AMC Hawthorn 12
675 Hawthorn Center, Vernon Hills, IL 60061, United States

Review №1

The theatre was very nice. We went to an evening show and rented out an auditorium to be safe for covid. Everything was very clean. They have wipes and hand sanatizer everywhere when you enter.This theatre has the large electric recliners. They are almost too comfortable. If you go a little tired you will probably fall asleep.We also pre-ordered our food and we just had to give them our name and everything was ready when we arrived.It seems that at this location the only thing open was the theatre so the rest of the mall was pretty dead. Across the street some of the restaurants were open and maybe some of the stores.

Review №2

Located within the Mall in Vernon Hills. Come early buy your tickets and enjoy a walk around the mall which has good stores. The food court is near theater grab a bite to eat. Food prices within AMC have decreased and the selection has been amplified. $10+ for a beer at the bar! Pricey. Theater is maintained clean and staff is nice.

Review №3

Cleaning of the Theater is comforting. 10” wipes can be used to wipe down your seat.Respectable staff. DOLBY ATMOS Auditorium is my favorite when the movie offers it. Reliable parking.No complaints.

Review №4

I would like to thank Ivan for EXCELLENT customer service skills....I recommend that he be rewarded as a Manager or a higher position than what he currently has( thank u Ivan for showing my husband and i a wonderful greeting/hospitality during our special day for my husband birthday at hawthorn everyone please give Ivan a high rating....he really deserves it....I RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO COME OUT TO HAWTHORN MALL THEATRE..THE ENTIRE STAFF IS VERY PROFESSIONAL....ESPECIALLY IVAN.

Review №5

So far best experience at any AMC been to. Staff was super helpful, place is very clean, seats are super comfy, picture quality is great, and sound is phenominal. I was able to use my A-List memberships which originates from out of state just fine with no issues. Easiest way to find this theater is to lookup Hawthorn mall, it is literally inside mall then movie rooms are right up escalator. Overall really loved this place both times i visited within two week business trip.

Review №6

AMC Rocks! This theater has the best seats around, especially their Dolby cinema theater, seats are amazing, audio is just phenominal!! Definitely worth going! Plus they have the coca-cola machine with hundreds of flavors/mixes, their bar if your in a mood for a kick drink while your watching a movie. Clean and friendly!

Review №7

I normally like this theater. Just watched a movie. But had an issue with 3 girl employees. They were in the back projector room, giggling and laughing. Everyone in the back row could here them from inside auditorium number 4. I went out to the hallway and found them exiting the back projector room. They were shocked when I told them they were being really loud. The manager needs to know about this behavior. It was very disruptive from the movie. I know I seem like a whiner, but others around me where complaining. I just happened to have the bravery to figure out the problem and address it.

Review №8

Awesome Love this Movie Theater Comfortable reclining chairs that rumble with action in the movie! Oh and the sound system OMG! Awesome dont know what else to sayReally!AWESOME

Review №9

A-list deals are great! Bartenders are alright, Concessions service is decent. But I love the movies

Review №10

Very nice movie theater that I really enjoyed. There is a big escalator which honestly was a great way to take you from the lower level(real life) up to a total escape and freedom to enjoy the show. Totally had a great experience here from start to finish.

Review №11

I would say its the best theater in the nw suburbs. Stadium assigned seating is great and wait times for concessions are moderate. Cant give five stars as its still just a movie theater and five stars would just feel wrong.

Review №12

Best movie theater in the state. I am an A-list user and I visit here weekly. All the food here is good and the theaters are newer. The seats are recliner and feel new. The sound is great and there is plenty of parking.Would give 6 stars if I could

Review №13

This is one of the closest and nicest AMC theaters that we usually watch movies at. This theater is an anchor to the mall in Vernon Hills. Theater is easily accessible from the main road and ample parking space is available. It is attached to the mall, which is convenient to spend time before or after the movie. Staff here is very friendly and theater is kept up to date. All new and big blockbuster movies are shown all the time. Pretty much all theaters are upgraded to reserve seatings eith recliners. AMC is making movie watching experience enjoyable with new upgrades.

Review №14

The theater was very clean. The staff were very polite and pleasant to deal with. The recliners were amazing, the only way to watch movies. The popcorn were good too, a bit overpriced but it is what it is.

Review №15

Clean & well maintained theater. Awesome comfy reclining seats. For Stubbs members $6 Tuesdays, great deal.

Review №16

My favorite movie theatre playing all the new releases with comfy, leather reclining chairs, food and drinks brought to your seat. Nice to enjoy a drink at the bar before the show.

Review №17

Been going to this theater for the past few years, and its always been great. Comfortable seating, nice quality of theaters and overall screening, great concessions, friendly staff, definitely the go-to for movies.

Review №18

Love the reserved seats and that they recline. All in all it really enhances the movie going experience!

Review №19

I love this place! The seats are very comfortable, the have alcoholic drinks, and the Dolby theater room is amazing. I saw Creed 2 last year in it. I could feel and hear every punch! Recommend this location highly especially if you are already at the mall. It has such a chill vibe and its pretty big that you even forget its in the mall.

Review №20

Very nice theatre! Especially the Dolby! The prices are extremely high,however that is to be expected when going to the theater. I would recommend it for everyones movie experience.

Review №21

My daughter and I enjoyed the movie and great Customer Service at the concession stand. Both the theater and the bathrooms were Clean. We will be back♡♡

Review №22

Very easy and clean. Seats are so comfortable that they are hard not to fall asleep in.

Review №23

, the mall has been improved quite a bit since I would grew up there. Quite a lot of stores that you want to shop at some Boutique shops a really nice AMC movie theater. Just saw Avengers endgame today that was pretty awesome sorry no spoilers. Really laid out you dont feel like youre walking on top of everyone else. Plenty of stores to choose from. The theater itself is really nice the seats extra comfy we actually saw the Avengers in 3D 3D is okay I really wouldnt have had the 15 bucks a ticket for it.

Review №24

Fantastic theater that caters to patrons both young and old. Comfortable recliners and state of the art audio and visuals sets the standard for what all other theaters should aspire to be.

Review №25

Really nice theater. Clean, not crowded. Seats are REALLY awesome; recline so far back, most people brought comfy!

Review №26

This movie theater is huge. It was clean, movie started on time. It was delightful

Review №27

Comfortable seats, good sound and nice screens but only 4 stars due to glass partitions blocking views and aisles not wide enough for people to pass when seats are fully extended.

Review №28

Dolby theater was fun experience, clean, comfortable. Good selection of food on menu, popcorn was ok.

Review №29

Probably the nicest movie theater I can recall ever going to. Very clean. The reclining seats are most comfortable. I highly recomend this theater.

Review №30

Every AMC Theater has some sort of flaw. This one is its cleanliness.I understand that it can be difficult to properly clean a theater between screenings, especially when its busy. However, I went to a 4PM show on a Wednesday.I got to the theater at about 3:20PM. From the ticket counter to the concession stand to the theater itself, I counted two employees and three other patrons. I sat outside of theater twelve until I thought it was an appropriate time to get to my seat. From then until 3:50PM, not a single person was walking around. This indicated to me that this was not a busy time.So imagine my surprise that when I got my seat that it had visibly dark, dirty spots. When I reached over the seat next to me, it was sticky. Lastly, there was some popcorn visible on the floor.Im not sure if this AMC only had two employees at the time, but its incredibly off-putting to see a theater so empty be so unsanitary.In addition to what was visible, I felt like the air quality was off. The air was heavy as if the HVAC filters havent been addressed in years. Also, unlike other AMC theaters, I just generally couldnt hear any air being pumped into the theater.My last gripe with this place is the fact that, unlike every other movie theater, there are no signs indicating what movie is playing in what theater. Yes, I understand that your movie ticket says it, but itd be nice to have it posted on the door as well. I noticed every theater had a digital sign above the door, but every sign was off. When I left my screening, an elderly couple asked me if I knew where Dolittle was playing. When I didnt know, they asked someone else who also didnt know. It makes for a confusing time.PS, why are tickets here more expensive than other AMCs? I understand night time showings but Ive seen movies that played on or before 4:00PM before and tickets were always about $10.99.

Review №31

The best from the west :D

Review №32

Good fun for the kids. A little pricey on peek days but hey, we all had fun and made it through the movie.

Review №33

Excellent. The screens are large. The sounds will vibrate your very bones. And the pre-seating selection is a great option. This is easily the best theatre in the area. Their food is freshly made in the kitchen if needed and they have at least 5 Coca-Cola drink stations so youre not waiting in line to get your customized drink mixed. Plus! Theres a bar with cocktails if you come early -- perfection! All in all, if youre watching a movie in the area youre doing it wrong if youre not at AMC Hawthorn 12. 10/10 would go again.

Review №34

Always a great experience! I go here often and every theater is clean and comfortable-large reclining seats!

Review №35

The on-call manager was gracious and generous when assisting with a problem that had occurred the night before. She took the time to listen and to solve the issue. This is a great location.

Review №36

Very enjoyable! Definitely will go back!

Review №37

Amazing theatre experience and very good maintenance!

Review №38

The movie theater was very nice. The seats were comfortable and it was a nice, comfortable experience. Also, you can easily check in online so you dont have to wait in a long line. Very nice theater!

Review №39

Nice and clean movie theater. Went on a Wednesday night and enjoyed our time here. Was able to buy tickets quickly on the computer kiosk. We were able to grab concession food quickly too. The theater seating was comfy with the recliner seats.

Review №40

I love this theater! They have great options for snacks during the movie. The theater is always clean and they have a bar for adult beverage options

Review №41

Spacious, impeccable theaters, personable staff. Wonderful reclining seats and good concessions.

Review №42

Best in class movie theatres. I really love watching the movie relaxing in the recliner chairs. The theatre is maintained very clean. This is inside the hawthorn mall. So you have more things to do besides watching movie.

Review №43

Miss going to the movies with my granddaughter cant wait until it reopens

Review №44

For years its been a pleasure watching movies here, but for the several times that we went recently we seem to be getting reclining seats that dont work (we usually choose the top row and thats where the offending seats are, M15 & M16, in the auditorium that screened Avengers: Endgame). Otherwise its a good movie experience, restrooms are clean, a lot of good food choices, courteous and polite staff. And its in Hawthorn Mall, so theres lots more fun stuff to do after watching a movie. The 2-star rating can still be a 5-star when the management fixes the reclining seats.

Review №45

Best place near the house to spend time with family and with kids. Except all time new movies you can find lots of different dishes and ofcourse pop corn!! There are also different drinks for adults in their bar. But prices unfortunately also high enough :-(If its not enough too, you can easily get to Hawthorn mall where is tons of everything too.

Review №46

Best theatre around. Super comfy seats.

Review №47

Went to go see the New Star Wars, The place was very clean and the concessions were polite and helpful.

Review №48

Love the seating here. Recliners....need I say more. Good snack food, the little burgers and hot dogs are very good. Great variety of bevarages and if you get the app you can reserve your seats and even order ahead that will be delivered to your seat at the time you select. Friendly folks helping you out and they never rush you.

Review №49

Good theater, but the workers are rude. I was watching the Hocus Pocus movie for the 25th anniversary, and a worker came up to me and told me to be quiet. I asked why and she told me that some people (who werent even in my group) were being loud and I was a part. I told her that I wasnt part of that group and had been silent for the movie so far, and she swore at me and slapped me. I told management and they did nothing.

Review №50

Super modern, sleek, clean, and an overall great movie theater.

Review №51

Pretty clean, comfy chairs, excellent customer service.

Review №52

Great movie theater not very crowded but amazing comfy seats and good view from anywhere

Review №53

I love this theater. The seats are comfy, and the staff is friendly. Plus they have a bar if you feel like having a drink during a movie.

Review №54

My daughter and I go there to watch a movie once in a blue moon

Review №55

My favorite movie theater because we live close by. But they could do better with cleaning the bathrooms and especially the theaters after each showings.

Review №56

This place is always great....bathrooms are really clean....recliners in the theaters are super comfortable ....theaters are not over crowded with seats....great place to see a flick....just had my boys take their friends in a big group to see a movie ...had a great time and got in and out with zero that place!

Review №57

Very good... What else do you expect.

Review №58

Pone of my favorite theaters. Everyone is friendly and the place is clean. Great seats, good sound and a fun experience watching a movie here.

Review №59

Very good theater. The seats were excellent. The screen we went to had assigned seating, but the seats reclined and had leg rests that raise up. The seats were large. The sound was great in the theatre. Pricing is typical movie theatre pricing, but maybe a little higher. I would recommend this spot.

Review №60

It was easy to get my tickets on AMC Stubbs and picked out perfect seats and had a very comfortable experience in their adjustable padded chairs

Review №61

Nice recliners,popcorn is good,put as much butter as you want,lol,

Review №62

8 pm and no hotdogs, they didnt want to cook more.

Review №63

Havent been to an AMC in forever. Absolutely forgot how amazing AMC has done for a great movie experience. So long as you treat the staff with the respect that you want back, they will help with anything and do it with a smile. Movie on!

Review №64

Amazing. Huge. Comfy. Keto snacks.

Review №65

Saw a movie on one on of the regular screens. The sound and picture were good and the seats were comfortable, even for 3 hours. Didnt try the concessions, though.

Review №66

We needed 2 bring a blanket so we could have a,father, mother &son snuggleIike we did @ sons were small & n thier p.j.s @ home on our couch.

Review №67

This is my go to theater. You can buy tickets online and reserve a specific seat, the popcorn is always good, they have a variety of snacks to choose from and the pop machines are the kind where you can choose flavors on a screen... there are a lot of options at this theater. There are even choices for alcohol if you would like that, but I havent taken advantage of that at the theater. The seats recline with a push of a button and are very comfy. Good visual and sound quality on all of the movies weve seen. I cant say anything about 3-D movies here since I avoid those - they give me headaches.

Review №68

Was closed much too long!!!

Review №69

Recliner seats and good selection of snacks

Review №70

Love the Dolby Digital Theater! The drinks are well made. This is the spot for movies in the Libertyville/Vernon Hills area.

Review №71

Gets really chilly during the movie. Would suggest bringing a blanket with you.

Review №72

The seats are adjustable and there are movies. Also some soft drinks. Trashcans are very well made

Review №73

I love AMC A-list. Its a great value.

Review №74

Wow! What a cool theater. I can see why its busy. Its well designed and can handle big crowds, the select seating is an ingenious idea. The place is clean and the staff are friendly and helpful.

Review №75

Saw Jurassic Park in the theater with Dolby sound. Well worth it! Amazing sound and the chairs even shake when the dinosaurs walk. This wasnt really crazy loud like some theaters do. This was crisp sound with great effects.

Review №76

Nice seats.. pay more but comfortable

Review №77

Movie was great,the place is nice, the service standard, the facilities clean and organized. Still is pricey as any other movie theater snacks are hella expensive. The theater had recliners however they are starting to tear and it does gives a low quality look to the place. Because all of that Im just giving them 4 stars.

Review №78

I normally go to Marcus in Gurnee.. I have been wanting to try the new AMC at Hawthorn because so many people I know, have said how nice the theater is how good the sound in the screen quality are. The only thing that I do not like is that if you buy tickets on the app when they have their $5 Tuesday they charge a very huge convenience fee and the tickets end up costing about $8 If you go on the Marcus app and you buy a $5 Tuesday ticket its $5 as long as you buy it on the app theres no convenience fee or even tax so other than that the theater is about the same as Marcus little bit more expensive. Marcus is closer to my home so I will probly only go to Marcus from now on...

Review №79

Very nice theater and I recommend the reclining seats, they really made watching a movie very relaxing and enjoyable. If only all theater seating was like that....

Review №80

Gotta love the new reclining seats. More leg room than I was used to years ago.

Review №81

Great seats and popcorn

Review №82

Hawthorn mall seems to have a lot more fun things going for it these days and this theater is one. Big leather reclining seats. Less people. Tuesdays are cheaper. Weve seen a few movies here and its a good experience even if the the movies arent. Want to waste a day at the mall without spending money shopping come here.

Review №83

This movie theater is nice, new and pricey. Most theaters have the reclining seats, which is nice, but can be a bit of a hassle with kids- more room for them to wiggle around. If you are going as a couple, make sure you get the seats grouped together. The armrest goes up so you can get closer.

Review №84

Projector broke and was unable to see the movie. Good waste of an hour.

Review №85

Best part of this theater is that you show your ticket before concessions which makes it a lot easier. Always clean and friendly staff.

Review №86

Very clean and comfy seats to enjoy movies

Review №87

The most comfortable chairs Ive ever sat in, in a theater!

Review №88

No ready hotdogs took 20 to 25 min to get them ready. Missed the beginning of the movie because I had to come back for them!!!

Review №89

The theater was still trashed from the viewing prior. Theater 10 has a strong odor.

Review №90

Something like gum on my seat about 4 inches long. One of the employees did try to get it off, then left and said he would see if another seat was available, but never came back. I sat on a pile of paper towels from the bathroom. Disgusting.

Review №91

Best theater to go to in the area. Great staff

Review №92

Beautiful, new theater. I grew up in Libertyville so having this in Vernon Hills is a great addition. Its only a few years old but the theaters are great, with lounge like chairs.

Review №93

Seats are amazing. Service is on point but the reason for this review...I lost my wallet and my tile told me it was last seen with me at AMC theatre. I held my breathe with it being 1 day later. I lost it on Christmas and was hoping for a miracle. Sure enough it was there. A manager named Jessie turned it in. There was cash, credit cards, gift cards...nothing was missing. I tried to tip the staff multiple times and they refused. Well Done AMC.

Review №94

Know that every Tuesdays its $5 movie night, very hard not to go watch one at that price!

Review №95

I will not give more than 3 stars simply because a small drink was almost $7 and the seats are starting to wear out.

Review №96

Great location. Really nice reclining seats. Wish there was room to pass through the aisle when the recliners are fully extended though.

Review №97

Wow. I know it has been a long time since I have been to a viewing of a current picture, and awhile since I have been to an AMC theater, but what a change! I did like it though. Got to pick my seat... recliner even, got an espresso, that was great. They have an assortment of foods, but I was going to eat after the movie. They even have a bar!!! I really enjoyed the entire experience.

Review №98

Good movie theater but expensive and chairs are really nice

Review №99

I had good experience, clean environment and comfortable seating, Kiosks for tickets purchase...

Review №100

Cinema 1 has great Dolby sound but the recliners are NOT the signature AMC theater recliners. They are much more cramped and do not recline as far.This AMC is great though. Just watch what theatre you reserve.

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:675 Hawthorn Center, Vernon Hills, IL 60061, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 224-207-8441
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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