Temple PREMIERE 15 IMAX Temple Mall
Temple Mall, 3111 S 31st St, Temple, TX 76502, United States

Review №1

I didnt enjoy the movie I came to see, but thats the fault of the theatre. I do however, love the location of this theatre within the mall. It gives you something to do before or after you movie, if you happen to show up early, or stay late. Though I feel that in a couple years that charm will loose its luster with all the malls becoming obsolete due to online shopping. But, such is life. The reason I gave a 4 star review tho, is simply because the foods available. I know that for many people, myself included, we complain about the expensive theatre food, and that they never let us bring our own food... Even so... We still buy it. I was underwhelmed to find their minimal stock, and it didnt ruin the experience but it stuck enough for me to subtract a star from my rating. Overall, I had an awesome time, and the facilities and faculty are wonderful. Not a bad choice for you day off, if you ask me.

Review №2

Snacks are expensive but that’s now the norm at pretty much every theater now. We saw a regular IMAX movie (not 3D) and, after paying $43 just to get in w my 2 toddlers & fiancé, I expected a larger screen. Sound system was quite loud & decent quality, but the screen seemed ‘normal sized’ —or maybe I’m just used to the huge theaters in large cities like Dallas But I can’t imagine how small the regular screens must be! The reclining seats were nice (but kept folding up on my skinny 2 & 4 yr olds—they had to stay perched on the edge the whole time).

Review №3

Small but I really enjoyed how quick the service was. Popcorn deal was unbelievable. The refills are worth it. Movie wasnt packed even though it was a popular showing.

Review №4

Its a good movie theater everything you would expect including the high prices but they do give you a refill on your soda so thats one thing going for it.

Review №5

I love va j j

Review №6

Good hygiene, clean and comfortable seats, no smell. As always overpriced snacks but thats just movie theatres in general. Would reccomend for your viewing pleasure

Review №7

For the past year theyve never repaired the butter machine for the popcorn

Review №8

This place is the BOMB yall! John is AWESOME! QUALITY work is performed here! He does custom work, as well as the small stuff! I love going there; and not just for work to be performed. John is cool ppls!

Review №9

I used to love this movie theater until. My wife over hears the management say You know how Hispanics are they take advantage. Well needless to say we r not going back this movie theater....

Review №10

Its an okay theater. Our popcorn tasted like it had been sitting for awhile. The area where condiments are picked up looks run down. Higher ups need to invest in fixing the butter flavored oil dispenser. Takes a few pumps to get it to start dispensing. The theater seems aged which is to be expected with an older theater. What were once fun looking movie themed carpets are now faded and dingy. The bathrooms were clean, the movie was presented well, and the seats we sat in were clean. Being tall may leave your legs feeling cramped in the theater. The temperature of the theater was not obscenely cold like some theaters. Staff could have been a little more .... hate to use this word, but maybe ... cheerful? When leaving, we walked past a worker seated where tickets are collected. They sat there quietly staring off towards the window as we walked by instead of saying something like thank you have a great day, or something like that. To be honest, I would have probably done the same thing as that guy. I wasnt bothered by it or anything. Im just pointing out simple things that could be changed to raise to improve the overall feel of going to the theater. I would go back, but it wouldnt be my first choice. Its a good theater to go watch a movie, but it lacks ambiance.

Review №11

They have good prices during matinee. The theaters are usually nice and clean with comfortable seating areas. They also have an IMAX theater and D-Box seating available.

Review №12

On one visit we had to tell the staff the projector wasn’t on. On a different visit audio wasn’t on had to go and tell staff about that as well. Pop corn and snacks are over price.( even by theaters standards ). Out of 4 visits only one was up to pare. The other three were fails all across the board. Will not be going back to this theater again. I Highly recommend going to a different theater for a enjoyable experience.

Review №13

The Tempe Mall has definitely seen better days, and the same can be said about this theater. If youre looking for a quick place to grab a movie, it will accommodate. Do not prepare to be impressed at all.P.S. Be careful buying large drinks, they dont fit in the cup holders.

Review №14

Awesome !!! The price is decent the seating is just perfect. The sound and screen is just most excellent. Highly recommend a stop in and check it out.

Review №15

Know the staff well, very friendly. Would like to hear more consistent sound volume. Always start movie 5 minutes later than stated according to my cell phone.

Review №16

Midnight showing of Star Wars was horrible! Started late then two technical issues where they had to rewind and not even to the right spot. So loud that it actually hurt my ears.I have been going for years and have watched it slowly decline into this. No more! Go at your own peril.

Review №17

The price is nice, but they dont serve fresh popcorn, and walking through the theater you smell old dirty floors and musty air. They need some serious cleaning and updates, I would be willing to pay more for a better experience.

Review №18

The theater is pretty big, for being in a mall, with I think 12 screens. Prices are average, and seats are decent. Sound quality is pretty good.

Review №19

Very informative documentary. Make sure you take a sweater though; really cold inside.

Review №20

Always friendly staff and clean theaters combined with a beautiful IMAX screen make this a wonderful visit. However the theaters 30.06 and 30.07 which prevent the lawful carry of handguns in any way is a huge negative for me as I dont like to take my family places where we are required to be unarmed. Especially in a higher crime area such as this.

Review №21

Fast friendly service. Would recommend to my friends.

Review №22

Great matinee prices. Screens and theaters are on the small/mini size. I personally prefer the larger screens. They do have some larger screens but limited to what is playing. Usually selection at the concession items, popcorn, soda, candy, etc. They also have updated seating options. Seats that move during the movie and 3d shows as well.

Review №23

The IMAX was amazing, made a sub-par movie better than what it would have been. I cant wait to come back and see something else there.

Review №24

Great people great service. Overall great experience and this movie theater location and will be back soon.

Review №25

No complaints about the movies or the facilities. Top notch. I just dont like how the popcorn is prepacked into their boxes. I like seeing the popcorn scooped into the container. It makes it seem fresher.

Review №26

You need to ask for senior discount... the movie was great. The volume of the previous a bit high.

Review №27

Main complaint is the smell. The theaters all smell like feet. Like...really bad feet. Kind of distracting. The seats arent very comfortable. But we came to see a movie, and a movie we did see.

Review №28

Nice seating, clean, open and spacey. This is one of the better theatres around.

Review №29

Great place! A nice clean family oriented place to go. I very much recommend this place and will be back again

Review №30

The volume was low but not a bad place.

Review №31

Went to see Star Wars last night. The experience was not good . I say that not because I didnt like the movie. I say it because I-Max in Temple dropped the ball by interrupting the movie on 2 occasions. Someone wasnt paying attention to details. They also had the volume up so loud that at times it actually hurt.I wont be going there again.

Review №32

Its great. Theres always a seat, and the lighting is neat. The movie selection always has a current offering.

Review №33

Sometime the staff is abrupt or rude. Went Thanksgiving, so it wasnt crowded. As everyone knows, food and snacks are very expensive.

Review №34

Great time! Enjoyed the movie and best of all, the popcorn! No worries and no lines.

Review №35

Thought everything was good. Everything was clean and employees were curteous. I gave them 4 stars because they had no backside counter for concession sales. The back side was only for refills. We went in and wanted to hit the restrooms before buying popcorn and drinks, then had to go back out and wait in line in the front to purchase our snacks. Just seemed a little inconvinent.

Review №36

Enjoyed watching our movie in IMAX great experience

Review №37

This is a very old and outdated theater.Its inside of a mall. Ok for a quick movie but not anything special.For same price you can go to theater with recliners. Seats uncomfortable. Theater is not clean. Broken glass bottles in isle.

Review №38

Wonderful place to sit back and watch a good movie or two! And you can go right next door and a great cup of joe (coffee). For all you coffee drinkers

Review №39

I loved going to the movies all of life so far but even with senor discounts with a family of four, in my opinion by the time you pay to get in, popcorn, drinks and maybe a small candy for the little one it adds up to much.

Review №40

Comfortable theater. Great price

Review №41

IMAX theatre was great! Clean and comfortable

Review №42

Nice, I enjoy watching movies there.

Review №43

I truly luv goin to a great good movie @ dis place an luv the workers

Review №44

Ive been coming to this theater since moving to Temple in 2003. They have improved it and of course the addition of the IMAX screen is a plus. 3D IMAX is so cool!! They also now have the recliner seats as well.

Review №45

This movie theater is usually not that busy, especially on weekdays and the late showings, but can sometimes have an annoyingly large amount of younger children and high school students there hanging out on the weekends and sometimes their behavior can be distracting inside the theater. But besides that, the quality of the screen, theater, and the concession is good. Some of the screens are a little small for my taste, but obviously I understand that this is normal for theaters to have small screens for the titles that have been out of a while, especially for smaller theaters, such as this one, verses larger theaters in larger metro cities. All in all, a great place to see a movie.

Review №46

Standard cinema. Clean with multiple movie options. Average movie ticket pricing.

Review №47

Great movie theater. Great place to watch a movie with the family. Located inside Temple Mall. Staff was very friendly. Theater was clean. The seat armrest goes up so you can sit closer to your loved one. Seats were comfortable and updated. Small theater viewing area. Has 15 different theaters for movies to show.

Review №48

It was disgusting, there was food and garbage everywhere in #16, looked like it hadnt been cleaned in days. My husband complained about the food everywhere and even saw a 3d wrapper, but we were at a 2d movie. The seats were the most uncomfortable Ive ever sat in. I will never pay another penny here. The only thing I liked was the movie when I wasnt distracted by back pain. Never again.

Review №49

My family and I went to go watch Avengers Endgame, and this almost ruined the movie for us... The screen went black a couple of times during the previews so we told someone and they fixed it. But then it happened 3 times during the whole movie. The lady finally came in and apologized after the movie was almost over and said you can watch a different showtime for a discounted price... I recommended you watch your movies somewhere else. I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get a reimbursement or anything.

Review №50

Ive seen several movies here now, and thus far theyve been ok. If you get in early theyre usually pretty cheap. Its a mall theater, so you know exactly what youre getting when you go in. They sell beer too, though its just in a bottle. Last time I went wasnt so great though. Saw Avengers: Endgame and our popcorn was really stale and they had a lot of problems with the projector. I was about to get up and go into the other theater playing Endgame until they finally fixed it. Wasnt happy with the experience, but usually theyre on the ball. Go if you wanna see a new movie on the cheap, but if you want the full cinematic experience Id say take a pass.

Review №51

The employee are nice and helpful and my friends and i enjoy the movie.

Review №52

Great Cinema, unfortunately it is located within a Dead shopping center, aka The Mall.

Review №53

Surprisingly this was a nice theater at an older mall. Popcorn was yummy and fresh.

Review №54

Place was in serious need of cleaning and a mold problem fixed. Smelled musty like a moldy basement in there. There was a splatter of something on the screen and 3 fairly large black spots on the screen. The splatter was annoyingly noticable and the black marks kinda disappeared into the movie as long as it wasnt a white background on screen. The screen we saw was screen 9, hopefully someone will see this and clean it for future movie goers.

Review №55

Best Movie theater ever! Recliners are amazing! Staff is pretty young but most are super sweet! Never had an issue here.

Review №56

Love their summer movie programs so much fun to take my daughter to the movies

Review №57

I brought my kids to watch Hobbs and shaw and the movie was great.

Review №58

Clean, nice workers, love going in and watching hustle.

Review №59

Loved it. Theyre not the same in Florida

Review №60

I give it a big zero middle of movie it stops they dont even come and do nothing to fix it then it comes back on after 15 min. Without sound until the end so no this theatre sucks wont come back again.

Review №61

Family friendly! Food and drinks. I love the IMAX rooms and other screen options.

Review №62

Coming here from Killeen I was disappointed, old seats, very small screen and only a total of 3 people in the theater for a new movie that just premiered. On top of that it was dirty (see picture, thats how it looked when we came in and nobody was there). The theater is located in the Temple mall which is pretty much dead (abandoned / closed areas). The sound and picture quality of the movie was ok (especially compared to the Regal in Killeen where the picture quality is always too dark and you hear sounds from the movie next door). Not coming back here.

Review №63

Inside the actual theater where you sit is okay, the staff seems to lack what they call good customer service

Review №64

DBOX is horrid here. The chairs are cloth, not leather as in other theaters. The backs are almost straight and with the lackluster movement it made DBOX a complete waste.The staff do not check on the movie, so if theres a crying baby and they dont bother to turn on the AC, you have to say something.No staff at the ticket office, so long lines at the concession.No kiosk to pick up tickets so you wait in line even if you buy tickets online.Same too-high theater prices.

Review №65

Most stores are empty, what few stores are left have to keep prices higher to afford the rent. Only stores worth going to are the Goodies store, and Natures Connection (butterfly) store. The theater is expensive, but decent.

Review №66

Good sound good picture. Good movie

Review №67

Great matinee prices, clean, popcorn is delicious.

Review №68

Its not crowded, its a pretty good theatre, with reasonable pricing for tickets.

Review №69

A wonderful Theater. Wish seats did not lean back. Even after I sat up all the way. I keep straining to see the bottom the screen. The A.X.L. would have been a better experience, if I did have to strain to see the bottom of the screen. The was excellent.

Review №70

Im not a fan of this theater its run down. When they say 5.00 tuesday it doesnt include all the movies. Which I think they need to state somewhere for others to know about, because all it says is 5.00 Tuesday. So you go in expecting to pay 5.00 and then the lady at the register wasnt the greatest. The commercial was glitchy and shaky. I do like the comfort of the seats but everything else I wasnt too impressed.

Review №71

Experience of the theatre was great!Only problem is the smell of the carpet. Smells bad and a bit rotten. Other than that...GREAT!

Review №72

We went on the 1st to see endgame and the theater was so hot we couldnt enjoy the movie... There was only 8 people in the theater so it shouldnt have been that hot

Review №73

Great Service & helpful friendly staff

Review №74

Used to be the best theater in the area but other ones like Cinemark have stepped up their game. The seats are uncomfortable and prices on food is high. I understand they need to make money off the food to make up for ticket sales but the fact that im not able to upgrade my popcorn tub or drinks if we somehow finished them is really annoying. If you gave me the option 30 minutes ago to give an additional refill for $1, I should be able to purchase that extra refill at a later time if we finish it during the movie instead of having to buy another tub.

Review №75

Worst movie theater ever! Smells like musky wet carpet and vomit! Bathrooms are absolutely disgusting and managment doesnt care. Even after they were told of the conditions in the bathroom and theater nothing was done to fix them! Will never go back!!!!!!

Review №76

I love going to Imax in Temple! The staff is always on point and the popcorn is mouthwatering.

Review №77

Temple mall theatre.. Old but still good.. Need better seats but good.

Review №78

Good service and good movies

Review №79

Very nice and comfy. Not as large as I expected but great clean and the service providers were courteous

Review №80

Very old and outdated. The tickets are super cheap though.

Review №81

It was nice before... But the new recliner seating is top notch. I could go in there and take a nap nicely! Cool and clean.

Review №82

We had the worst experience with a group of kids that would not sit or be quiet, kicking chairs, walking up and down, on cell phones. A customer did get up and complained to a Manager who sent an employee who did nothing. The reason Im giving 2 stars is because we did get our money back.

Review №83

Really enjoy this theater. Great location, clean, very nice atmosphere. Staff is friendly, they serve beer, rooms are clean.

Review №84

Had a ton of fun watching Avengers endgame and Captain Marvel.

Review №85

If your over six foot the head rest hits you in the neck when you lean back pop corn was a little old but the movie was good.

Review №86

Today my family and I experienced the d box seats for the first time, i loved the experience of the vibrating seats along with the movie .BUT also today we also experienced rudeness, accusations of stealing seats from a MANAGER and all together a bad feeling about being there before the film started. When your seated in your chairs by the usher, for 51 dollar reserved 3 seats.. You dont expect a manager to shine her light on you an tell your family to get up cause we did not pay for the seats. The d box seats are two red rows, which we were accidentally seated wrongly by a very nice usher an should have been in the second row instead of 1st. My husband showed our tickets for proof that we didnt steal someones seats. We were then directed to our appointed correct seats that already had another family in them. They were NOT ASKED TO SHOW THEIR TICKETS EVEN THOUGH ...TECHNICALLY THEY WERE IN OUR SEATS, CORRECT?? movie experience was great but the humiliation was not needed to go with this visit. Please learn how to speak to a customer an not accuse people off the back of theift . Feel free to contact me if further questions are needed.

Review №87

Nice theater that has friendly staff.

Review №88

Saw the Infinity War movie and it was good. Love the open seating since I neglectfully waited until the last minute to buy tickets. Still got decent seats!

Review №89

The grandchild and I had a great time.

Review №90

The food is nasty to be expensive but the theater was good

Review №91

Great place to see top movies

Review №92

Absolutely worth every penny first time to experience the d-box seats and two Captain marvel not too many movies cuz top that for a first-time dbox seat experience would totally spend that same exact amount plus more to do it all over again excited about next month and avengers in the game cant wait to come back thank you guys so much!Hell yes THNX !

Review №93

We went to go see US last night at 9 and as soon as we walk into our theater we notice our screen has a very noticeable dent in it. Seats werent very comfy but they were ok. Large drinks are $6 with one free refill.

Review №94

A little old, but as clean as they could get it. I was in one of the smaller theaters where the sound and picture quality was ok. Convenient location for us.

Review №95

I loved this place, it was quick to have the next available movie ticket ready for me right away. I was offered help if I needed it, and did believe it to be worthwhile.

Review №96

Blown out speakers in theatre #4! Sub-par theatre

Review №97

Mostly good, bathroom was a disaster though. Everything else was good for a theater in a mall.

Review №98

They should have more than one staffer working the concession stand I missed 15 minuets of the movie because two people couldn’t make up their minds. Stay away from the soft pretzels it was nasty tastings and I felt sick after eating it.

Review №99

Cool place. Love the fact I can have a beer!

Review №100

Its pretty great. The chair reclines, but when I spoke to someone over the phone about how much money,she told me it would cost about $5 something,but really it costed $33 and something much money for everyone.

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  • Address:Temple Mall, 3111 S 31st St, Temple, TX 76502, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 254-791-3900
  • Movie theater
  • IMAX theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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