Harkins Theatres Sedona 6
2081 AZ-89A, Sedona, AZ 86336, United States

Review №1

Im on vacation in Sedona from LA, and Im so happy to go to Harkins to see some movies during my stay. Pre Covid-19, I went to the theater 2-3x a week for my film reviews so you can imagine how grateful I am for AZ having theaters open with a mask policy and social distancing. I was comfortable and at ease. Its a great theater! Thanks.

Review №2

Sound and video were great. Popcorn seems to have gotten a lot smaller, and the associate that made it filled it completely before putting on the butter, so I had to come back 1/4 of the way through the movie, and ask for more. Not a big deal, really. The auditorium got quite warm a couple times, even though there were only 8 people watching the movie. I will go back again. Stay safe, everyone!

Review №3

Watched good movie Let him go in complete solitude. Just my wife and I. Nice venue. Good popcorn. Nice folks work there.

Review №4

Very nice and friendly staff. Really ready for keeping our eyes open.

Review №5

Theatre is too small, one decently large screen, but even before the pandemic they didnt change movies enough, so 10 times worse now.You cant charge $7.50 actually now $8, for a little tiny screen and a theater that seats 50 people. Plus no discount shows at all even if you go before 6:00 or 7:00 p.m.This is exactly whats wrong with an industry that is on the brink of failing completely, when you can stream hundreds of movies for $15 a month and buy your own snacks and put a movie on pause and go to the bathroom or the kitchen and then come back and not miss anything.When a basic candy bar is $3.50 at the theater, that costs a dollar at the grocery store, youre adding insult to injury.If someone had any brains in the county this theater is in, they would build another theater with stadium seating and only a couple of screens cuz thats all you need.... And have matinee prices.

Review №6

It was a different experience thats for sure. You cant get refills on the large and extra large popcorn anymore. They will honor the loyalty cup, but give you a disposable cup. You cant sit where you want but only in certain areas that have been designated for 1, 2, or 4 seats. So people who like the aisle seats Cant sit there if theres 2 in their party.

Review №7

No popcorn refills...they give you a separate cup instead of using your refill cup. And TWO employees told us to wear our masks properly. Like really?!

Review №8

Very cordial service, both ticket and snack stand counter

Review №9

I just moved to Cottonwood from New Orleans and love coming to this Theater! Great staff! I get my popcorn fresh popped and they bring it to my seat. Very personable and always a smile. I love talking to the staff. Theater and bathrooms are clean. If something is wrong, just speak up and the staff will attend to it quickly! Thank you for making me feel great at Harkins!

Review №10

Concessions are outrageously expensive! I understand charging a little more, but prices are so ridiculous, it makes me not want to go.

Review №11

Car camped my way through NV and AZ this was a good parking lot to crash for the night. no idea how the theatre is =)

Review №12

Great little theater in this tiny vacation town. While in town for a vacation we decided to see a movie and this theater is so cute! Great staff, everybody was so friendly. The place looks well taken care of and clean.

Review №13

Smaller sizes theaters where every seat is a good one. My feet dont stick to the floor! Clean, bathrooms as well. Seriously high snack prices. Medium popcorn and medium drink for $13.50. yikes. Maybe I was surprised because I always take my own food in with me, till today. All in all this is a top notch place.

Review №14

Why go to see a movie so you can experience the music if the sound system barely functions!? Went to see Star Wars last night so I could experience it fully in a theater. It was like only the front speakers were working and the music didn’t punch you in the face like it usually would with surrounding speakers. I go to this theater often, but for anything where the soundtrack truly feels important to you, I would definitely go someplace else. Super disappointed.

Review №15

Very cleans, seats well spaced, very friendly staff

Review №16

The theater in Sedona is always a fun place to go. The staff are very helpful and friendly. I really love the Tuesday Movie Classics at 7pm. Looking forward to 2020!

Review №17

Courteous staff who try to take your transactions seriously. They speak to you. They say thank you. They want you to have a good time while there. We have been there several times.

Review №18

My first time going to the movies in Sedona, Harkins was great, everybody said Hi to us, just nice folks. Good popcorn, good assortment of candy. We have been back already.

Review №19

Im giving 5 stars to the staff. Why? From my experience, most of the places in Sedona are snobbish, and only pay attention to you if youre wearing high-end clothes, this is a definite change (and a good one at that). I know its part of their job, customer service and whatnot, yet they have a tough job dealing with people, cleaning and things like keeping the (awesome) popcorn fresh.Also, I used to complain about the small screens at Prescott Valley Harkins location (and neighboring Picture Show), being used to AMC corporation large IMAX sort of screens - not anymore - Sedonas got ones I think even smaller than (most of) the last run and Foreign Film theaters Ive been to in California.

Review №20

Its very small, but the people are very nice. The chairs are more old style then modern, but theyre still very comfortable. The place is always clean and theres always lots of parking

Review №21

A great little Harkins! We love the small town theater. We live in Cottonwood and are glad there is a theater to go to.

Review №22

Comfortable seats and movies current. Downside as all theaters is price of popcorn and drinks.

Review №23

Very friendly theater staff. Easy in/out. Like catching movies here while in Sedona. Probably could use more concession staff during matinee hours. Lines got long and moved slowly.

Review №24

This is a nice theater. We usually go to one that has recliners and plenty of space to get around even when its full.

Review №25

Nice theater. We saw Jumanji & it was PG -13. Had multiple BAD language in it. I was ashamed for all the children in the theater. I know it wasnt the theaters fault...but parents should know.

Review №26

Nice place to go

Review №27

A smaller theatre, but great for the size town it is in. We live going to the movies there.

Review №28

Great place, always enjoy going to the movies at the Sedona Harkins. Service is always excellent. Management has always gone above and beyond when there have been a problem.

Review №29

Not a bad theater. We enjoyed the movie. They had a good choice of movies

Review №30

Had an uncomfortable experience with an older man in the booth, he was rude and my brother and I lefted immediatly. We didnt even want to see another movie.

Review №31

Great smaller theater awesome popcorn!

Review №32

Good movie Theater in West Sedona. The only one in the Verde Valley, unless you drive to Flagstaff or Prescott. Views of Coffee Pot Rock and Thunder Mountain.

Review №33

Always a great time when in Sedona. Clean and great popcorn!

Review №34

Sedona Harkins is an older theater. Its okay to see a movie at however you can drive an hour to the Flagstaff or Prescott theatres that have better sound and better seating.The concession stand is to be expected, great popcorn and high priced candy.The staff is always friendly!

Review №35

Always clean small theater about 5 screens available.

Review №36

Great little theater. Amazing staff good people. Family friendly.

Review №37

Smaller but very nice theater. Not the big city theater if thats what youre looking for. Always very clean and great staff.

Review №38

Great atmosphere, excellent staff. Enjoyed seeing IT chapter 2.

Review №39

Theatre is always inviting and kept clean. It offers current movies and a well stocked concession area. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Review №40

Nice and small theater. Be there before 4 PM for matinee tickets.

Review №41

Nice theater, what you would expect. Dumbo was playing so I posted this picture from a recent hike...looks like a flying Dumbo to me. Jave some fun with it

Review №42

Great theater, has everything its supposed to. Would be nice if they could upgrade the seats someday. 12+ screens friendly staff, manager is almost always near the front greeting guests.

Review №43

The seats were comfortable. The womens bathroom was disgustingly dirty

Review №44

Small theater, clean, good movie selections, easy parking.

Review №45

I have lived free for about 3 years now and I have gone to see about 50 movies twice now because the work crew is so nice and the movies are so good. Their can be a little less people than normal but overall the theater is amazing and well designed

Review №46

15$ for a large popcorn and loyalty cup

Review №47

Friendly staff & the latest movies to choose from- But this facility is years past having a total interior remodel. The 20 yr old seats are miserable! If you want to see a movie, go to the Harkins in Flagstaff or Prescott- It is worth the drive!

Review №48

Staff has always been friendly... place is always clean. Bathrooms are clean

Review №49

Almost everything is fine in this cinema, very attentive employees and clean rooms, I just think that the prices of some groceries are very high

Review №50

1st time at this Harkins. Its as good as any Ive been to.

Review №51

Small and old fashion, should be a dollar theater!

Review №52

Clean but older. Pretty much the only option in the area. But people dont come to Sedona to go to the movies! Nice staff though and something to do if its raining.

Review №53

Very nice! Very well kept, great staff, very clean!

Review №54

Small theater with low seats that were not very comfortable. The rows were close together which didnt give much leg room. Popcorn was good and the movie was great.

Review №55

Best Movie theater in Verde Valley.

Review №56

We visited for the Sedona International film Festival and screened 3 movies. Seats were ok; no recliner armchairs but they were fairly comfortable. Had no difficulty seeing the screen or reading captions for the foreign language films. Sound was also good.

Review №57

People nice but screen messed up, markings on it effected clarity of movie definitely not worth 10.50 a movie

Review №58

Older facility and a little hard to spot from the road. But each cinema is cozy with a generous size screen for the size of the room. Probably my favourite Harkins for this reason. Concession is full service with plenty of choices. Staff were friendly and helpful.

Review №59

One of my favorite theatres i have even been to, with a gorgeous view of the red rocks just outside its a fantastic and locally loved place to see a box office film before heading back outside to see a place you think only exists in a movie.

Review №60

Nice people and not bad movie prices. For the only movie theatre in the area, I only wish the seating area was a little bigger or something along those lines. Otherwise wonderful!

Review №61

Matinee priced just right. Glad they had rocking chairs. Small postage stamp theater 4.

Review №62

A nice place to spend Saturday afternoon at a mattinnee. A good movie, comfortable seats and friendly staff. Thanks for a great afternoon.

Review №63

Popcorn smells really strong, almost impossible to resist buying it and eating its super harmful buttery flavoring.Their buttery flavoring is extremely harmful for the mind.Bombarded all the time with junk food and soda advertisement, to avoid if you want to preserve your health and mind.

Review №64

This is a nice theater. Its the nearest one to me, which was about a 30 min drive. Other the than, they have great staff and a great snack selection as well.

Review №65

Ive never had a bad experience here. Its really the Only normal movie theater in town. Attentive attendants and clean restrooms, nothing bad, really.

Review №66

The three stars is only because theater #1 was uncomfortably warm and got warmer as the movie went on, but when we left the theater the lobby was very cool. Lets go Mgmt and try to look out for the paying customer and keep the theaters cooler.

Review №67

Smaller than the Harkins in Flagstaff, but still worth visiting. An occasional family stop, this theater hosts small town vibes in beautiful Sedona. If youre in the area, dont forget to take in a movie, popcorn, and a drink after a day of uptown shopping, dining, or hiking. Sedona is a very tourist hot spot. Enjoy the red rocks, visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross, drive through the switch backs of Oak Creek Canyon - Sedona is very visit worthy!

Review №68

This was the first time Ive visited a movie theater outside of my home area, and I must say Harkins was great. Excellent hospitality. I accidentally left my sweatshirt behind, and they kept it safe until the next day. Reasonably priced concessions that were yummy. Excellent comfy chairs. And nice cheap matinee shows. Great experience overall!.

Review №69

Awesome film! Biggest Little Farm! This is how the world is natural farm at a time!

Review №70

Friendly place, just a little dated. 2 larger theaters and 4 smaller theaters. Staff is pleasant and helpful. Glad its near me but would love to see a theater open in Cottonwood or Clarkdale. Usually has the new releases. We go here frequently.

Review №71

Ford v Ferrari was a good movie

Review №72

Smaller theaters so get there early if its a new and popular movie. Its a Harkins so typical Harkins experience. Staff is friendly and helpful, and the place is clean. Lines can be long for food on big feature movies as there are never more than 4 lines open that I have ever noticed. But that goes along with it being a smaller theater. There is really only the one big rush for the feature movies starting around 7 generally.

Review №73

Smaller theatre, yet spacious inside.One cashier at the concession stand, yet she let us set our stuff for her to hold so we could take pictures in their photo booth. That was really really cool!

Review №74

I like the modern art vibe, everything was clean and well maintained, but really the theaters are a little small.

Review №75

All staff are very friendly and nice. My only complaint is the size of the theaters. Went to see the newest Jurassic World on opening day, first showing, and the theater was SO small. We counted approximately 60 seats and a small screen. At least put in stadium seating. If I had the money, I would have a multiplex, stadium seating theater in Cottowood!!

Review №76

Nice and clean good price during the day . Snack bar is where they make there money.

Review №77

Great place to see a movie.

Review №78

They dont get all of the movies there but they do take good care of you

Review №79

Nice people and easy to get last second tickets and pop into the theater. Great sound in the big theater. Parking pretty much no problem unless theres a blockbuster on a Friday night. Cool that they have an annual soda cup for cheap fill up, and at long last, a rewards program for frequent visitors.

Review №80

New MIB movie entertaining and theater very comfortable.

Review №81

Great! Saw The Art Of Racing in the rain. 4 hankys!!!

Review №82

Chairs uncomfortable, food way way way to over priced, you would have to mental to pay that kind of prices!!

Review №83

Great entertainment for our little town! This theater is always clean and the staff are over the top friendly. We always seem to go when Nick is working at the concession stand. He is such a great employee and greets us by name! We love this cozy little place! All they need to make it perfect is reclining chairs! Awww!

Review №84

Cool place to spend the day on a hot afternoon

Review №85

Small, friendly local chain. Very pleasant interactions with all employees and loved the comfortable seats and intimate feel.

Review №86

Its a good theater, but its small and in need of upgrades.

Review №87

Great theater for a small community. Needs to expand though and be renovated. Harkins needs another group of theaters in Cottonwood

Review №88

We were excited to catch Crazy Rich Asians while we were in town. Popcorn was too salty. Would gladly return.

Review №89

Its okay. Its not particularly large or amazing but its not bad considering that this is an older theater. Its pretty much what you got here in the Verde Valley area unless you decide to drive to Prescott or Flagstaff to watch a movie in a larger and more recently constructed theater.

Review №90

Its always super clean. Customer service is superb. Bathrooms are nice.

Review №91

Its been awhile since Ive been to Harkins and wow what a difference new carpeting new seats comfortable see big screen with a great experience and a great movie I saw a star is born been a long time since Ive been to an inside movie really excellent facility cant wait to go another day

Review №92

As a local, I love going to my small-town theater and seeing friendly, local faces! The staff is always friendly, and always helpful! The theaters are always clean, the seats are comfortable, the audio system adequate.. No complaints here!

Review №93

Very clean and nice staff

Review №94

Screens could be clearer and sound was poppy at times

Review №95

I went to a movie that started at 7:15 P.M. Just after the previews ended I went to the concession stand to buy some popcorn. The girl behind the counter said that the register was closed and she couldnt ring up anything, even though the popcorn maker was full. Instead of just throwing the popcorn away, (Which the garbage behind the counter was full of when we left.) They could have just given it to us or anything else but waste it. Why when Im paying for a movie experience is the concession stand not open the whole time the theater is? I will not be returning to this Harkins ever again. Extremely dissatisfied with the policy and the staff.

Review №96

Very nice and helpful staff. Clean theatre and easy getting tickets online.

Review №97

Workers are nice, its clean and its a nice atmosphere.

Review №98

First time I have been to this theatre. Everyone was pleasant and people were great! Fiance and I needed a good date night and this place hit the spot. The seats were comfortable and plenty of room for us taller people. Price were about average for snacks and drinks. Tickets were a good price ranging from 6 to 7.50 a person. They made sure the seating area and floors were in clean condition which is always appreciated. Overall I recommend Harkins theatre is sedona, its just a great choice and we will return for sure.

Review №99

I always have a good time there the staff are polite and hard working.

Review №100

This is the only Harkins in town, it really needs a renewing its old but the customer service is good.

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  • Phone:+1 928-282-2221
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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