Altitude Trampoline Park - Skokie
7037 Central Ave Suite # 11, Skokie, IL 60077, United States

Review №1

I come here Saturday and make new friends also the staff are real nice I just wish they could reopen because I really miss being able to flip on there amazing super tramp

Review №2

ATP needs a better system and must be prepared to attend the community it serves. What is the reason of buying tickets online and signing the waiver and still need to do a line. There was only two staff members attending this huge line. The Line to get in was longer than the actual time my son was able to play. The front door was locked. People was outside waiting during open business hours for someone to open the door. Staff never unlock the front doors. The chaos was upsetting multiple people in line. The wait, the door locked during business hours and the short staff made this such a difficult experience for many of us. Also please take some Lysol wipes with you if you have little ones. Bathrooms are dirty.

Review №3

Amazing. We love this place! My husband and I have just as much fun, if not more, than our kids! Its a great place to burn off energy for the kids. Theres dodge ball, foam pits, monkey bars, balance games, extra bouncy trampolines, just go! Its also in a convenient shopping center.

Review №4

This is an amazing place to have fun and get some work out for kids and adults we are going to be regular at this place. This is a great option especially when you want to do something indoors. Nice and friendly staff.

Review №5

A very fun place to bring the kids or your friends to let loose. Unfortunately I went on a weekend and it was a mad house, I keep worrying I was gonna squash one of the many kids that kept running from one trampoline to another and on to mine. Their was no tables or seating available what so ever, everything was booked for parties. And most of the stuff were like kids themselves, no wonder chaos ran rampant.

Review №6

Generally pretty fun. Facility at times can be a little dirty but that is to be expected with so many people coming in and out and so many children. Wish there was a little bit more supervision. Other than that, is consistently a good time no complaints.

Review №7

Fun for kids and adults. Staff was a little rude but I still had a great time.

Review №8

Altitude is NOT a good place for a birthday party. I’ll start by stating this is coming from a parent perspective, the kids had a great time.I had my daughters birthday party there yesterday and it was a horrible experience. After the kids were settled in, the host went over the timeline of the party and went on to explain the food.. 1st we’re automatically FORCED to have pizza. When I asked the host how big were their pizzas she stated they don’t make them they’re ordered from Papa Johns. *No where does it state this when you’re booking a birthday party that is non refundable. * she went on to say a large has 8 pieces. Well because of her miscalculated i even fed up over ordering because these pizzas were huge and came with 10 pizzas. Each pizza is about $20. I asked if i could use a coupon and was told no because they have a contract with Papa John’s. I asked if i can go myself and pick up and bring it and they said no because “no outside food is allowed” even though it’s the same place they order from. Meanwhile the table next to me that was having a birthday party brought in Popeyes, egg rolls, a fruit tray, a veggie tray ect. My daughter has a dairy allergy. When they contacted me earlier in the week to go over a headcount and food i specifically asked if i could bring something in because my daughter (Birthday Girl) has a dairy Allergy and will not be able to eat the food and was told no. No outside food is allowed. So i had her eat prior to going to her party. I asked to speak to a manager regarding the other party brought in food and the look on her face said it all. She didn’t really know what to say or how to explain that they brought in food other than “ we will be charging them for bringing in food” seriously?! That’s all you can say. They laid out water and juice in the beginning and of course after jumping around the children are thirsty so they grabbed waters. When it came time to eat there were no more. I was told it’s $1 per drink. I explained to my host for other parties around us, the parent would ask for extra waters and the host was giving her handfuls and just handing them out. I asked her if i can go buy a packet of water and bring it in for the kids and she said no that’s not allowed. This place is a joke!! I was extremely upset with the service. I would not recommend this place to anyone. They definitely don’t try and work with you at all not even for people with allergies which is VERY inconsiderate!

Review №9

Really fun! Great variety of things to do. The woman at the ticket area was really helpful and friendly! The only downside was the staff in the jumping area. They do yell quite a lot. I get it--theres tons of kids around and you dont want a lawsuit on your hands. It detracted from the experience but we still had an awesome time.

Review №10

My family had such a fun time here on a weekday afternoon. There were only a couple other families there giving us a lot of room to take advantage of. We missed toddler time, which ends at 1pm, so it got a little pricey. About $45 for my toddler and husband and i to jump including $2 for each pair of non slip socks. There is a lot to do here. Theres a trapeze, a couple balance beams, rock climbing, and monkey bars all above foam pits. There are 2 dodgeball rooms and an obstacle area. There are a couple jumping games, very unique. They offer some snacks and drinks. We were so happy with how clean everything is and the staff was just so friendly! Keep it up!

Review №11

Wonderful experience. Fun way to workout

Review №12

Had a super fun time here at a kids birthday party myself my husband and my two kids is pure and utter chaos but in a really good way

Review №13

We were here for a birthday party. The place was crazy busy. The bathrooms were filthy. And they have NO ICE in the building! Kids had fun on the trampolines.

Review №14

Good place for kids to jump around.

Review №15

Good place but kids that work there to hursh. I go there with my kids and my younger one is 3 years old. I do not jump myself but sometimes younger one wants me to hold her hand and show her how to jump. Workers just stand near by you and look that you do not even step on the thing. Want to bring children but sometimes personal is not friendly.

Review №16

Absolutely did not have a good experience. My son was in the bathroom while there was a line for pizza and his friend was in line saving him a spot because the line was so long. A bald man, with a curled mustache came up to my son and said to go in the back of the line and said you are more than happy to leave. I am not sure if he is a manager, but that man is highly rude and ruined the whole experience. I will never go there again, and I will be sure to warn my entire family not to go there.

Review №17

My nephew loves it. And he makes friends easily. So it is a great place for kids to burn some adrenaline.

Review №18

The kids love it. Its a little hectic and crowded but they are enjoying themselves

Review №19

I love the variety of trampolines here. Theres a basket ball hoop, dodgeball area, rope swing. Great place for a birthday party or something.

Review №20

This was my first time taking my kids to Altitude (they have been with friends and family before) and it was such a wonderful experience for all of us. My kids had a blast but the thing that made this trip stand out was the customer service. Declan was working at the desk and he was so helpful and courteous. He really went out of his way to make sure it would be a great experience, and it was!

Review №21

Went last week with a group of friends. Super chill staff, especially the staff up in the trampoline area. They were all around my age. One worker with Harry Potter glasses was watching the area with basketball hoops and rated our dunk contest for us. Definitely recommend, despite the long lines.

Review №22

Good place for kids to have fun. Staff is little picky. Parents should come with socks or they will make you buy their socks for $3

Review №23

Had a great time jumping with my daughter! A fun way to exercise!! Good, pleasant staff!

Review №24

Ive gone to toddler hour a couple times & its been a great experience. The place is huge & theres a lot to do for a 2 year old when there arent older kids all over. Will definitely keep going back.

Review №25

Update: Manager reached out offering a buy one-get one free offer for the next time we come. I said I would like a refund because I wouldnt risk going again being a 20-something. No response. Keeping at one star.This place markets itself as being for all ages but if youre a 20-something trying to mix up Valentines Day date night and buy tix for Altitudes VDay Date Night, be prepared to get weird looks from all of the parents because there are ONLY SMALL CHILDREN. My fiancee and I bought tix for that night (which is 2 hours of jumping from 9pm-11pm), and we left after 45 minutes because all of the parents looking at us like we were predators scoping out their kids. I reached out to management twice with no response. Fine for kids, but NOT FOR ALL AGES.

Review №26

This was my family of five’s first visit to any trampoline park. I called in advance to ask some questions and looked online. However, there was still much about the experience that was confusing to me as a first time visitor, ie lockers, how we would be notified when our time was up, the correlating times for each wristband color, amount of time and information needed on hand to fill out waivers, having non-walking infants on the observation deck, etc.If the sales associates had engaged with us, volunteered pertinent information for a first time visitor I believe our experience would have gone more smoothly and been more fun. It’s as if the associates assume that everyone knows the routine at the park. The communication was sorely lacking, frustrating, and inconvenient.Nevertheless, Zachary, the manager on duty at the time, was patient and well composed. Though he also could have been more thorough with us at our check in. I believe that Zachary cares about his job, his staff, and the visitors of the park. He seemed to want to ensure we had an enjoyable time despite our initial hiccups.Because of the way that Zachary worked to resolve our issues, I would consider planning another visit to Altitude Skokie, and I may recommend this location to others.

Review №27

We had so much fun with the kids, helped me with my back. Just for us older people with lower back issues...I recommend to warm up first with stretching before going in and start jumping. I have to herniated disks but I went in jumping slowly...paying attention to my bodies tolerance...then I notice my body more looser...I was sooo happy. I felt like a kid again at the age of 40 jajaja.

Review №28

My son just had his birthday party here. The actual trampolines are amazing. The kids had so much fun. They were well-supervised, and the employees were really helpful and engaged with the kids.I still have to take a couple stars off for how poorly the party planning went. First of all, when I booked the party, the person told me I had to choose between one of two packages: either I pay for 10 kids to jump or I pay for 20 kids to jump. I was told that double the kids---even if you dont really have double the kids---means double the price (and its a lot of money, yikes). Well, it turns out thats not the case. On the day of the party, we had 13 kids show up, and I ended up only paying for the 10-kid package plus individual fees for the 3 extra kids. Which is a good thing, but I wish this had been made clear from the get-go, because I could have planned better.The check-in process was also very odd. As soon as we walked in, someone greeted us (which was nice). I told her we were hosting a party, and she pointed out our table and told us to go sit there. What she didnt say, and what I had to find out afterward (when all three of my kids got kicked off the trampolines), was that we needed to check in first and get a wristband and special socks. Why didnt she tell us to walk over to the desk and check in before going to our table?Last, I told the staff the day I booked my sons party that my son had a severe peanut allergy. The charge for pizza and drinks for the party-goers is included in the birthday package, but the pizza is not peanut-free. I asked if I could bring my own pizza from Dominos (so my kid could, you know, eat with his friends at his own party), but I was told that not only would I still have to pay the standard pizza charge included in the birthday package, but Id also have to pay an extra fee for bringing in outside food. I mean, huh? We ended up paying the usual charge for Altitude Trampolines pizza and bringing a single cheese pizza from Dominos for my son. I had to argue with the staff to remove the outside food fee because nope, and eventually they did.In short, theres a lot to love about this place. The trampolines are so much fun, but the staff still has a ways to go with the party planning process. It could be--should be--so much smoother.

Review №29

Great place. We got a lot of fun. Good staff

Review №30

Nice place to take kids for some activities during winte

Review №31

My toddler had fun and I want next time to come without him. So, yeah.

Review №32

Altitude trampoline park is the perfect place to spend your free day! Its got a ton of awesome stuff that really makes you wanna be there again. Theres so many stuff that you can do with all your friends, family, and other people. If anyone asks me if he should go there, I would highly recommend them to do so.

Review №33

One of the worst kid places to be at, when you have a bunch of kids in the 3 year to 6 year age range they dont allow any free fun for the kids. they have a one person at a time trampoline rule. a pool of foam balls, guess what one person at a time. you would think that it would be a weight limit or something, but no they give no explanation on why you can only have one 40 pound kid at a time in everything. I wished for my money back in the first ten minutes but the little ones saw all the fun kids were having and didnt want to leave not realizing that they cant do anything like they are at a park, if you have young teens. cool place. any kids below 9 years old take them to jump zone and pump it up. this place sucks. not worth it. might as well put a age rule on it. or make it just for young adults.. never going back unless i hear of rule changes.

Review №34

I love the place but they charged my 1 year old $15 get in, like my son dont even know how to jump. They need to have an price limit on age because thats ridiculous that they would even do that.

Review №35

A great park to attend when its not busy and a horrible experience when having a birthday party here. I booked for the first time with this place and when i tried to contact the location i got voicemail. I left a voicemail twice trying to find out some guidance as to how their establishment functions for a party and got nothing. When i arrived 15 minutes before my time there was a huge ( i mean chaos) of a line. I walked right to the front and asked if i had to stand in line for the party or something else. The girl called over the kid who was attending me. They had nothing setup. The check in wasnt up and my table wasnt setup. I booked a private room and i was sat at a table. I asked how does it work and i was brushed off. He said you can sit here while i get everything at the high top table near the door and then you come check in by me. ????? He didnt bother to tell me when he was setup i had to wait. Check in and event started after 3pm so my kids were jipped a bit on time. I had no guidance. No real attendant. NO one told me that 30 minutes before the end everyone would be called for pizza. I felt rushed between pizza and cake. My kid still had pizza in his mouth and already asking me about the cupcakes.When i went to the front desk to pay no one was concerned that i didnt get my private room. My bill was not changed so they had to rearrange it. But the lack of concern upset me. There is no email address on their sit so ive taken to social media to voice my concerns. I will not do this again

Review №36

Today is MLK day, so we expected a crowd. Line was long, a 45-min wait to get wrist bands. Why so long? Some people walked through the front door cut to the front of the line and received service. I addressed the issue with the manager who apologetically said it shouldnt happen, but did not ask the queue jumpers to properly waitIts unfortunate there are dodgy people, but its up to Management to enforce proper rules - especially for those who dont understand rules apply to everyone.

Review №37

What a blast to jump around with my three year old here. Really pretty good weekday prices if you come in early. You have to purchase special socks which isnt clear till you get to the counter, but still it is worth returning. Perfect place to go on a rainy or cold day with your kids.

Review №38

Too much fun for kids.

Review №39

This place is definitely fun for kids, but they need more staff to supervise the jumping pits. Me and my friend had to make sure that each kid took a turn and did not jump on each other. I understand why these places are getting so much scrutiny, and the lack of attention is a liability waiting to happen.

Review №40

The staff are friendly, and the place is more clean than many other trampoline places. It is bright colored, and inviting for all ages. They have various trampoline attractions/adventures available. I wish they kept up with replacing the older/deteriorating foam blocks. They have party rooms available for special events, as well. Overall, this is a nice place to have a fun time with your family.

Review №41

This trampoline park Is So Good I Know All The employees Like Ethan And Anthony And Liz Kevinn And Nicole And Brandon Im Watching Your Texts

Review №42

I think many of the employees that work there should be promoted and or recognized there. I was there for the first time last week babysitting my sister’s children. All of The employees working that morning were amazing! Two particular employees caught my eye the most, Beyonce? She was at the rock wall area and she was so sweet all the kids were interacting with her. She treated them as if they were her own siblings. She was nice from what I can see and was very helpful when I asked her about the toddler jumping time. The other girl’s name was Ari when I asked. They were both so enthusiastic, respectful, helpful, and super happy. Kids were all having so much fun with them. Ari helped kids get out of foam pits if they were stuck which was sweet of her made it easy on me and I’m sure for other parents also. The kids made an instant connection with them and brought them out of their shells. I would let them watch any kids in a heartbeat. They are such a spectacular employees. They enforced rules to ensure jumpers safety politely to all jumpers and parents around her. 10/10 customer service from the both of them. It’s like they have been working there for years. Can’t wait to come again!

Review №43

5STARS, I put 1 so people can see that I think the community that attends this place is extremly rude. But the place is fun^.^

Review №44

My daughter loved meeting up with friends here. Kids get a great workout. Facility is accommodating for children of all ages.

Review №45

I had a Birthday party here at this location, not only did they give me the room right when the party started and they told me to be there by 5pm and they gave me the room at 5:30 and the party then started till 6pm. Not only that but I had to serve, remind to bring rest of the drinks for the kids but the help was no help at all and I paid for a private room. We chose this place because I took my kids here and they loved it, so that’s why we decided to have his Bday party at this place. Unbelievable the bad experience we had specially for the amount we paid.

Review №46

This is truly a fun and exciting place to bring your children. There are areas through out the facility for all ages. Our little one was so excited to try all the trampolines and foam pits. The staff really watches over the kids. What’s best is your kids will burn up all their energy. Loved it.

Review №47

Kids love it. Pizza is from papa Johns so not a fan.

Review №48

This place is packed on the weekends but so much fun!

Review №49

Great place. Have to say... It beats sky zone. The performance trampoline is awesome and the wall walking trampoline is great. Trapeze thing is cool as well. Remember that the performance and wall walking trampolines have an age restroction.Ive been here 5 times with my niece whos 4 and a half.

Review №50

We are all grown up but a couple of us together after work and jump and flip for an hour ($15). We do this two to four times a month. We are mostly there to practice backflips. There are some longer rectangular and soft trampolines that are well suited this. There also are foam pits, dodge ball, dunk rims, jousting and some games. Massage chairs for the adults waiting or for after jumping.

Review №51

The weekend special is great. 3 hours of fun plus free pizza!

Review №52

Kids loved in my birthday party group were 7-10... only thing keeping off the 5☆ was the unsupervised tweens that were basically bullying our group of kids in dodgeball...faulty parenting maybe but staff should be able to intervene when needed

Review №53

Awesome trampoline park great for family fun or a little gymnastics practice

Review №54

Great place to hold a childs birthday partyWay cleaner than mpar other trampoline places

Review №55

It was a great experience!!! The guy behind the counter was so nice and helped us out. Online waiver was a breeze!! My son had a great time!

Review №56

Very friendly and helpful staff. Recently my sister went and hurt herself to the point where she was bleeding all over herself and the staff members were extremely helpful. They took care of her and were very alert. Thankful to have had them there during this situation.

Review №57

I payed full price to have my kids jump and as soon as the place closed I was kicked out immediately very disrespectfully. I have never seen this bad service! Even with my little baby he was screamed at and told to leave immediately. I was very disappointed and DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANY FAMILY!

Review №58

Love taking my kids here everyone is nice and professional

Review №59

Its a great place to get some energy out. My daughter loved it. Be prepared for a bit of chaos after you sign the waiver. There are kids running around, trailing parents, everywhere.

Review №60

Poor staff, I pre-booked a table there for my children, we had a birthday, they waited a very long time to stop by!

Review №61

The staff was amazing!!! We went to toddler time today and it was awesome. My 20mo old had a blast. She was able to explore and test everything out.

Review №62

Great place for kids to tiredAll parents bring your kids here for an hour and let them run flip and bounce your couch will thank you

Review №63

This place is a great place to play and jump around and have a birthday party at. But when you have to wait 30 minutes because the employees don’t have the keys to get into the place. We had to wait awhile to get in to the building. The manager was the only one with the key and wasn’t there. This was very disappointing and annoying to all the people waiting outside to get in to the the building.

Review №64

Very state of the art, clean facility. Doesnt feel packed even though it often is. Love the Toddler Time deal. Great bang for the buck!

Review №65

They have improved the service very well in a year

Review №66

Been here a few times for kids parties. The staff does their best, but it is generally chaos on the weekends. Good for kids of many ages. My 2 year old keeps up with most things. Great for blowing off some steam during winter when you have been hiding from the cold all week.

Review №67

For kids, and adults great excercise and fun

Review №68

I was extremely impressed with the staff here, especially Zoha! I accidently made reservations @ a different trampoline park, but told everyone to come to Altitude trampoline park! Zoha came to my rescue and somehow squeezed our party in, even though they were booked, without any hesitation! She totally saved the day and made my nieces and their friends very happy!! Thank you Zoha!

Review №69

Family fun kids never want to go home

Review №70

Great new trampoline park. Lots of stuff to do. The Wipeout spinning bar thing is fun and the kids love it. The long trampoline tracks are perfect for your aspiring gymnasts. They also have a horizontal climbing wall with foam put underneath. Lots of high bounce trampolines too. Trapeze and jousting are also there. Definitely a must go trampoline park!

Review №71

Staff was rude, didn’t say you needed socks until you got on the trampolines, socks kept coming off despite stickiness, monkey bars were greasy and slippery, no napkins, and the staff watched us rather suspiciously. I wouldn’t recommend it here at all.

Review №72

Nice trampoline park with lots of activities. Ive been there a couple of times and even though there was a lot of people it never felt overcrowded.

Review №73

All of the trampoline park (the trampolines) is awesome. We come to this place once a week, but today there was one worker named Leslie and she was not doing the job she was supposed to do. All of the other workers are amazing and awesome but, only Leslie was not good.

Review №74

This is the best place in the WORLD

Review №75

Amazing indoor experience that my teenage daughters LOVED. Clean, fresh smelling, spacious and super friendly staff. The manager Dahlia is very personable and exhibits a ton of patience with a million dollar smile. I will definitely be booking a party there soon!

Review №76

Good place to take the kids to jump.

Review №77

What! Exercise training every Friday mornings at a cheap price too. Oh yeah, and every other amenities that a trampoline place can squeeze into a massively huge location, more than enough parking and walking distance to a theater and loads of food places so you can combine this with other fun outings.

Review №78

Its fun, the place is pretty open where you can see the whole layout. It gets pretty packed and busy. The place is mainly for parties so the tables are limited for people who come just to have fun.

Review №79

Awesome place, grandkids love this place, fun way to expel energy.

Review №80

My kids so enjoy the time and I hope you like it. Highly recommend it.

Review №81

First time here, and it was a really fun place!!! I loved all the different areas that they offered for kids, but than there was a seperate just jumping area. My neice and nephew loved the swing and foam pit area! Great pricing and lots of fun ! Would come back again!

Review №82

Very fun place. Not only for kids but for adults too. Also one of the employees there Michael Gray is an excellent guy, made us feel welcome and safe. Definitely coming back again.

Review №83

Great facility- which would be 4-5 stars. Absolutely overpacked zoo, too many parties and walk ins at same time. Thus lowering score to three. This was not visited during winter break.

Review №84

Nice facility with a variety of tramp options. Good number of supervisors for refereeing the adolescent chaos. NEEDS a coat room or even some coat racks. Maybe disposable booties for the restroom area.

Review №85

Great place. Very clean. Toddler hours are a great deal! Great for parties as well.

Review №86

I do not recommend this place to anyone my sun was told that he pushed which was not true. A kid was jumping on the super tramp for 15 min and would not let anyone else on we told the employee in that section and she did nothing about it. Then my son jumped on the trampoline so he would get off. Then the other kid told the staff that my son pushed him. Then they talked to me and we cleared things up. Fast forward a week so today my son goes there and is denied entry. I call them and they wouldnt let my son in. Very disappointed with the service and staff

Review №87

My son had his 12th birthday party here. Great service and he & his friends had the best time. Might have his party again here next year

Review №88

PLEASE look elsewhere for an enjoyable time. Unfortunately, this location has a bad reputation with theft. The worst part is they will point fingers at whomever is closest without question. DO NOT bring anything of value here and DO NOT expect to be treated fairly, equally, and with respect.

Review №89

Nice team. Clean facility

Review №90

I hope you like lines

Review №91

Had our daughters birthday party there. Everything was clean and staff was helpful with getting everything ready and helping to get kids jumping. Very smooth party and it was great that party city is across the parking lot from them as well. Thanks!

Review №92

Biggest waste of $18 ever. Way over priced. $15(not including tax) for an hour, $2(again not including tax) for socks. Wasn’t any fun for teens or adults. Staff wasn’t friendly was quite mute. They didn’t want to speak to anyone. The 3 at the front counter were happy and nice but everyone else didn’t even try to seem a little bit happy. I don’t want to sugar coat it it was terrible unless you are a 9year old whose parents have money to blow. I was really excited and this was just a disappointment.

Review №93

Trampoline and related activities. Altitude is the best in its category and set up better for more age groups than competitors. Biggest drawback was that it was really busy on a Saturday afternoon.

Review №94

Great place to take your kids to and wear them out

Review №95

Most of the staff members are pretty chill.

Review №96

My daughter loves coming here and it is a great way to let her loose some energy.

Review №97

Good for parties, crowded parking

Review №98

I loved this place i did tictoks in there so many kids try getting in I let them we all had fun I will come back for more tictok and make new friends! =)

Review №99

I came here yesterday morning during Toddler Time for the first time with my almost 2 yr old daughter. The park itself was fun, but unfortunately it was a negative experience, because the woman working behind the counter was unwelcoming, and had such a nasty attitude when speaking with me. I don’t think we will return. It was our first time, and at any establishment, I would expect some small level of welcoming pleasantry. I didn’t feel comfortable asking questions. She seemed annoyed at our presence, and as soon as we paid and went to go take our shoes off, I turned around and her and a coworker were smiling and having a great time- very different then when we were at the counter. It’s too bad.

Review №100

Need to improve the sign in experience - takes far too long (even after completing the waiver)

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  • Amusement center
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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