Deja Vu Showgirls Spokane
8722 E Sprague Ave, Spokane, WA 99212, United States

Review №1

Went on a Saturday.. during the day.. amazing girls... beautiful, fun and friendly. Bartender was great. Was truly worth every penny.

Review №2

They have decent looking show girls but a few really stand out like a few stand out like aurora adorable and amazeing at lap dances

Review №3

First time, and everyone was so pleasant and nice. Ash is very lovely buy her drinks, and the MC called Babycakes I believe? was quick to help me and my friend from a overly friendly guy which I really really appreciated

Review №4

The women and staff at Deja Vu are so awesome. The women are are friendly beautiful, Gorgeous and sexy as hell. My favorite is Dark Angel. Not only is she beautiful but she also is very intellectually sexy and smart. The staff is just as awesome. I have never had a bad experience there. Since the new management took over the place is just plane awesome. I will keep conning back. It is a friendly and great place.

Review №5

Went on a Sunday went with a friend since was 17 was expecting tweaked out women but the two I was with were very drug free overall had a great time would recommend this club to anybody in to spend a few extra bucks!

Review №6

There was some talent, but not much. One of girls was stumbling on the stage. The girls were not very attentive. I had to go and ask for a dance. The one dance I did get was not very good, she was sticky and had BO. As soon as we got the the area where the lap dance was they tried to get me to buy the dancer a $15 dollar drink and I said no. After that the dance was $40 for topless with no touching. I don’t know if that was because I didn’t buy her a drink or what. The cover charge was also $20. Not a good experience.

Review №7

The Dj had a bad attitude and was too pushy he was making snide comments to our group over the intercom made our visit to this club extremely uncomfortable for sure will not come back and do not recommend this place to anyone

Review №8

I called and they said they have no men. Big disappointment.

Review №9

I was at Showgirls only about 30 minutes ago. They are all beautiful and talented but Candy (or perhaps Kandy? Maybe even Kandi?) Was utterly amazing! I will be back just because of her!

Review №10

New Management, New Furniture, and very sexy ladies!!! This club is amazing now!! Also found some Free Admission passes at Puffin Glass. I encourage everyone to check it out.

Review №11

I stick to a few regular girls and them are pretty damn awesome at both conversation and dance. So I respect those girls. As for the others you’ll have to find out for yourself when you decide to go there.

Review №12

Went here with a few friends and theres this one named Nadia. She moves her body in a very sexy unique way. The way her eyes pierce at you on that pole is irresistible.

Review №13

So for amateur night on Wednesday’s, this club promises $200 cash prize for the winner of a crowd based decision. My girlfriend came tonight and danced, clearly was the crowd favorite, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my girlfriend. And when she asked the manager about who won he told her there was no winner and no cash prize. This establishment has poor management, scum. All the dancers were nice and fun but the management is corrupt.

Review №14

Every body be Beautiful from the Inside Everybody gots wiggle be rad stay real

Review №15

The upgrade has done this strip club wonders. Now they are really a classy club to go to! I am a huge fan now.

Review №16

This place is awsome. This one girl Nadia was amazing. Go there for her if anything. She was perfect.

Review №17

There is one of the hottest red heads in the world that works here. I was too shy to talk to her but watched her all night :D

Review №18

So many good vibes here! Such a fun strip club to hangout at!

Review №19

For the most part a good place. Varied wonen. Some will to take time to talk before asking. Others hit and run meaning ask for dance then leave if answer is not at this time.But normal for any place.Overakk a good placw.

Review №20

They really have the most well trained dancers that I have seen in the area!

Review №21

I have found the girl of my dreams each time I come through lol

Review №22

Perfect strip club for a bachelor party because of their great selection.

Review №23

The girls here are never rude or pushy, at least with me. They take their time and focus with you so you feel like you are getting royal treatment.

Review №24

The age is 18 and up so sometimes they have a younger crowd, but the maturity level is never an issue. The staff keeps a good control on everything and makes sure the room is having fun.

Review №25

All the girls are beautiful and smell good. They also are very nice. Great performers !

Review №26

Boaring only one girl asked me for dance and one girl just sat on stage .

Review №27

Best experience Ive had. Really wish more could have happened, but sometimes you just arent attractive enough.

Review №28

Enjoyed evry bit of entertainment that was offered . Even the ones that make memories

Review №29

Im a lesbian and I enjoyed this VERY MUCH

Review №30

Went there awhile back and was pick pocketed by one of the dancers for over a few hundred dollars. The bouncer or whoever did nothing and I seen the dancer hide out of my site till I left. Stay away from there.

Review №31

This strip club sets the bar super high, for any event that requires going out and getting naughty, I come here.

Review №32

Went there and there was this new girl named Eclipse shes a champ and amazing looking if there was ever a reason to go back it would be because of her

Review №33

Full of sinners

Review №34

Love it

Review №35


Review №36

Ruthlessly juvenile

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  • Address:8722 E Sprague Ave, Spokane, WA 99212, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 509-926-8567
  • Adult entertainment club
Working hours
  • Monday:11am–2am
  • Tuesday:11am–2am
  • Wednesday:11am–2am
  • Thursday:11am–2am
  • Friday:11am–3am
  • Saturday:11am–3am
  • Sunday:2pm–2am
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