Lovers Lane
43735 Van Dyke S. of M-59, Sterling Heights, MI 48314, United States

Review №1

The workers here were amazing, the female on shift was very helpful to guide me towards the right buy i was looking for.even after the purchase was made and i was checked out. She continue to answer questions on items to get later. Will definitely be returning back to this locations for purchases in the future.

Review №2

Great inventory.Helpful and knowledgeable staff.Im a 52 y.o. straight man, no problems buying anything at all.

Review №3

I was very shy to start with because Ive just started exploring myself in a much more physical sense. Had a very wonderful young woman help me pick out the correct toys and maintenance while giving me a lot of very useful advice. I would definitely recommend them. The stock is about as verbose as someone would expect from a smaller store.

Review №4

Easily spent a good 30-45 minutes looking around, talking to the friendly workers, etc. Smaller store but they have pretty much everything you need. La was really friendly, made me feel comfortable, recommended products, etc.

Review №5

I had a great experience at this Lovers Lane location. The girls working were very helpful and friendly. They made me feel comfortable and offered a lot of information. Overall I had a great experience and have already recommended this store to my friends. I will be going back!

Review №6

The ladys working there made me feel supper comfortable! A staff member pointed me in the right direction for a first timer. Was not intimidated at all!

Review №7

This place is very expensive. Overall I didnt have a bad experience. My only complaint is that I asked them for their recommendations on a stamina pill while I was at the register. I thought okay theyre the experts Ill take what they give me. Get home check out the product online and theres no science behind the pill they recommended. If it works ill be changing it to a 4, but from what I have read it doesnt look good

Review №8

Bad service. The employees were talking amongst themselves inappropriately about how they spent their past time out of work. Specifically how they would party outside of work La was what one of their names was.. Visited on a beautiful Saturday and it was an overall horrible experience.

Review №9

La she is the best she was very friendly & helpful I really appreciate for along patientShe made me so comfortableThank you

Review №10

Dont let the negative reviews fool you because the staff here is awesome and most of bad reviews probably stem from there own insecurity of just being in the store in the first place. Of course youre going to feel watched and followed around but thats only because you comfortable and your guard is up. This is just common sense speaking but the reason they try and help so much is simply because if youre a guy and lets say buying a gift for your significant other you probably have no clue what you should buy for her and Vice versa plus they already know your brain isnt working properly from the pressure of just being in here so they offer to help. I personally felt the same way so I know first hand the feelings I speak of but then I realized they dont give a damn one way or the other what freaky crap youre into and nothing you could probably say or want to buy would shock them outside of just being vulgar and disrespectful. Word of advice next time you go in, just act just like you would anywhere else you go and ask questions if you have them. Personally if I worked here and I saw someone all uptight and insecure I would sure screw with them big time. Id walk up with the biggest floppiest toy I could find and while waiving it all around and at the top of my lungs tell you all about the HUGE special were having today lmao!! Just go in with confidence and I promise it will pay off. As for the staff, there all great and they know there stuff and can help if you let them.

Review №11

Id like to start with the positives here, as the young lady who assisted me in the store when I originally purchased my item was extremely knowledgable and helpful. This review is not for her, wish I knew her name, and hope she finds better management.So I purchased an item for $100 well aware of the stores return policy, which I think is great as it ensures that all customers always get a clean and new product. The sales associate assured me that the item I purchased had a warranty policy that allowed the item to be exchanged with the manufacturer if it was not working or defective. Im sure she was unaware that the company that produced the item is non existent. Long story short the item was defective, and never worked. I read the instruction booklet only to find the manufacturers phone number disconnected and the web address non-existent. I called the store and the same sales associate who helped me with my purchase spent an hour on the phone helping me try to test the item and agreed the item was defective and offered to order one from another store, so the one I had could be damaged out and she would provide me with the replacement.About two weeks later I received a voicemail that the item was in, and this is where it started going downhill. The message didnt say to call back, or to come within a certain amount of time. So I came in 8 days later to exchange for the new item. The sales associates were talking amongst themselves and called the manager out. The manager tells me the replacement was also defective so they damaged it out, yet no one contacted me or attempted to find another. I was really annoyed at that point that I wasted the time driving all the way to the store to find out they did not have the replacement and could not offer any assistance of any kind. The manager was very soft spoken but also extremely rude, but assured me the were getting a shipment in which would include the replacement next Tuesday.About an hour later I received a voicemail from the manager. She said I just found out we called you twice and didnt receive a response so we sold your replacement item....after they just told me it was damaged out....Not only did they not call twice, but they never asked for a response or said please pick up within a certain amount of time. The managers tone on the voicemail was rude, and her comments were quite insulting.I called back to the store and let her know that they only called once and didnt ask for a return call. I let here know that I was upset that I spent $100 on the item, with the assurance that there was a manufacturer warranty outside of the stores return policy. She then started to blame me, well you waited a week to come in, maybe you dialed the wrong number, are you sure you spelled the manufacturers web address this point Ive had enough with the young lady on the phone, and told her that I was extremely disappointed with her management skills, and with the customer service she had provided. Told her it wasnt even worth the trouble of trying to get it replaced at this point, and I would just write her and the store a review, review the item on their website, and contact corporate customer service regarding her behavior, and selling customers on a non-existent warranty.Bottom line is I would never go to this store EVER again, and though they may assure you of a warranty which navigates outside of the stores return policy....check the manufacturer before you waste your money!

Review №12

Ana is the absolute best!

Review №13

Dont follow me around. Dont hover around me when Im shopping

Review №14

Very uncomfortable for men

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  • Address:43735 Van Dyke S. of M-59, Sterling Heights, MI 48314, United States
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  • Phone:+1 586-739-5600
  • Adult entertainment store
  • Lingerie store
  • Costume store
  • Gift shop
  • Massage supply store
  • Novelty store
Working hours
  • Monday:11am–8pm
  • Tuesday:11am–8pm
  • Wednesday:11am–8pm
  • Thursday:11am–8pm
  • Friday:11am–9pm
  • Saturday:11am–9pm
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ-friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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