Houston Lakes Cinemas
1121 GA-96, Warner Robins, GA 31088, United States

Review №1

This is a great place to watch movies and prices aren’t too bad. With covid this theater is now hosting some of major popular films of the 80s, 90s, holiday films, and today for $5. Recommend buying your tickets online to pick your seats early.

Review №2

Best theater weve been to so far. The seats are so comfortable, well lit and very clean. The temperature was perfect and the sound was great. The prices were actually a little cheaper than one closer to us. Its about an hour from us but well worth the drive.

Review №3

We love this place. Going there again tonight. So glad they have reopened after being closed for safety reasons because of the Coronavirus. Discount movie tickets, reasonable prices on popcorn, candy, and drinks. Very nice establishment, both lookswise and service wise. Great movie theater.

Review №4

I love their $5 throw back movies!

Review №5

The seats were very comfortable. The theatre rooms themselves are pretty small which is good for acoustics and so that it doesnt get too crowded.The staff didnt close the doors when my movie started so I could hear everything going on in the previews next door. It ruined the experience for me.

Review №6

Saw New Mutants. Great movie, John and I were the only viewers. Had to wear masks to get in.

Review №7

Its a great place to watch a movie. Very clean.

Review №8

Very clean. Wish they had the reclining seats.

Review №9

Of course we were there when people should be staying home. They were wiping things down big time. We go there quite often. They are always friendly. Would love it if theyd update to reclining seats but not yet. Their concessions now serve pizza. Woohoo.

Review №10

Great place to watch your movies! Great staff! They are welcoming and great people!

Review №11

We love this theater!

Review №12

Me and my daughter LOVE coming to see movies here! It is a little high in prices but so worth it. The Winchester was my most enjoyable however due to the reclining SEATS!!! :-) Love this place

Review №13

Just went and watched a movie here. It was so much fun! The place was clean and really nice.

Review №14

This theater is very clean and well kept. Lots of times the employees are dressed in character to correspond with the popular movie thats playing. The GTX theater is awesome!! Nice large comfortable seats, lots of room and lots of leg room.

Review №15

Went with family to see Star Wars. The popcorn was okay. The seating in GTX was good. A good crowd was there but it was really quiet. The movie was good.

Review №16

Just got back from seeing the classic The Tower Towers extended edition. Love the stadium seating. It made the 3 hours to by comfortable. Also, enjoyed the IT decoration in the hallway. Yes, we all float down here.

Review №17

This place has so many memories. Its a place to relax and enjoy a great movie. Veey clean and safe!!

Review №18

We love going to the movies and it has been a family tradition since I was little to go after family events. I go all the time with my kids and love it, easy to get in and out, always clean and professional. Seats are comfy and theatre is nice and roomy! Biggest complaint for me, and why I give it 3 stars is the assigned seating. When we go with several families it’s almost impossible to sit together anymore. It makes the experience impossible to plan and a headache to coordinate. Wish they would go back to first come first serve.

Review №19

Pricey and dirty. I understand these theaters make their profits from concessions, but dang! $5 for a bottle of water is a bit much.

Review №20

Movies in an assigned reclining seat... I am a big fan of it. Being cramped up next to someone else that is cramped up makes for a bad movie experience. This will be 1 of several visits.

Review №21

Great movie theater! Always keeps it clean and enjoy coming here cuz you dont feel the sticky feeling you get at other movie theaters. The service here is always good, they have one guy that when he tears your ticket he always does a pun about the movie you are going to, after of course telling you where to go. And I enjoy looking forward to seeing him dress up as well for big movies! He is my favorite one there and makes it worth going to the theaters instead of just waiting till it comes out on DVD. Hope other employees learn from his awesome work skills and we can have more services like his! The manager here also refunded my ticket when my friends couldnt make it, and was able to get my money back really soon! He was nice and friendly! 10/10 will continue to go to this theater everytime I need to go see a movie in theaters

Review №22

My kids enjoy watching movies here at Houston Cinemas.....the theater is usually clean.

Review №23

Employees are very nice. Theatres, snack area, and bathrooms are always clean. They are generally pretty fast and efficient when buying tickets and refreshments. The only reason I could not give them a five is because I try not to support any Hollywood garbage to enable them to perpetuate their harmful agenda on this great nation. However, I will try to attend Christian movies or movies with Christian or conservative values. This theatre does try to host Christian movies when they are available and I am grateful for that.

Review №24

Not bad for a non IMax movie theater. Regular movie prices. Food and service was good, typical movie food prices. All in all it is a pretty decent place to watch movies.

Review №25

Wonderful experience, everyone I encountered was very helpful and make it quick to get into the movie.

Review №26

Saw Rise of Skywalker. Good, clean theater and good seats. My new go to theater whenever Im in Georgia.

Review №27

Love this movie theater!! Chairs are super comfy! Its always clean! The environment is normally quiet during the movies. During the day is normally hardly anyone there - just a sidebar for those who dont like big crowds by still want to be able to visit tyre movies from time to time v

Review №28

This venue is very clean & eye catching. My brothers & I had a memorable Christmas movie night together when we saw Aquaman!

Review №29

Great to be back again!

Review №30

Always a pleasant experience at this theater. The employees are so nice!

Review №31

Great place. it would be even greater with recliners

Review №32

Small reasonable priced Cinema, great sound and visual. Multiple rooms, options to buy online or at the kiosk, small arcade, comfortable parking wheelchair accessible everything. The usual snacks. Great parking!

Review №33

I live this cinema. They make every viewing a great experience. Ive been a patron since they opened.

Review №34

Nice clean movie theater. Can be extremely busy on the weekends so get there early.

Review №35

Great theater but is all always full and need to order tickets a day early.

Review №36

Great theater. The staff was very friendly

Review №37

Ive been to a lot of movie theaters across the country so I can say this theater average. This isnt a bad thing but there is nothing the theater offers that would keep me loyal should the area grows and competition comes into the area.

Review №38

You now must choose your seats which can cause minor delays. Over priced, run of the mill no frills movie theater, about like every other theater around.

Review №39

Clean. Good staff. I have never seen low video or audio quality here.

Review №40

Houston Lakes Cinema is a great place to go for any movie that you want to see. Great prices and great movies for the most part! I have seen quite a few movies there and I am always pleased at the service and how tidy the place is. No matter what movie you want to see I highly recommend going here!

Review №41

I would have given them a fifth star, because my experience was great and enjoyable. But, they made errors on our ticket both time we went that weekend and their reserve sitting need a lot of work. We like to go with family and sit together, not all over the place.

Review №42

Good movie selections, clean restrooms and common areas, efficient ticket and snack purchase, knowledgeable staff, facility in good repair. 5 stars.

Review №43

Good local theater. Prices have gotten crazy, but thats everywhere.

Review №44

Comfortable seating, very clean, excellent sound. Loved it!!

Review №45

GTX was AWESOMELY comfortable! Great seats, great space, and clean!

Review №46

Its a great, clean theater however reclining seats would be awesome. Just saying.

Review №47

Very clean and great service. Very high prices at the concession stand.

Review №48

This is the newest movie theater in Houston County and it shows. It has been around a few years now, but it is always clean (including the mens room). Usually, you have to pay for your tickets at the concession stand, but you can bypass the lines by using a kiosk if youll be paying with plastic.

Review №49

Very nice place the bathroom was very clean I enjoy the movies.

Review №50

Visited here about a month ago and the place is amazing.

Review №51

Great place to take your family for a movie. Restrooms seem to stay clean. Staff is attentive to kids needs. Makes this mom happy.

Review №52

Fun times at the movie. Guy taking tickets was smart and funny.

Review №53

Much nicer than Galleria. This theater is usually busier than the one in the mall, but Id rather go see a movie here, just because of how much better the facilities are.

Review №54

Great experience for my sons birthday party!

Review №55

Me and my husband go see a movie every weekend...literally. Jesse helped me out recently with a refund I needed and made the process very simple. Great manager.

Review №56

Comfortably seated and fast ticket sales.

Review №57

Good place to watch a movie will go back any time

Review №58

Pretty good theater and I love being able to reserve seats in the GTX cinema.

Review №59

Great service. Will make you happy.

Review №60

People were excellent movie was ok.

Review №61

Great theater with the most comfortable seats I ever sat in. Good, clean, facility and the service and people were great. Highly recommend

Review №62

Comfortable seating, great variety of movies, great parking, clean facilities, good prices.

Review №63

Very clean. Great staff. Had police presence. Just expensive like all other movie theatres are.

Review №64

The theaters are nice and big. Seats are not that comfortable. Bathrooms were gross! Customer service was pretty average but they rushed you along. All and all.. it was ok.

Review №65

Great place to go. Love their oldies movies.

Review №66

Great staff and atmosphere.

Review №67

This is a very nice area. Enjoyed ourselves.

Review №68

Cinemas were fairly clean and well maintained.

Review №69

Nice theater! Has the option for reserved seating. Staff is nice

Review №70

Great service and love how they always have special pop corn tubs for movies

Review №71

I enjoy going to watch the latest movies. The only thing missing is coffee. Coffee will be great for those late night movies and even on those cold days.

Review №72

Really great theater. The employees are nice. Just a normal good theater.

Review №73

Very clean, no lingering patrons, courteous staff

Review №74

Kept clean and maintained. A gem of a movie theater. Staff is always helpful and professional.

Review №75

The theater just increased the prices. $8.50 for matinee seems too expensive.

Review №76

Clean and spacious. Alladin did not disappoint. Nice spacious theater with rocking chairs!

Review №77

We all know movie theaters are ridiculously expensive. This fits that bill. But the facilities are clean and pretty, movie quality great, and no complaints besides cost.

Review №78

Best theatre in town to watch movies with comfy seats.

Review №79

Quick service. Clean and good film

Review №80

I recently drove 55 miles round trip to this theater because I wanted to see the Black Panther movie in the GTX Theater, with the Stadium Seating. I was blown away by the entire experience. The sound and visuals were amazing, and Dan, the theaters Manager, could not stop thanking the audience for coming out to see the Black Panther movie at Houston Lakes Cinemas. I felt as though I had an out of body experience while watching the movie at this very beautiful, comfortable, and very clean theater. I will definitely be back to watch movies there in the future. The commute was well worth the drive. #Kudos

Review №81

Decent movie theater. The seats suck and like all movie theaters the snack bar is way overpriced. You pay just as much for the movie as you do the food and drink. The place is clean and employees are friendly. Its a decent place for date night or a kiddie day date.

Review №82

Went to Downton Abbey during matinee. It was great.

Review №83

Had an incident with a couple talking during the movie and when the employee spoke to them, he let them convince him to ask me to move seats instead of dealing with them properly. Theres no Alamo Drafthouse in the area so this became my regular theater and I came here on a weekly basis, but the absolutely spineless manner in which this incident was handled has completely soured me to coming back and they will not be seeing another dime of my money. And if the management or staff actually read these reviews, I would like them to know that they have a big lovely leak in the ceiling of their GTX theater and that the idea to have reserved seating for every single showing is monumentally stupid and totally unecessary.

Review №84

The reclining seats and the GTX Screen give an awesome movie experience. I cant wait to go again!

Review №85

Loved it had a very one of a kind experience

Review №86

Dont you just love going to the movies and having popcorn and a soda? Well I do! And I really like the GTX theater the seats are great theyre not squish together the screen is enormous.

Review №87

Staff is always friendly, and they keep it clean inside and out. Great place to see a movie.

Review №88

My only complaint is that I was uncomfortably warm. They have more than one row of wheelchair seating, and thats not something most theaters can boast. Its very nice when a place actually cares about their handicap clientele. The sound and video quality was superb. I definitely recommend this place!

Review №89

Great theater. Love to take my grandson to the movies here.

Review №90

Very nice movie theater! I loved the reclining seats! We will definitely return!

Review №91

I went to the matinee, watched Angel has Fallen, good movie, price for movie was $9.75, the concession prices were high..$6.00 for small popcorn, and $4.00 for small Sprite..if you have sensitive hearing, bring earplugs, movie was extremely could hang meat inside the theater, for the ladies out there, recommend a light was great for me...not bad...would rate at 4.4.....

Review №92

Reclining seats, variety of food can a movie theatre get any better? However, reserved seating is kind of a waste of time since no one sets in the reserved spot but still a great place.

Review №93

Small, clean, friendly theater that wasnt too crowded on the opening weekend of Joker. Ive been here a couple of times when visiting the area and will go back.

Review №94

Very nice, large, clean theater. Great selection of movies. A bit pricey but what theater isnt.

Review №95

Good movie venue, only GTX for miles! Highly recommend spending the extra, especially movies made for that format, 48 FPS.

Review №96

Dolittle was a very good movie!

Review №97

Friendly workers and always clean!

Review №98

Great theater with many showrooms and a wide variety of movies playing each time I go there. The showrooms are nice and big, and seats are comfy.

Review №99

The nicest movie house in Warner robins clean and friendly staff love that popcorn

Review №100

Fast. Great seats and comfortable.

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:1121 GA-96, Warner Robins, GA 31088, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 478-988-4100
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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