B&B Theatres Vicksburg Mall 6
Mall 6, 3505 Pemberton Square Blvd Ste E, Vicksburg, MS 39180, United States

Review №1

Saw Star Wars over the weekend. Staff was very helpful! One team member helped us carry our popcorn to our seats! Ordering on line is simple and they only way to go. We always enjoy the Vicksburg theater! thx

Review №2

Line was slow and ridiculously long to get buy our tickets. Thought we were going to miss the beginning of the movie, but they started it late. Only 1 person working tickets and concessions. Love the recline seats!

Review №3

The leather recliners were amazing with plenty of leg room. Staff was very nice and popcorn was fresh. The bathrooms were a bit run down. But overall, a pleasant experience.

Review №4

Real nice sound and seating. Would like for them to get IMAX and 3d showing capabilities. This is still a really nice upgrade for Vicksburg theatre.

Review №5

The new seats make me feel like Im at home, and the employees are professionals.

Review №6

We (Girlfriend and myself) arrived at the theater and purchased our drinks, candy and popcorn. Made our way to #4 and were ready to watch Jumanji. The theater was gross and disgusting. Popcorn in the seats on the floor. Taco Bell wrappers on the floor. Drink cups Every where. We were first ones to arrive and figured wed have to move to allow the cleaning crew to do their jobs. NEVER happened. Sad.

Review №7

Love the seats! Love the atmosphere! I realize everyone has off days, but the times my family and I have been we’ve had a great movie going experience!

Review №8

Real good place to see a movie with relaxing seats and such a clean theater

Review №9

The staff is nice and courteous but the self serve isnt the best idea for the popcorn because people rushing you and breathing over your shoulders while you put butter/sauce on your popcorn... the theater isnt always clean after each movie, the manager was the only person with an attitude and isnt friendly at all. Other customers were complaining about how she talked to them and made them not want to come back.... so 3 stars for now until things get better

Review №10

I was pleasantly surprised with how nice the chairs in this place are. I think Ill stay in Vicksburg next time I want to go to the movies instead of going to Madison or Flowood for sure. Staff was nice, the popcorn was fresh, and free refill at the self serv soda station!! I could not have been more pleased and am already planning my return later this week. Please like :-)

Review №11

The AC wasnt working in theater 5 and there was confusion about our seating. But the movie was great!

Review №12

We have always had a great time since the new theater has been here. The staff is always friendly and accommodating. We love our local theater! #enjoythemagicofthemovie

Review №13

Went to see Sonics movie with the boys. It was awesome.

Review №14

Movie was at 7:15, stopped popping popcorn and had bags sitting there made for i don’t know how long. Asked would there be fresh popcorn made, she stated “nahh, that’s it right there.” TERRIBLE SERVICE, Bob Bagdy needs to fix this. Terrible, won’t get any of my money ever again.

Review №15

I went to see Harriet I enjoyed the movie and it was clean and comfort no loud noise

Review №16

If you havent been to this theater lately, go elsewhere to see a movie. This place is the worst experience you will ever have going to the movies. Heaven forbid you try and take a date to this place. First, they have reclining seats, but almost every seat we tried was BROKEN. Out of our group of six, 3 worked. Other people in the audience had the same issue with their chairs. Out of a packed theater you can tell the chairs that did not recline where about half the theater. It was hot. Yes the temps in the theater were about 10-20 degrees hotter than the lobby. The floor is the standard theater sticky, probably never cleaned, but that is to be expected. The ticket window is usually closed, making you go to the LONG, SLOW Concession line person to get a ticket or get anything. The older lady working behind the counter is slow, but at least she smiles and is friendly. There is a younger worker who looks and acts like she hates everything about the people coming in to give her money. Not even asking if she could take the next person in the longer line and instead pulled out her phone to text while there were still 15 people in the other line. We hoped to see a 6:30 movie but by the time we got our tickets it was WELL past 6:30 and opted for the 7:00pm showing that was just starting. Yes, we were in the line almost 30 minutes. but these are not the worst things about this theater. The Bathrooms are the most foul smelling and disgusting places you will ever visit. They do not check them for weeks, I know that for a fact because I have been on many occasions and the bathroom two weeks later still had the SAME puddle of urine coating and waste around the toilet as the previous time. Needless to say, I have spent my last dollar at this place and will travel an hour to much better theaters in other towns. They know they dont have to fix anything or be nice and make it better since they are the only theater in town. It is sad that it has fallen so far in such a short amount of time. Used to be a good place to watch a show.

Review №17

Clean n relaxed atmosphereAwesome movie Queen and Slim

Review №18

Love the recliners. I almost take a nap every time I watch a movie here lol love it!

Review №19

Nice clean reasonable price, nice service, friendly Staff !

Review №20

I liked the location. Popcorn had no taste. Long lines because the Lion King was showing. Seats were recliner chairs. However the prices were very high. A large popcirn and teo large sodas combo was 18.75 so eith tax that was 20 bucks. The only theater they have. Located in a strip mall.

Review №21

Very nice and friendly staff. Clean and comfy theaters love love love this place.

Review №22

I love this theater. If you purchase your tickets online ahead of time you have a better chance of seating where you want, so thats never been an issue with me. The nachos are bomb and you get a generous amount. The food and ticket prices are average. The seats are very comfortable. The service can be a little hit or miss, but i am willing to not be so picky for the simple fact... I want them to stay in business and do well. Not having a theater in Vicksburg sucked. And if management is reading this, PLEASE look into updating your bathrooms.

Review №23

Great experience. Clean floors and all seats working.

Review №24

Movie was good, reclining seats super comfortable. If they could improve the screens it would be almost perfect

Review №25

Hey I love everything that was there, my kids loved it an my husband.. continue doing what yall do, I would love to come back an maybe bring some friends to help enjoy being there..

Review №26

When I went to the movies everything was great! Love the recliner seats! The staff was polite and everything! Dont order food there because its high but thats all theatres. I loved the surround sound it was perfect. I will be returning here

Review №27

This is the best movie theater that I have been to in Mississippi. The seats recline and a the most comfortable ever. The fact that you can choose your seat prior to viewing is different and sets the bar very high over other movie theaters. Although we have a movie theater in the city where we live, it is worth the 1 hour 15 minute drive just to see a movie.

Review №28

It was great nice people and great movies oh good food thanks

Review №29

With movie prices so high, this is a great place to go to. Start a free membership and get deals and discounts.

Review №30

The leather recliners is probably the best thing. If you’re a movie goer, I highly recommend getting the backstage pass, it pays off quick. My last visit wasn’t very pleasant with cold popcorn and butter and had to wait at the counter due to only one employee working.

Review №31

Great seats but for the love of God please turn on the a/c in theatre 3, we saw endgame and it was very hot

Review №32

Good seatting friendly people

Review №33

Very nice, every one friendly.

Review №34

I have had the most terrible experience coming to the Vicksburg Theatre and Im very upset. So basically I went out to a movie with someone and there were roaches in the napkin holder.These roaches were babies, so Im guessing there are more roaches somewhere else. The popcorn was not hot at all, and I could not get a refill on a small popcorn.The young lady mentioned that I had to pay for a refill on the small popcorn, but the popcorn was cold and cost around $6.80The prices are way to high for large popcorns, which cost $8.00+, and there is no affordable matinee pricing anymore.The popcorn was cold the last two times I went to this theatre, and I will not be recommending this theatre to friends or family.This theatre was doing good, but for the pricing, I expected a better deal.- This theater needs to be cleaned,- Pricing needs to be improved- There needs to be more space near the front of the theater- The popcorn machine or something needs to put on a higher tempatureI honestly feel as if there is a lack of care because the young lady didnt even come clean the napkin holder out after those roaches were found in the napkin holder.This has to end, and until it does I wouldnt return.

Review №35

I recommend B&B Theaters over all theaters. Friendly staff, current movies with great reclining seats.

Review №36

For all of our amazing tourists, come visit this newly renovated theater with reclining seats. The kids will have an amazing time. The only complaint I have is the movie selection thus my reasoning for not giving 5 stars.

Review №37

The place is clean and comfortable. But this theatre is 10 degrees hotter than the lobby temp. You should be sure your guests are comfortable. I asked for the air to be turned on and the lady said they dont have keys to the thermostats. Not good. HOT!

Review №38

Clean very pleasant I think the security guard should stop the young people coming in with pants having down

Review №39

Clean theatre. Great screens and sound. Small, buy seats ahead of time.

Review №40

My daughters go to this theater often and they are loyalty members of this theater. Today they went to see hotel transylvania 3 and when my 10 year old went to get cheese for her nachos, Kellesha, a worker here at this theater, called my ten year old stupid for only having a credit card when at the theater. Thats really stupid of you to not bring cash into a theater is what she said. To a ten year old. I personally do not think she should work in this kid friendly environment, my daughters were having a great time and after this my ten year old returned to her seat with tears in her eyes because she just wanted cheese on her nachos. Other than that the place is wonderful and very comfortable.

Review №41

Manager Kim and her staff were very nice and courteous.

Review №42

Seats are very cozy and surround sound is awesome!!!!

Review №43

An honest and fair review. Courteous minimally staffed theatre that it appears the owners have had trouble maintaining. Light hanging down loose from ceiling in our theatre, with bad streaks on screen. Surround wasnt working. No fountain drinks, staff were opening cans from a cooler.

Review №44

Really needs updating, and the tall girl is really rude! I guess she didnt know I could hear her making rude comments.

Review №45

The best Nachos EVERRRR!!!! And comfortable reclining leather seats.

Review №46

I have never once been disappointed when I visit this theatre. I will always see my movies here when they are available!

Review №47

The popcorn was old and stale and cold they should give out fresh popcorn. Not popcorn from the earlier shift that wasnt eaten or old popcorn at that.

Review №48

Ok so yeah I read bad reviews on the place but decided to give a try anyway. I can tell you first hand that with the politeness of the box office and concession staff it was definitely worth the trip just to feel welcome to be there. It felt pretty clean other then it could use some updating which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. The best part were the awesome reclining chairs. The movie selection is small, but I suppose that why ticket prices are so cheap, I didnt mind it that much, whatever the case, I enjoyed the visit and will go back again.

Review №49

For a small town I grew up In the theater was great and also a primary source of the mall income. Im glad to see at least the theater is going strong since 87.

Review №50

Popcorn is horrible. Always taste stale.

Review №51

Great theater in the Vicksburg area. The recliners are great and they dont put up with disrespect to others. At one time I said that Id never go back because of the people acting like animals, but with the new ownership that is no longer a problem. Ive been there several times and have had no problems hearing what is being said, the sound was fine.LH

Review №52

The Recliner Chairs are very comfortable. Great movie experience in the Theater. However....Poorly kept bathrooms. No soap in mens room.

Review №53

Pretty good movie theater its located in the local mall. The restrooms however were not very clean, but otherwise good.

Review №54

The sound is to loud to enjoy movie!!!

Review №55

Reclining seats affordable prices

Review №56

Be AWARE!! If you buy tickets through Fandango Make sure B&B don’t debit your card. IT HAPPENED TO METHE WORST THEATER I’VE ATTENDED

Review №57

Very comfortable seating, reclining, seats & clean.

Review №58

The movies and food were absolutely delicious but the service was outrageous. The cashier, Aaleah, gave us attitude the entire night. She also proclaimed she didnt have change but the person behind me got change. I recommend that no one goes there because the managed barely did her job as it pertains to running a theater

Review №59

Came in to the early movie, theater was dirty with food wrapper and trash in the lobby, hallway and food on the floors in the theater.Recliners wouldn’t recline .Food court-one of the drink machine didn’t work and the other only had one drink that even tasted tolerableOnly reason I would even consider giving it a star is that ticket taker was polite.

Review №60

Ive only been to B&B Theaters 2 times since Ive moved back to Vicksburg. Im on the fence about the theater for a few reasons.1. The chairs are comfortable if they actually worked as intended to as a recliner. Each time Ive gone my chair was inop but the staff took care of it. Maybe they should check out the chairs after each showing. (just a thought)2. The prices at the concession area are way too high. $10 for a small popcorn and drink? Ill pass.3. The restrooms smell like a truck stop restroom if not worse. I guess theyre only cleaned at the end of the day.4. The air conditioning is almost as loud as the movies.

Review №61

Went to see Superfly 06/24/18 with 3 others we was told that we could sit on row A in stage 2 go inside to ROW A does not even exist it was 1 seat on row A let alone there was no seats available we had to scatter out into different seats and not to mention my Nachos were Horrible!!!! Do better I wouldn’t recommend this to a Dog !!!! & it stinks like the bathroom is coming into the hallway

Review №62

The worker behind the counter was cold and unwelcoming.. When asked if that was the smallest bag of mnms they had, she abruptly responded, yep. She never glanced up except to take our card for payment. The popcorn tasted old, burnt, and was flavorless. The bathrooms were dark and dirty.. and people wonder why we usually still travel to Madison.

Review №63

Love getting to put my feet up. The theater was clean, the screens inexcellent condition. The staff are polite. The only time the doors were closed was when there was a power outage. I would go there again. Only flaw somewhat small bathrooms, but other factors outweigh this single disadvantage.

Review №64

Not enough seats in the theatre. Sold out lots of the time. Also you have to pick your seat at point of ticket purchase so there is no guarantee that you and your partner get one together. Have gone and no seats available for us to sit together. Also have gone with someone and only one seat available.

Review №65

I love watching movies here.

Review №66

Expensive poor hospitality,broken seats often times movies themselves

Review №67

Glad the theatre has been updated, the only issue is not enough staff to work the tickets and concessions. They should consider a kiosk machine for those who purchase tickets online.

Review №68

Clean, friendly, enjoyed the movie!!

Review №69

Reclining chairs are a big improvement. Staff is nice and good food. I like this theater. Big improvement.

Review №70

Nice place prices just to high

Review №71

It was wow is the only thing I can say

Review №72

The recliners are very comfortable and well maintained, but I have been there multiple times were not a single employee was there and the doors were wide open.

Review №73

I showed up for the Facebook advertised show this past Saturday. There were no employees in sight and the doors were locked. When I tried to seek an answer through Facebook as to why the event was canceled my post was deleted. I am now blocked from commenting and messaging B&B Theaters. Please note I did not use profanity or any other inappropriate language. Apparently they would like to pretend the incident did not occur. Will most likely NOT be returning to the theater.

Review №74

One word. Recliners

Review №75

Had a excellent time.

Review №76

The theater itself is nice, it has comfortable recliners instead of theater seats. The popcorn is made onsite and is usually hot and delicious. However, the staff is hit or miss. Sometimes youll get really good and fast service, other times youll get terrible service.

Review №77

Recliners are probably the best thing about this place.Audio quality is terrible, could barely understand what was being said.Overpriced tickets for the environment. Maybe instead of adding recliners, you should have updated a critical part of the viewing experience.

Review №78

Recently updated seating with recliners! So relaxing. Several screens have noticeable seams.

Review №79

When more than one employee shows up to work it’s great the seating is comfortable and and the sound and theater quality is on point but a majority of the time a single employee is all they have on duty. This leads to me and my friends having to wait up to twenty minutes sometimes to get our food.

Review №80

Very nice theater!!!!....I wish it was larger with more movie varieties.

Review №81

Great theater great seats but not enough workers especially behind the counter .

Review №82

Seats are nice but nothing else works. Screens so dark, hard to see-even daylight scenes seem like dusk; sound is awful - hard to make out what is being said, unless theyre yelling; and worst of all, staff is dismissive and unhelpful. Like Walmart now runs movie theaters. Weve tried to give this theater a chance given its proximity, but same problems repeatedly occur. Save ur money and go to Tinseltown in Pearl.

Review №83

The employees were nice, but super slow. The theater was hot and muggy and the fan cooling off the projector was loud during the film.

Review №84

New chairs, super comfortable. Pick your seat when you buy ticket. I like that option.

Review №85

Well I just had to walk around the entire outside of the mall because they didnt have signs posted about them closing the mall side exit

Review №86

Everything was good except when I order some popcorn and the popcorn was old and I ask for some fresh the lady that was behind the counter roll her eyes and I politely told her I am spending my money and that I want some popcorn that all the rolling your eyes is unnecessary after that she start acting nice

Review №87

My co-workers and I came to purchase tickets for the 4:20pm show. The young lady at the concession stand didnt acknowledge us at all while getting the cheese and other things ready. After about 3 minutes she finally turned around and asked how can I help you, not hello how are you ladies and no smile. The theater was musty and the bathroom reaked of urine. Id probably return but next time Ill bring wipes for the recliner and air freshner.

Review №88

The new recliner seat are great, just wish they would serve wine and appetizers, would just take it to a new level!!

Review №89

Ive had great experiences here. Excellent seating!

Review №90

It is 100% better than it use to be ... now I dont have to drive to Madison or clinton to see a movie

Review №91

The popcorn is delicious, The candy is tasty, and The 3-D Movie, be on point. I

Review №92

Nice reclining chairs but the need to fire their janitorial staff

Review №93

The manager on duty was not nice at all.

Review №94

The seats are comfortable and relaxing.

Review №95

Absolutely love it!

Review №96

The staff is friendly, the popcorn is great, and the recliners are comfortable.

Review №97

Not clean enough I had to clean a little trash off my seat and cup holder was wet.

Review №98

Speakers cracked and thin layer of dust on screen. I have a better system in my house.

Review №99

I got to listen to Jurassic Park while watching The Incredibles! Very thin walls, not ideal for a movie theater...

Review №100

Great place for first date

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  • Phone:+1 601-501-4774
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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