Mall Cinemas
2260 Brunswick Hwy, Waycross, GA 31501, United States

Review №1

Cant wait for the new Marvel movies.

Review №2

Aladdin was the best movie by far this year. Will Smith love the singing and dance moves.

Review №3

Their guest service is awesome. You are greeted at the door. The theatre is always nice and clean. The employees work with a sense of urgency to complete your order. And the popcorn is amazing. I have viewed a few movies here and enjoyed them all. Just be sure to bring a sweater or a blanket.

Review №4

Wasnt actually here this day. But have been here in the past. Clean and neat. Good movies. The snack bar rocks.

Review №5

I would have given it five stars, but there was no club soda or pork skins. What are theaters coming to these days?Picture is of my overall feelings towards MC7.

Review №6

Im not sure what theaters all of these bad reviewers are used to, but this is my favorite theaterThe staff always seems friendly to meThe only complaint I could make is one I could make for any theater Ive ever been to, so I wont waste my timeIf youre used to gold plated toilet seats or silk curtains and chandeliers in the lobby, go somewhere elseSeriously though, stop making up bad things to say, its a smaller theater than youre used to, big dealGo somewhere else and keep the lines shorter for the rest of us

Review №7

They are a great place, it is clean - service is quick - and they show the up to date movies

Review №8

Great place to enjoy a day or night at the Movies

Review №9

We went to see the movie Avengers. The theater was SO hot. Someone even passed out during the movie because of the heat. Then when we went to get popcorn we had a bad experience. There was a woman behind the counter with younger workers. This woman appeared to be a manager. I was in shock when this woman yelled at me in a rude way. The service from her was very unprofessional. They were very busy but that does not give an excuse to yell at the customers. I was very disappointed in the service.

Review №10

Absolutely fantastic place with very friendly people, Star Wars rise of the Skywalker was absolutely amazing

Review №11

I AM go VERY DISSATISFIED WITH THE MALL CINEMA 7 MOVIES!!! I take my grandbabies to see most of the new kid friendly movies. We went just this week to find that they no longer sell the medium icee. Now they ONLY have the LARGE which is $6.00 each. So what about the little kids who DONT need a LARGE icee??? Well this is not all....,.when you buy a have to pay extra ....$1.00 more.....which is already $6.00 ......for them to put the cheese all over the chips and not just in the little side compartment!! Or course it was the managements decision! Well I had made a decision too......When at all possible... I will be going to Brunswick to the movies. I did voice my opinion about the price change. ALSO the worker was VERY rude! My granddaughter dropped the first nachos so I went back to buy her another one. Thats when I found out about the price increase for the nachos. I was totally upset by this time. When the workers gave me back my change.....HE THRU IT ACROSS THE COUNTER!!! SO NEEDLESS TO SAY ....THEY WONT BE GETTING ANYMORE IF MY MONEY FOR A WHILE!!!

Review №12

It was ok the employee that took my payment to see the movie was rued. And I truly believe for the money they charge they can at least be nice to customers and act like they like there job.

Review №13

Terrible showtimes, overpriced and awful seats. Not very cean or modern

Review №14

Nice choice of seven movies with several times to choose from. Good family entertainment. Complimentary staff

Review №15

Great popcorn, theater was clean and the restrooms very clean, really impressed

Review №16

Movie was great. $6.50 for a small popcorn is craziness. And the entire theater I was in smelled like Stinking Wet Feet. Made me not want to sit in chair or put arms on arm rests. It was nauseating. Will not go back here if other options. Gave 1 star because movie was great. Aladdin.

Review №17

Really nice and helpful staff. Clean restroom, cinemas and chairs. They also have been great working with the local schools to work out field trips!

Review №18

Like the setup for ticket sales, access to restrooms in the lobby, nice selection of snacks and good directions to which cinema I needed fir my particular movie.

Review №19

The only theater thats close by unless you feel like driving an hour or so to Brunswick or Jesup. Its not terrible, but it only holds seven movies at a time and we often dont get movies that are controversial in any way. There have been lots of improvements over the years but its still nothing impressive...just your average, sticky-floored movie theater!

Review №20

The lights stayed on the whole time. And they would not turn them off when asked twice.

Review №21

For the most part it was great.

Review №22

Seats were horrible. Very uncomfortable and wore out. Needs some upgrades with the interior.

Review №23

Great price, nice theater area. Friendly, Helpful Staff/MANAGEMENT

Review №24

Good price. Easy parking. Comfortable seating.

Review №25

Good movie theater but bad price for 2-4 year olds

Review №26

Consistently slow service. Projection is dim more often than not. Still, its a seat with a movie in front of it, its generally clean, and the employees are usually friendly.

Review №27

I took my granddaughter to see Aquaman. It was a very enjoyable movie. The theater is great as usual. It is affordable and the employees are very helpful.

Review №28

Really needs new management. Sat in movie after it started with no sound. Went and got someone and took over ten more minutes before they fixed the sound or turned off the lights where our movie was playing. They certainly didnt offer any apologies or discounts nor did they start the movie over. Spend a little extra and drive out of town.

Review №29

It was a nice theatre. The sound is good and the screens are awesome.

Review №30

It was awesome. I got to see Aquaman in the theater. And they keep it very clean and nice.

Review №31

This theater truly needs some upgrades. The price for concessions is ridiculous.

Review №32

Love going here! The management staff are excellent and always friendly as are the employees. Awesome screen and sound quality and the snacks are wonderful!!

Review №33

Costs an arm and a leg for food and drink but always clean

Review №34

Usually go about once a month. Basic movie theater, and kept up reasonably well. Average pricing. The only drawback is the check-in process when the front window isnt open. You buy your tickets at the concession counter.Figure youll be stuck behind bumpkins for about 10 minutes, while they try to figure out how big a box of popcorn to buy in order to keep their obese stature in its unpleasantly ovular shape.All these other idiots who are complaining are living in a cocoon when it comes to recent theater experiences and expectations. As I said, a lot of bumpkins...

Review №35

Older theater but great to see movies at. Nice people.

Review №36

The movie theater was great and the employees were too.

Review №37

The last time I went in there, I noticed that things looked and felt cleaner. The bathroom was clean. However, the movie did completely shut off before the movie started, they were quick to get it back started. Unfortunately We did miss the very first minute or 2 of the movie. I do also wish that the box office was always open so you didnt have to wait in the concession line behind everyone ordering food just to get a movie ticket.

Review №38

I love the movie

Review №39

They need a serious update! Why cant we see movies before 4 or 5??? This is 2017, also the movies arent very loud and some crackling from speakers, again, they need to take time to budget upgrading their equipment and some of the theater rooms arent even really stadium seating... really weird.

Review №40

Couldn’t take my 16 year year old to see a movie because she didn’t have ID, even had a police officer guarding the side, sooo glad to see tax payers money being used effectively. The staff nor the police officer are friendly either.

Review №41

Awesome job on the new Dumbo movie..

Review №42

Prices are high. Theater was clean

Review №43

Tickets and concessions are still pricey. $10.00 for two drinks is pricey.

Review №44

You have several options to watch, since there are 7 theaters.

Review №45

This theater needs a major over-haul.The screens are too big, and often end up skewing the image or pixelation appears.The 3D just gives people headaches, the screens are much too large to give the proper proportion and effects.Having been to other theaters, this one is uncomfortable and low quality.The only reason this has a 2 star rating and not a 1 star is because of the staff. The crew here are good but can hardly redeem the quality of this theater.Smaller screens, better seating. Try being more like the theater in Fernandina

Review №46

Good movie theater their concession stuff is way too high,6 dollars for a small popcorn 2 4 for a bottle of water,thats crazy

Review №47

The best GTC in southeast Georgia.

Review №48

There needs to be a day time 3D showing... Didnt like that my kids were out that late..

Review №49

Very peaceful movie theater.

Review №50

The staff has always been very nice and the prices, are no different than anywhere else weve gone!

Review №51

Dont waste your time going to this thearth, the staff are rude and unprofessional. I have had the same bad experience twice because of the assistant manager.

Review №52

A sign was posted on the door stating that the employees would return at 3:00PM. 3PM passed and the employees returned and ignored all of the customers lined up to buy tickets. Instead they joked around and horse played in plain view of everyone through the window. The service is always bad here, and the staff is very unprofessional. I would recommend anyone thinking about patronizing this business to RUN THE OTHER WAY!!! This isn’t the first time myself or my friends and family experienced their unprofessionalism behavior.

Review №53

Great customer service, very knowledgeable about the movies and very helpful in helping decide what I wanted to see.

Review №54

We watched Stephen Kings It Chapter Two. Plenty of viewings.

Review №55

Movie cut off right at the climax and couldnt get it working.. was a real bummer and was really looking forward to the movie. Make sure to always save your tickets. They couldnt even refund for the movie after without it

Review №56

Great family place to watch movies

Review №57

Saw the queen movie about Freddie mercury so awesome!!!

Review №58

Tag is hilarious. Need lower prices on concessions

Review №59

Taking your family to the movies on a Sunday afternoon to what used to be called the matinee is getting way to expensive. Especially when the workers still only make minimum wage. $60.00 for two combos, one extra drink n 4 tickets. Wish someone would open a new theatre and compete with themJust saying.......

Review №60

It’s a nice and joyable place. Workers are nice. The place is clean

Review №61

Really nice place wish theycould show certain movies or stream live events.

Review №62

Nice, clean, basic movie theater.

Review №63

It has amazing service from both the ticket booth to the concession stand. The manager there does a fabulous job of ensuring you get what you paid for.

Review №64

Moved through line fast for refreshments and movie does start late sometimes.

Review №65

It would be nice if you could watch trailers like other cinemas on the website.. And they stopped giving popcorn salt even when I said that I would pay for some. First cinema Ive been to thats done that.

Review №66

I liked this theater. It had sort of a 70s dollar house vibe to it, and really, 7 bucks isnt too bad for a first-run movie these days. Forget Mr. Racist before, plenty of black people, plenty of white people, and everyone just as friendly as could be to this hurricane-refugee family that wanted to relax at a movie. Thanks Waycross!

Review №67

Always fun, just usually smells bad like it needs a deep cleaning!

Review №68

Cheap and it was a summer show for the kids and it wa nice only 5 bucks to get in with popcorn and drink includes very tuesday at 11 through out the summer

Review №69

We went to the matinee, Jan 2, to see Jumanji. I was so excited to see the movie. The movie was great but we had to watch the entire movie wrapped up in coats and hoodies and we were still freezing. There were only about 8 people in the theater and every one in there had to wear hats and coats. Myself as well as others went out and complained and nothing was ever done. Poor customer service... Not sure if or when I will return.

Review №70

Pretty good just charge too much for food.

Review №71

Overpriced and in need of upgrade

Review №72

Everyone has always been fairly nice there. I been going all my life. I have been to better ones but they were in Atlanta. I think the prices could be lower though.

Review №73

Get there really early because you must stand in concession line for tickets . Never a dedicated line for tickets you have to stand in the long concessions line. Asked for a slushy was told the flavor I wanted was defrosting, asked for the only other flavor it, was broken then asked for bottled water out of of that too. Smh. Sucks Im forced to take my kids there for movie night no other options.

Review №74

Young staff ...sometimes happy???

Review №75

Movie was good bathroom need cleaned. Popcorn was not fresh.

Review №76

I have never been here so 3 rating just to get rid of this this one.

Review №77

The staff dont know what they are doing partly bc they are all high school kids working there the prices are crazy its cheaper to buy the movie when it comes out you pay 20 dollars for a movie ticket 5 dollars per drink which is flat bc they never change out the syurup in the mechine and 20 dollars for old popcorn that they just pour fresh butter over the top of on top of that they use the local police force as sercurity detail which checks your ticket every time you walk out of the theater room

Review №78

Kinda out dated. But its nice

Review №79

Place is a mess popcorn all over floor! Soda cups still in holder ! Floor almost tore soles off our shoes it was so sticky!

Review №80

Great family place but a bit high

Review №81

This is a four star theater for a small town, but in comparison to other theaters its barely a 3 star. The staff is nice and it isnt run down. However, I cant have dairy and asked if their popcorn and butter- flavor contained dairy. I was told no, but no one really checked anything, and they seemed uncertain to begin with. I got really sick after that visit, but the next time we went my spouse and I both got sick. We had popcorn without extra butter and soda. Places that serve food should have resources available for people with food allergies and restrictions. I hope they read their reviews and remedy issues. An allergen menu would be great... Something that states what foods dont contain the 8 major allergens. This might give them some insight on how little anyone with allergies can eat at their theater. Also, this theater is always FREEZING. I have to wear jeans and a sweater in the middle of the summer.... And that just keeps me from being in extreme pain from freezing... Weve almost left early before because the theater was so cold. The seats in one of the theaters are broken and hard at the top. Its a smaller theater room, and weve never been in that one before. Maybe its the leftover theater room or the older movie room? None of the seats in any of the rooms are very clean. It would also be nice if boosters for toddlers were offered, but dont bother if youre not going to clean them thoroughly between each use.

Review №82

Overcomer is a must see!

Review №83

It was not updated...

Review №84

Nice cinema. Complimentary ice water. Clean restrooms.

Review №85

Good atmosphere

Review №86

Terrible manager. Judgmental, argumentative, and has patrons removed at will. Corporate needs to regain control.

Review №87

A bit pricy but the popcorn was good and the theater was clean.

Review №88

Nice with lot of room

Review №89

Great movie deals

Review №90

When I come to see a rated R movie if you ask me for my ID the first time please stop harrasing me over and over clearly if I have a beard and look over 17 I think I should pass the first time you ask! Other than that they have great concessions and great movie just to many black people!

Review №91

Awesome customer service

Review №92

I felt a little nostalgia entering cause theaters dont look like this anymore. Sound was ok, movie was clear and popcorn was buttery.

Review №93

Not the best theater in the world but good none the less.

Review №94

Had a blast

Review №95

Terrible! They combine the concessions with the movie ticket line, which makes it take forever when you wait in line. Worst theatre in the state!! I have heard the same complaint from many of my friends!!

Review №96

Loved taking my children here!!

Review №97

Very Nice!

Review №98

Best theater in Waycross, also the only theater in Waycross.

Review №99

A little pricey but a good estblishment

Review №100

The theater is ok but I agree overpriced for a 2-3 star cinema. The guy that said there were too many black people; First you spelled too with one o. Secondly if there are too many black people; MOVE AWAY FROM HERE you racist bigot. Too many black people...smh...What a moron. The Truth is there are too many racist bigots here; that is the problem. Someone forgot to teach you how to love and respect people; what a waste of air you are Johnathan.

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  • Address:2260 Brunswick Hwy, Waycross, GA 31501, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 912-283-1488
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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