Century Walnut Creek 14 and XD
1201 Locust St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, United States

Review №1

My first time here and I loved the staff. They put up with my bad puns (relish the relish) and answered any questions I had. The only critique I had is all the stairs, but it is in downtown Walnut Creek, so it is to be expected.

Review №2

Has seat warmers, a chair message and you can get your own concessions. So much better that the Luxe.

Review №3

Do they still have free parking near by? I was in downtown WC for the first time since the virus came out our way. This is an excellent theater. If they charge for parking, I doubt I will be going here anymore.

Review №4

The best seats I ever sat in at a movie theater.

Review №5

Nice movie theater, I liked the seats because its have a heater and a small table to put the food

Review №6

Great shopping and eating experience.

Review №7

I often find myself choosing this theater because they show more artsy moives then others in the area. Ive never been disappointed with the popcorn or selection of movie going goodies. Great place to catch a film.

Review №8

I come here so often it’s basically my happy place. Definitely come to a weekday showing to be comfortable and have quiet theatres! The heated reclining seats (warm and hot settings) make this my ultimate favorite movie theatre! Also being a cinemark member and getting 20% off concessions every visit and discounted tickets too is amazing. Parking is easy and free. I don’t have a single bad thing to say about this place ️

Review №9

Sign up for the rewards program & get a great discount on Tuesdays! I came here to catch Dr.Sleep on the late late night a while back & dont regret it. Great customer service very spacious theater. No out front parking but you can find a parking garage around the corner from the theater which is free but at times crowded from neighboring restaurants.

Review №10

This THEATER was wonderful. Spacious and three levels plus an arcade. The ticket prices are great and right up my alley. I don’t have to spend $20 or more for reclinable chairs. Their reclinable chairs also have heaters. Each chair has a side table to put food and your drink in the cup holder. The one thing I wasn’t fond was the people 2 seats over. They talked through the entire movie. I’m a teacher and my tolerance is high; however after an hour of listening to them I figured they weren’t going to be quiet. So, I a asked an employee if I could move to another seat. Once I did I finally enjoyed the rest of the movie, the heater, and the recliner itself. I look forward to seeing future movies at this location.

Review №11

Parking in the area can be difficult, but there is a parking garage. I dont like the different levels because the stairs are long and really steep. The entry is also very confusing. The movie seats are very comfortable with reclining seats.

Review №12

Not a lot of food options but everything else is really good

Review №13

Nice theatre. Good concessions. It is best to go there on the weekdays, cheaper prices and less crowded.

Review №14

Love this theater. Parking is easy in the lot connected to the theater, easy and quick to get there from the Freeway, and they actually answer the phone when you call. I had a question about a ticket purchased on line for two people. Since we are coming separately, he told me the first one there could give the name of the other person to the ticket tacker and they could come in later. Also, I love that they dont serve food inside the theaters as it is annoying when someone walks in front of you to take an order or deliver food during a movie.

Review №15

Best local movie theatre in the entire east bay. It is nice, clean, and they even have discount days. Totally recommend it!

Review №16

Terrible experience watching the Met Opera Live in HD Agrippina on Feb. 29, 2020. First, the theatre did not let us in on time, so seniors, many with canes and walkers, were lined up down the block and scrambled to find their reserved seats in the dark. Second, they cut off the performance before the opera ended. Management was totally incompetent dealing with this fiasco, keeping patrons waiting in the lobby with no clear direction or explanation and then offering an inexpensive movie pass to compensate for ruining a $25+ opera and even running out of passes.

Review №17

The seats are super comfortable and they have heating and cooling system. We loved it. An amazing experience.

Review №18

Decent ticket prices if you go on discount days, etc . Snacks and concessions were good as well! Highly recommend this theatre!

Review №19

Great movie theater that keeps updating to match the latest standards! Fully reclined seats, seat heaters, of course the just have concession stands, clean, and friendly and professional staff!

Review №20

Good theater. The parking garage gets full and makes parking difficult sometimes. Not a fan of the steps to get to the theatres but if you have the time they do have a slow elevator toi pop get you where you want to go.

Review №21

Sadly, not many customers were there.

Review №22

Favorite theatre in the area. Modern, comfy and overall good quality. Would recommend this theatre over others in the area.

Review №23

Always a great venue with convenient parking... Most days.

Review №24

Easy to reserve seats with the Cinemark app. Seats power recline and are heated. Nice sized theatre. Great sound. Free parking in garage next door.

Review №25

Screen quality and audio are good. Theater is older and not particularly clean. Half of concessions was closed and a couple of stations in the mens room were broken.

Review №26

My money clip and and drivers license fell out of my pocket in oneof the theaters loungers. Good thing a fine young gentleman namedBen was cleaning seats, because it was turned in to managementwith nothing missing. Might I recommend Ben for employee of the month......Absolutely. Great place and great staff.

Review №27

I’ve come to this theater a few times now...I’ve not written a review because it’s never been an either really great or really poor experience, until now.The food offerings are rather paltry compared to AMC or other competitors (no chicken tenders, no fries) and the convenience area is dimly lit and a little sad. Then we went to the room for the movie and it wasn’t cleaned! Popcorn spilled all over the floor, the seat tables covered with peoples food and used napkins. It was just unpleasant. Perhaps this is an off day - and I may update the review if we come again have a better experience.

Review №28

Great facilities that create a good movie going experience. But bring snacks or eat before coming! I spent $4.50 on a bottle of water.... WATER! But I was thirsty so I shelled out the money.

Review №29

Went to see The Photographer and enjoyed it and as always the seats are better than at home!!!

Review №30

Love the fact you can reserve your seat and that the seats recline and even be heated! Nothing overly fancy and annoying that you can hear an action movie next to a quiet movie, but overall a good experience for a decent price.

Review №31

Good location and their service was great. Prices were reasonable and the seats were comfy. Bathrooms was clean too.

Review №32

This was my favorite theatre to go see movies! I loved getting there a little early and playing terminator. Wish I still lived close.

Review №33

The theater is okay as long as you don’t have to come in contact with the staff. The vast majority of the people who work here are rude, obnoxious, or don’t know what they are doing. I made the mistake of getting pretzel bites for my movie and got a rude young man who did not know what he was doing. And when I asked about getting hot cheese, all I got was attitude and rude snark. The manager I spoke with about his employee’s behavior looked about as interested in doing his job as I would watching paint dry. Customer service does not exist here and there is no accountability for rudeness.

Review №34

Parking on the weekends is almost always difficult. Youll reach the top floor of the parking lot and then have a challenging time trying to turn around and go back down. Theres no room for the ticket line as its right on Locust. Lots of really steep stairs up and down to get to the theaters. It will be a real stumbling hazard if theres ever an emergency there. Concessions are expensive. Pleasant Hill and Veranda are much easier parking and feel a lot more people friendly.

Review №35

Went to pay cashier ask me if i wanted to add $3.50? To sign membership i said yes..ask my email.but did not go throuhh to my email..i pay as a member

Review №36

This place is a dump! Carpet is disgusting. Concessions dirty with spills and popcorn but nobody cares. Cashier stands there and could be cleaning up when there are no customers to check out. Is there a manager on duty? And then during the movie, the house lights dont go off until 10 minutes into the movie. And the volume is too low to hear. Will never go back again!

Review №37

Awesome theater but the overall cleanliness of the entire building was shockingly bad. Popcorn all over the floor... You couldnt walk through concessions without stepping on something. Im guessing short staffed. If not, this management needs to step it up!

Review №38

Theater was small enough where everyone had a premier seat and the seats recline and also heat up

Review №39

Loved the theatre. However I did not find elevators there. Had to climb the stairs. The chairs in the theatre are comfy and have heaters. Enjoyed the movie.

Review №40

No service in Starbucks / ice cream area. Took 15 minutes to get someone as they thought mopping floors was more important. Then they didnt have Frappuccino mix.

Review №41

Very clean and you can recline the seats super comfortable!

Review №42

I love movies, I still remember the feelings of excitement that I had as a child when my father would bring my siblings and I to the movies. This is actually in part a large reason why I like to support the Cinemark chain. Viewing movies at a theater as opposed to anywhere else is a special thing, and the reason why Cinemark is a business. I have always appreciated the way that the Cinemark brand runs their theaters. Tonight however I had an experience that makes me think I will no longer support this brand and how they choose to bring the cinema to us as a community.I was not allowed into the theater because I had a backpack on. I didnt know this was a policy, I have visited many theaters with a backpack before, I work late and like to catch a show after work, sometimes I like to see a movie after I travel, or after a baseball game, (as a player) like I did tonight. Tonight I had made specific plans to see a movie that I have very much been looking forward to, but I was not allowed to purchase a ticket because I had a baseball bag with me. I had just finished a game earlier and dont like to drive after a game because some of us will have some beers to relax. Instead I decided to take the train home and catch a movie on the way! Sounds fun and responsible right?!...I had specially decided to visit this Cinemark (Walnut Creek XD), for the reason that where I watch a movie is very important to me. I believe in movie theaters, and I believe in what they can bring to the experience... But I feel discouraged to ever support Cinemark again. As the young manager (I believe he was the manager), approached me with a old gentleman,w I could only assume was some type of security, I started to feel like I had done something wrong. Now I had asked to speak to someone about not being let in, but I asked politely and expected a professional who might have resembled the professionaism that I had grown to appreciate with Cinemark theaters. Instead I received no resolution for my worries or understandable explanations as to why I could not give my money to a business that I had specially decided deserved it. As I explained my situation and how I had very much planned to give my business to this specific theater because of the values that I felt we shared, my concerns were met with contempt and disinterest. I went from feeling like a threat to a nuisance. I dont wanna give any money to a buisness that makes me feel this way!I am going to have a hard time not remembering these feelings any time I visit this brand again. I understand the need for a safety policy, I do I really do. What I do not understand is the complete contempt for a guest who chose to spend their time, energy, money, and most importantly experience of the movies with you. I believe in the art. I believe in movie theaters being the best form of delivery of this art. This experience makes me wonder if maybe I am wrong. I hope not.

Review №43

The movie joker was a very good movie. Theater is extremely clean.

Review №44

One of the better century locations in the area. Clean, nice and affordable

Review №45

Best theater in Contra Costa county. Still serves sodas in fountain with ice and large popcorn with free refill. Popcorn is fresh. Good selection of candies and ice cream. Plus coffee and teas. Veranda lacks ice creams and bulk candy. Hacienda IMax has stale popcorn. Movie selection is excellent. Located near many eateries makes life before and after movies easy.

Review №46

Very nice theater. Clean, good popcorn, easy parking.

Review №47

Easy parking, friendly employees. Clean theater with arcade.

Review №48

Purchased tickets online and walked right in, no lines. The theater was comfortable and clean.

Review №49

Expensive to see movies. Some of the theatre rooms are nicer than others.

Review №50

Love the recliners and theater. Would be better with beer and wine.

Review №51

Great location. Parking is next to it. And the auditoriums are good size for the movies they play.

Review №52

I love this theater! The heated, reclining seats are a major bonus!

Review №53

Disappointing support for release noght of Rob Zombie movie... Seems typical for Waknut Creek,,, The staff seemed bored even though there were posters and swag available to hand out. The movie was over 30 minutes delayed without even having previews or music previews before the movie!! I guess they figure a show on Monday doesnt need to be hyped at all...Had to go way upstairs for food which is really inconvenient. Pleasant Hill theater does much better job in my opinion.

Review №54

The guy serving popcorn upstairs Jake Alvarado did a great job helping me today: he was super nice and very polite.

Review №55

Great theater! Had been going to Pleasant Hill location but this is my new fave. The trays on the recliner chairs and the heated seats are pretty awesome. Plus no restroom line, even right after the movie got out.

Review №56

Watched movies many times here when I stayed in Concord. One of the good theatre in that area.

Review №57

You guys should have someone standing there making sure no one talks. Went there today for the lion king & had a young annoying couple talking at the top during the whole movie. Did not even stop no matter how many times we gave them dirty looks. Ruined it for everyone. Thanks.

Review №58

Nice movie theater! Never have any issues coming here.

Review №59

As far as theaters go, it’s good. Nice seats, recliner and has heated option. Have been a couple times, bathrooms can be a little messy and the snack area can get very busy. Good to pick your seat before the movie, love that option. Never had an issue with the sound or movie quality

Review №60

Best public movie experience of the past ten years. Loved the reclining loungers, the extra space between us and the strangers next to us, the ability to reserve seats ahead of time and that there really wasnt a bad seat in the house. Minus 1/4 of a star for not having a perfect neck comfort zone on the recliner and concession staff that could not ring up our order, but that still rounds up to 5.

Review №61

Nice comfortable chairs that recline, have a drink holder shelf and are leather! Sound and picture were very good.

Review №62

Went to the movie yesterday evening and forgot my purse inside the movie theater. When I noticed it and ran back to the theater, the purse was gone and the people who were doing the cleaning informed me to go to the front desk to ask for a missing item. As soon as I went to the front desk, those cleaning guys came out of the theater room and told me to wait at the lobby as they were going to inform the manager to bring my purse to me. I was gratefully received my purse as I thought everything was fine.After the movie, I was planning on going o the bank to deposit my money at the ATM machine and found out that the cash was gone!! I was looking everywhere and no where to be found! I have a good memory when it comes to money and I know that someone at the movie theater returned my purse but they had opened it and took the cash out. I tried to call the managers office but no one was answering the phone...I have been an active customer to see movies ONLY at that location, but now they have given me bad impression and it makes me feel think that people can do sneaky things like this and pretend nice to you :(

Review №63

Horrible customer service, young boy that helped me made it seem like I was an inconvenience for asking him if I could get some ice cream from the concession stand. After telling him what I wanted I told him I would like 2 double scoops of expresso chip ice cream. He scooped two tiny little scoops that together were not enough to even fill up the small cup he was putting them in. I asked him if he could make the scoops a little bit bigger and he said that’s the size of the scooper so that’s what you get. I decided not to get the ice cream because of his poor customer service. I own an auto repair shop in Walnut Creek, and I would fire any of my employees for not being more courteous to paying customers. I am a Cinemark monthly subscriber and now will cancel my subscription and take my business to Lux theater in concord. The customer service there was excellent.

Review №64

Love the reclining seats.

Review №65

This is a fun place to go to the movies

Review №66

Just had a horrible experience here! My wife and I went to see the new tomb raider and an hour into it, the audio cut out! No one came to fix it so after about 5 minutes of waiting, hoping an employee would notice, I went up to the projector room. No one was in the projector room! I had to find someone in the lobby and they had no idea how to fix it. Rather than refunding everyone they told everyone to wait and said they would rewind it after fixing the audio... 20 minutes later, and without any updates, I returned to the lobby to request a refund. I was told they couldnt give any refunds because there was no manager working and that they would have to wait for the manager to come to work to see if he/she would provide a refund. They still hadnt gone and told everyone else in the theater, people were still sitting in there waiting even though employees admitted to having no idea how to fix the problem!I understand that technical difficulties occur, my qualm is with the way things were handled ( or not handled) and the fact that they had no one able to make a decision! Train your employees! There should always be someone able to step up and make big boy/girl decisions in the event a manager is not around!**Added after initial review**Two weeks after the above review I got two movie passes in the mail. I dont have enough confidence in this theater to use them here so Ill likely use them at the Pleasant Hill location.

Review №67

I love seeing movies in with the new sound systems Atmos theaters have and comfortable seating... Its great to go to the movies today. The fact that you can now choose and pay for your seats way before you show up and not have to rush to get there super early... Its awesome. With that being said... I have not been to the Walnut Creek Century Theaters for quite some time. I went last night and was quite shocked of how dirty the place is. There is junk and garbage all over the place... In for a town like Walnut Creek for their main theater to be so filthy... I was quite shocked. The seats that they put in that are new or nice with a few exceptions. They are too close to each other and theres no room in between seats which makes things very uncomfortable sitting next to strangers. It would be nice to have more arm room than just sharing the armrest with a neighbor. My biggest problem is the fact that there is heated seats but I was not aware of that and accidentally turn it on period within 5 minutes my back was on fire when I figured it out that the seats can be heated. Its a hundred degrees outside why the hell would you have heated seats? You should have cold seats! I will say this however... The reason this place is not getting just one star in a second star is the fact that the AC was on and cranking out nice cold. This is something Ive had problems with that a lot of the local theaters. It gets super hot and uncomfortable... Where this theater was nice and cool like it should be. The screen was really nice sound system was okay but the seats like I said were not the most comfortable and too close to each other. This place needs a lot of work as far as cleanliness goes and also employees need to smile. They all seem like they hated their jobs and didnt want to be there. I cant recall one person that look like they like their job. Totally sad... Brenden Theaters Concord is still my go-to place.

Review №68

The new lounge chairs r very comfy. Free 4 he parking.

Review №69

Rushed after work to see a movie with my family just to be told that I cannot enter with my backpack, and theres nowhere I can leave it on premises. We had to just turn around and go home. Simply a discriminaron off people who dont drive and have no place to leave their stuff. The guy at the front door just couldnt care less. The most unpleasant experience in a long time.

Review №70

Great place...seats comfortable and heated.....secluded seating......clean.....modern...perfect

Review №71

I worked at a theatre before and the goal as an employee was to look busy all the time. I dont think they enforce the same ethics here. In their defense, the floors were clean and the concessions were stocked. But the employees were grouping behind the counter talking about personal things while one girl worked and took our popcorn order.

Review №72

Quality movie theater experience with air conditioning, snacks, and super comfy seats. Its extremely well kept and clean, including the bathrooms. Also I actually think the popcorn was decently priced with a free refill on the largest size! You can also pretty easily sneak in snacks too ;)

Review №73

12/2018 Edit: Theater is improving and most of the below issues have been addressed. 3 out of 5 stars.Century 14: Walnut Creek- Theater was understaffed and concession area was filthy. Many of the refrigerated units were broken. They now will only sell tickets on a reserved seating system, so you book early if you want good seats.

Review №74

This movie theater was absolutely lovely!! They have very comfortable, large, could fall asleep in recliner seats. The picture was clear and the volume was dynamic. Went to see Incredibles 2 and had a great time. The ticket price was more than most places ($18), but I believe its for the experience. Kids and adult tickets were the same price which is a bummer. There are a lot of shops but the theater so you can eat before or after with convenience.

Review №75

Good venue and Great parking.

Review №76

First time here and it was great. Declining seats, not too large or crowded and parking is adjacent/connected. In the middle of downtown so easy location

Review №77

Like the tv style trays on th chairs...all around good

Review №78

Heated seats, great arcade, whats not to like?

Review №79

Excellent place to see a movie.

Review №80

I love this theatre!!! Great customer service!!

Review №81

I go here a lot and its a really nice theater. staff are nice and helpful. the food is great and the seats are comfortable. This is my theater of choice. I would recommend this to my friends and Im going later on with my girlfriend and two friends and I hope they will enjoy it just as much if not more. :)

Review №82

The best place lots of great stores love it

Review №83

Nice seats with trays for food and drink

Review №84


Review №85

Comfy seats and great movies

Review №86

This is our go-to theatre. Very clean inside and out. The staff is generally friendly and the food is above average for a theatre. The pricing is average for theatres as well and parking is quite easy. But the main difference between this theatre and others in the area is how clean and fresh this place is kept. The bathrooms, floors, seats and food court always look immaculate! Plus, this place has the best popcorn around!

Review №87

Nice theater, plenty of attached parking. Friendly staff. Super comfortable reclining seats.

Review №88

I really like the fact that the seats are heated. The pricing is pretty much equal to everything else around but this theater is always clean the staff is always courteous and the location plus free parking is a plus

Review №89

The seats are really great at this theater. Reclining, individual controls, and very comfortable. Viewing angle is also decent, so no neck discomfort. Park in the theater lot or Broadway Plaza if you are also shopping.

Review №90

Saw CARMEN streamed live from The Metropolitan Opera...had a great time.

Review №91

Very comfy and movie club is great

Review №92

Clean theater, abundant parking, with easy access.

Review №93

Good theater, clean most of the time, can get crowded during peak times but otherwise its a decent place. Screens and sound is good. All seats are power recling and have for trays.

Review №94

Great theater! The have nice concessions and the bathrooms were tidy as well.

Review №95

Good movies. Good clean theater. Its funny that they serve wine.

Review №96

Chairs are not comfortable. They was getting me a headache.

Review №97

Went on December 26th and saw Darkest Hour. The parking garage was a zoo causing us to circle around repeatedly for a space that 5 other cars wanted. When entering Century people were everywhere, the concession stands were a nightmare with lines going everywhere, and the movie theatre was very small. Very frustrated and hated the whole experience!!!Im going back to either Century Theatre in Pleasant Hill or Brenden Theatre in Concord where the concession people are a lot more helpful, there are more parking spaces to park in, and the seats are way more comfortable and fold out!!!! Plus you can reserve your seats!!!!

Review №98

Definitely join the movie club- its saved me so much money

Review №99

Everything is very good except the new chairs headrest was too uncomfortable for me n our friends.

Review №100

A typical modern theater with everything you would expect these days. There are two levels each with its own concession stands. At least some (maybe all) theater rooms have electronicly heated seats. You can order tickets online and provides an overall great experience!

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:1201 Locust St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 925-937-7031
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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