Get Air Trampoline Park
11 Riverbend Dr S, Stamford, CT 06907, United States

Review №1

Thank you to get air my baby girl had an amazing party. Ken and Kivin were helpful, accommodating and very very friendly. The place is clean and fun for the kids. I am so happy I found you guys.

Review №2

Great customer service frm start to finish. Kevin Switek and Staff made the experience one to remember and very helpful and friendly. Place is amazingly well kept, clean and sanitized (even especially during this time, due to COVID-19). We’ll spread the word and be visiting again very soon.

Review №3

Great fun place well go back

Review №4

Kevin at the front was awesome!! Everything was clean, and although we arrive almost near closing, he was super welcoming! There was so many different obstacles. Definitely coming for a longer time. Thanks so much Kevin!!

Review №5

Nice spot affordable fun. Not complicated you can see your child from anywhere you sit

Review №6

The main activity area was very clean and well maintained. We had the whole place to ourselves for the majority of the hour my kids played, and there was a staff member cleaning one section at a time the whole time we were there. The bathrooms and entrance floor were very sticky and our shoes stuck as we walked, so it would be nice if that was handled, but I felt like the important area where kids played and ran in socks was upkept very well!

Review №7

This place is so great and the supervisor/manager Kevin was so nice and cool and my kids love this place.. I will definitely go back again..

Review №8

The Best place to come with your kids smaller and bigger. Always have great time here

Review №9

Amazingly clean doing an amazing job on social distancing and sanitizing I love this place I think I have about 11 or 12 coupons at this week and next is a yearly pass

Review №10

Great place to have party or just fun. My family had a great time Awesome staff thanks kevin.

Review №11

Clean facility and Super friendly staff. The manager, Kevin, provided a customized experience, remembered my family and gave helpful information to plan events at this location.

Review №12

Clean space, super nice staff and great prices! great for kids and adults

Review №13

Do not bring young children here!!! The staff at the Stamford hospital today me that this is where the Orthopaedic surgeons make most of their money.. from broken bones and injuries of young children.We went there on a Sunday with our 2.5 year old and left 1 hr later to rush to the emergency room where another little girl was seeing the doctor from being at the same place. She now needs surgery. Google double bounce and how dangerous it is for younger kids, I had NO idea.This place has staff in referee outfits that just stand around and talk to each other. They do not prevent multiple children from jumping on the same trampoline or doing flips into one another. There are no rules whatsoever and it’s a complete free-for-all. If you have older children I would say it’s a great place to go, you’ll have lots of fun. But please don’t endanger your young children I wish I knew or someone explained how dangerous it could be..

Review №14

This experience was great the manager Kevin was awesome most definitely going back

Review №15

Kids had a great time, facility was extremely clean. Will definitely come back.

Review №16

Always a nice place to jump and have fun with the kiddos!

Review №17

Party manager who was with us was not supportive at all.. He was not guiding properly..I forgot his name..He was taking a long time for kids to fill their name in system and kids has to wait for long time.. There should be easy system to enrollThey said they will give 2 pizza for 10 kids but it’s not enough they should give proper estimation so that people who are new can get clear idea and can arrange food.. They don’t allow outside food and drink and they don’t provide enough and don’t have things in stock too.Place is nice but that package they offer is not good. Charge little bit more but things should proper

Review №18

ADULT JUMPERS MUST READ. We originally came to Get Air on a Saturday afternoon and there were a million little kids. The place looked really cool but it was a no-go. The manager Kevin said come back later in the evening or at night during the week. So we came back to Get Air tonight (Wednesday @ 8 PM) and it was perfect! There was practically no one there and we got to use the whole facility without worrying about crushing a little kid. I especially loved the dodgeball area and the foam pit. My boyfriend really liked the basketball area too. The manager Kevin and the girl working the cashier area were both really nice. Ill be back!

Review №19

We love this place! Weve held 3 birthday parties here and and cant count how many other times we have visited. I love how its open and can see exactly where your kids are without having to hover over them. Its clean and they just made a few updates to seating areas and added private party rooms. Just keeps getting better!

Review №20

Clean facility. Great staff. Good prices. A must for parents to let kids burn off energy.

Review №21

How is there no running no play no freeze tag no tag no hide and seek what is this place this place is so bad!

Review №22

You will love it but your kids will do more. Fun and friendly. Great for happy birthday events.

Review №23

What a great place I had my daughters 10 birthday party here and I must say it was perfect Kayla was a great party host and really made our party experience memorable she had great communication and really attentive to the party making sure we were having a great time we will definitely come back

Review №24

My 4 year old loved it! Staff was friendly and we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. Highly reccomended a weekday..morning or afternoon. Will definitely go back.

Review №25

First time here. For the first hour they played the same song over and over again, it was really irritating. Now they are playing music in another language and seem to cater to a specific group that is here. Not impressed by the lack of options either.

Review №26

Very good only thing I do not like is the water fountain it is very short and the water does not taste good and one other thing the foam pit is dusty besides that very good place to jump and have fun

Review №27

Great place for kids and grown ups. Fair price.nice worker at desk

Review №28

Get air is definitely an amazing 5 star trampoline place but the staff are not very attentive and tend to get very distracted by talking too much to the kids. U have to Keep ur eyes on ur children there all the time. Shape ur staff training!

Review №29

Great spot for the kids. Excellent value with the membership...

Review №30

Had ton of fun. Best place for kids

Review №31

We absolutely love Get Air! We had a birthday party for our daughter this summer and had a wonderful experience from start to finish. They made it so easy for us to just sit back and enjoy the party. We also have been to free jump and I can say with full confidence that my children are much safer here than at other nearby trampoline parks we have tried. The space is more contained, better supervised, and there are safer options for little ones. My kids also love the challenge course which sets Get Air apart from other trampoline parks.

Review №32

My son enjoys this place. It could be cleaner.

Review №33

A blast! My 2 and 4 year olds LOVED it. We cant wait to come back and bring friends. It gets busy, especially like today when school is out, but overall kids were looking out for each other and slowing down around the little ones. There are so many activities for all age levels so kids have many ways to improve their skills and get stronger.

Review №34

I love get air it is really fun to hang out but when it’s Sunday I hate how it closes at 8pm so it’s not really fun I’m suppose to go tonight but it’s 6:24 and it closes at 8 that sucks

Review №35

I love it !!!!

Review №36

Clean, seems to be well organized. Not really a huge variety, but thats ok.

Review №37

On vacation with kids, they absolutely loved it. Staff was very friendly, place is so clean. Definitely a must visit place!

Review №38

I love this place! My daughter asks to go to the jumping place every weekend. We jump together and I get a great workout while we have a blast. After an hour of jumping we are totally exhausted! If they had a monthly membership Id join. Discovered it during a birthday party and weve been back again and again. Great for a rainy day too.

Review №39

Well open area with trampolines. Fun for kids off all ages. Staff are friendly and helpful. Very affordable for the time and open space the kids have to run around in. Additional time is available. An hour may feel to short but kids were wiped by time the hr hit.

Review №40

The kids have fun and the attendants are getting there when it comes to service. I noticed the place has an odd odor during the evenings...anyone else have this experience? The bathrooms need more attention. Thank you!

Review №41

I went to get air a couple of days ago with my friends and it wasn’t anything I was expecting the staff wasn’t nice. There were to many rules. And me and my friends just didn’t like it so next time I’m going to go to urban air with my friends

Review №42

My first time there but, my babies had been there previously with their dad and they love it. I had a great time watching them and the other children. Its well maintained and sanitary. Everytime an area was finished being used the staff were there spraying and wiping down everything. I was impressed by their young staff... because every place I go where there is a staff of young people theyre usually very lazy and seem to only work at these businesses to get a paycheck.

Review №43

I have been there with my sons many times and Recently I have seen too much there. The workers do not follow the rules and they stay up later than closing time to do stuff with other workers which is pretty inappropriate and unprofessional. I am sure the managers do not check the cameras . This has happened many times. And I have seen many different workers there closing and doing things with other girls(workers)..Pathetic. I called to speak to the manager but there’s no one there to speak to.. I was in the bathroom there once really late and I noticed workers doing things there and I saw two workers provoking each other and making comments before this.. not a good environment.

Review №44

I had my daughters party there just yesterday 2/17/2019 and it was the most unorganized situation ever. Apart from no designated party room (extremely annoyed about that) there was no structure to this party(good thing I only paid for an hour jump time because there was no way for staff to know how long kids jumped for.) Ive had a party for my daughter at launch in Milford and the experience there was flawlesst. The staff was helpful and entertaining with the kids, where as with get air I had to constantly ask for things to be done. The staff did not interact with the kids and he just kept walking away. Parent have parties like this so they dont have to worry about anything, and myself and guest had to do everything.This place is very disorganized, poorly staffed, and the people that work there are not properly trained. I advise anyone that is thinking about having a party there, NOT TOO!P.s staff said they have to have a food licence in order to help pass out pizza and soda, which is why they couldnt help... Is that even a thing?

Review №45

My son loves this place.

Review №46

The kids have a great time here (the Blackout in the late evening is pretty cool) ... a little pricey, but what isnt these days? (I really dont get the reviews that have one star with no explanation - this goes for all online reviews... how does that help anyone? Yeah, you didnt like it... but Why!!?). Rant over... Get Air is great for the kids! Its great that there are facilities like this for our kids to have fun in a safe, friendly, and local environment (look for a Groupon)

Review №47

Came here for my cousins birthday party! The whole room and decorated tables were reserved for us and another party, so I guess that was okay... Still had a fun time there, though!

Review №48

We did our now 6 year olds party there. Get Air is smaller than Sky Zone in Norwalk. For older kids this would probably be a negative. For younger, parents can see all the areas and find their kids quickly. Not small....but a good size.We went for the 3 hour party and had 30 kids. Get Air has people throughout the place keeping an eye on things, but with a light hand. Personally, I liked how kids could be kids and there wasnt too much oversight. Exception was safety and they did make sure kids, when not with adults, were not going to jump on each other etc.The party area is open and they assign tables to different parties. We had two tables plus a place for gifts. Reading the reviews I can see how some would complain when it comes to kids jumping tables (and in some cases adults), but not hard to stake your territory. Staff were really good on just letting people get their food as they wanted and reality, kids had no interest in spending much time eating pizza tables were empty most of the time. It can get crowded when multiple parties are running......but thought it was fine. Again, kids would spend 5 minutes woofing down a slice of pizza and they were gone.The child area (46 and less) does have staff in area. If you are really concerned about larger kids in the area (didnt see an issue when we were there), staying there and informing kids they need to leave isnt that much of a challenge. I am hands off until I see a dangerous situation and then I will handle verbally. In the older area did see some kids jump into the ladder area when a parent was giving it a try and quickly got them out to avoid any safety issues (staff were in area, but 2 adults can manage).In any case, if you want a strictly regimented setup that is tightly scheduled and controlled, I would look elsewhere. If a bit of freedom doesnt bother you, Get Air is really nice setup.

Review №49

Dirty. The foamy area is very dirty and full of dust. Manager ir rude!

Review №50

Good trampoline park, the people working there are also very nice and friendly. Nice place for a party as well.

Review №51

An awesome place to jump, flip, and hang out with a group of friends! Spacious and lots of trampolines, as well as a foam pit which helps the jumper practice more dangerous, but now safe flips/tricks. Usually not that crowded (unless it’s a weekend night) so you won’t have to wait or ask for a square space. Awesome place and an energetic environment!

Review №52

Kids loves it.*I got called out for laying down to video my 2 year old while he was jumping. Cant always be hunched over about to fall on my kid guys sorry.

Review №53

My Daughter celebrated her 13th Birthday here and she had a great time and it wasnt too crowded and the music was great!

Review №54

Awesome place. I would tell anyone to come here. Bring your kids they will have s total blast. The staff are very nice and well intune to what the kids needs are. We are going to be coming very regularly

Review №55

Awesome place for kids and families

Review №56

Good place to use your energy jumping..

Review №57

I come to this place every weekend with my daughter and never had an issue until today. My daughter told me she accidentally hit a boy in the eye playing dodgeball. He was behind her and when she was about to throw the ball she swung her arm back and hit him. Then I saw one of the workers talking to my daughter and basically called her a bully!!!! When I saw my daughter almost in tears, I confronted the worker and asked if she called my daughter a bully and she said that’s what we were told to say when someone keeps hitting another when they are told to stop! Which was not the case! My daughter is 11 and was very upset by it! I did speak to the manager, but we all know nothing came of it. Shame on you if that’s how you have your employees speak to children! The right thing to do was to speak the me first! Very unlikely to return!

Review №58

I went to the front desk where i was assisted by a woman who decided to be extremely condescending, i simply explaned to her that i was not going to stay in the facility I guess she wasnt able to understand that and decided to push me into signing a waver multiple times when I clearly to her i wasnt going to stay, while doing this she decided to be extremely diminishing towards me while doing it, she ws treating me as if i was a two year old who couldn’t understand what she was saying

Review №59

Great staff, clean would recommend for kids

Review №60

This place has the ingredients for a great place to host a party for kids young and old. Our 6 y/o was at Get Air for a birthday party and he had a great time bouncing around!

Review №61

Awesome for young kids!!

Review №62

A lot of fun, many obstacles, the staff is friendly and not overbearing.

Review №63

Get air is the best my daughter there once she had a great time there and is really exited to go the agin

Review №64

Everything here is great. The staff are great with the kids . Its awesome.

Review №65

My kids have a great time. Well definitely be back!

Review №66

It is fun for kids. Good place for a birthday party.

Review №67

So I had a horrific bday party for my kid there and decided never went to Get Air Stamford for someone elses party and again saw the hosts disappointed.They had asked for water. They were told it would cost $6.00. just to clarify I said we need just a picher of water not bottled water. The girl in charge of the party, who by the way was not as attentive as she should be said they charge $6 for pichers of water too!!!!Unbelievable! Ive had my kids birthdays at Sky zone, pump it up, rock & jump, Bolmor- none of these places charge for pitchers of water. This is absolutely stupid.Yes the trampoline area is good but for parties, they are beyond awful.Also no one really does their job, as we had to.ask for knife to cut the cake and a lighter to light the candles, as there was no staff helping or assigned to the party..we noticed other staffers just playing on the trampoline basketball area. Im not saying they cant but other places arleast have 2 party planners with the birthday group at all times. Here ull be lucky if u have 1 person. When will this place ever improve the way they handle parties?!?

Review №68

8 year old birthday party, good times!

Review №69

Come here almost every weekend with the kids that I babysit they absolutely love it !

Review №70

Not really much to do. The staff doesn’t watch the floor so if you don’t have a bracelet to show you paid, its okay because you can still jump and they wont know. I was upset i paid and people were just jumping without paying

Review №71

Great place, very friendly staff.

Review №72

Finally a a local place where my children ages 9,10& 11 can go and enjoy .. the $125 for the summer membership is great !! Just signed them up when’s it’s extra hot out this is perfect! Plus the Fri night theme is a great idea as well .Staff is friendly and it’s very clean THx

Review №73

Very fun place

Review №74

Love this place! My sons new favorite after school activity.

Review №75

I drove 40 minuets to air zone just to arrive and be told that they were closed 2 hours early for the night. I called before entering the building and was told that they were open till ten. They closed early on a week day and disappointed a group of children because they were too lazy and did not want to have to clean things again. Their “reason” for closing early was they didn’t have customers for 2 hours straight and decided to close early. I’m extremely disappointed in the lack of professionalism showed by the people working there.

Review №76

Great hour activity for kids!

Review №77

The rules for so strict that the kids couldn’t even jump for fun in the area

Review №78

Great place to bring your whole family to have fun and see each other with a big smile

Review №79

Great fun for kids! Friendly staffs.

Review №80

Fun place for my kids

Review №81

Fantastic fun. Kids were almost sleeping on the car ride home!

Review №82

Funny place for kids and adults

Review №83

Clean and a fun time.

Review №84

Woman stole my socks and threw them out worst she worked there

Review №85

Fun experience for anyone and good to excercise

Review №86

Fun for the kids and all.

Review №87

Good for kids and adults! Everybody can enjoy!!

Review №88

Good place to bring kids

Review №89

Is ok

Review №90

My kids love this place

Review №91

It was lots of fun!

Review №92

Awesome fun with the family.

Review №93

Is nice place

Review №94


Review №95

Nice place for kids

Review №96

Fun for the kids

Review №97

Wasnt me

Review №98

Tons of fun !!!

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  • Good for kids:Yes
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