Epic Theatres at Titusville with Epic XL
2505 S Hopkins Ave, Titusville, FL 32780, United States

Review №1

What i like about epic theater in Titusville, very clean, comfortable seating, excellent video and sound quality, what needs improvement is when something breaks down and they know about it, put an out of order and dont keep charging people for something especially when I mentioned that I paid for and got carbonated water, they told me that coke had come out and checked it and said it was in perfect running condition, an employee said that he knew which machine it was. Just a simple fix, either replace the co2 or the syrup bag for the appropriate one, dont lie to your customers

Review №2

The reclining seats are very nice. The prices for snacks and food are a little high, however youre at the theaters, so its expected. There are limited options her not alcoholic drinks and when we were here that 3 in the afternoon the bar didnt appear to be open. Not that I wanted a drink this early. I like that they have reserved seating.

Review №3

We did a private showing tonight of a flashback. Micheal, the manager, and his staff ROCKED our event tonight. Made the whole night wonderful. Highly recommend private showings. Covid sage!!!!

Review №4

Very clean,many hand sanitizer stations. Popcorn was fresh even though we were the only customers that we saw the whole time. They even had a working closed captioning device for the hard of hearing member of our party

Review №5

Recliners, nice environment, great screens

Review №6

I love this theater. The seats are super comfy and the whole place is clean. The kiosks are easy to use and are always open! Excited to be back in this theater. Would love to see them come out with a frequent watcher system like AMCs A-List. I would be more than happy to pay monthly for the convenience.

Review №7

If I could rate this theater 0 stars I would after todays experience. I usually go weekly to this theater with my family and I have never been treated so poorly by a manager in my life as my daughter and I was today. We ordered a fountain drink and popcorn to enjoy a mother/daughter day together. As we got our drinks, I told the girl at the cash registers that the drinks were not good. Her manager came over and I explained to him that the carbonation and syrup was off in the drinks. My daughter tried 4 different drinks and I tried 2. His comment was that he just spent $600.00 to have them serviced and the company said they were perfect. I reassured him that someone might need to check again because they are not right. He continued to stare us down and stand in front of us. I asked him if the drinks were going to always taste perfect like that then would I be able to bring my own drink in which was of course a no. I asked if I could change the drinks for a water and he agreed. Following us close behind I mentioned 1 more time that he might need to check them out. He continued to defend. He then threatened us that he would ask us to leave. I told him that it is over with and to move on. He stayed in front of us staring and waiting for more. My daughter apologized after he said he was going to ask us to leave. I told him that managers should be trying to calm a situation instead of adding to it. He said I was being a martyr now and he is asking us to leave. My daughter started to have a slight anxiety attack and I told the manager to just let it go and we will just go to the movie. His response was Take your water and go to your movie All of this over a drink. I will not be going back to this theater again and he needs to be trained on how to handle situations better as a manager!!

Review №8

On the Saturday evening of November 21, 2020, my wife and I decided to visit “Epic” theatre in Titusville, Florida. As we walked inside to an empty lobby, we could see local teenage possibly early twenty year old employees sitting at a table together but trying to quickly put on their masks.As we looked through the options on their computer ticket service, one of these employees accosted us and demanded that we “wear a mask”, in an aggressive tone. I tried to explain to this employee that I had a medical limitation and I could not wear his mask.The employee responded rudely and aggressively in a southern hick voice as he pointed out the door“ HEAD ON OUT”.We could see that his management must have emboldened him to present such an unprofessional and ignorant face to potential customers.It is not a requirement that from the State of Florida’s Governor ( Desantis) that the public wear masks, nor is it a mandate in Brevard county.This theater management is trying to impose these mask requirements regardless of any medical limitations, even though they were not personally wearing them either when we came in. Nor were they “socially distancing” from each other.Somehow this institution has come to believe that they have the right to make up their own laws like a independent Sovereign nation. No! They are sadly mistaken and ignorant.Imagine if a business were to say “ You can pick pocket in here” or “beat people up” in here since this is a private business. NO ! The reality is that they are subject to the laws of the land, not their own laws.No private business offering service to the public ( public accommodation) has the authority to deny entry or service based on your disability. In addition, they do not have the authority to violate our civil rights.This hpocrisy and ignorance by Epic Theater employees does not suspend our civil rights or the constitution.All the big box stores ( Sams Club, Walmart, Public) have been legally challenged by formal notice and in court on these issues and have since relaxed this experimental imposition of masks. This is why today when you go in, masks are not demanded as a prerequisite for entry.Even a modest research effort can demonstrate that these masks do not protect you from a virus ( 20 nanometers) that easily passes through these cloth coverings.The fact that the owners and management of “Epic” Theaters are willing to make such demands on the public in abject ignorance of the law and science speaks volumes about them. Sending out a rude and aggressive hick to chase away customers should alert everyone to seek other entertainment options.I will never be back to visit this theater in the future. No doubt others have had similar experiences.If they go out of business permanently, it will have happened by their their own hand.Stand up America ! Vote with you feet ! We do not need to accept this type of abuse.

Review №9

Excellent manager who seems to actually care for the business. Worked with our group to make everything perfect. Were looking forward to using this theatre in the future.

Review №10

The ticket taker man was extremely rude while I took my mask out of my purse... Violated my personal space by coming within 2 feet of me in a threatening manner. When I asked him to step back from me he demanded I leave the theater. I have always loved this theater and was thrilled it was open again.. Was meeting my grandchildren for our first movie in months.... Very bad experience which I will not repeat.

Review №11

We really like the mgr. Michael. He is very nice n thoughtful. We live in Merritt Island but come to Titusville because of michael

Review №12

My kids & I enjoy going to this movie theater they also play old movies

Review №13

Thank you for the throwback movies. Very clean! Love our Titusville theater!

Review №14

Staff is rude and tickets are expensive. Will not be returning.

Review №15

Best theater around, great staff and love the reserved seating.

Review №16

This is a new Theater. Staff is nice and it is now open from Covid closure. Mask are required.

Review №17

Very comfortable seating that provides large recliners with plenty of space to walk to your seats and not feel like your going to steps on toes. Incline in the floor is a stadium style that gives unobstructed view of the screen even if someone in the lower row walks by. Great Theater!

Review №18

This place is great for people that do not like dealing with people. You get your tickets at a kiosk. You self serve your refreshment. I only had to see someone to pay for refreshment. The seats wear nice, clean recliners. Well being going back, when I am in the area.

Review №19

Incredibly comfortable seats and setup. You may pay high concessions but not more then any other modern movie theatre.

Review №20

A fantastic premium theater experience. The facility is always clean and the theaters themselves have both super-comfortable seating and extra large screens. An awesome time if youre down to spend a little extra!

Review №21

Best theater around! If you feel that it is too expensive (its not) the other theaters will be better for you, although they all smell like urine and mold. This place has next level equipment for an audio and visual experience that is worth every penny.

Review №22

We absolutely love this theater. I hope it opens again real soon.

Review №23

Great experience and helpful staff!

Review №24

You get to pick your own seat(s), which is nice. Aisles are wide. Aisles and seats are easily identifiable in low light. They sell alcoholic beverages. Its very clean. The movie experience good. And the theaters arent packed. Youre not going to fight with the person next to you over the arm rest. The seats are wide, comfortable, and recline. But youre paying for this comfort so its pricey. Almost twice the price of other theaters. I saw Angel has Fallen there and it was $15 a ticket. Ive watched three movies there already so I think I would go there again.

Review №25

Im editing my review as I see fit. The seats are comfortable and always love their popcorn. Staff was always nice and attentive. Glad to see that there is new management that can see an employee for their hard work and consistently good work. Corporate could use a number where complaints could be addressed properly as non could be found.

Review №26

Excellent theater. Glad they are open.

Review №27

From New york, went on vocation this locatiom was amazing. Very clean, kind staff, and bar located inside. Well worth the visit

Review №28

The amenities and abundant. The theatres are very clean, as is the lobby and concession area. My most recent visit, the projector in the theatre kept dimming the light and one of the speakers would make a distorted scratch sound when high volume scenes came on. I advised management but they didnt seem to respond in a way that showed they cared. Overall a great experience most of the time.

Review №29

Very comfortable seating good service clean

Review №30

When I first ordered my tickets online I thought it was way too expensive to pay 13.50 a ticket, as I have 5 members in my family. However once we went there it was worth it. The seats are so unbelievably comfortable. They recline really far back but you can adjust to your personal liking. The family experience was great! My kiddos and nephews loved it!!!

Review №31

Great theater once youre inside. Nice big reclining seats and big aisles to walk through. However, they are extremely expensive to get in and for food. They offer no discounts...not for children, senior citizens or military. For that and the cost I could only give them 3 stars and thats kind of pushing it. We only came here as it was a last minute treat for our children.

Review №32

I cannot say enough nice things about this place! The seats are amazing, food and drink is priced greatly! You can get beer and liquor, they have XL theaters and did I mention the seating... this is my favorite theater on the planet! If you have not been then you need to go!

Review №33

Clean theatre. Nice seats. Good staff. Usually pretty decent movie options and times.

Review №34

I love the seats.i miss it.cant wait till the theaters reopens.

Review №35

We love watching movies here. They have the luxury reclining seats and a bar. We have a local theater in our town but drive 30 minutes to see movies here.

Review №36

After hearing rave reviews from locals I was eager to check out the new movie theater at Titus Landing. I was curious about the kiosk situation so I popped in today to check it out.When you enter there are multiple kiosks with touch screens they are very tall all beautiful quality (everything is a touch screen).. super easy to navigate, large easy to read lettering which is nice.You simply pick a movie, a time and your seats. Ten you will see a your total and go on to the checkout screen. Finally the checkout screen prompts you to swipe you payment for purchase.Alternately if you dont want to use the kiosk its fine all you do is go to the direct right of the kiosks and a associate will be there to ring you up via cash or credit. The associate that helped me was really courteous, she answered some of my questions about Movie Pass and the checkout process for that. I hope this quickie review is helpful to clear up the kiosk situation for anyone that was curious. You dont have to use it at all its just super convenient and easy! As for the movie experience I will update my review once I see a show which I honestly cannot wait to!

Review №37

This theater has the best seats of any I have been to. My daughter and I frequently go to the movies, and this is our favorite spot for that reason. Its a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. My only complaint is that they should clean the theater better between showings. Most times we have been there, there is still popcorn and mess from the last group. Thats a bit disappointing when you pay the money you do to be there.

Review №38

Nice new theater. Very comfy recliners for seats. Plenty of seat and leg room. Full snack bar. Great screen and sound.

Review №39

Comfortable seats, very clean & friendly staff. Concession is a little pricey, but we enjoyed our Tuesday $6 tickets for being a rewards member.

Review №40

Epic Theaters is the best movie theater in Brevard county. They offer comfortable seating that reclines. I love the ability to select seats when purchasing tickets either online or in person.

Review №41

Best place to see a movie in Titusville... comfy reclining seats & and lotsa food choices... Just do it!

Review №42

The concierge was a lovely man. So very helpful and friendly. The one thing I do not care for is the self service snacks.maybe I am old school but I would like a lovely young person to help me.

Review №43

The leather recliners are amazing. Great state of the art theater with plenty of snack options

Review №44

Comfortable concessions prices Alitalia high

Review №45

Nice theater. Ive never been to a movie theater with such an unconventional check-in area. Visitors are directed to use automated ticket booths, and popcorn/snacks are picked out manually and brought to a separate check out area. It was not crowded when I visited, so I cant tell if it is more efficient. The theaters themselves had reclining chairs and were kept clean.

Review №46

Worth every penny! I love the self serve concession area as well as the fact you pick your seats. There’s no need to rush or show up 30 minutes early. The theatre was clean and well kept. The recliner seats that are standard are extremely comfortable and great for taking a snooze ;)

Review №47

Nice theater but concession stand should have more modern items! The power reclining chairs are great!

Review №48

Friday night date was a success. 5 star customer service!!! The manager dropped whatever he was doing to help me carry items and open the door for me to the theatre. It’s the little things like this that keep me coming back. A lot of kids tonight causing issues but the staff was proactive in controlling them.

Review №49

Very nice theatre. The seats recline and were very comfy for my three hour movie. Ill be back soon!

Review №50

Whats not to love about this place? Of course I enjoy the reclining seats, but why didnt theaters allow you to choose your seats a long time ago?! This takes so much pressure and anxiety out of going to the movies! They also have a cool bar, and very cool refreshment stations. Lastly, I love the fact that they show old movies and they publish the list and dates of those months in advance. Its a great place, good job Titusville!

Review №51

Saw Doctor Dolittle at the Epic Theater today in Titusville. It was awesome very cute and the seats were oh so comfortable damn near fell asleep in the recliners. And for $6 every Tuesday theyll be seeing me very frequently.

Review №52

Comfortable electric lounge chair seating. Very clean and new. (Typical high price concessions of course)

Review №53

First of all, WOW. The effort put into comfort is incredible. The seats are reclinable, which is a key to comfort. Also, the temperature (in my opinion) is perfect. Not to cold, not to hot, just right. The pick-and-go as you please with the popcorn is an awesome idea! Once you are done picking your popcorn you go to the cashier,who gives you the option of what size drink you will have. Overall, the theater is by far my favorite.

Review №54

The seats are amazing! The food price is ridiculously to HIGH !!! The theatre was awesome- great picture and sound and very clean- and wasn’t to cold or to hot  and wasn’t packed!

Review №55

I’ve never had an issue here until tonight. My fiancé and I came to see a movie which was rated R and we had our 4 month old with us (who was asleep) and as we went to swipe our card to pay the employee standing behind us said we couldn’t see a rated R movie because we had our baby with us. We always come to this movie theater since it’s the ONLY one in Titusville and have seen a rated R movie before while our baby was with us (John Wick as a matter of fact) when he was two months old. I called the manager when we got home and he didn’t help one bit but try and act like I wanted something for free. Completely unprofessional and obviously need to train your staff better. Looks like I’ll be making the drive to Merritt Island from this point forward.

Review №56

This theatre was extremely nice. The entire location was very clean and the seating was very comfortable. Watched Avengers: Endgame and was comfortable for all 3 hours. I really liked the self serve snacks, as it really cut down on the wait time. I highly recommend this theatre.

Review №57

Phenomenon movie experience. Im never going anywhere else to see a movie. Not too many movie places have food you want to tell others about. Truly not a bad seat in the house. And those awesome powered reclining seats... Wow

Review №58

Nice place, comfortable seats, great sound. The only problem is that the entrance doors are not wheelchair accessible. You need someone open the door for the person in the wheelchair. That is a big problem

Review №59

Love the recliners excellent way to take in a movie and for adults they serve alcoholic beverages but like all snack bar type items your going to pay more than you would otherwise.

Review №60

Great layout nice new facility. Love the recline seating.

Review №61

Very nice theater. Comfortable reclining seats with lots of legroom. Sound quality is excellent. The XL theater is outstanding with a huge screen. Concessions are good but about average. Fountain soda options could be better, but its a minor nitpick. Nice to have a quality theater in town finally.

Review №62

Very nice theater. Stadium seating with large, comfortable, reclining seats. The lobby has a bar, serves food along with popcorn, candy, etc. There are kiosks showing what movies are playing and the times. You choose your movie, time and number of tickets, swipe a debit or credit card and your tickets dispense below. The price was high though. $19.50 for 2.

Review №63

Last Saturday my husband and I took our 4 year old to the movies for her first time ever. We saw secret life of pets 2. The theater was great movie was great. But I have to say I think it’s ridiculous to pay full price for a 4 yr old to see the movie. Tickets alone cost us 35$ popcorn candy and a drink 25$ (which I expected for that part) spent 60$

Review №64

I really enjoy this theater its very clean and very nice And the price is very nice too And they have reclining seats what more can you ask for

Review №65

Love the seating and the popcorn, staff was all smiles and friendly, I dont drink so I cant rate the bar area. They have both people to help you purchase a ticket and electronic machines or you can purchase tickets on line, and you pick your seat.

Review №66

I am in a wheelchair and they have an awesome section for me to sit and plenty of seats for family members the kids were really like the recliners

Review №67

Epic theater is beautiful, easy to navigate, and offers a GREAT selection of movies! The seats are probably perfect for most people, but my legs and body ached after getting up out of mine. Theyre wonderful seats, well cushioned, etc., they just dont work for me. Otherwise I loved it, and definitely plan to return. I especially appreciate the vintage movies they offer; all theaters should do that.

Review №68

This is how movies were meant to be seen! Full Bar, Kona on tap! Not to mention the fully adjustable recliners!!Worth the extra few bucks to enjoy a movie in comfort.Thanks EPIC for this long over due movie cinema!!RIP Maxis

Review №69

Great seats clean venue but the snacks and drinks selection were little to none. A small popcorn and small soda was 19$...small... seriously?

Review №70

Love the power reclining seats and wide aisles. Video and sound are excellent and employees are friendly and helpful.

Review №71

Awesome theater. Seats are comfy and let you recline. Has a lot of snack and drink options and even sell alcohol for adults. Highly recommend for date night. But tickets are a bit expensive so if youre looking for something cheaper make sure you eat before you go and then go to a movie on the week day and not weekend. You get the same experience just a bit cheaper!

Review №72

Really nice theater

Review №73

Ist time--the seats are very comfortable, just a little pricey for Seniors

Review №74

I have to say the seating is very comfortable, food was great and staff very friendly. The theater had everything you could ask for, except for a arcade. Yes even adults like arcades, remember we used to be kids too.This is a great place to go with that someone special in your life, don’t forget to sign up for the reward program.

Review №75

Rude employees! Seems like they dont know what theyre doing and act like they dont want to be there. Food was bland and took forever to make. Also the food was so little for the price! Will go to another theater from now on.

Review №76

Great seats and prices, but, cant afford $8.00 for small popcorn.???

Review №77

All plush, reclining, stadium seating. The best place to watch a movie within the Space Coast.

Review №78

This place is new but the price of everything is way to much. It cost me 60 dollars for 2 people with popcorn and a coke. Hell with that place go to merrot square movies way better and reasonable

Review №79

Its a great theatre just cost more than AMC

Review №80

Just reopened...updated sound system and ticketing.

Review №81

It was nice, but very expensive. I watched Toy Story 4, and i sat in the front row. I enjoyed how the seats reclined and they were red leather. Would come back again if i wasnt so broke.

Review №82

Perfect..a bit chilly in there but. Its very nice in the theater.

Review №83

Excellent seating, leather recliners with foot rest, and a huge screen with outstanding audio. If you use the EPIC theater sit a few more rows back for best viewing of the extra large screen. Personally Im ok with the regular theaters and dont think the extra cost for EPIC theater is worth it. Also dont forget to sign up for the rewards program, its not the best but anything extra is worth it and sign up is free.

Review №84

I love the seats! They are roomy and comfortable and they recline. Even with your seat fully reclined, there is room for people to walk past. The theaters are clean and new. The projection and sound systems are quite good. Concessions are a little different. The popcorn bags are pre-filled and you take them from a display. You buy your drink cup at the register and then fill it yourself. Makes drink refills quite easy.

Review №85

Love the theaters...few degrees too cold. Hand dryers are also cold

Review №86

I like it good customer service and its comfortable for handicaps

Review №87

We love this new addition to our town! Action movies are great to see on the large screen with the luxury reclining seats! Good for family movies too, everyone has their space. I like the grab and go concession too, much faster than waiting behind the counter. The ordering screens make things faster too! Theyve thought of everything and I have no reason to visit another town to go to the movies now!

Review №88

Seating is incredibly comfortable! But you pay for this comfort in high ticket prices. Concession products are crazy expensive. Sorry, but overall I prefer a better price over sitting in a lounge chair. My excursions here will be few and very far between, simply because I cant afford the place.

Review №89

Watched the new Star Wars movie in the epic xl movie theater #12. The sound and image quality were really good, but we were very disappointed to find our recliners extremely dirty, with popcorn in the seats and oily and sticky residue probably from the last movie session. I would give everything else 5 stars but this is something that shouldn’t be happening at a movie theater of this quality.

Review №90

Theater was conveniently located. Attractive building and decor. The seating VERY comfortable. The theater was clean.We enjoyed our movie experience. The concession stand needs work. It is a self serve type area. Items prices were not marked. There was a lot of confusion regarding which items were part of the combo. The people working at the counter were not able to help as they did not know prices nor item information. After 15 minutes trying to work it out, my husband finally gave up and walked away to go back to the movie empty handed. Several other customers walked away with no food or drinks as well. I still want to give 4 stars because the good points out numbered the not so good. The concession counter is will come along eventually.

Review №91

Beautiful theaters and great screens. Hopefully they clean your seat and hopefully you get the audience that is quiet and doesnt use their phone throughout the movie. Get paper confuses the ticket takers far more than it should for 2019. Parking is a mess.

Review №92

Really enjoyed it today, to my surprise they only charge 6 dollars on Tuesday now. Recliner seats are nice

Review №93

This place is amazing! Has the big reclining chairs that go all the way back. Super clean theaters and they have a bar for alcoholic beverages

Review №94

Had a great experience tonight! Popcorn was delicious. Seats, sound, picture and service was all great! Place seems to be managed very well. Prices are a bit high but worth it in my opinion. Definitely returning

Review №95

Traveled from Melbourne to check out this new theater. Very pleasantly surprised! Beer? Alcoholic Icee drinks? At a theater?? Yes please!!! The snack bar is kinda cafeteria style, which was rather different, kinda cool. We didn’t order any food though. Seats in the theater are amazing. Super comfortable and recline ALL the way back until you’re almost lying down. So cool. Our showtime of Bohemian Rhapsody didn’t advertise the XL screen, but it sure seemed huge. So big that we had to move closer to the center of the theater for a good viewing experience. Close to the screen and close to the aisle is not a good combination. Playback was excellent. Restrooms could use some more frequent attention while movies are finishing, but also you gents could do a better job keeping it in the bowl. Overall a great experience. I’d travel from Melbourne again to have alcoholic drinks while watching a movie in reclining seats!

Review №96

This was a very nice and modern theater. The reclining seats were ultra comfortable. Great sound and visual quality within the theater. The kiosks were quick and easy to use and prevented us from having to wait in a line. Its a relatively new theater and was not packed, which I prefer. Would definitely return again.

Review №97

This theatre is terrible for 3D. All their glass are disgustingly used, scratched, and destroyed. On top of that my wife couldnt even watch the movie because none of their 3D glasses fit over standard glasses. $35 waste of money if you cant watch the movie. Do not recommend for 3D. Management did nothing to help either. The staff just handed me a box of used glasses and said find one that works. After 2 full boxes we gave up. As far as regular movies this theatre is pretty awesome. Its expensive because you can recline and pick seats, but its one of my go to theatre.

Review №98

Love being able to reserve my seats and recline. Very comfortable. Also, Ive never seen it crowded.

Review №99

HQ sound and video quality, good service, and good food all at a reasonable price. A frequent visitor!

Review №100

Theatre is kinda is kind of dark and dingy. My wife went to the restroom and there appeared to be blood or poop all over the handicap stall. Speaking of bathrooms they only have 2 and a family restroom for 12 theatres. Theatre layout is also kind of weird. Nothing outstanding about auditorium, but I will say the seats are AMAZING. They would be perfect for a long movie.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:2505 S Hopkins Ave, Titusville, FL 32780, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 321-222-9434
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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