Regal Tullahoma
2221 N Jackson St, Tullahoma, TN 37388, United States

Review №1

This place is entirely too expensive! If you want a real family experience at almost half the price, visit Oldham theater in Winchester.

Review №2

Love the unlimited pass highly recommend!! Just wish the seats reclined!!! But the duck machine is my fave next to the extra buttered popcorn(w/enough butter to kill a horse)

Review №3

I was there 30 years ago. It has grown a lot since then. Staff was very helpful. With my disability. Its a great place to watch a movie and go out for the evening.

Review №4

Concessions are as expected, unreasonably expensive. Ticket prices are normal at ~$10 a ticket. But what else do you expect from Regal?As for what location managers can control though, this place is awesome. The outside box office is utilized during rushes to expedite the concessions line. Everyone is friendly and the bathroom (at least the men’s) is always clean.

Review №5

Always a fun time when you get to see a movie with your kiddo!

Review №6

We had a good time and enjoy the movie.

Review №7

Good theater for an older style. Very clean and well maintained. The workers were very nice and there were plenty of staff to help keep things moving (it was Thanksgiving night). One of the speakers in our theater kept shorting out, though. That became pretty annoying by the end of the movie.

Review №8

Of all the local theaters, I always choose Tullahoma for their management. Sure, the prices are higher, but I always pay extra so that I can see a film in peace. Other cinemas arent so good at keeping the racket down.

Review №9

I will not go back. The experience that I have had the past several times that I have been. Not only a ton of young kids that their parents drop off and leave, they talk and are very loud throughout the whole movie that I paid for and I’m trying to watch. Also some adults are acting like these young kids and talking throughout the whole movie as well. Respect for others is not in this theater.

Review №10

Its a nice small theater that has the newest movies. I do not think they have a frozen coke machine.

Review №11

Its competitively priced and never too crowded (though we try to avoid weekends) but they used to have amazing booster seats that fit the seat for kids and had cup holders and all that. now its these awkward hard plastic seat that doesnt fit well and my children hate sitting in them. one usually ends up on his knees in his seat and the other ends up in my lap.

Review №12

The kids that work behind the counter are always great, but the one female manager is really rude. I was there at night on Christmas day, and she wasnt nice to patrons or the employees.

Review №13

Very pleased with the home town atmosphere. Very well maintained an the staff seemed very sweet.

Review №14

Overpriced..behind the times... No stadium seating. Its Saturday evening, 35 degrees out and theres 5 people working concessions inside but only one person selling the tkts outside. Making people stand outside in the cold instead of having the line inside where its warm.

Review №15

Clean and well maintained. The staff walked in several times and this was a little disruptive, but it was probably for security so I can forgive.

Review №16

The theatre is nice a little old school. The prices of food and drinks are very high.

Review №17

Very clean theater!Only problem I had was while watching my movie I could hear the music and what sounded like loud explosions from the movies on each side of me. Little annoying but not terrible.

Review №18

We saw the movie 1917. It was wonderful.

Review №19

Very nice place nice seating, polite employees are popcorn and drinks are very high in price

Review №20

Great place well organized nice staff

Review №21

Great theater very quiet great sound good movies watched Terminator awesome movie

Review №22

The wait to get tickets was longer than expected as the same lines were also for purchasing concessions. Otherwise a nice clean facility with a friendly staff. Temperatures comfortable.

Review №23

Great picture, sound quality, seat space, temperature control and friendly staff. Now as for their deals on concessions...I try to be an honest law abiding citizen and expect others to be also, but those concession prices will break the bank. Not only was 2 popcorn and 2 drinks $35, (they told us an upgrade to large would allow free refills) We took the deal (there was also a $5 candy which they did not give us and we forgot until later we had paid for) When we wanted our free refill they said oh that is only on popcorn! Not drinks See we thought the upgrade and free refill was on the drinks. They didnt tell us until after. In their defense a large popcorn is big enough for three people to eat enough to get sick.Why someone would ever want to refill it as an individual is beyond me but I kind of felt like Id been tricked when they told me it was popcorn refills and not drinks. Bottom line is: I will never judge a person again for sneaking candy into a theater in their pockets or purse as long as the prices are over triple what it would cost outside the theater.

Review №24

Great place for a movie. Exceptional entertainment value for the money. Regal theaters are the best.

Review №25

Saw the new Mr Rogers movie - it was good!

Review №26

For a theater in a small town its ok. Screen is pretty clear. Seats are rough. Guess Im used to the reclining stadium seatings now

Review №27

Great movie. Snacks seriously overpriced

Review №28

Great staff! Ok auditoriums.

Review №29

Very clean and great friendly service

Review №30

Better than no movie theater in Tullahoma.

Review №31

Always clean but too pricy. Typically associates are very friendly.

Review №32

Terrific wonderful time. Popcorn delicious. Movie absolutely awesome

Review №33

Seating was very uncomfortable for a long movie. Senior discount only around .50 different than regular adult, may as well not even get that discount. Staff was very friendly.

Review №34

It is pretty expensive and doesnt have great seating. It shows good movies but 3D movies arent great here. It is fun to go just to hang out with friends for a night, but if u want to have a good movie I would go to murfreesboro or something like that.

Review №35

Screens are small, but theatre is clean, food is good ticket prices reasonable, and seating is comfortable.

Review №36

Long lines. Expensive. Need to take out loan to watch movie there. Full of teenagers. Seats comfortable. Giod sound quality.

Review №37

Enjoyed Aladdin with my fam...Great environment...Yummy concessions...Perfect!

Review №38

The cinemas themselves were clean and professional. But even considering it is a theater paying nearly 7$ for nachos and 6$ for a drink, then having to sit thru 10 min of words from their sponsors before even the first preview was just ridiculous. If they have so many sponsors why are we paying those prices? Should have gone to winchesters theater may be an old school theatre but at least its a better value.

Review №39

Great sound. Great picture!

Review №40

A nice, clean, comfortable theater. Would be 5 stars if we didnt have to stand outside in the cold and rain to get tickets.

Review №41

Good sound and good picture. Seats were fairly comfortable too. There were little scratches on the projection screen but nothing terrible. Would see another move here again.

Review №42

Really friendly staff, clean theater, comfortable seating.

Review №43

Always super clean with a very friendly and helpful staff, especially the manager! Had the best theater experience here watching End Game!

Review №44

Great movie theater, always has the newest movies out and has like 5 or 6 movies I think may be wrong on the # may be more, plenty of nice seats nice screens . Would recommend.

Review №45

Staff is always nice. Price is always high. Montana drive in is a much better deal and experience.

Review №46

I’m so mad. My boyfriend drove me an hour to see the joker to this theater. He is 17 and had his ID on him to prove it. I don’t have an ID because I’ve just never gotten one yet because I don’t wish to drive. They didn’t let us in just because I didn’t have my ID. screw this place.

Review №47

Nice theater comfy chairs and very clean

Review №48

The good old boys was a funny n good movie

Review №49

Cinema 8, Tullahoma is always clean, comfortable with nice employees. We saw, Mama Mia Here We Go Again. I laughed. I cried. The colors were beautiful. I applauded at the end. It was a lovely experience.

Review №50

Love to watch movies with my grandbabies!

Review №51

Very good service, the theatres have good sound and the screen is good quality

Review №52

Very nice experience

Review №53

Good place food and candy a little high but very family oriented

Review №54

This is an ok theater. The prices are WAY to high. The popcorn and drinks are always fresh and tasty. The staff are friendly. I have a big problem with a theater that advertises 4-6 pm as the matinee times and then schedules all their movies for the 3 oclock and 6 oclock hours. Thats shady buisiness. I suggest hitting the Drive-In or, since you are ganna spend the money anyway, head to Murfreesboro at Stones River Mall. Nice new theater and reclining seats..

Review №55

Very nice theater. The concessions were way too pricey. I got three drinks and two snacks, cost me $30.00 plus!

Review №56

I really enjoyed my meal. Waitress was very helpful and courteous

Review №57

Fairly good theatre for its age

Review №58

Its a nice place. A bit expensive...and in my opinion I dont like the food that much. At least the people are nice though.

Review №59

Nice for being a older place

Review №60

Great movie, clean seating and theater....

Review №61

It was like stepping back into the 90s from the decor, posters, and uppolstry. We could hear the theater next doors movie vividly. Also it smelled like a antique store.

Review №62

We had a great time watching or movie, it is a bit pricey

Review №63

The theatre is in line with paying good money to see a horrible stand up comic. Sound is not good, video worker person was slow to turn lights down, everything still expensive there but the seats, sound, and even video were not good. Id go there if there was absolutely no other option and I were in a bind to take someone to the movies

Review №64

Great first run movies

Review №65

Watch movies here a lot. Love that its not always packed! The people are great

Review №66

Prices could be a little better but good service

Review №67

Kids had a blast

Review №68

Great customer service at ticket window, employee was smiling and very courteous, Ive already prepaid for my ticket online and he informed me I could just walk on in and the ticket taker would scan my phone for my purchased ticket.. The only thing was the concession stand was too long, only had one line and it was very long so I didnt get to buy any snacks, because I didnt want to miss the beginning of Jumanji.. Ticket taker was very nice and knowledgeable.

Review №69

Very clean with a courteous staff

Review №70

Me and my girlfriend love it here

Review №71

Clean facility. Helpful employees when they can be found to the ticket booth. The only problem I had was that there wasnt a kids movie that my son wanted to see.

Review №72

Prices are little high. And when I asked for a small bag for popcorn to bring home to a friend I was told not without paying for a whole popcorn. Just paid $27 for a ticket, medium coke, and large popcorn but they couldnt spare a small bag, even though the large popcorn got free refills. Weird.

Review №73

I was there last night watching avengers in theater 4, Im 37 weeks pregnant & wanted a night out with the hubby b4 the baby comes. While there, i was bit 7 times by something, which i believe is bed bugs. now my legs are swollen up & hurting & itchy at the location of the bites, also when i went to complain as i was leaving (after the 9:40 show ended) i couldnt find anyone to speak too.. I have photos of the bites but im not sure how to attach them. So, fellow movie goers be cautious when leaving not to bring critters home with you.

Review №74

The seating is not on an incline, so you cant see if someone sits in front of you. Also, you can hear the movie next to you, loud and clear.

Review №75

No complaints here. Ticket prices are decent. Concessions prices are ridiculous but thats all theatres. Comfortable seating with great audio and video quality.

Review №76

These movies are a little pricey and I dont like the zombie game in the lobby, but overall I like the theater. The management let us change movies because the one I picked for my son was too loud and hes very sensitive to sound.

Review №77

Overpriced but ok for watching movies. Popcorn is good & fresh. Seating needs some repair.

Review №78

Love this theater. Great screen and sound. 3d is awesome. Matinee prices. Good club rewards

Review №79

Tried to go to the last show of the day with my friends. They locked the door before the movie even started and I couldnt get in. So I had to drive all the way back home (1 hour and a half), whilst my friends enjoyed the movie.

Review №80

Good service. No lines, clean.

Review №81

Needs to play more Christian movies

Review №82

What can I say it was a movie theater way overpriced food. If I had not got a free ticket from Google I would not have went. Luckily a decent movie was out. Deadpool 2. I went early Sunday at 1. Not too many idiots repeating every line and laughing at non funny stuff. So over all a good experience

Review №83

Nice & clean! Had a good time

Review №84

Old, dirty theater. Not wheelchair friendly but you can manage. Have fun trying to enjoy your movie when you can hear a different movie being played in the theater next door.Food is ungodly expensive.I would much rather go to the Montana drive in drive In movie theater. Cheaper and you get two movies for the price of one.

Review №85

Pleasant seating, always has films a few weeks more than the Oldham

Review №86

Movie started on time, no noise during the movie. Comfort seating and clean bathroom.

Review №87

A little high in menu prices, but overall fantastic experience!

Review №88

Nice friendly staff and clean theater

Review №89

Love the theater but the seats are rough on the back.

Review №90

I am an elderly lady, very seldom go to the movies, but I wanted to see a movie that was showing, enjoyed the movie very much. The refreshments are out of this world, no wonder people dont go very often, takes a rich person to enjoy a movie.

Review №91

Very few people visit this theater which also makes it easier to find a seat and enjoy the show. The theater rooms are clean, but the concessions are outrageous. I dont mind them making money where they can but the cost of the food and drink is just too much.

Review №92

Nice facility, but come on!!! Do you have to really charge those prices for tickets and food? Highway robbery.

Review №93

Very pricey concession stand, $14 for 2 cokes. Also not sure if it was the cinema doing or part of the movie but the ads were the longest Ive ever seen, didnt think the movie would ever start.

Review №94

Pricey for a local theater, I would drive further for a better deal

Review №95

This is a great movie theater. Its clean and comfortable. The employees are always friendly and helpful.

Review №96

Extremely overpriced for what it is. The theatres still dont have stadium style seating and the food is more expensive then most theatres with less selection. But its the only theatre in town and atleast the employees are always friendly.

Review №97

Great place to take the kids to enjoy a movie.

Review №98

I would give it an eight

Review №99

Good people work there, treated us really well.

Review №100

Love everything about this place except for the concessions prices. Very clean throughout the place and very friendly employees!

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  • Address:2221 N Jackson St, Tullahoma, TN 37388, United States
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  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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