Paradigm Cinemas, Tamarac
10036 W McNab Rd, Tamarac, FL 33321, United States

Review №1

Nice theater. Lost a lot of the likable features and charm in the lobby of the old movie posters and photos with the remodeling. comfortable. Needed updating the most, and have not been. Cup holders in New seats leave a lot to be desired, but confortable. Masks worn by staff should cover nose since they also deal with many seniors. Glad they have been open for a while. Very reasonable prices.

Review №2

A big alternative to going out or watching a movie at home. This cinema has been recently renovated. Comfortable couches and clean floors. You have to wear a mask and to keep social distance, you and your party will be seating on a row of 10 chairs all for you. Once you are on your seat, you can take the mask off and enjoy the movie. I missed my popcorn and the huge screen, I am so glad we found this place. Highly recommended

Review №3

This is an independent theater that is fairly nice with good staff. We came to see the opening night premier of The New Mutants and the theater was clean, with management being nice. Not a bad place to catch a movie.

Review №4

Old Hollywood charm in the heart of The Paradigm Cinemas, Tamarac. If only movie theaters were still built like this one... Its theaters like this that make you feel like going to see a film is worth dressing up for. That $10+ is totally worth it for a movie ticket. That youd want to see a film on its opening night and not mind buying your tickets in advance and waiting in a long line an hour before it starts.

Review №5

A nice little theater! I was pleasantly surprised when we happened upon this theater when my daughter really wanted to see this movie and it was almost out of theaters this summer. This was the only one locally that was still playing it. She was so excited! The tickets were only $5 each and we bought a small popcorn for $6.25. The gentleman (who I assume was the manager) split my small popcorn purchase into multiple bags (without me asking, because he saw I had 2 kids with me) so that each of my kids had their own bag and even filled them for them - super sweet of him & it just made their day to get their own & not have to share. The facility was nice and clean (including restroom), everyone we encountered working there was polite. We were very happy.

Review №6

Only theatre Ive gone to since I moved here 4 years ago. You get to pick your seats, its large, and sometimes they have screenings/Q&A. Overall, cant go wrong with going here.

Review №7

Great venue!Staff very friendly.

Review №8

We enjoyed our visit here. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The snacks were good. Everything was very nice and clean . The atmosphere & reclining chairs were very comfortable.

Review №9

Great ticket and food prices, recently renovated, clean, follows covid guidelines, and never crowded. My favorite theater and the only one I go to!

Review №10

Saw the Sonic movie before the Great Shutdown. I have to say, nothing was bad about it. Cinema was good, too.

Review №11

The employee was polite and very curtious. He had a great disposition and was very acomidatting even with all this covid scare going on, they had sanitizer at the front and the seats and theatre were clean.

Review №12

Sorry, but I really miss the old place with that lovely man who passed away . Also miss the very artsy look in lobby with the pink walls and all the old posters. Now it is just stark white. Chairs more comfortable, Ill give them that! But I did try a small popcorn and even though I said no butter, some of the pieces seemed wet like they had butter. When I questioned the young man on the way out he said they didnt use butter, so makes me wonder.....

Review №13

This was a nice theater. It was recently updated. You got to pick your seat and the box office was able to recommend good seats to sit in. The seats were comfortable and able to recline, and there was plenty of leg room. The concession stand had a lot to offer, hot dogs, ice cream, candy and chips. The people in front of us ordered hot dogs and the concession person brought it to their seats for them. We got some popcorn and it was popped fresh for us right there. I would recommend this theater for a last minute movie as we did when visiting my grandmother.

Review №14

The new upgrades are very nice.However, I do miss the old theater. It was a walk down memory lane that its gone now. Everything is modern, new and shinny. Yeah, I guess. You can even pick your seat before you go in, Yeah, I guess.

Review №15

If you dont mind the old fashioned movie theater then you wont mind Tamarac Cinema. A standard sized theater with standard food and drink. The seating is fine for me, as is the food and drink, but the price is always right. We always wait till the movies come to Tamarac Cinema. Save a bundle and enjoy a movie in peace and quiet. You cant go wrong at Tamarac Cinema, bring the kids for an inexpensive day at the movies.

Review №16

So gorgeous, OMG. Management is great, staff is friendly, prices are perfect and now with the new seats, the place feels like a mansion. The show 1st run movies now and keep the wonderful prices! Perfect for rentals and with 116 seat auditoriums, you cant go wrong!

Review №17

Luv this eclectic theatre. Showing some indie movies now that r hard to find at other theaters. Prices right at concessions, best in area. Comfy recliner seats.luv it!

Review №18

I have always loved The Last Picture Show in the past and the newly renovated Paradigm Cinema has proven to be a better version with the introduction of comfortable, although, manually controlled recliners! I hope they continue offering foreign films, especially those with Jewish themes.

Review №19

Comfortable seats. Good prices for all shows before 6pm. The bathrooms could use a remodel. Good rewards program.

Review №20

Nice place friendly staffers.We can eat itll relax and watch a movie very quietly. Reservation is all done face look like brand new

Review №21

Tuesdays $2.50 deal is gone, but the recently changed ownership has remodeled the theater, reclining seating, and has added more food items, like fries, coffee, chicken nuggets.

Review №22

The seats were comfortable and the sound system good. You can recline the seTs manually. The theater was clean, the employees friendly. The price was less than other theaters in the vicinity. The movies are first run.

Review №23

For the price it worth it, if you are going to watch a musical movie it’s not the right place

Review №24

My parents and I have always loved coming here because of their discounted prices. Now they are in the middle of a reconstruction which is great because the new seats recline back! The staff is super friendly here. Good place to go.

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Review №26

It was ok. I was impressed with the seats and the overall cleanseness .The gentleman who sold the tickets was great. Im planning to be back soon

Review №27

Nice theater, good prices and comfortable chairs. Get theater for the family. I have a Family of 6 and this is our go to theater.

Review №28

Great place. Very comfortable seats. Reasonable prices.

Review №29

My wife and I went to this movie theater tonight. This place is more than just going to see a movie, it was a really wonderful experience. Brian, that met us at the front with a smile told stories of the history of the theater, the manager who had been there for decades who just passed was reflected in his eyes. It was a wonderful evening, and a wonderful experience. I wish I was a billionaire so I could buy the building to ensure that this place will always be there.

Review №30

Theyve remodeled and it looks much better. The theaters are clean and have recliners. The concession stand did have alot to offer different from other theaters. Noyhing at the stand is expensive. I only took away a star because the mozzarella sticks werent good and some of them were cold.

Review №31

Wrong times for movies, they put 9:35 for Bill and Ted 3 and there was no screening for the movie in that time, they really should update their google showtimes.

Review №32

Has been redone and fixed up, reclining chairs are manual but very nice experience overall.

Review №33

Luv this place, clean, spacious theatres. Modern recliner chairs, for mostly elderly I love it!

Review №34

Its nice and quiet. No kids making a lot of noise. And this was on a Saturday night. I just wish the recliners leaned back more. My neck was hurting while watching the movie

Review №35

This business no longer exists. Its under new ownership, has been renovated and is now Paradigm Cinemas.

Review №36

This once great theater to go to on a Saturday night is now being ran into the ground. Ever since the owner passed away (God rest his soul) they have completely changed the place. It was a nice simple cheap old fashioned and not bad at all. Now they have replaced the chairs with uncomfortable “recliner” chairs that will not even stay down when you lean back. They’ve raised the prices because of these chairs and are just changing what once made the theater an amazing old fashioned blast to the past to a failed adaptation to what amc has done to the dine in theater. Sad.

Review №37

The new recliners are comfortable and there are many new renovations as well..

Review №38

Very Great Staff I Really Enjoy this movie theater

Review №39

They revamped their theater and the price went up but earlier start times. New seats, hard of hearing headphones but NO close capturing device thats why they are a$1 cheaper then boca Raton cinemark, you can buy tickets and snacks in the same place.

Review №40

Great independent theater. Well maintained with nice staff.

Review №41

Great proce and no steps inside the theater

Review №42

I love this place. The movie theater brings me back in time with nostalgic pictures of past movie stars and movies. The theater is reasonably priced and Tuesdays its $2.50!Cant beat that deal!

Review №43

Very reasonable prices, very comfortable seats.

Review №44

Good prices and free popcorn refills!!

Review №45

Nice place to come with your family to see movies and place clean and nace service!

Review №46

The theater.seats were amazing. No more little ones kicking the back of the seat!

Review №47

My grand children and I were there and we had a great experience. Im actually a regular patron. Especially enjoy the senior discounts. Family friendly and clean. Staff pleasant and friendly too.

Review №48

Small place in the middle of nowhere, which is great if you lime to aviod crowds the way I do. But above all was the services. As a Summer Camp Director Ive had to take many kids here for events and the staff there makes it all worthwhile! They are AMAZING...especially Nailah & Megan!!!! HUGE HELPS!!! Neal Too!!!

Review №49

Awesome deals...speciallt on Tuesdays!!

Review №50

Loved it !The staff was friendly and professional and love the new seats

Review №51

The theater has gone thru some remodeling and its looking very nice!! The new seats are super confi so the movie can be enjoyed to its fullest!!

Review №52

This is a rundown theatre that I imagine was once anything but. New films are played here, just at a lower cost. On tuesdays I believe its half off. Regular price is $5.50 per adult and children are a little less. It is cash only so dont forget. Its an easy choice if you dont mind the really outdated seats that arent comfortable at all. I would not recommend if youre watching a film thats over an hour and half. Now I will give my reason for three stars. The staff are painfully awkward. You used to have to pay for your tickets at a little box office outside before even entering but now you walk inside and get your tickets. Every single time I walk up to the concession counter it is the most awkward experience EVER. Please hire people who if at least arent the best at their social skills, dont give off a standoffish energy. I know Im not the only one whos experienced this.

Review №53

I have been coming to this theater for over 6 years, the staff always very friendly. Renovated, comfortable recliner seats.

Review №54

Always have a great time

Review №55

This is a wonderful one-of-a-kind place. The theaters are actually full size the way they used to be. Admission prices are cheap so this is great if you have a bunch of kids. Cash only. The lobby has all kinds of old time kitchy decor,. Well be back.

Review №56

I dont like the brand new movies with expensive prices. Only a few dollars difference from the big fancy theaters. The new seats must have been on sale. Not movie theater seats. Doesnt recline and does not have even a cup holder. Not that big of a seat. I like the movies a little bit older but $2.50 on Tuesdays. This theater will go out of business. I was there and it was empty. Lost me as a customer.

Review №57

I went there long time ago and I was so excited about the look of it that I took my mom today but wow, what a surprise... They are changing (remodeling) everything there. It was terrible.

Review №58

Great theatre. Good movie selecion. Saw Stan & Ollie, great movie and numerous others.I didnt see the usual staff during the last visit to see The Green Book. It may be under new ownership, not sure.

Review №59

The owner is a very kind sweet man. He was nice to me when I was at my lowest. I will always remember how he helped me get myself back together.

Review №60

Theyre revamping the place & I guess it will be nice once they finish - but the seats arent super comfy. Maybe those seats are temporary though idk... they were too shallow & the backs dont come up high enough at all to support your head so your necks always at an odd angle on the recline & its not like a true recliner experience. But again - maybe those seats arent the permanent ones bc they havent finished the floors yet & they werent bolted down so its yet to be determined... for me the seats, the sound system & decent air conditioning is what the comfort level & visual/audio experience is all about. The sound systems good - the a/c was fine - but 4 stars bc the seats arent on par with other really nice theaters. Hope they are the temporary seats until the floors are finished - bc other than that its a nice neighborhood theater.

Review №61

If you are willing to forgo comfortable seating found in current theaters for 1990 style seating youve got it made. Prices are very reasonable..even a $2.50 day. Fairly current movies as well as some art ones. Good mix. Place is very clean, including bathrooms

Review №62

Small comfortable environment to enjoy the movie.

Review №63


Review №64

Old theater with great prices and snacks. Very good staff and clean. My only complaint is the amount of perfume the senior ladies sometimes wear lol.

Review №65

Great place, can definitely say it’s worth the wait for the new look and more so for the future first run shows in the area

Review №66

Its no longer the deal that it is too be. They added some new seats and now charge like the other theater.

Review №67

Nice and clean .comfy seats.

Review №68

Love the reclining chairs, however I guess because the place was being renovated the look isnt appealing .

Review №69

The staff werent so nice today. I havent been here in years but anyways, both my son and brother have autism. We took them to see Wreck it Ralph Breaks the Internet and there were several children in the lobby. My son gets a little more hyperactive the others and all the staff immediately started staring and giving dirty looks. Some were even telling him that if he didnt quiet down he would have to go outside. Given, all the other children were loud and excited as well AND my son was very well behaved the whole movie. Anyways, when I tried to say that my son was autistic (upon entrance) and that he will calm down shortly- the staff spoke over me. You know exactly who I am. I used to come here when I was pregnant with my son. And like I said, joking or not - discrimination and being mean to my autistic son is not acceptable and you should be ashamed. It was really hurtful. Have some empathy. I will probably not be returning. (Side note: the movie was hilarious and all the children in the theater had a blast. Some even danced after the movie! I hope that didnt bother you guys! Kids will be kids!

Review №70

Check this theater out before you go spend $12 on a movie. A few of the movies playing were new releases. $5.50 is an awesome price to see any movie. The place is clean friendly staff and decent popcorn.

Review №71

Love going to Tamarac Cinema Theatre every Tuesday, AWESOME Movies to watch at affordable price. I took my 2 granddaughters and they loved it. We are planning Tuesday as our Movie nights to hang out together. KUDOS. OK.

Review №72

Been coming to this place for years with my family! Glad to see some familair faces when I come. Megan and Nailah are the sweetest young ladies, who go above and beyond to accommodate my large family make sure my family and I feel welcomed.

Review №73

Good dollar movie theater for the price. Sound and cinematic screens are great.Been coming here with the family for years.

Review №74

Good pricefor seni rs

Review №75

Wow! What an experience I had last year with my wife!!

Review №76

Very nice and clean and friendly

Review №77

This is a great place for family night. The price is more than reasonable and the movies are awesome.

Review №78

Awesome place, nice people and clean

Review №79

Cant wait till renovation is done.

Review №80

Great for the price. Popcorn is hot and delicious...not too salty. Its nice and tasty!

Review №81

Love the vintage vibes here and the prices for movie and popcorn are shockingly low. If your desired movie is on their billboard youve got to see it here.

Review №82

Where else can you watch a current movie for 2.50 Great place, lots of parking and kept well.

Review №83

The recliners leave a lot to be desired but whathappened to CUP HOLDERS????? Soda in one hand popcorn in the other leaves me to put my soda on the floor. This is dangerous because one will slip on it. Are these permanent recliners? If so they also are not comfortable.

Review №84

Reasonable prices very friendly remodeling

Review №85

Has a old timesy feel and the prices are solid (meaning low and extremely affordable)

Review №86

Its a comfortable place to watch a movie without screaming or people talking to the screen... Lol

Review №87

This theater is now under new management since the previous theater went bankrupt. Many in the area don’t seem to understand that the prices they ran were unrealistic for this modern economy. The people who visit this theater are of an older age group where they view the times in the paper still and wonder why the price of a can of soup is higher than it was in the 70s lol. I’ve talked with the new management there who tell me that the theater will have a whole new renovated look with reclining seating, new floors and paint, a brand spanking new concession area, and first run movies! They’re still keeping the photos from the walls for a later use in their remodeling to keep the old timers happy. It’s great to see this kind of change happening to my local theater since the previous owners ignored a lot of health violations like the roaches and cleanliness that deterred me from even stepping foot inside the rut. I can’t wait for the new look and to bring my family to the next featured film!!**P.S this Maury guy wasn’t the previous owner he was just a loving General Manager who loved his job and this (Byw Ryt) person above me is a genuine old a**hole lmao!!!!

Review №88

Lovely place, clean, has a character of its own. Always intetesting movies.

Review №89

Great prices, 5.75 for 11am movie

Review №90

Awesome cool afortable movie theather

Review №91

Bargain theatre, worth the trip and price. Saved a lot of money.

Review №92

The price was great but like most last chance movie theaters, its up keep was lacking. Dusty and a little musty but for $5.50 you cant really complain. I would go back.

Review №93

Several theaters. So cheap. Wish I lived nearby

Review №94

Its a nice and quiet place

Review №95

Love the owner Love the old school atmosphere. Prices are Ridiculously Low and the Popcorn is Pretty Good!

Review №96

It’s an old style theater so don’t expect the most comfortable seat. Tickets are extremely cheap which makes the place amazing. Bring cash, no cards accepted for the tickets. Reasonable prices for food and they accept cards with you spend more than $10. Totally worth it.

Review №97

Its a place traped 30 yearsin timeMade me feel back to my childhood...Loved it

Review №98

Wonderful gem of a theater. A blessing for everyone who loves the movies.

Review №99

Love $2.50 Tuesday movies! Grandkids and I enjoyed Lego Movie 2.

Review №100

Great place to watch a movie. Very fun and a new experience. But if you lose something dont expect to be able to call and ask if they found it. I lost my wallet and was only met with a very long automatic about the theater. So now now we have to travel all the way there and they may not even have it. Otherwise, wonderful theater. Just dont lose anything!

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  • Address:10036 W McNab Rd, Tamarac, FL 33321, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 954-726-3500
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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