that its very comfortable and the staff is super friendly. I do enjoy viewing movies here.

Review №52

Nice theater and a great gateway to the movies.

Review №53

Great...time wife francis and kids...we had an amazing time..thanks

Review №54

Its the perfect movie theater I highly recommend the VIP section for adults. But its over priced for everything and they have no rewards program or anything special to offer. Leavenworth local.

Review №55

Ice strawberry or mango shake?Both almost the same price but the ice strawberry is better tasting and bigger cup. What do you think?

Review №56

It is a great place to see a great movie.

Review №57

My boyfriend and I go here at least twice a month Ive never had any problems with the theater being dirty! I love VIP the seats are so comfortable plus if you order food before they start the movie they will deliver to your seat. The drinks are priced fair and are good! The none VIP section has comfortable seats as well and the arms move up for the girls or guys with wider hips like me or make cuddling up with your significant other easy! I highly recommend going here on date nights!!

Review №58

I love this movie theater is so big theres a acade it has old games its my favorite movie theater

Review №59

First time there. It was a great place to watch a movie. Comfortable and the staff was excellent.

Review №60

Whats not more to like than an movie theater with recliners and a bar with Ubers in the area?

Review №61

Watched the new Star Wars movie. Great theater!!

Review №62

Very nice multiplex theater complex located in Wenatchee WA.Concessions include the usual items for a theater, plus a deli sandwich making area for the hungry movie goer.The is also a bar area associated with certain theaters within the complex.

Review №63

Offers comfortable seating with a large selection of showing titles and times. Prices per person are getting high and concession prices are ridiculous.

Review №64

Clean and friendly. Prices for drinks and snacks still high. I got a large soda and a small popcorn and it cost $15 after taxes

Review №65

The concession is insanely expensive but a nice theater.

Review №66

Great theater, and the floors were clean. Sticky floors suck at a theater

Review №67

Plenty of movie options and snacks! Its a little pricy, but the chairs are comfortable and they have plenty of room to sit and spred out.

Review №68

Very nice and clean movie Theater

Review №69

It was a good place to see a movie..

Review №70

Great food and great setas cool moviles

Review №71

Great movie and service. Price for snacks and drinks are pretty high though.

Review №72

Met up with my son to go see the Godzilla movie and the cinema staff was nice

Review №73

VIP is very cool and I would recommend them over any other theater in the area but the food at the VIP isnt worth the price they ask. I mean I get it, its theater food and it usually is pricey but for what u get the price isnt worth it. So they lost a star for that. Other than that great theater best in town hands down.

Review №74

Worst experience ever.. dont waste your money or time on this place.. we will never return to this movie theather aver again.

Review №75

I bought a Ticket after a bit of planning but the website needed to refresh and had reset the date on me while i was talking to my friend, so i got a ticket for the wrong day. i wouldnt be in the state for the day where i had the ticket so on realizing the ticket was wrong, I emailed and called for a refund. they didnt respond to either till after the showtime of the movie and then said that they couldnt give me a refund because the showtime was in the past.THEY STOLE MY MONEY and didnt even offer any solution, not even something like 5 dollars off, I paid 20$ for my 2 tickets. i now have to purchase new tickets at another theater at full price to go see a movie i already paid for.Worst Customer Service Ive Ever Experienced. 0 stars.

Review №76

They charge way to much for bottled water., but other than that its a great place to spend quality time with your family.

Review №77

The best movie theater in Wenatchee.

Review №78

Pretty nice and clean but no booster seats for kids

Review №79

Great staff! They went above and beyond to make a movie happen when there was a discrepancy between the start time we saw on the website and actual start. Kudos on customer service.

Review №80

Nice comfortable seats, always clean, and fantastic food choices!

Review №81

VIP = leather recliner with food & drinks delivered while watching a movie. Ah...yeah...

Review №82

Nice comfortable theatre with good staff and good movies. Food is pricy but thats to be expected at movie theatres. Sweet potato fries usually burnt though.

Review №83

Enjoyed my experience watching Godzilla and john wick 3

Review №84

Love the VIP. Very nice place to watch a movie.

Review №85

Pretty clean and the VIP spot is great, however, the last 3 times weve been there the customer service was horrible and the employees were down right rude. Ive heard this from several other people as well. It really is a shame that management is not addressing this issue. Its a big enough problem to keep us from going back.

Review №86

Amazing movie, amazing food, VIP is the best!

Review №87

Nice place...went to see a matinee and got to our theater and sat down. We were the only ones in there. Fifteen minutes after the movie was supposed to start..nothing. Ended up waking into black panther which was just starting. Not sure why our movie didnt play but its all good

Review №88

No lines at the VIP lounge. The pretzels were very salty, but the panini was really good.

Review №89

VIP section makes this for a nice night out.

Review №90

I think this place is the best movie theater in Wenatchee WA.

Review №91

Awesome theater great movie Aladin go see it on the big screen

Review №92

Nice clean theater with lots of parking.

Review №93

Beautiful, spacious, clean, accommodating, and modern! Kind of a distance: by car is ok but by bus takes careful planning.Great alternate food /drink purchases! Fun comfortable adult V.I.P. section if you want to be away from the noisy kids or rude crowds ... If you can afford it. The V.I.P. section has alcohol and hot better food than just popcorn and concession fare. It is a nice getaway?

Review №94

It was ok. But they charge almost the same for little ones and adults. The different is 0.50 cents. Adult 9.50 and little kid 9.00 (4 years old)

Review №95

Always a great place to attend when there is a great movie out! I will say there prices for food and drinks are quite pricy. Too pricy ide say, but overall very neat place to go with friends and family.

Review №96

Great movie theater. Lots of room, excellent snack bar and very clean facilities.

Review №97

We picked a good movie and the popcorn was fine. They need to offer a container so you can share the popcorn.

Review №98

We just saw Tim Tebows awesome movie RUN THE RACE at Gateways clean and comfortable theatre!!

Review №99

Very clean. Great sound. Awesome movie!

Review №100

Bought a gift card.Great way to let someone see the movie they want.

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  • Address:151 Easy Way #8109, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 509-662-4567
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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