Get Air Trampoline Park
207 Swansea Mall Dr, Swansea, MA 02777, United States

Review №1

Love this place. I recently found out they extended the year long pass automatically until the following year because of the pandemic. Kids always have fun. Staff is super nice!

Review №2

Kids had fun. Not overly expensive. Decent layout. Easy to keep an eye on your kids from one place and not have to follow them around all over

Review №3

I bought two one year memberships in December 2019. Since the pandemic, my daughter does not want to return here. I have repeatedly tried to speak to corporate for a refund,but they will not return my calls. Beware of buying a membership here,you wont get your money back.

Review №4

This is the place to go, I went here for a birthday party for my niece and took my kids. This place has so much to offer and more that your children will always enjoy. The staff is courteous and professional they interact with the kids while working. We arrived at 12:30 PM and signed the waiver as required to do. The kids were off and running. I took the pictures and posted them on here for you to see. If you are in need of a place to bring your children I highly recommend this place. It is clean safe and so much fun.

Review №5

Much better area for small kids than skyzone! This is our pick, hands down.

Review №6

Great fun for the grandkids

Review №7

Great fun terrible employee service. They out my waistband on too tight and cut off circulation. I was with my 2 year old and we he was playing with the basketball and shooting it. I was standing on the trampoline playing with him and helping him. One of the workers came over and told me I wasnt aloud to do that. Excuse me hes 2!!!! Workers are not trained well enough to hang with kids.

Review №8

Omg.. Thank goodness a place like this exists. Just let the kids go nuts (supervised of course) and tire them out after a long week. Great fun for active adults too. Warning: its a bit dangerous for the lil kids... And everything is vending machines everywhere. You pay for play time and not even the socks are included.

Review №9

Went on a Sunday, First time . All the signs make you very well informed of prices and what they have . Pretty good pricing for what you get which is a lot of different things to do while jumping and the staff were professional and helpful of our daughter and son who would get stuck in the foam pit . $3 dollar water was a bit expensive for normal people . Kids would probably be mad if they jump for an hour and then all you have is 2 dollars or no more money bring a couple extra bucks .

Review №10

Under 46 individual play area, over 46 huge bouncing area with parkour/American Ninja Warrior course. Also host birthday parties for 1 to 2 hours, very affordable.

Review №11

Great fun for a great price! Came here with friends a couple time during the night when it was less crowded and had a blast. I paid 15 for an hour and had full access to the park. Definetly wore myself out. Its very good exercise.

Review №12

Very clean, nice variety of things to do, kids loved it

Review №13

I really enjoy the place one thing is they should update the music that is played on disco night they play older music from like 2010 which isn’t bad but I really enjoy going to this place kinda expensive but everything else is great

Review №14

Great place for the kids and they have a lot of options.I suggest bringing the kids on a Friday or Saturday when they shut off the lights and bring out the music and party lights! Really fun

Review №15

WAS a great time. Weve been going here on Saturdays all winter and it was awesome! A great indoor playground for kids, big enough for adventurous adults. Staff was friendly.Today we met a very rude middle manager Paula. The park was empty and I can see why. She had a terrible attitude. She belittles the other employees and picks on the kids, singling out the smallest ones when the adults are away. She was telling little kids to leave now! before it was there time, not even bothering to find the adults. Then slinking off to make eyes at everyone.What a grouch. Well be going to the Seekonk park in the future.

Review №16

Had my sons 6th birthday party here on a whim. They scheduled the appointment fast and then when I had to change the time an hour before it started they were very accommodating. They did not give me any hassles and started the birthday time when we got there (they did have rooms available that day). All the kids (and adults) had fun! They helped with the pizza and drinks and clean up as well! It wasn’t overcrowded either (November thanksgiving break 2018).

Review №17

This place is too over priced. I had my sons birthday party here. The kids had fun,but to much money for a short period of time. Wont be having a party here again.

Review №18

Very clean place and well managed.

Review №19

I had a fun time and dodgeball was really fun to play and I just had fun in general and I recommend this place for everybody who has kids or teens. The staff was great, friendly, helpful everything you want is there! Go visit its a great place!

Review №20

So glad I brought my bunch here. Staff members Jaylene and Tiffany were so nice and helpful. Tiffany checked us In while Jaylene with no hesitation was quick to put the bracelt on my child with special needs that did not want to wait in line! So accommodating and friendly. Not to mention the kids had a blast and the facility was so clean. Cant wait to be back!

Review №21

A fun experience for my first time jumper. We had a blast. The facilities seemed safe and clean and we definitely want to visit again... Which is why I was totally shocked to find the bathrooms were so bad. No soap and no locking stalls. things shouldnt already be this broken and run down in a place thats just opened. We will be back, but we will be making sure we pee before hand :(

Review №22

Ive been coming here for a least a year with no issues, now for whatever reason the new manager wouldnt let my 4 kids jump without getair socks and would not accept another version of the rubber bottom socks. Total BS as there is no difference besides the name on the socks. No factual reason was given when I challenged the reason why. They just pointed to a sign on the wall. Sad way to upcharge the customer if you ask me...

Review №23

My kids had a great time during school vacation week, it was our first time and We came back the next day. Paul and Jaylen were very helpful at the front desk and made check in painless and easy. JP and Brady were very nice and interactive with my sons. My only suggestion is to have more cubby space.

Review №24

Sad that I won’t be returning after my kids were there with their grandparents on Tuesday. They had a great time and really enjoyed the facility. They didn’t enjoy listening to a male employee on the phone engaging in an extremely vulgar conversation using the “f word” and the “n word” ! Very disappointed that he had no regard for the children in the park.

Review №25

Came here for a friend of mine sons birthday party, my daughter is 4 and autistic and the workers here were amazing!!! Definitely will be back again!

Review №26

This place was extremely dirty when we went and their employees are very rude. I was walking back to the front with my daughter in my arms, who was clearly crying and upset. An employee came up to me and told me I can’t hold my daughter, and I explained I was just walking back to the front because she’s clearly upset and she’s 1 years old, and won’t follow me so I had no choice but to hold her. And he basically told me it didn’t matter. I could see if I was jumping with her in my arms, but I wasn’t. And sorry but I’m going to carry my daughter and pick her up if she’s upset regardless, she is a BABY. However, I wouldn’t expect a young kid to understand this, so maybe tell them the difference so they know for the future.

Review №27

I decided to have my daughters 13th birthday party there with the understanding that along with the party package came a hostess/host to help serve the pizza, cut the cake, or at the very least be around in the event that we needed anything....I mean we do pay ENOUGH to get one, right? The only time I seen my hostess was at the beginning of the party at the front door where she introduced herself and then showed us to the party area, and then when she dropped the pizzas off!!! I was dumb founded, because not once was it explained to me that they don’t help out with the party at all!! I had to go looking for her twice, once to get her to get the drinks that came with the party package I paid for and then again to get spoons so that my guests can eat their cake! At the end of the party I expressed my dissatisfaction with the manager who then took off $50 from my balance! Later on while at home, my daughter noticed that the bottle of ice tea that they provided with the party, was expired...(we had brought our leftovers home)....unacceptable! Would not recommend this place for a party if your expecting to get your money’s worth!!!

Review №28

Have become a regular here at Get Air in Swansea. I’ve met numerous staff members who are always very pleasant and friendly. Was there a few days ago when Allison and Jaylene gave me so much information on birthday parties. Paul has been so accommodating for my child with special needs. My bigger kids who are 8 & 10 love how Brady runs dodgeball ! And everything is always clean. Tried the one out in seekonk and it wasn’t bad at all, I just felt much more comfortable at this one and really enjoy bringing my kids here.

Review №29

My new favorite trampoline park!

Review №30

Weve been to a few parks around. Its ok as its better than nothing but I find it strange that there are hard surfaces within the jumping area. Im used to the jumping area being enclosed some how with everything within it being padded. This park has two large hard surfaces in the middle of the large trampoline area. For the foam pit area its almost as if they didnt fill it up as theres a gap on the trampoline surface that states dont jump on this part before the foam comes up. There are other fun areas such as the bouncy surfboard, however, even in the under 46 in section if a child stands in it and falls off theyre going to crack their head on the hard surface. Same with the trampoline. Just a strange set up. The dodge ball area is a little small but is enclosed with everything padded. This is more what Im used to. Its new so Im sure theyre still figuring things out. We shall see as time goes on. For now Ill make the track to Norwood.

Review №31

Came here for a toddlers birthday party. 5 out of the 13 kids were injured with scrapes on that surfboard thing. Don’t recommend for toddlers to play on that obstacle even though its supposedly the area designated for 46 inches and under.

Review №32

Awesome place, my younger son went to a birthday party here and had a blast. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

Review №33

The managers are all very helpful! It’s a fun experience for kids.

Review №34

Awesome Trampoline Park i(ndoor)

Review №35

TERRIBLE PARTY! The party next to us overflowed onto our table and people and toddlers were all over our plates and cups. Felt like I couldnt leave the table with our kids sneakers and coats and gifts. No staff other than the girl running the bunch of parties next to us who didnt bother to say anything. We barely saw our party person, who had our party and at least one other on a different floor!!! When I conplained to the Manager he gave me 4 1 hr passes so I could spend time with my son some other day. Go somewhere else!!! Tell your friends!

Review №36

An absolutely heartwarming experience

Review №37

Not impressed at all do your self a favor and go to Seekonk if your kid is 47 inches tall not the place to be there is no foam under any of the big obstacles and they will kick you out of the area that no one is using designed for 46 inches and under.Not to mention the older guy behind the desk with glasses is rude.

Review №38

Nick from get air in Swansea was super polite and fun, he helped everyone out at the dodgeball court. My favorite place in the world!

Review №39

I am very sweaty and exhausted.

Review №40

Want to say Paul that works there is great! He was so kind and helpful great place to go!!!

Review №41

Great place for kids to run and have fun the staff was very nice to the kids I was very happy.

Review №42

Nice place for kids to burn some energy

Review №43

Over priced and dirty

Review №44

So much fun for all ages, great variety of activities

Review №45

Awesome place for the kids and a great, helpful staff

Review №46

Great outing for kids for all ages

Review №47

Kids had a blast!!!

Review №48

Kids Loved It

Review №49

Not as good as Sky Zone.

Review №50

Grand opening first day.

Review №51

Great fun place for kids!!!

Review №52

This place is bad don’t come here

Review №53

They would not let me bring my gun inside. I was very disturbed by this.

Review №54

Play like crazy

Review №55

Tons of fun

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  • Address:207 Swansea Mall Dr, Swansea, MA 02777, United States
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  • Phone:+1 508-297-9142
  • Amusement center
Working hours
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
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