Cinemark Movies 8
Barnes Crossing Mall, 1001 Barnes Crossing Rd, Tupelo, MS 38804, United States

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Conveniently located at The Mall at Barnes Crossing, this theater is small but well-kept and extremely clean. It features lounger seating, providing a pleasantly comfortable viewing experience. Moreover, the staff are friendly and helpful. A great place to catch a movie!

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Thanks 4 being open & awesome

Review №4

Love the new heated seats and love how they recline. It will really help people who have RLS or back issues. They can be comfortable and enjoy the movie.

Review №5

Reclining comfortable seats.

Review №6

LOVE the seats (especially being pregnant), love that you can reserve your seats ahead of time!! Friendly service and good popcorn and drinks!

Review №7

A great place to watch a movie. They have extremely comfortable reclining chairs, plus excellent popcorn to eat.

Review №8

Comfortable seats, enjoyed being able to use the app to choose seats and pay .

Review №9

Love the seats. Had a fun evening, Thanks

Review №10

Comfy seats, decent ticket prices, though the restrooms arent clearly marked. Look for the picture of Marilyn Monroe to find the restrooms.

Review №11

Cinemark has gotten tremendously better since the renovation. The chairs are comfy and heated, although they do not recline back that far.The snacks are tasty but you will spend some money for them. The quality of the movies and sound are great. Plus the bathrooms are clean. So hopefully Cinemark will keep it that way!

Review №12

Clean comfortable nice staff

Review №13

Popcorn was fresh. Employees were friendly. The seats are very comfortable. We really enjoy being able to pick our seats and being guaranteed our spot in the theatre

Review №14

Great Experience!!! Skip The Wait In Line and Download The App!! Seats Are Heated And They Recline!!

Review №15

Everything got sold out fast but still good

Review №16

Service is bad. Food prices are insane. Not enough employees supervising the theatre rooms.

Review №17

Love the reclining seats. Its great!

Review №18

Love the theater but security guards have Barney Fife mentality

Review №19

Always an amazing an amazing experience! They have an arcade for the family to enjoy while they wait for there movie and benches for those who just want to eat there delicious snacks.

Review №20

The remodel of the theatre seats brought new life to this theatre! Love that you can reserve your seat and they are comfy!

Review №21

Theater is always clean and the staff is always friendly.

Review №22

The staff was very welcoming and friendly. I truely felt like an honored guest. I will definitely go back for more business.

Review №23

Had a great time, comfortable seating, lots of leg room to recline and very peaceful. Employees were very kind and helpful.

Review №24

Love the reclining chairs! We went to a movie that was almost sold out recently, and the only available seats together were on the front row. The reclining seats were great for that—looking at the big screen from the front row, but also the seats are very comfortable!

Review №25

Love this theatre. The popcorn is always fresh. The people are very friendly. The seats and theatre are always top-notch.

Review №26

Great big reclining seats make for a comfortable movie experience! B+

Review №27

The staff was great. Pop corn was amazing and the sprite was on point!

Review №28

They have reclining chairs and heated.

Review №29

Good service and the sites were very nice

Review №30

It appears they arent showing unplanned. They also didnt show I can only imagine. Do they know how many Christian live in Lee County and the surrounding areas.

Review №31

Awesome. This makes for an excellent date night or a nice lunch time movie with the family. Friendly staff

Review №32

Most comfortable seats they have installed.

Review №33

The Cinemark Theater at Barnes Crossing has had a renovation & is a nice place to go. The new seats are comfortable make it easier to relax & enjoy the movie! Its got no more signs of people leaving theyre qum under the seats or worse throwing gum on the floor.Ill never understand why Civilized People have NO RESPECT for others to get it stuck to theyre clothes & shoes.Leaves me wondering if those same people do that at theyre homes ?The employees do theyre best at keeping it as neat & clean as possible.Another thing is that they are Southern people. They are just the kindest & most accommodating people! You wont find that in the northern states.I liked that quality & wish people up North, where I currently reside, had theyre kindness that those youngins were taught! I loved it!

Review №34

Since theyve upgraded to the reclining seats, theres really not a bad seat in the house. Generally a well managed and clean place.

Review №35

I did not go in I dropped my daughter off here but from what I have heard theyve updated all the theater rooms with new seats Etc, the prices are the same as anywhere else you would go see a movie, I just dont like the new seeding rule that they have. Come on now you should be able to sit wherever you like instead of having assigned seats.

Review №36

Nice theater in Tupelo. I dont have any complaints, size of auditoriums are decent and sound quality is good. Couldve been rated a 4 but comparing to other theaters (some in larger markets) which is completely unfair. Good experience at the theater!

Review №37

The chairs was awesome recliners comfy but the drinks way to high but tickets only seven dollars during the day sunday

Review №38

That my favorite theater I go to you will luv it

Review №39

I love cinamark. The seats are so comfortable. I go once a month. And look forward to every visit. A great experience.

Review №40

The have amazing seat to sit in to be comfortable, and the beverages are good as well, I entirely recommend it.

Review №41

Great environment, good customer service ams the seats are amazing

Review №42

Comfy heated reclining seats. Very clean.

Review №43

It was so good went and got really good popcorn and sodas and they were really nice but there was so many people in there that we couldnt even get in are seats and had to sit in the front row

Review №44

Had a wonderful time with my daughter and her friends, and my mother. Customer service at the snack bar was good.

Review №45

Amazing seats now. Movie was super awesome!

Review №46

Uts a great place to go and watch a movie.

Review №47

Love the theater, and the reclining heated seats... Food choices are excellent, but a little pricey. Need to lower the prices some on ur food

Review №48

Best buffet in town. Many choices as far as the food, has good deserts also at a decent price.

Review №49

Love the seats and is clean. love the recliners and heated seats. Enjoy taking my family.

Review №50

Outstanding seating. They have reclining seats with cup holders. My problem is you have to reserve your spot when we watched one movie we ended up being directly in front of a father with his nose and his phone and a couple of kids who were not watching the movie but instead doing everything but running around right there in front of dad. EXTREMELY DISTRACTING.

Review №51

The service is awesome. The screens and movies play clearly and with barely any flaws. However, the chairs are not as comfortable as their nearby competitor.

Review №52

This is my favorite place to go watch movies! The experience is like no other! From the heated reclining seats to the amazing customer service I love this place from the bottom of my heart! ️️

Review №53

Dustin was very nice in seating us and answered any questions I had. I believe he is an honest hard worker and very helpful to my family. He definatly made our movie going experience better.

Review №54

It was a cold night and the air conditioner was on and lots of people complaining of being cold.

Review №55

The upgrades on seating and $5 day make movies fun and affordable again.

Review №56

I like this place clean nice people

Review №57

Very comfortable, extra wide, reclining chairs. Movie was a little pricey for the 4 p.m. showing.

Review №58

Very clean and friendly staff. The theater seats were very comfortable.

Review №59

My sprite drink was flat and they are rude that they didn’t refill it so here is why im posting this report !

Review №60

Avengers End Game... do I need to say more? Lol great seats, always easy to get in quickly and comfortable seating!

Review №61

Went with a school trip. Large group of kids, 1st thru 5th grade, they treated all very nicely including the adults. Highly recommend it for large groups as well as for a single person.

Review №62

The new leather recliners are heated and so comfortable. They were definitely due for an update and they have exceeded my expectations. I will definitely start going there more often.

Review №63

Comfortable seats, nice place, friendly, Ill definatly be back.

Review №64

Better than they was before didnt like the seat they use to have

Review №65

WOW, it has been YEARS since we have gone here, but we came today and the place has had some major improvements! The chairs are amazing! BUT...I will say that the arcade needs some work...even at my age, we usually visit the arcade before getting into the was run down looking and dark and seemed like half the games were broken or just turned off. Prices are always super expensive at theaters, so i recommend not buying anything unless you just have tons of money to throw away.

Review №66

Great place to sit back and relax on a Friday night, and watch a movie with the family.

Review №67

Luxury, comfy leather reclining chairs with a heated feature. This place has seriously stepped up their fresh popcorn game. I get concessions everytime I watch a movie. Mr. Kelvin (I believe is his name, young man, wears a suit) is so nice and professional. We had an issue with our seat one time (at no fault of the theater, it was another customer) and Kelvin fixed it right away and got us new seats. All staff is so helpful!!!

Review №68

Great Comforts while watching big screen

Review №69

Comfortable seating in the back rows. I just dont like that theaters are making you pay for assigned seats.

Review №70

Nice comfortable seats and great movies

Review №71

It has a great game room nice place to see a movie

Review №72

I love the new lounge chairs. Theres nothing like being able to kick back and watch the big screen.

Review №73

Luxury reclining seats were the best!

Review №74

Great theater! The reclining seats and spacious aisles make the experience so much better than traditional theater seats! I would most definitely recommend.

Review №75

Saw a fantastic movie

Review №76

Great experience there, really enjoyed it, very nice staff and facility

Review №77

Clean polite staff

Review №78

Loved the movie really loved the seats

Review №79

Im not from Mississippi but the Staff was great, movie theater and rest rooms top notch . Ill be back in the near future .

Review №80

I had a problem here a few weeks ago and when I wrote an email they resolved it very professionaly. I always appreciate a business that makes an effort to take care of customers and keep them happy! Also, I am that person who is always cold and this theater will always be my first choice because of the heated seats.

Review №81

One of two movie theater options in Tupelo Mississippi. It has recently been upgraded with reclining seats that are also heated. Definitely a lot better since theyve done some renovations.

Review №82

You have to reserve seats in advance. The sears are great. They are trying to squeeze a little too much revenue with the ‘A’ row. It was too close to the screen and you had to watch at an impossible angle. Imagine watching a 55” television from 1’ foot away right below the screen with the TV on your chest. I leaned back all the way and put my head on the far side of the cushion. Wasn’t so bad that I walked out, but I would not put myself through that again.

Review №83

Easy access to the theater but also easy access to food as the malls food court is literally the next door down. Wonderful comfy recliners and THEY ARE HEATED!!

Review №84

The recliners are awesome!

Review №85

Nice theater decent priced

Review №86

Love the new seating, they make watching a movie more enjoyable.

Review №87

They seriously need to start from scratch and just redesign that movie house. Always feel like sitting on the floor and rows are to close together and the seats feel like they dont support you. You pay to much money for the concessions that dont taste that great to begin with. Overall, I am not very happy with the Cinemark Movies 8 theater. I would just as soon wait to see the movie at home then see a movie at Cinemark.

Review №88

Their new seats were installed properly. the back legs should 2 shorter to offer comfort instead of a forward lean. Also, the new seats are too tall for children and short folks. The popcorn is better at Malco. I go to both movie houses often. Just wanting Cinemark to step up.

Review №89

Spacious with reclining heated seats. No waiting in line with online ticket purchase option.

Review №90

Staff was courteous and theater was clean. Absolute biggest issue that gives my experience a 1 star was the seating. Stadium style seating with high backs in a none stadium style theater makes for a dated disaster which makes viewing the screen hard for most under 6 feet tall. When this theater gets good movies I will literally drive to another town to watch a movie and refuse to see any further movies here. Either update your rooms with actual elevated setups or relocate like Malco did when it faced the same issue.

Review №91

Great nice theatre will lounge chairs throughout

Review №92

One stop shop and movie watch, convenient

Review №93

Like their reclining seats. They are roomy enough with cupholders on each arm.

Review №94

The theater has reserve-only reclining leather seats that have built-in heaters. When you purchase a ticket, you choose the seat you want. There is a screen at the ticket booth that shows which seats are available. Standard concessions available.

Review №95

It’s a good theater! They actually offer feee posters for movies, I got a fun one for Ready Player One. All in all good theater with good seats.

Review №96

The recliners are the way to view a movie! Love the wide aisles.

Review №97

Never knew I needed a recliner in a theater. Now I know.

Review №98

Friendly staff. Clean. Has recliners

Review №99

I am revising my previous one star rating. Since the renovations with luxury seats; we have renewed pleasure in viewing movies at the Cinemark. The concessions are ridiculously priced as ever but the movie view experience is superb. Cinemark of Tupelo has been redeemed; now keep it clean!

Review №100

Not as good as Netflix and chillin

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  • Address:Barnes Crossing Mall, 1001 Barnes Crossing Rd, Tupelo, MS 38804, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 662-844-8256
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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