Get Air Trampoline Park
12410 Amargosa Rd A, Victorville, CA 92392, United States

Review №1

Love this place for my 2-year-old they have toddler Time on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 12:00 pm and he loves it always gives him a good workout

Review №2

First timers here. We had a great time. Kids loved it we did 2hrs which felt like forever lol. Very worth the money. All employees were great as well

Review №3

Cool place to bring the kids, or even adults. Imagine if they created an obstacle course and times each kid I think that would be fun. Also the employees who work their should all receive yeezy shoes. I think also since it’s so expensive to get in the kids should receive scholarships for school. Imagine if each time you checked in you get stock into The company that would be dope. Anyways if your reading this go to YouTube and subscribe to my channel - IfAndyCantHelpYou .... TY

Review №4

I really wanted to give this a zero. As Ive seen in previous posts the staff were extremely rude. They also seem to be ill informed of their own policies. They claimed their policy is to demand wrist bands and waivers for everyone who enters the premises and yet they have clearly marked otherwise. They also suggested that it was required I allow them to touch me to put this wristband on like I was a child. They told us we had no rush on our party celebrations then shooed us out the door very quickly after serving our pizza. Customer service is important this place and its staff fell short significantly. I do not recommend it for birthday parties. The kids will enjoy it but the facilities are missing some of the safety equipment which makes it dangerous(Velcro strips to keep children from falling between walls/pads/pads) and staff pay very little attention to older children breaking the rules my child was hurt(mildly) and so was one of our guests children. Spend the same money anywhere else and youll have a better day.

Review №5

The kids always have a blast coming here. The best, if you come late night, they turn the lights down and the music up! A live DJ plays while the kids jump around. AND its only 20$ to jump for 3 hours!

Review №6

Good place for kids. Has light & dark modes with music to jump around. Birthday parties. Food. Fun for kids & adults. Nice staff.

Review №7

This place was a blast! The staff is really kind and caring as well. Made us feel very welcome and helped us with everything we needed ♡

Review №8

The bathrooms are clean, although one stall has been missing its lock a while. And they have switched to just blow-dryers in the bathrooms with no option for paper towels. I HATE THAT. Its been studied and proven the blowers spread whatever is left on someones hands after they wash.Bathrooms are a big deal to me, as we have 3 kids and visit a bathroom nearly everywhere we go.The trampoline areas are great. Nothing unsafe that my accident-prone children have found. I love that they offer Toddler Time on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Perfect for the little ones who ALWAYS want to explore the bigger areas. The little kid area feels adequate for up to about 4.

Review №9

1st time and last minute birthday plan, my wife and I have to say it is very reasonably priced. Staff is very friendly and are always watching, even if your a kid, teen or adult I recommend coming here as a last minute or planned.My kids are teenagers and they invited there friends and they are having fun, what ever age you are everyone is a kid at heart.

Review №10

Nice place to take kids to have some fun

Review №11

My kids love this place. They need a bit more supervision over the different play areas. The bigger kids tend to run over the smaller ones.

Review №12

Kids love this place. We go for the toddler time so my son can enjoy the big trampoline area in peace.

Review №13

It was an awesome experience for the kids and the parents/ grandparents. We were able to relax while watching our kids have a blast. Staff was pretty good at monitoring kids being kids.

Review №14

The general manager was very accommodating to our homeschool group Pillars of Education. We got a discount rate for our students.Check in was a little slow. We showed 30 minutes early as instructed but couldnt check in for 15 minutes because there was only one person working and she had to deal with a customer that took a long time.The Get Air app sends way to many notifications but you need it to collect points.

Review №15

Had a great time with the kids. There was a DJ with the hole set up and played good music, and very good price. Kids are still talking about it

Review №16

My sister had a party for my nephew here. I would not recommend it. They are disorganized, not attentive to the party goers and it was way to much per child for the poor service we received

Review №17

This place is great! My daughter had so much fun Prices are decent and you get to reuse the socks so you dont have to pay for that everytime

Review №18

Nice place but not ideal for younger kids (4yrs) they segregated my kid to a tiny area of the trampolines. I paid the same price and signed their waiver so what the heck? BS.

Review №19

Had a birthday party there, it was ok. Jumping was good service was ok.

Review №20

Good clean family fun. Great time had by all.... especially the adults, because kids fell asleep immediately after getting home lol

Review №21

Great fun place for the whole family! Staff is helpful and attentive. Vebdinnf machine wasnt working and an employee noticed it immediately and came to help

Review №22

Great place for Birthday Parties and fun. My boys love it.

Review №23

Website said it was open but we get there and its closed. False advertisement. Update your website.

Review №24

Had a birthday party for my boys here! Super worth it! No clean up and the kids jumped their little hearts out! Pizza was great. Associates were super attentive! Thank you guys for taking care of us!

Review №25

Great place to bring the kids, so fun for them. A plus for parents because it gets them tired. Were definitely coming back.

Review №26

Pretty cool place. Friendly staff. I went with a group of 13 people, 18 and older. We waited like an hour to do some dodgeball, because little kids were playing it in. We eventually just joined them. However we did unfortunately lose a phone and when we told a female staff member she said she would go look for it, and walked away, as did I. When I turned around she went back to hanging out/talking with a co worker. How unfortunate.

Review №27

Very fun for all ages, just too expensive for 2 hour party, the waitress is cleaning before youre time is over

Review №28

Super fun place to bring my nephews. They bounce for an hour and I sit in a massage chair for 45.They have a couple small obstacle areas, a dodgeball zone, areas to do flips and land in foam squares, and some basketball hoops.Theres a dippin dots ice cream machine, and they sell water and sodas. Its a great place to make your kids tired af so they honor their bedtime.

Review №29

We had a good time. Everyone was nice . They checked on us the hole time. They make sure everything is alright. We will definitely be back. I will recommend them to family and friends. The staff was great

Review №30

Love taking the kiddos here. They have a great time getting tired!! Price is reasonable. Staff is nice and facility is well maintained.

Review №31

Super friendly and helpful grouo of young men. Very clean fun and actually just friendly people.

Review №32

The kids had a lot of fun. I like how the adults can walk on the carpet area without having to take off our shoes or buying a band.

Review №33

We love bringing the family here. It is such a great place to have family fun! Mark was the referee on the duty while we were there yesterday and he was the best we have had while going there.

Review №34

A place meant for kids not being friendly towards a mom that was nursing her baby. How is this being kid friendly? Your actions of requesting she leave are illegal. I hope the back lash you receive from this actually helps educate you and support moms that frequent your establishment. Our jobs are hard enough without being harassed for breastfeeding.

Review №35

Different sections for different ages. Summer pass is a good value. Club air is covered from the pass as well. Not a bad activity for the kids

Review №36

The Best place in the high Desert for kids party bar none!!

Review №37

Fun for all. Employees ensured the safety of my kids. Clean and well maintained.

Review №38

Nice place to relax and let your kids get out all that extra energy.

Review №39

My kids had a blast. Staff was wonderful. Excellent customer service from the time we came in to the time we left. Manager on site was wonderful. Only downside was the area for under 45 was small. My kids were very limited.

Review №40

This is a safe and great place with wonderful staff. Thanks so much to the women who helped my kids feel comfortable on first time. Cynthia and Victoria.

Review №41

Great family outing. This is one of those places that you pay for the experience rather than another item to through in your house. My boys (2.5 & 4.5) loved it, I enjoyed jumping as well.

Review №42

The place is very fun but there are some times when the lifeguards are away from their position and they leave some kids unguarded.The prices are reasonable the socks required to jump are just fine.Some rules are very strict and restrict kids from having fun like doing double or triple backflips.Over if you want a good time come here.(My opinion is not yours so dont take this seriously)

Review №43

The last 2 times I ve been to Get Air they did not apply my Military discount . And would not or did not offer to fix it. Im not cheap but when you offer a discount you should honor it. Kids had a great time but customer service needs work.

Review №44

Been to this place at least 10 times. My kids enjoying it. Good to keep the kids active. Weekdays better since they seem packed during weekend. Recommended.

Review №45

This was my first and last time at this place. The check in was time consuming and no staff to check IDs and to make sure the information was correct. Then you had to stand in line to put the name in the register. You walk aroun the place and again need to give your name for a wrist band. Gets even better the birthday tables are way in the back to where you cant see the kids up front playing on the trampolines. The party packets i would not waste my money on. I just didnt enjoy this place at all. Wont be going back

Review №46

Great place!! Even has a surf board. Definitely going back there with my daughter. She had fun.

Review №47

Very fun place for the kids.... Itll bring that inner-child outta us adults in a hurry.. I know i wasnt the only one!! Haha

Review №48

Don’t come here often but when we do, the staff is always friendly! Joe, thank you for your great customer service.

Review №49

Its a great place to have fun but it could use air conditioning

Review №50

Seen one, youve seen them all, I suppose. Its a great time for those physically able to enjoy such activity. Sadly, I could only watch my kid have the time of their life, burning off all the excess energy they ever had! Lol

Review №51

This is for shaming a nursing mom. This is for shaming a woman for feeding her child. Last time we checked, feeding your infant is not a crime! This is for shaming women who go through enough criticism from society. Feed your child formula, get shamed. Nurse your child, get shamed. Why don’t you guys just post a fat anti-family anti-mom anti-infant anti-child sign right outside your doors so people know what kind of business they are supporting. I hope the mother files a lawsuit so that this business and it’s employees may never ever shame a mom again.

Review №52

I exspecked it to be better people were like DONT DO THAT YOU DONT HAVE THE RIGHT SOCKS

Review №53

We had fun they were nice people

Review №54

Very family friendly. Awesome for kids of all ages. Joe was helpful and nice.

Review №55

Its ok. It can get very busy at times and the prices are ok. Not a lot to do here I would not recommend going over 1 hour.

Review №56

My son loves this place, no matter what state we are in......from Georgia to California, we certainly perfect Get Air Trampoline Park amongst the other competition trampoline parks out there by far.......price, discounts, and the hours

Review №57

Fun place to bounce around and get exercise in the HD. Somewhat crowded.

Review №58

Im here with my grandson today. They have Santa. The grinch. Pictures. Donuts and milk. Face painting and crafts! All this for toddlers and babies only for a couple of hours.. What a great idea. It was only $8. Super staff. So excited for today. Thank you got air!!!!

Review №59

Awesome place to let the kids run wild

Review №60

Amazing to show off flips.

Review №61

Great place to go burn off some energy and have fun with the family. Nice easy waivers to fill out on the computers for the kids and its good for 2 years.

Review №62

Great place for my kids ...They loved it .very friendly staff and clean and fun place will be coming back again

Review №63

My kids enjoy jumping around, but this recent visit last week. My son was given the opportunity to choose to jump in the big air side due to measuring 46in, he usually jumps on the big air side because of this. 30 minutes into him jumping he was asked by one of the workers there to go to the little air side. My son explained that he could go on the big air side because he was big enough the lady went to get him another wrist band and made him go on the little air side the rest of the night. When I approached her to see what was going on, she said she remeasured him and he was too short. He was right at the line and she said they had to be above the line to jump with the big kids. I explained that we were given the choice because he was at the line. Had the park been crowded I would have chosen the little side for my sons safety but the park was pretty much empty so I didnt see any safety hazards for him or others. I didnt make a big deal about it because we were there with friends and my son had a friend on the little side he played with for the rest of the night. Other than that incident this place is cool when its not too crowded. Its not as big as other trampoline parks weve been to.

Review №64

I loved it great place to have fun

Review №65

This place is great! I havent had a problem here at all. The customer service is awesome and they have all different areas to jump. You can also buy drinks and snacks I would deffenetaly recommend this place to anyone love ya get air yall rock!

Review №66

I come here every Thursday with my 2 year old for toddler time, and we love it! We can jump around the whole place and I like that theres a separate area just for little kids. Priscilla is really friendly and she makes sure we are safe and having a good time. The staff is always smiling and I have seen them vacuuming often. I definitely recommend this place!

Review №67

Best family fun in the high desert! Affordable, safe, clean! No trashy people, just good fun!

Review №68

Fun place for family time and a good workout

Review №69

Great,... had a bday party here on 5/ 26/19. Everyone was pleasantly nice..our hostess was awesome

Review №70

So much fun. The staff was very attentive and helpful. The kids had a great time jumping and even though we stuck to the toddler area there was plenty to keep them busy for the couple hours we were there! Summer specials were a great deal to buy ahead and enjoy all summer long!

Review №71

Its an okay place to go since there isnt much else to do anywhere nearby. The worst part is if you have smaller kids youre limited to where they can play and of course they want to play everywhere like anyone else. They should have it as open play and let the parents or adults supervise instead of making it seem like you pay to play at 1/8 the actual play area.

Review №72

My kids love this place especially on the Fridays when they shut the lights off and turn the black lights on. They have a DJ and the kids enjoy it very much.

Review №73

My first visit 09/11/2017 and by far the worst place Ive been too I have a 5 yr old step son whos full of energy that needed to be burned off, theres this referee named Albert who yelled at my kid cause he was being a little ruff instead of addressing me he goes and tells my kid things. I immediately went to Management to report which she did come promptly and had him apologize however I will not be attending here again..

Review №74

Really fun for the kids and a great workout. They keep it really clean and the designated areas for kids make it feel pretty safe

Review №75

My kids love it. Its clean and workers are nice and helpful

Review №76

Great Place For Kids To Jump Around

Review №77

4 stars only because I had a bad experience with one of the staff members my first time here, but after my first review I was contacted directly by the manager which provided a free jump for my son so that we can give it a 2nd try, which we did and I’m glad! My son and his cousin his a blast! We will definitely be coming back! I greatly appreciated management stepping up and fixing the issue I had. Awesome job!

Review №78

I enjoyed my trip with my son to Get Air! The place is clean and staff are helpful.

Review №79

My boys always have fun .

Review №80

Family fun but too crowded to experience all the areas.

Review №81

Love it !!! Had great seating for the non- jumpers and even chair massage!! Staff was sooooo friendly and kids had a ton a fun !!!

Review №82

Amazing place!! We booked a party for my two girls and from start to finish it was an amazing time staff was great made my family and friends feel like home.Trampoline dodgeball was aswome since it was my daughters birthday they closed this section off just for us for a few min what a great time for anyone looking to book a party at Get Air the price is worth it and best part it includes food,drinks and the socks to jump.Heck we forgot the candles and they let us have candles thank you Get Air and staff for making our family smile!!!

Review №83

Over priced for parties staff is rude asked for all my info email, phone number, address etc. even though none of the adults were jumping. Overall its way overpriced and they tried to kick my mother in law out cause she didnt wanna fill out a bunch of BS thats probably linked to spam for calls and or email.

Review №84

Super fun place for the kids...Staff is super friendly especially Joe, he was great!

Review №85

Not a bad trampoline park but super disappointing. Brought 2 cards for free entry from their Temecula location and management refused to honor them. Ridiculous. When the hell do I go to Temecula just for Get Air?Also. No water fountains within easy access of the park. (Unless you’re okay with wasting 10 minutes to get water). Wack.

Review №86

No, fighting in a kids environment is not cool, need more security

Review №87

I Like it here but we have stopped going because my 8 year old still has to jump in the toddler area and she is way to old. I feel it should not only go by height but age as well. We have been to a couple of birthday parties where she is the only one in the group that has to jump in the toddler area and she will be older then everyone. There are 6 year old who get to jump in the big area and my daughter whos two years older cant. We dont do toddler time because she isnt a toddler and wants to jump with her friends who are to tall for it. When they let her jump in the bigger area with kids her age we will go back.

Review №88

An absolutely wonderful place to take your toddler on toddler days and have fun also. The place is clean and has friendly workers. Very nice environment

Review №89

Great place for kids to have fun.

Review №90

It was amasing and i hade a party with free drinks

Review №91

Great place for the kids to burn energy

Review №92

Definitely coming back. Great staff

Review №93

Kids love the place. (3 and 5 year old) Staff keeps it clean and safe. We arrived at 4pm on a Friday and it was pretty empty, very enjoyable.

Review №94

It great for the kids. Would be nice to have a half hour option.

Review №95

Went on a weekend and it wasnt unbearably full. It was also clean and the staff were very attentive to jumpers! Kids loved it, its an AWESOME workout and they were wiped out after.

Review №96

Kids loved it. Wasnt too crowded. Would definitely go back.

Review №97

Would love for the price to be cheaper but if you go there on Tuesdays, you get two hours for the price of one. We have been here several times and loved it each time. I would highly recommend to bring your kids here. Its too hot to play outside right now, thus this makes for a perfect day.

Review №98

DONT BOTHER COMING HERE WITH A TODDLER ESPECIALLY. Most of the place will be off limits. Workers pretty much harass you the entire time. Pretty much long story short you cant jump or have a good time with your kid.

Review №99

Super family fun! And great employees! Very safe

Review №100

A great place to have a birthday party, also there is a kid section and older kids have the rest of the are they also have dodgeball and basketball trampoline areas

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