Spotlight Cinemas at The Strand
19 Court St, Skowhegan, ME 04976, United States

Review №1

Absolutely love this movie theater--its the best bargain in central Maine. Forget Railroad Square, Regal (in Augusta) and Flagship, the Strand has them all beat. Completely charming and beautifully restored, the Strand is my choice, and I live in Waterville. The food is good, plentiful, and reasonably priced. And the place is one of Americas most haunted buildings!

Review №2

Balcony seating is amazing!!! But 18+ ONLY!! NO kids allowed in balcony unfortunately... Cheap admission!! Wallet friendly!! And sometimes you can hear laughter from the spirits that call the cinema home.... One of the most haunted places, but not harmful, so far...

Review №3

This place is a wonderful little theater. They have 3 separate screening rooms with balconies (must be over 18) in each one. Concessions and tickets are very cheap. Spent the same amount of money on popcorn and a drink as I would for one popcorn at a big box theater. THEY DONT TAKE CARDS! But other than that this place is perfect!!

Review №4

Visited this place on 02/28/2020 to take some children to see Sonic the Hedgehog movie. The kids loved it.This cinema tends to show primarily children-age movies. It would be nice if theyd show films geared toward a maturer audience more often.

Review №5

Love going there watching new movies plus its right around the corner where i live

Review №6

Me and kids love going here. This time it was mama n daughter day to go see the new Frozen 2 movie. She loved it!

Review №7

What a cute theater! Great prices... Definitely beats all the big cinemas. All the staff is friendly. Looking forward to going there more often

Review №8

Love strand! Always friendly and best priced theater around.

Review №9

It was nice and roomy

Review №10

Family Friendly3 theatersReasonable prices compared to other theaters

Review №11

This is a Great place to take Children, its Extremely Reasonable Prices on all things, from tickets to the concessions! The staff are all Super Kid&Adult Friendly, &Professional! Its a Great rainy day or any day treat for the whole Family! Also they play the latest movies.

Review №12

Worst theater I have been to. The staff and manager were rude. They refused to serve my fiance and when I went to ask what happened they denied that she went to get drinks/food. The bathrooms were disgusting, pee all over the floor and toliets that were not clean. People were talking during the movie, staff didnt do anything about it.

Review №13

Comfy seats and noooo its not haunted lol well at least I didnt see anything ;)

Review №14

This place was a nice place to visit, the show was good, prices were decent, and overall had a nice feel of how movie theateres were in the past. Its nice every now and then to see such antique design. 5 Stars without a doubt.

Review №15

Very good movies

Review №16

Wonderful value for your money. It is nice to know that one can still cake ones family to the movies, without sacrificing a weeks salary. I consider this a real Hidden Gem. The theater is well-kept. The seats are comfortable and the lighting is really special.

Review №17

This wonderfully comfortable, friendly and rich resource here in Rockland is a rare gem. The whole area relies on the excellent films, concerts, lectures, opera, theater and overall marvelous entertainment and education this cultural center offers. Midcoast Maine would just not be the same without The Strand. An essential part of our lives here, summer, winter and all year long. A real treasure.

Review №18

I liked it pictures good sound is good but the police always seems to be cold

Review №19

It was a movie theater, the Strand in Skowhegan, Maine. The prices are great the seats are the best Ive ever sat in at a movie, next to home. It was our first time and we will go again!!!!

Review №20

Nice and clean It was cold in the theater movie was good though. Other movie ended earlier than ours and you could hear group of teens loudly ruff housing out side of the movie.

Review №21

Love to bring the kids, love it has been here my whole life! I can share the same experience with my grandkids!

Review №22

Amazing theater! Comfy seats, reasonableish snack pricing

Review №23

For a very old theater it is kept up nicely and the price to get in is the best price youll find anywhere!

Review №24

Comfortable. Nice theater close to home

Review №25

Love the old theatre. Only annoyance is that they never open their second food counter and its a cluster to get to the only open one.

Review №26

Awesome movie theater with balconies available in every theater inside. However, you must be 18 to use them without exception. The seats are comfortable and reasonably roomy. This place only takes cash, so be prepared for that. Prices are better than your average theater too, with matinees coming in at $5. The place is a sort of renovated Art Deco lite, and is very charming.

Review №27

Like the Strand its a nice place to go went up a little bit on the prices on the food otherwise that its good

Review №28

You cant beat the price or the experience of seeing a new film in a fully digital historic landmark thats also said to be haunted! Make sure if you are over 18 to sit in the balcony.. Its amazing!

Review №29

Inexpensive, balcony seating available, great job rehabilitating this historic theater.

Review №30

I bring my kids to all the new movies! This place is VERY family friendly! Great prices! Awesome selection of candy for the kids! Always clean and very nice kept! Has the old school feel which I love! Overall ZERO complaints from me or my family!Keep up the great work!!!The place was sold since my last review. Sadly its getting more expensive just like all the other big chains. I used to purchase 4 drinks popcorn and candy for 20 dollars. Today I spent 30 dollars on 4 popcorn and soda no candy.

Review №31

Loved the small town atmosphere. Reminded me of my younger years. Will definitely be visiting this establishment again when I visit Skowhegan again.

Review №32

Great prices great architecture. They play 3 movies at once. The prices are good the bathrooms are very clean and up to date. They take only cash at this time this the only negative I can think of. The food and drinks are very affordable. They dont advertise it but you can get a refill on the popcorn for 50 cents I believe. They take care of the seats and keep up on cleaning. They do have balconies but for safety only adult are allowed which is definitely a good idea.

Review №33

Great affordable entertainment for the whole family. The best value around.

Review №34

I love the prices great seating

Review №35

I live 35 min away and was always worth the trip. Ticket prices are still a little cheaper compared to other theatres but snacks and soda have gone up and its no longer worth it.

Review №36

Great theater that is still reasonably priced that you dont have to spend a paycheck at to see a movie and enjoy a snack!

Review №37

Ordered 2 slushees, machine broken which is fine. Asked for refund was told cannot give refund. Asked for sodas instead (same price as slushees) was told I would have to pay for sodas. Eventually manager said “just replace with sodas”. Very disappointed with new management.

Review №38

This place is an excellent value. Movie tickets, popcorn, drinks, and snacks, are all reasonable enough to take your date or family to the movies without going bankrupt. They renovated the theater a few years ago, and its comfortable and clean, while still maintaining some of the small-town theater ambiance. Look for their outstanding deal around the holidays when you can buy a pack of movie vouchers for an incredible price! It makes a GREAT gift, and the recipient/s will be thanking you all year long!

Review №39

Always bring some sort of jacket or sweatshirt when coming here, no matter the season. Its a bit nippy inside, but the prices are wonderfully cheap!! The popcorn is fresh and not too salty, and the other snack options are reasonable. The theatre is kept cleans and the seats are comfortable. I personally love the balcony area in the first screen room. Staff is friendly and approachable. Perfect for date nights, squad evenings, and even going by yourself.

Review №40

Id doesnt have the movies from 2 weeks ago, only the ones that JUST came out... if only they changed the movies every day, then whey would prob. do better...

Review №41

Saw Avengers Endgame. Had a great time. Really great prices.

Review №42

My favorite theatre in the whole state. Small and old fashioned. I just love it.

Review №43

Nice place. Get their early so you dont have to wait in line

Review №44

Freezing in there tonight. Read on fb after getting home that they were experiencing heating problems. We should have been told at the ticket booth! Thank God I had brought a blanket. Is usually cold in there but tonight was horrible! Love the small theater atmosphere though. Wont return until it warms up!

Review №45

Cheap tickets and beautiful theater

Review №46

I have always loved strand cinemas it use to be cheap entertainment for the family but now that its been bought out by spotlight the prices have gone up still cheaper than most. There isnt a small popcorn anymore I dont eat more than that so it goes to waste of I order more I like that its freshly popped not pre popped and bagged. When a popular movie like endgame comes out there needs to be more awareness to the line I got there early and waited in line and people who pre bought tickets figured I dont have to wait in the back of the line wrong it saves u a seat not a front spot in line it caused an argument and a scene

Review №47

Great prices on both tickets and concessions. Seating is comfortable and clean. It also has a balcony that only adults can go up to. Limited parking on the same side of the street so I took a star off.

Review №48

Always know or theater as the stand Cinema but still great prices love going to the movies with my grandkids and my husband

Review №49

Such a wonderful date night activity.

Review №50

We love the strand! Prices, people and pictures....are just great!

Review №51

Its the cheapest place to watch a movie, but it doesnt feel it. Beautiful and comfortable cinema experience. Plus they do something to their popcorn that makes it taste so much better than any other cinema.

Review №52

Small hometown theater with great picture and sound

Review №53

Great 3 screen theater with adults only balcony. Comfortable seating and reasonable prices. Cash only though- no debit or credit cards accepted.

Review №54

Woman crying next to me was a real downer, and her mother dresses her funny too!

Review №55

Good theater, wonderful snacks at a reasonable price. Bring cash, they dont take cards

Review №56

It is fun and cheap to get in but its food bar is getting a bit pricey other than that it is really good

Review №57

Nice old theater. Enjoyed the movie. Price is right.

Review №58

Loved it. The place was clean the movie was clear and beautiful and the sound was overwhelming in a way that made it feel like you were a part of the film itself

Review №59

Pricing is still best around, just little cold in the winter months(bring thick clothing).

Review №60

Some people who are not familiar with the cinema or have issues with the cinema staff (teenagers) are rating it low. I had no issues with the cinema staff today they were nothing short of pleasant to me and the people behind me. Prices are not gonna break a person so I highly recommend this place to you as a person who has been going to the Strand for many years.

Review №61

Everything was awesome here! Great prices and the theater itself was the cleanest Ive ever seen! The only issue I had was not being able to contact an actual person after my fiancee lost his wallet there. I have NO idea how to get a hold of anyone and we dont currently have a car...

Review №62

There was 3 girls and 2 boys around 5th 6th grade that were not with adults that were yelling, making noises, running up and down aisles, throwing things, talking, on there phones, and changing seats. If I wasnt with my daughter I would have left.

Review №63

90% as good as the very best cinema at 50% the cost! Family of 4 can be under $20. Seats are not bad, sound and video are good. popcorn/soda/candy prices are a fraction of what the big chain cinemas charge. I recently went to a bigger cinema, the seats were nicer but that was it...however, it cost me 3 times as much between tickets and food there. Will stick with strand cinema from now on.

Review №64

I love this movie theater! Its super well maintained, modern yet nice new England throw back design. The Seats are SUPER comfortable and plenty of space between each one. The prices also cant be beat! both the tickets and food prices. Overall a great run small theater and I stop in for a movie whenever I can. :-)

Review №65

Comfy and affordable. Love this place ️

Review №66

Hey...this place is on americas top haunted places...although Ive never seen any ghosts. This is a good small town movie theater. Prices are good and the staff are friendly. There are three movies to choose from. Of which, two theaters are in a newer addition to the building. All of the seating have been updated to the newer comfortable seats. A very clean theater.

Review №67

Great place to watch a movie with the family

Review №68

Very nice place and inexpensive and and also reminds us of the old time movie theaters

Review №69

Ive been going to this movie theater for as long as I can remember and Ive never had a bad experience here. The staff is always nice and they have a great selection of movies.

Review №70

Ove this small but large theater. Great seats have adult seating too. Great movie price. Great prices for food. Popcorn always made fresh.

Review №71

Excellent value, comfortable seats, small town history and feel. We travel here when we want to see a movie when we have a big name theater right down the road because its better in every way.

Review №72

Made us wait in line for 25 minutes before selling us tickets and then popcorn. But started the movie regardless of the fact that it was them who made us all stand in line before they opened. Missed at least ten minutes of the movie even though I was 15 minutes early to it. Other than that, it was a great experience.

Review №73

Prices are reasonable, movies r great quality for showing & cinema may be old but nice renovations was completed to add two more theaters for movie showings. Temp. In the theater is cool, you may want to wear a little extra to remain comfortable.

Review №74

Great place, low prices, comfy seats and good ambience. Consessions area could be a little bigger or better laid out is my only minor complaint. Place is alegidly haunted, although not sure I believe that, never had anything paranormal happen while I was there.

Review №75

Nice clean theater, and the ticket price cant be beat.

Review №76

This is the best place to go to for a movie. They have extreamly low prices and very comfy seats. The only problem I had (which is just me being picky) is that they play movies late. So when a new movie comes out it takes a week or so for them to play it. But that is no reason why shouldnt go there.

Review №77

I love this theater. It is low priced and relaxing. Quick, comfortable chairs, great food, and great movies.

Review №78

Price is great for seniors. Movie choice is excellent. Location for me is convenient.

Review №79

Always enjoy my home town, I used too play in the old projector room with my family friend Dennis. Cool to see it evolve.

Review №80

Best place to watch a movie at a decent price compared to the big guys

Review №81

Classic movie theater that used to be a actual theater. Rumored to be the most haunted spot in maine!

Review №82

Cheap, clean and friendly. Always a great time.

Review №83

Great prices and they run 1st run movies, who could ask for more

Review №84

Cash or check only, fantastic theaters, friendly staff, great prices. Wasnt able to find any employees so I could buy something at the concession stand about an hour and a half into the movie.

Review №85

Its always playing up to date movies.No lines.Great seatsDelicious pop cornPolite & clean

Review №86

Very clean and comfortable seats.

Review №87

Best movie theater withing a 50 mile radius. The popcorn is always made fresh, the prices are fair, and the employees there are amazing.

Review №88

Nice old style theatre. Tickets and concessions are cheap. The popcorn is fresh and the staff is efficient and friendly. Best part of living in Skowhegan is The Strand!

Review №89

It was very good.

Review №90

Good service and great price!

Review №91

The theater is a really nice place, it has comfortable seating and a nice concession stand and the workers are very kind and friendly. The only down fall I can see is sometimes the theaters are really cold and the movies should be changed more frequently.

Review №92

Great prices, on tickets and food! Normal and reasonable. Good for family outting or date night.

Review №93

Comfortable seating, price is affordable, nice atmosphere

Review №94

Great, prices, clear picture quality!!! Fun Atmosphere!!!

Review №95

The best movie theater around!Reasonable prices, great popcorn, comfortable seats with folding armrests, and the theaters are kept very clean! No funky smells, like Ive experienced in other area theaters.

Review №96

Place looks small from outside but when you get in your transported back in time to a huge theater time capsule.

Review №97

As great as its always been!

Review №98

Love that this is a local place and not some chain theater. Prices are way better than the larger theaters and you get to support a local buisness...for me thats a win win!!

Review №99

Nice, friendly theater. Good prices, and ticket deals. Cash only.

Review №100

First time at Strand Cinema. I found the facility clean, comfortable, and run professionally. Prices were very reasonable.

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  • Address:19 Court St, Skowhegan, ME 04976, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 207-474-3451
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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